DUMBs Resources (Deep Underground Military Bases)

Given that this is a frequently needed resource when referencing UFOs and many other various and anomalous sightings, we thought it would be useful to maintain a resource thread where we can share and build a set of references.

I believe that this gains important, and even critical context, in light of various stories regarding the intersection of DUMBs with not only UFOs, but also simple societal connections and the ramifications of having fewer anomalous "being" sightings since the massive military complex buildout of the 1900s.

Note that it could be argued that it seems as though DUMBs are essentially what are now used as access ports or societal interfaces for the inner-earthers to come and mingle within the context of our current society on the skin of planet Earth. Why use dingy dank caves that are sub-optimal at the near-surface level (note Cater's, Etidorhpa's and even others' recountings [TODO: link up YouTube video of fellow recounting his deep underground military base experience with light] regarding the higher quality conditions when you get roughly past the gravitational threshold ~20-50 miles down) when they have top-level high-class military-protected designated ports that also prevent prying eyes?

There were some documentary-style videos of someone driving and talking about these underground bases and immense tunnels I saw some years ago, but cannot now find.

Here are some interesting clips of the publicly accessible Missouri "caves" to give some context:

Ozark, Missouri (?):

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@Soretna , I am adding some content here about the largest DUMB in the entire Southern Hemisphere of Earth , Pine Gap , at the exact geographical center of Australia . It's been called the Area 51 of Australia :-


by Christi Verismo
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Can a mega computer control the world?


According to an article found on the internet's Fortune City, some time in the 1960s, the United States Government entered into secret talks with the Australian Government on the topic of constructing a Satellite Relay Station somewhere in Australia’s inland.

USGS ( United States Geological Survey ) began to study geological maps and surveys of Australia. In either 1964 or 1965, central Australia was selected as the region to construct the facility.

A Request was made to the Australian Government to provide suggested locations to construct the facility The proposed site offered to the United States was a 25 acre piece of land owned by the Australian Air Force with the option of expanding the land holdings. The site, located only 7 kilometers from the town center of Alice Springs, was inspected by U.S. Government, but found unsuitable. The U.S. Government then decided on the Alice Springs environment as the site for the future facility.

Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, employs nearly 1,000 people, mainly from the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. Originally code-named MERINO, it is the ground station for a satellite network that intercepts telephone, radio, data links, and other communications around the world.

The facility currently includes a dozen radomes, a 5,600 square meter computer room, and 20-odd service and support buildings.

Two of its ground antenna are part of the U.S. Defense Satellite Communications System.

Central and South Australia and Pine Gap, (which has a natural dimensional doorway) have always had high UFO activity. In 1989 at 4.30 am, a large well camouflaged door opened on the side of a low hill inside the security compound and a metallic, circular disc appeared from the gaping black hole and sped off. The door then slowly shut.

In 1975, a large white object, similar in size to one of the white radomes, suddenly leapt into the air and disappeared rapidly. In 1980, from a camouflaged door, three ’bath tub’ shaped objects flew slowly over the base and then one by one disappeared in to an oblong black hole in a hillside. In 1973 a camper saw a vertical shaft of very bright blue light emanating from the area of the base.

A UFO, of dull gray color with a slight yellow fuzz around its edge and approx. 550 ft in diameter hovered above. A thin bright blue beam, like a rod, slowly extended from the UFO to the base. A few minutes later the light beam retracted only to be followed by a similar blue beam slowly extending from the base to the disc. Followed by a gold colored beam which appeared very close to the blue one.

This process continued for about forty minutes and ended when the disc made some rapid oscillations ’lit up like a neon sign’ and ascended vertically at very high speed.

In 1984 five witnesses saw vehicles were moving around the main base and groups of people in coveralls were gathering near the radomes. Suddenly a bright beam of gold colored light sprang up from the center of the radome area several meters in width and extremely intense. It looked almost solid.

The beam suddenly cut off and then pulsed several times. Then five star like objects approached. Four were in a tight diamond shaped formation and the fifth which looked like a cylinder followed at a distance of about two miles.

The four smaller objects each moved in small circles.

The white cylindrical shaped object with a bright white halo around its center moved towards the base reducing altitude and stopped, rocking up and down for the whole duration.

Blue light beams started flashing between all five objects and the ground. The gold light beam again emanated from the area of the radomes.

This time the small objects began to rotate around the beam and ascend vertically as if they were examining it. The four objects then returned spiraling down the beam. They then all sped off in a few seconds. Seven more UFO’s were seen over the next few days. On another occasion campers saw a bright silver ball of white light flickering, then other white lights grouped with it and they moved away quickly.

In 1998 witnesses saw a large silver glow in the sky the size of a basketball which disappeared south.

The two way radio failed during this appearance. Then a triangular shaped cluster of five smaller lights flickering back and forth, faded out. Other sources say in 1996 forty orange lights the size of a thumbnail comprised two distinct formations.

The first was a circle of 19 lights which hovered for about fifteen minutes. Then twenty one similar lights moved into 2 straight lines from east to west, then formed one evenly spaced straight line.

Both formations then traveled west and were lost sight of; a UFO showing like a blue light landed about 10 km west of Alice Springs. Suddenly it rose up and the witnesses saw it was about fourteen meters diameter, with a flat base with lines running around the bottom and a rounded top. The blue light formed a halo around it and it made a whirly noise. It was above the car for a short time and they thought they were being watched. It then flew towards Pine Gap.

A man has claimed that to have been taken aboard a UFO and flown to a base beneath Pine Gap, where evidence of .alien liaison. between aliens, the military and government was occurring on a cosmic scale. It has been said that Pine Gap is a UFO guidance system because UFOs have been seen flying in a straight line to or from the facility.

Author and researcher, Stan Deyo, says the five mile deep bore at Pine Gap could be used as an underground antenna for VLF electricity broadcasts.

Perhaps involved in both upper atmospheric sub-surface research, the .bore antenna. could be used to tune a gigantic .standing wave. field around the entire planet. This system could be tuned to set up a resonating electric field around the planet to an altitude of 250 miles. Pine Gap may have a very large nuclear facility used to power its enormous .transceiver..

Also possibly a high-voltage high-energy plasma accelerator for power generation, a .death ray. or plasma cannon. Deyo said that Pine Gap and its sister station in Guam supported photographic satellites. Each weighed 11 tons, was 50 feet long by 10 feet wide which could scan the entire surface of the earth every 24 hours, varying its altitude from 100-200 miles for close-ups.

The pictures could show an twelve inch object and use infra-red sensors.

In 1899, Nikola Tesla invented a process of sending wireless currents through the globe, by transmitting energy in the form of standing waves in the earth's crust and upper atmosphere. He could transmit almost unlimited amounts of energy to any place on the globe. US has a very low-frequency transmitter at the South Pole which is similar to Tesla's process, except that it can be tuned to a frequency of 7 Hz.

Super harmonics of this frequency have been used by both the US Navy in Northwest Cape in Australia and at Pine Gap. The Northwest cape transmitter's antipode is in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and Pine Gap's antipode is very near the Tropic of Capricorn in the center of the Atlantic Ocean's great dividing range.

Tesla's observation was that sending a ball of electric fluid around the planet results in splash rings meeting at the antipode of the initial thrust, then instead of meeting head on, they produce a wave front which spirals back to the source like a spinning smoke ring of energy.

Deyo says this returning wave front only partially interacts with the next oncoming wave from the source.

Keith Basterfield wrote in his articles that around 1988 in Adelaide, a man reported that he was in two way communications with aliens via an implant in his ear. He revealed that he'd undergone two apparent out-of-body experiences where he was sucked out of his body, while he was onboard a UFO.

Bill Chalker also writes that in 1992 a woman called him to say that her 22 year old husband 'Greg' had seen 2 strange looking men, wearing long dark coats standing in her NSW front yard about 8.45 p.m., but they suddenly disappeared.

They were Men in Black and watching him. At age five he had MIB imaginary friends, who looked like friendly normal human beings. They appeared e.g. in his room at night, in the park to play or at a pool. In the late 70.s he was given a hand held computer device, that showed moving colored scenes, like a TV. At twelve he started having the experience of finding himself in a strange room, onboard a craft a number of times without knowing how he got there. Normal looking humans escorted him.

Then MIB would approach him and ask him to come somewhere enter a craft on the ground.

He would be taken on rides and shown things. At about 14 he sensed little aliens on board, apart from humans. It seemed he was being groomed for some sort of 'service'. The craft then started going to secret bases. He'd had their trust but realized he'd made a mistake and wanted out. he became aware of others participating in these .cultivated relationships.

He claims abductions were going on at secret bases and people being subjected to cruel procedures in the bases. The beings were ultimately cruel and ruthless. He began to fear for his own safety and he thought he was being evolved into a 'men in black' type role. Greg's first visit to Pine Gap underground facility onboard a UFO showed what was ahead as an image on a computer screen, not through windows.

The screens would automatically switch off and a thing took over and guided them through the opening slides. Like traveling through a tube for about 15 to 30 seconds before coming to the base itself. The actual complex had space ships there. Men were working on repairs, laboratories, glass houses, food storage areas and other facilities. The MIB presence stepped up. In 1992 Greg saw three men outside, who disappeared suddenly.

Three days later Greg went outside and his wife saw what seemed to be a flash and explosion which knocked Greg off his feet and left behind a burning hole. He thought they were intimidating him into compliance and submission. Greg intended to discontinue the alien liaison relationship, but has not heard from since 1993.

Underground Bases and Tunnels by Richard Sauder says some sources even contend that Pine Gap is simultaneously operational in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. A man who once communicated with Rich Hansen, told him he leaves for Mars military service from a time portal in Australia.

It could possibly be Pine Gap. He claims the Mars colony has been in physical existence since 1964.

He joined the program when the Terra-forming began in 1983 and this was then 3 years into a 20 year plan. He is now manager of the Terra-forming Branch . The other branches are Energy , Habitat (they have over 2000 residents now) Quantum Physics and Vehicle Construction.

The largest and most expensive is Vehicle Construction, because of the Interstellar Traveler . He says all personnel and patrons are voluntary, including himself. It is an English speaking world conspiracy. When he is earthside he is restricted to the Base (location classified) in Australia, with occasional visits to a city, usually Sydney or Melbourne for their universities. He won't be given permission to move back to earth until the project is completed.

He wrote the emails in encryption. Scientific American writes of weird quantum experiments in bi-location.

The incredible acceleration reported for UFO’s and their ability to function undersea as well as above atmosphere would make a trip to Mars quick and easy even without jump gates.

What are some of the secret projects

...that are kept safely hidden down there?


Author Tim Swartz has covered a lot of this information in this in his 2 books, Evil Agenda of the Secret Government - Exposing Project Paperclip and the Underground UFO Bases of Hitler's Elite Scientific Corps and in Secret Black Projects of the NWO: Anti-Gravity UFOs, Black Helicopters and Mysterious Flying Triangles.

From other sources, it is stated that former Nazi scientists began work on the hypersonic aircraft called Aurora at Area 51 in Nevada, where they back-engineered crashed UFOs. Aurora aircraft can fly at 8,000 miles an hour, more than 6 times the speed of sound and have been traced coming from Pine Gap in Australia, and flying past southern California to Area 51 at night, leaving behind sonic quakes.

These Aurora aircraft have also been seen landing at night at RAF Machrihanish, Scotland to refuel. They then go over the North Pole back to Area 51. They also stop at an atoll in the Pacific. The speed makes it invulnerable to missiles. They refuel with liquid methane in mid-air. The craft is triangular with a diamond shaped set of 4 lights.

The Aurora research has moved to Pine Gap and it has been also said that a new area for Area 51 has been located in Utah.


In the book, Cosmic Conspiracy by Stan Deyo , he writes that Pine Gap is 12 miles from the dead center of Australia and has been drilled down 5.3 miles.

This bore could be used as an underground antenna for VLF electricity broadcasts. He says, as it is supposed to be involved in both upper atmospheric sub-surface research, the 'bore antenna' could be used to tune a gigantic 'standing wave' field around the entire planet. This system could be tuned to set up a resonating electric field around the planet to an altitude of 250 miles.

The book says that there are rumors that Pine Gap has a very large nuclear facility used to power its enormous-transceiver. More rumors also claim high-voltage high-energy plasma accelerators, possibly for power generation, a 'death ray' or plasma cannon.

Dr. Jean Francois Gille writes that the US base at West Cape, near Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia, has an older type of the transceiver used at Pine Gap which is used to send electric current to submerged US submarines that trail a wire antenna. It is known that electric currents transmitted in this way are referred to as plasmo-dynamic cells.

Stan Deyo continues that a 1973 press release said that Pine Gap and its sister station in Guam (Micronesia in the Pacific) supported photographic satellites. Each weighed 11 tons, was 50 feet long by 10 feet wide which could scan the entire surface of the earth every 24 hours, varying its altitude from 100-200 miles for 'close-ups'.

The pictures were so sharp they could show an object 12 inches wide.

They could also use infra-red sensors.


Dr. Gille writes that several times, locals have seen white disks about 30’ in diameter being unloaded from large US cargo planes at the airports serving Pine Gap with the USAF emblem on them.

It seems likely that disks are assembled and based at Pine Gap because many disks seen at night would confirm this. Much furniture has been delivered by plane from the United States. The locals also say that an enormous amount of food is stocked in warehouses of what could well be a true multi-leveled underground city.

Dr Gille writes further that shares put on the market at the same time will cause a stock market crash of such magnitude that all the national economies of the West will collapse at the same time. Cash will worthless and the risks of a global confrontation (planned!) will be high.

The purpose of Pine Gap and other underground bases purpose will become obvious.

If a global confrontation is going to break out, those bases will serve as a place of safety for the politicians and their staff, as well as the international financiers, their families and friends.


Stan Deyo also asks if Pine Gap could be a man-made city of multiple levels , used to shelter key U.S. personnel in the event of some disaster.

Among some of the major contractors and suppliers for Pine Gap have been Collins Radio, McMahon Construction, L.T.V. aero-space company, a conglomerate of electronics and aircraft manufacturing subsidiaries and I.B.M.

Stan says it is rumored that there are super IBM computer systems on a floating platform, 'down the well' underneath the facility. IBM has mammoth computers which can recognize both voice and visual patterns. Their main memory sizes are said to be in excess of 2,000,000,000 bytes.

The first two antennas for controlling and communicating with satellites were constructed in 1966-67. Pine Gap became operational in 1970. In 1974 unauthorized photos and other information from inside the faculty are reported to have been sold to Russia. In 1991, Pine Gap was instrumental in tracking Iraqi SCUD missiles, with satellite imagery tracking the Iraqi troops.

By 1996, witnesses saw a triangular craft crash or land rapidly at an area west of Pine Gap. Diane Harrison of the Australasian Ufologist magazine wrote a good description of Pine Gap and reports there are now about 18 satellite control antennas, making it one of the largest satellite control stations in the world for satellites parked in fixed orbits above the equator.

The most recent satellites are 300 feet diameter. They intercept signals in the VHF, UHF and millimeter wave frequency bands. Within that frequency there are four categories of signals. The first category monitors signals transmitted in the course of advanced weapons development, particularly ballistic missiles.

The first satellites were designed for this and monitored Russian missile development programs and now monitors other countries. The newer satellites are now primarily for the Soviet Union.

This intelligence is shared.


The second category monitors signals from large radars, including ones associated with anti-ballistic missile fields, air defense radars, radars on ships.

Analysis of this tells lot about the capabilities of those anti-missile and antiaircraft systems in the various air defense fields around the globe. Thirdly intercepting the communications of other satellite systems, i.e. communications which are going up from ground to communication satellites which are also based in fixed orbits. Listening satellites parked close to the communications satellites.

Finally they monitor a wide range of other microwave emissions on the earth's surface including: long distance phone calls transmitted via terrestrial microwave circuits enabling them to monitor military, political and government agencies or private individuals.

Diane says that a satellite can be parked over the interior of a country and intercept the microwave emissions coming from it.

The satellites are under the control of the CIA , who in turn answer to the NRO ( National Reconnaissance Office ). There are 8 large radomes, that cover the antenna arrays which keeps sand etc away and conceal the antenna's position from enemy spy satellites. There are a wide range of communication devices: HF radio, underground cable, Telstra telephone and telex, 2 satellites communication terminals to occupy the on average 1,200 staff.

The staff have to wear color coded ID to match the color ribbons running along the walls. US Military Airlift Command carry thousands of tapes home for further study and send parts and supplies twice weekly.

There are direct links from Pine Gap to the US bases in the Philippines, Guam, Krugerdorp South Africa and the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole.


The computer room is almost 5,600 meters and the operators use headsets to communicate.

Within the central operations building at Pine Gap people are keeping the satellite and its antenna focused on the signals they are intercepting. Then other staff process the enormous volume of interpreted signals. Then the signals are analyzed for intelligence data. Up until 1980, Australians were not allowed access to the voice intercepts, coming into the signal analysis section.

But now they have full access to all areas except the cryptographic room, officially anyway.

Univac computers encrypt transmissions, including voices and these go to Redondo Beach in California. About 25 to 30 messages are sent from Pine Gap each day to US and about half go to the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia. Occasionally data is sent directly to the NRO Headquarters in the Pentagon, or to the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade Maryland.

Diane Harrison also reveals that there is a group called the Joint Reconnaissance Schedule committee , who meet each morning to decide who is going to be listened to for the next 24 hours to focus the antennas on the satellites. e.g. who is doing a missile test, or if a political crisis occurs somewhere. Australians are involved in this.

In the 90.s, there has been a need to collect political intelligence on allies and to also download economic intelligence from these countries.

In a reprint from Conspiracy Nation Alan Howard wrote that Pine Gap has many, many levels below the basement, like the Pentagon and the White House.


The computer room at Pine Gap, when new, had one of the biggest computer rooms in the world; it has now tripled in size.

There are said to be over 1,000 staff. A similar station to Pine Gap is located in South Africa with 1,200 staff. Like Pine Gap, is also linked to another VLF station at the South Pole.

Dr Gille tells us that Pine Gap has enormous computers connected to US, Krugersdorp South Africa, Guam, Canberra, Antarctica US base counterparts, which collects information from these countries, about finance, technology, and everything about the average citizen.

The Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole is located on a sensitive magnetic spot of our planet, in that it holds exactly the same assets as Pine Gap, and that all the information about most of the average citizens of Western Europe is stored there in memory banks tens of meters under the icepack.

Canberra computers are connected to all banks, every post office, all telephones, all police stations and customs houses, every arrival and departure desk for air or sea travelers and to the other data centers collecting data on private citizens in the United States and Europe.

Peter Sawyer, a former high-ranking Australian civil servant.

Also collaborates that all data about every citizen of the Western World ends up being stored. All financial, economic, political and military information. The president of the Rockefeller Foundation supervised, in person, the construction of 20 luxury residences in Canberra, which is meant to accommodate the world government-to-be. The 20 luxury residences will be allocated to the different foreign members of that government.

The Australian premier, Bob Hawk, was a Rhodes scholar, and as such, has worked toward the setting up of a One World Government.


In Silent Partners: The UKUSA Agreement by Susan Bryce says there are about 48 years of SIGINT (satellite signal intelligence) shared by the UKUSA partners:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • the NATO nations

(Some also say Germany, Norway and Turkey involved also, plus China on a limited basis)

As well as communications interception and satellite spying there is an interest in undersea activities.

Could it have something to do with the over 1,400 alien bases here on this planet including many under seas? The UKUSA pact has been gathering intelligence on the former Soviet empire for 40 years. Kim Philby leaked this to Moscow. Pine Gap, Nurrangar and Menwith Hill operate under this pact.

Menwith Hill covers communications and phone calls between USA and Europe in UK. Signatories to UKUSA standardize intercept handling procedures and indoctrination oaths. The NSA which runs this controls over 2,000 electronic intercept stations, with 130,000 personal around the world.

The primary purpose of the NSA was started to decipher alien communications, language and establish dialogue. In 1983, the NSA established a worldwide computer network linking 52 separate government computer systems used throughout the world. All the information ends up at NSA's Headquarters in Maryland.

Thus, it can plug into each phone call and message in USA, UK and Australia using the US base, Pine Gap and the new installation at Geraldton in Western Australia.


Patrick Poole has written a very in-depth analysis on this subject matter; here is a summary of what he had to say:

Echelon, a super-satellite tracking systems, is based at Pine Gap and is considered a technological spy system intercepting all phone calls, faxes, emails and telexes in the world mainly by satellite, in addition to other satellites, microwaves signals, cellular and fiber-optic cable communications traffic.

Real time phone calls in USA can be listened to at an outpost of Echelon at Menwith Hill in UK. Commercial espionage can be beneficial to the companies that helped the NSA develop the systems that power the Echelon network.

This can also be used to push American manufacturers out of deals in favor of US defense and intelligence contractors, who frequently finance both political parties.

The European Parliament is asking if this violates the sovereignty and privacy of citizens in other countries. Though UK does allow surveillance on its own citizens, Menwith Hill and Pine Gap cover US citizens.

Echelon stations are found all over the globe, from

  1. Geraldton W. Australia
  2. Waihopai New Zealand
  3. Ascension Island in the Atlantic
  4. Indian ocean atoll of Diego Garcia
  5. Guam and the Philippines in the Pacific
  6. South Africa
  7. Misawa Japan
  8. Leitrim Canada
  9. Pine Gap
  10. Menwith Hill
  11. Bad Aibling Germany
  12. Colorado USA
  13. Antarctica

These are all main centers; no communications signal escapes the electronic net.

The two primary downlink facilities for over 25 satellites acting as giant scoops picking up info from all electronic communications are at Menwith Hill in North York Moors UK and Pine Gap UKUSA agencies. The Menwith Hill SILKWORTH super-computer operates voice recognition and optical character recognition and feeds them into data recognition engines.

Voice recognition programs convert talk into text messages for further analysis and even individual voices can be targeted, so every call they make is transcribed.


Patrick further exposes the Echelon information, tracking outcome of spying on enemies, allies and private citizens.

Daily analysts review the previous day's translations and these are then categorized into gists, summaries and reports. Although 30 other nations across the world also have eavesdropping networks, none compares to Echelon.

The French have attacked Echelon, but runs its own global spying ' Frenchelon '. A PhD physicist called 'V' wrote that the second generation of Echelon called Echelon II is not a US govt. funded project. It has a series of communications bases near the equator. The leaders of this are a cabal from China, several individuals from Europe and a group in USA.

Its a highway for all e-business and will be used in conjunction with smart cards for one currency.

It will be a data base designed for the DRAM semiconductor chips mass produced and down to 0.1 microns. It has a real time transportation system and logistic tracking system, plus a monitoring system for ICBM, aircraft, submarines and a control system for joining all financial institutions together.

INSLAW developed the key software package for tracking and monitoring.

  1. IBM Computers and Chip manufacturing Loral
  2. GMH Satellites
  3. ATT long lines and fiber optics
  4. LMT the major contractor for military information systems
  5. LEH (Lehman Brothers) will be their banker and financial controller
  6. GM the major civilian transporter

These (six) companies will be worth 4 trillion dollars and the Board of Directors and the CEO/Chairmen have been careful not to break any laws to achieve this, including setting up plants in China.

Dr. Armstrong said to the Senate Judiciary committee overseeing these programs, .We work in the gray area.

Many deaths have occurred by people investigating the INSLAW monitoring technology, which uses a backdoor in computer software programs to feed information back to an intelligence agency.


Texe Marrs in his book Project L.U.C.I.D . writes that every person on the planet will be issued a 'Smart' ID card to be monitored 24 hours day, 7 days a week by Central Gestapo consisting of agencies made up of the,

FBI, KGB, CIA, DEA, DIA, NSA, IRS, EPA, OSHA, NCIC, USDA, FDA, NRO, BATF, FINCEN, INS, DOJ, WTO, Europol, Interpol, Mossad and the MAB.

He says resistors will have microchip surgically implanted in their brains. All manufactured goods will be marked with the number of the beast, 666. Which is the ISO 9000 certification system.

The Bilderbergers, secretive groups of about 125 of the richest and most powerful industrialists and bankers on the earth, comprising black nobility and European royalty in touch with the ETs that the CIA follows , (The Council of Nine) made the command decision for ISO 9000. One-hundred (100) countries have adopted it and it is fast becoming the sole requirement for conducting commerce in all nations of the world.

The NSA, who controls the L.U.C.I.D. giant computer network, correlates, deciphers and analyzes data and reports from international banks, thirty-two (32) directorates of UN, the core of the Secret Societies, the Vatican and various agencies of 170 nations.

The one-world army, compliments of the UN is in sight, with total military control and enforcement power for the whole planet.

All computers on earth - the entire information highway will be networked in to L.U.C.I.D.

It will be the planet's primary core, linking all networks and data systems. Those authorized will have access to instantaneous data on individuals to track and control every move with the chip in the cards, or embedded in the body.

These cards are re-programmable at hundreds of thousands of scanner centers and have more than 5 gigabytes of data per individual of updated data.


Texe writes that scanners will identify you by the shape of your hand, foot, face or head, fingerprints, blood type, human leukocytes antigen, DNA, iris scan and voice.

Satellite cameras which can take recognizable 35mm-type images of golf balls below, will be able to locate you from the chip in the card, nobody being able to buy and sell without it. DNA databanks have samples of blood from newborn babies since the 1960s as mandatory state screening, plus the military and criminals have been data based.

John St Clair Akwei writes in Texe's book, that the Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment, for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies.

Everything in the environment with an electrical current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves. The NSA/DoD has developed advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects, whether manmade or organic, that have electrical activity.

A targets bioelectric field can be remotely detected, and monitored 24 hrs a day. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs) which can be decoded into a person's brain states and thoughts.

The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps of hundreds and thousands of people. The speech centers of the brain can be translated into the person's verbal thoughts and this can be manipulated and simulated auditory hallucinations can be induced.

Visual memory can also be seen and show images from a person's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives can put images into someone's brain while they are in REM sleep for brain-programming purposes.

So current thoughts, images and sounds of anyone can be decoded read and changed by NSA's most powerful computers in the world.


Research for Star Wars satellite project, now operative at Pine Gap has been conducted under UKUSA.

This comprises a global network of satellites which contain powerful lasers, and beam machines. Between 1982 and 1988 22 British defense scientists linked to UKUSA projects, died in mysterious circumstances. Some have said they were involved the mark of the beast, microchip implant work.

Susan Harrison also disclosed that when George Bush Sr. increased funds for Star Wars, Gorbachev cooperated in discussions about the development of a lunar base and joint mission to Mars! Were the Cosmospheres finally overcome? It has been said before that Star Wars had been set up to protect the earth from alien invasion.

In another vein, the US (Cohen) asked Australia to increase its military spending to help in case a war is fought between the US and China with Star Wars operating from Pine Gap and the British facilities.

China is exploring space-based reconnaissance. Bearing in mind the many crashed saucers in China, have they back engineered them yet? They didn't take long to copy the latest nuclear technology from USA.

Will Chinese flying disks be the next threat? There have been many seen over China.


An Australian newspaper wrote in 1974 that US has been carrying out research into electromagnetic propulsion (EMP) at Pine Gap since 1966 and that security about this project has resulted in hypnotic and post hypnotic keys being implanted in personnel prior to their acceptance into this project.

Once again, Dr Gille writes that the Pine Gap employees working on the base, and especially those earmarked for duty on electromagnetic propulsion projects, have undergone brainwashing and even implantation of inter-cranial devices.

Fritz Springmeier , writes that the most powerful mind-control is still trauma-based built on a foundation of multiple personalities which are dissociated personalities and parts of the mind.

It appears that electronic mind-control is being overlaid on top of this. The victim's consciousness is not able to think past the electronic mind-control which catches their undivided attention, being too distracted to deal with the deeper issues of trauma-based mind-control. Instructions can enter someone's mind through their implant.

At the NWO's major massive beast computer center in Alaska in the 1970s, an engineer who was in charge of building and getting the center operational, revealed the site's capabilities. They also had one in South Africa and one in Pine Gap.

These three sites formed a triangle on the globe, and couldn't be located anywhere else, due to the naturally occurring lines of force of the planet.


Springmeier continues saying that these Beast Computer Centers consist of aisles and aisles of big state of the art computers, each having several dozen people to run them.

Even in the 70's, an operator could speak into the computer and it would answer. If asked about anyone on the planet, it could usually pull up all kinds of information, e.g. how could you get that person to kill someone? Or how can I isolate this person?

All the people around that subject who could be manipulated would be revealed and a plan given.

It has been said ex U.S. President Clinton consulted this super computer. According to Springmeier , the controllers can actually control the world from a computer. They store vast amounts of personal information about people's thought processes so it's possible that electronic surveillance is being done to read the thoughts of people; no doubt the computers store this information in some usable fashion.

People who invent and work at state of the art technology say this is old technology. Large Neural computers that have artificial intelligence using neural processing like the human brain are being used. A war could be created between any two nations by asking about a country and then how to start one.

There is a network of Cray-type computers, perhaps similar to the EMASS system of Cray computers that E-Systems developed. Such a system can store 5 trillion pages of text and work with that data base with lightening speed. The Engineer operator of the Beast Computer said that this system was obsolete in 1973, which is why he revealed the information.

That's a scary thought.

What is the new updated version capable of?


Al Bielek also said that the aliens gave the info to build Cray computers at Montauk, which were use to create time portals. It was a computer that sent Edward and Duncan Cameron back to 1943 to destroy the ship Eldridge.

He says the radio frequency operating at Montauk was 435 MHz which is the frequency for the entire universe. This frequency was used to create time/space tunnels to Mars. Extremely advanced technology was used by Dr John von Neumann and 3 scientists including 2 from the future to put earth on another timeline in 1963. Montauk has major timelines running through it.

Power stations are built on gridlines deliberately. There is evidence that technology is being used to shift earth onto another timeline in 2,003 which will be covered in later volumes.

Fritz Springmeier writes further about today's 9 Beast computers, saying they are much better at speech than the 3 Beast computers of 1973. They can hear human voices, determine what language and answer in it. These computers link directly to thousands of mind-controlled slaves, and via various methods; almost instantly control their behavior.

Anchorage Alaska has a huge NSA listening post near the HAARP project, (chapter on this in Volume 1) whose signals travel on a energy field line (also called a ley line) to Pine Gap. The Beast Computer is also linked there as well via satellite systems.

HAARP uses 3 powerful transmitter sites in Alaska.


One of the primary purposes of all is to destroy what comes through dimensional portals throughout the planet. Wherever dimensional portals seem to exist, so do Navy Seals.

The US has access or control of the 4 prime earth gravity focus points on the planet.

These are,

  1. Pine Gap
  2. Easter Island
  3. San Diego
  4. Brookhaven Laboratories in the N.Y./New Jersey Area of the US

Angela Kahealani also claims that:

'US and its partner the UK control at least 7 of the 8 vertices of the dual tetrahedron of earth, and many of the secondary points on the grid at the half-way points'.

Menwith Hill UK listening station is exactly opposite Pine Gap, and like it is free from electromagnetic interference, which is necessary to manifest computerized time portals to Mars created by radio waves. The NW Cape transmitter in Western Australia is exactly opposite the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

The book, Anti-Gravity and the World Grid has many maps on dimensional portals. On page 79, there is a map of earth gravity focus points.

There are vortex points all over the globe, including Lop Dor, China (where the Chinese have their space program); this is connected to Pine Gap military base and is marked by James Hurtak as a place where the ET 'Masters of Wisdom', will arrive en masse along with Pine Gap, both being dimensional doorways. The map shows the vortex areas, one in particular is at South Africa, where there is another CIA run base connected to Pine Gap.

In the Australasian UFOlogist, Graham Stewart wrote: Harmonics of Wycliffe Well and the Devil's Marbles area . In it he shows evidence that there is a major covert scientific operation to create space/time portals in Australia. Harmonic positions in a triangulate shape are linked from the Devil's Marbles area in Northern territory to the Pine Gap facility and again the Parkes Radio Telescope.

He wrote that it may be possible to physically observe a type of 'shimmer' effect at certain times during the Earth's orbital motion around the sun in vortex areas.

The matter/anti-matter harmonic for Devil's Marbles is directly associated with matter transfer and time displacement. Graham writes that at the Devil's Marbles position, where a wave of UFO sightings were, all the harmonics values together could produce an inter-dimensional portal or Time/Matter shift.

Are UFOs entering earth through these time portals? He also wrote about a possible time portal in South of Cooktown, Black Mountain, Queensland, where unexplained phenomena, human disappearances, eerie sounds and UFO activity occurred. Harmonics put this in sympathetic resonance with the energy grid as a whole. A particular harmonic at that position could alter the vibrational rate of the matter/energy field as the sun's position changes due to the earth's orbital position. Light may be like the aurora borealis.

More information may be found here. www powerup.com.au/~ufologist/Atomic_Bomb.html.

Certainly we are faced with alien technology in these military bases which is not easy to overcome. We can only pray for truth to set us free as Jesus said. Much work needs to be done to release victims from the grip of our alien-intellectual superiors. We must not let this happen en masse by joining an offered Universal Federation of which we know nothing.

Many in top govt. positions see this as a way of saving earth from ecological demise and raising the consciousness of people to a higher level.

But we don’t want to pay for this by selling our souls to those who use them for dark or nefarious purposes.


Return to Pine Gap - Australian 'Area 51'

List Members,

The following is a very informative video. Listen to the comments on underground bases betwween 23:00 and 23:40. Apparently, when the leftists find out that the jig is up, the narrator suggests that they will take shelter of underground bases and hide out.

Listen to what he says should play out.

Dean De Lucia

This guy and his background are extremely interesting. His most recent update is also telling. Seems like a good one to follow.


In the previous post, comments were made about the existence of a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB)

Check this out about a trucker who has made deliveries to DUMBs. No proof, but read it and think for yourself.



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Yes @deandddd there are a lot of very interesting stories regarding these "DUMBS", but I believe (and have for a very long time) they are far more than what the name implies...


Yes, it is a real misnomer.

You know, those underground humanoids have a presence near the surface, they have been seen by spelunkers and cavers. And some of our DUMBs are rather deep. So I imagine that the U.S. Armed Forces have had contact, and have a lot of their knowledge and technology available to them.

DUMB is a misnomer indeed.


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As follows is a wild interview with some Army Captain and about a third of it is directly about DUMBs. What a misnomer! They are smart down there! Just after 3:40 min/sec he starts talking about them and he goes striaght about it for about 5 minutes. He talks about the creatures, the technology, the size, transportation sysytems below, etc. Even once he wanders off, he keeps going back to the subject until almost the end.

I would listen to it all. I am not inclined to watch long videos, but I stopped what I was doing once this guy started talking, and it goes over 50 min. But at least get that five minute segment after 3:40 time stamp.



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What a remarkable video. It appears to be perhaps gone from the link you share there now, but the source video can be found here:

Everyone absolutely owes it to themselves to watch this. While there is nothing specifically new to most of us, it definitely makes one feel as though we are at least all on the same wavelength and leads to some confirmatory feelings. The speaker is very natural and believable.

Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier Morning Of The Magicians : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive NEW BOOKS OK


I can't copy it from Rumble, I would like to get it.


I've heard that youtube-dl apparently can support Rumble in some fashion, but I use another tool that generally does not work on Windows. I'll see if I can get you a copy of the video.

List Members,

The following doiesn't refer to a DUMB, but look at where it is. Tunnels to underground worlds are an everyday phenomenonin North America.

You don't need to go to Tibet.


List Members,

Here is something very interesting about a tunnel complex below Lexington, Kentucky. It is from the David Hatcher Childress book Lost Cities of North and Central America, Pages 390 – 391. (If he or someone else that he knows has found them, how can they be lost?) Anyway, here it is …

“Jim Brandon, author of Weird America, says that a sizable complex of tunnels is supposed to lie somewhere beneath Lexington, Kentucky. According to Brandon, ‘G.W, Rankck relates in his 1872 History of Lexington that hunters from the pioneer settlement of Boonesborough in 1776 discovered rocks of peculiar workmanship with a tunnel behind them. Small at first, this portal eventually expanded into a sort of gallery, four foot wide and seven high that inclined sharply down into the rock. After a few hundred feet, the ramp led to a 300 foot long, 100 foot long chamber, and 18 feet high. Inside this lay idols, altars, and about 2,000 human mummies”.

“According to the legend, these catacombs were subsequently explored a number of times. In 1806, they were visited by Thomas Ashe, the Irish travel writer. Eventually, the story goes, the entrance was lost as the city grew overhead …”

List Members,

We cannot inform ourselves and acquire background merely by reading snippets from the internet and viewing short videos. It is important to build up a library of hollow earth, inner worlds books, and absorb the research and findings of others.

Buy some books of the hollow earth and cavern worlds!


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Thank you for that reference @deandddd, great! What a fantastic book. It certainly merited its own exploration and discussion:


The “Lost Cities” series of books by David Hatcher Childress has a surprising amount of subterranean worlds info in them. In fact, more than you can shake a stick at, and comments and phenomena that you won’t find anywhere else.

Easy reads and riveting.

All of you need to acquire some books


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I love it! No cattle, no milk!

The UFOs could at least leave some money for the cattle they steal ...