What happened to Friesland?

I've always been intrigued by the missing "Friesland" (aka Frisland, Frischlant, Friesland, Frislanda, Frislandia, or Fixland) island as found in ancient maps such as Mercator's 1623 Arctic Map.

Ephraimite's remarks about how "selling an explorer a bad map could cost your reputation, your career, and maybe even your life" has weighed heavily on my thoughts over the last few weeks. It lends much more significance and credence to these old maps that so many gloss over or seem to just think they were in error.

Mercator was a pretty darn good map maker. If you ignore the textual information and simply look at his maps, he did a pretty amazing job for the time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerardus_Mercator

Just check out the Northern Europe + North Atlantic aspects of this oft referenced map:

Zoom into Friesland:

Look at The 1558 Zeno Map showing Frisland at lower left ( A reproduction of the Zeno map (original by Nicolo Zeno 1558) published by Henrich Peter von Eggers in the 1793 book Priisskrift om Grønlands Østerbygds sande Beliggenhed)

And then this December 1691 / January 692 map:

Jimmy's recent video (Bright Insight) with remarks about water level differences of around -400 and even perhaps close to -750 or lower levels got me thinking.

What They Found Hidden Beneath the Waves…Lost Ancient Underwater Ruins, Cities & Civilizations

Fortunately the developer from FloodMap.net implemented NEGATIVE value lookup and it allows us to play around with these lower sea levels: https://www.floodmap.net/ - I found punching some of these lower sea levels to give some interesting observations:

Ultimately, though, I started having thoughts about the earthquakes from yesterday:

Especially the map that reveals the juncture of 3 fault lines in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean:

Both the Book of Mormon passages about the tremendous destruction in the Americas AND this topic of Friesland were brought to the front of my mind when I watched Jimmy's video. Notice how, in 3 Nephi 8-9, there is so much discussion about how so many cities were destroyed by low places / valleys being raised up to become mountains and mountains being swallowed up to become low places!

It appears that all of this happened around fault lines that might also be connected to this Atlantic Ocean region.

Did something happen where Friesland was swallowed up or obliterated in some unknown catastrophic event? Any thoughts?

I have a feeling that a lot of our geological / seismic hypotheses and modeling are basically garbage since we do not have a long enough of a proper timeline to really view and understand things in proper context and this becomes even more poignant since the glacial hypothesis is garbage.


@Ephraimite shared some interesting insight with me off-forum from someone who is pretty up to speed on this area of thought and research. I don't want to speak for him or mention any names in case any of that may be considered private, so I'd like to ask if he's interested in sharing any of this here.

@Soretna , I found this weird article on the net about Friesland...not sure what to make of this :-


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Frislant 1580 map:

Full Size (Archive):

Larger view of Firsland from the 1380 map:

And the full map:

This video on the White Slave Trade of Africa and mention of Lundy Island got me thinking about Frisland again:

It also made me recall this fascinating work of Marie Tharp:

Hmmm....@Soretna , it's on people like us to revive the much reviled "Crustal Displacement Theory". It really does happen ! The outer skin of our planet isn't quite as RIGID as geologists think it to be .

The outer skin of our planet (Crust) probably does shift due to eccentricity in Earth's orbit around the Sun . It might even get triggered due to occasional (relatively) close "encounters" or "flybys" with the gas giants - Jupiter/Saturn .

This leads to "Polar Shifts" - that's not to say that Pole shifts occur overnight , NO most certainly not ! But a Pole shift could occur over say , a few hundred or more likely , a few thousand years . In geological terms , that's merely the blink of an eye .

What would humans experience at the time a Geographic Pole shift is occuring ?? Well , it would be a period of great turmoil in nature , wherein mega earthquakes would occur frequently , the oceans may slosh around (triggering giant tsunamis) , an ice age getting triggered , massive volcanic eruptions might occur as well . Basically , a BAD time for any civilisation existing during such a phase - almost certainly that civilisation wouldn't survive and mankind would get pushed "back to the stone age" AGAIN - probably a cyclical phenomena that's been repeated a number of times in the story of mankind on Earth :))

The impact on mega fauna would be severe - there is hard evidenc of this . In Northern Canada , Alaska and Norther Siberia , a layer of "MUCK" , about hundred meters thick has been found starting just a few meters underground . This muck consists almost entirely of animal remains , skeletons etc. It implies that mega fauna in their millions had perished whenever Polar shifts occurred .


This is likely true, yes. Geological theory and processes most certainly need to be dramatically reworked. I believe we should take a survey of existing non-mainstream work in this regard such as Crustal Displacement Theory - which I believe is also known as the expanding Earth/crust theory, right? Additionally there are other works that incorporate or base themselves off of hollow planet theory such as those that have been hidden from public knowledge that are mentioned in Jan Lamprecht's book...

Velikovsky and understanding concepts that were out there prior to the glacial theory bull crap are also of critical importance.

Yes sure @Soretna , the relatively recent extinction of mega fauna (mostly mammals) eg. Mastodons , woolly rhinos, Mammoths etc. (at least from the Earth's outer surface) is one of the enduring mysteries of our times , it has NEVER been properly explained .

Science textbooks just gloss over this mystery . The evidence is still available , buried in the Arctic Tundra - Northern Canada , Alaska , Siberia , even Greenland . Some of these creatures clearly died abruptly , while chewing grass , undigested food still in their gut , as though something SUDDEN happened .

The bones of these animals , buried under the Arctic Tundra , in such unbelievable magnitude , have a story to tell - a story about the dynamic nature of our planet and it's outer crust , that mankind can ill afford to ignore .

As per Mario Buildreps' path breaking new mathematical theory "Antiquity Reborn" , we are now due for the next "shift" of the North Pole , in the direction of Siberia (moving further away from Greenland) .

I can feel it in my bones , that the "OFFER" made by the US govt. last year , to "buy" Greenland from Denmark , at the price of US$ 1 TRILLION DOLLARS wasn't made just for the heck of it :)) There is something precious , something of UNIMAGINABLE VALUE , hidden beneath the mile thick ice sheet of Greenland ! Go figure it out :))


@Soretna , thanks for sharing....at about 36 minutes into this video , David talks about how "crystal clear" , NEW (fresh , not salty) water comes up from within the Earth , in the seas around Iceland...hmmm ! Very interesting indeed - will comment in detail once I've been able to watch the entire video .


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