Brief recap on polar opening locations

During a recent chat with @deandddd we discussed a couple of points that were interesting:

First, there was a fellow that went by the name of Capt. Damir Pavicic that apparently shared some interesting photos and participated in a thread here: NO HOLES ON THE POLES

Unfortunately all of the images appear to be gone both from the thread AND from people's computers that had originally participated in this discussion and in some private discussions where images/photos were not to be shared. Very disappointing, but here we are. Like so much of this world, the Library is constantly burning and most of the time we are not even aware of what books have been obliterated...

It may be worth noting that, as per previous discussions, I am convinced that there are MANY openings and gateways into both the inner concave surface Earth as well as the cavern region of Earth. I will reiterate here that I believe water and/or ice cover many such smaller openings. I believe holes may be in the diameter of hundreds/thousands of feet to a few to a few tens of miles. I DO NOT BELIEVE THERE TO BE ANY "MASSIVE" holes that are (many) hundreds of miles in diameter.

We need to keep in mind what we have seen and discussed previously from Mars (Mars' North Pole) and other planets and observations. Clearly the crevices that we see in the Mars imagery may be similar to what exists on Earth (notice the images of Mars with and WITHOUT snow/ice: Real Mars).

There is, however, an interesting observation that we will repeat as well from @deandddd's observations:

North Pole: Location_Orifice
South Pole: (possible antipode in Antarctic): Radarsat & AntarcticAurora123

North Pole (Arctic):

South Pole (Antarctic + Aurora Australis):

Also in agreement with perhaps a couple of polar hole postulations:

See also entries circa 2018: World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!: New Items

The antipodal location relationship of 85N and 130E is again interesting and perhaps spot on:

Again, notwithstanding how interesting and convincing these locations may be (this clearly presents evidence for a larger hole (but no way to clearly determine actual diameter OR very precise pinpoint location) in the North and South polar regions; and others have presented arguments for other locations as well as previously discussed), I gain must repeat: from all of the stories and experiences that have been related these locations are NOT the only entry points / openings.

I believe that there is unequivocal evidence that there must be a crustal thinning and that there must be various crevices and other underwater openings and perhaps open air openings that have smaller diameters.

@Soretna , very well summarised . Greenland for sure has some of these smaller openings buried under it's mile thick ice sheet . I think the military base at THULE in Greenland , maybe close to at least one of these smaller openings .

**The other reason why Greenland may have such smaller openings beneath it's ice sheet is because some of the earlier geographic North Poles of Earth were indeed physically located ON the landmass of Greenland itself - Geographic Poles do shift over time , as do the Magnetic Poles , though their movements need NOT be synchronised. The same goes for the Antarctic ice sheet .