Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates with Ice Ages and to FORMER North Poles ?

List members , prepare to be SHOCKED by what follows below - take a deep breath and stay calm :)) Please suspend your disbelief , because this comprehensive MATHEMATICAL analysis (it's NOT just idle speculation without any basis) looks so logical , that for the first time I'm myself inclined to reconsider "Crustal Displacement Theory". It gives a whole new meaning to "Finding TRUE NORTH" :-

Antiquity Reborn

Mathematical Holistic Orientation-based Dating Method

Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates with Ice Ages

Orientation patterns of more than 960 ancient pyramids, sites, and temples, randomly spread around the world, correlates with the temperature changes of the last series of glaciation cycles. Most ancient monuments are hundreds of thousands of years old. Renovations of ancient monuments were done on top of their much older foundations, leaving most of the original orientations intact. The orientation of ancient monuments is, beyond any doubt, a very potent mathematical data analysis tool, revealing an astounding, inescapable truth.

Fig 1: This animation shows how the crustal displacements relate to the glaciation graphs. The relation between the size and extent of the shifts and the large temperature swings to be just coincidental is 1 to 256 or 0.39%. When we further zoom in on the variables of natural temperature changes and crustal deformation temperature changes we find a probability of 1 to 750,000 for this to match so perfectly within a certain margin of error. This almost perfect match in a complex of systems is the mathematical proof of multiple crustal shifts in the ancient past. Note that the time between the stable poles, the duration of crustal deformations, stretches out over tens of thousands of years. The deformation process proceeds VERY SLOWLY but faster than the current plate tectonics models. That means that the deformation cycles are non-lineair. | © Mario Buildreps.

Why Orientation is the Key to Unlock Ancient Mysteries

The orientation of a building is purely mathematical because orientation is dimensionless, i.e., not physical. While the size, weight, or chemical composition of a structure might change, its orientation is, by definition, independent of material properties.

Many astronomical, religious, and even political buildings, like the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Vatican, are cardinally oriented. Their architects oriented them to our current cardinal system, and that means to our existing geographic pole.

When we process the orientations of virtually all ancient buildings around the world, it reveals a great discovery. Our research is so new, so innovating and refreshingly novel that you will not find anything like this anywhere else, except maybe some copies of this original material on other websites.

A Simple and Powerful Discovery


Some people are shocked by the vast array of facts that supports our revolutionary model that is entirely mathematical. They deny that there is any evidence for this to be true and go on with their lives. However, who dares to deny established mathematical facts?

One giant ice cap once covered the Northern hemisphere. In this animation, we show two crustal spin positions of the Earth. The location of this ice cap was non-symmetric relative to our current pole position (left). The spin axis was on Greenland during the ice ages (right). The two eccentric red circles in the right animation indicate the amount of shift the northern part of the crust endured over the last 300,000 years. This is the reason why this massive ice sheet was formed and disappeared again. The Greenland ice sheet will also melt due to this massive cataclysmic, but fully natural process.

The facts of our new dating model are not only supported by our mathematical proof, but also by flood myths and stories of “Visitors from the Sky.” As if that is not enough our conclu

sion is furthermore supported by scientific observations such as the orientation of ancient sites, paleomagnetic data, orbital data of the Earth, and ice core data. All data is pointing in only one compelling direction. There is no escape; there is no place to hide from our conclusions.

Most people are even more shocked when they discover which time frames we have mathematically proven in our theory. While we have all been conditioned to think in terms of a few thousand years, here we are considering a time frame of human history of more than 350,000 years.

The pyramids of Giza belong to the youngest ancient structures on this planet. They are the crowning achievement of very advanced civilizations that once spanned the entire planet.

Simplicity is the Key – How the Method Works

Our method explores the orientation of pyramids and temples spread all around the world and combines them in a database. What we have discovered is that their orientation extensions result in one significant mathematical geodetic pattern. The resulting pattern appears to form several nodes. The probability that nodes of considerable size, resulting from the hundreds of intersecting orientation extensions, can occur randomly has been calculated and is close to zero for each intersection node.

Because the nodes occur in a latitudinal direction, they point to drastic climate changes, and we suggest that these are due to a series of crustal deformations. Remarkably, in every instance, we see that the distances between nodes correlate with the temperature peaks and valleys of the last series of ice ages. Moreover, of all possible places on our planet where these nodes could show up, they occur massively around Greenland. The odds for this concentrated nodal pattern to follow coincidentally the same sequence as the substantial temperature changes over the last series of ice ages is 1 to 256. We are talking about a time frame of 350,000 years.

However, when we examine these patterns more closely, we find an even rarer chance of 1 to 750,000 for the latitudinal pattern of nodes and temperature changes to fit coincidentally onto each other in this specific region. It appears to be improbable to be coincidental altogether.

To the contrary, it is not some statistical glitch but a very potent mathematical “signal” from more than 900 independent ancient structures around the world. We have discovered an ancient phenomenon that traditional science has completely overlooked, comparable to an encrypted message from outer space. It is time to wake up!

The Orientation of Ancient Structures is the Key to a Deeper Insight

Fig 2: Ancient pyramids are spread all over the world. Lost civilizations built all together thousands of them on every continent. The orientations of more than 900 ancient structures were mass-processed into a mathematical pattern. Our mathematical powerhouse revealed the unbelievable antiquity of Lost Civilizations and the truth of our long forgotten ancient past. This conclusion is consistent with excavation/depth patterns, i.e., when archaeologists dig up ancient remains from many meters of soil. The chronostratigraphy records tell that these layers are hundreds of thousands of years old. Geology and archaeology are separate disciplines both seemingly living in a fantasy world of their own. | © Mario Buildreps.

Mathematical Nodes Running Over Greenland

Of all possible places, why are these nodes running over Greenland, the large island which has a vast ice sheet of unknown origin? Moreover, if that is not enough, why do the distances between the nodes correlate with the glaciation graphs shown below? Could that all be just coincidence? It does not appear to be so. The probability that this is all the product of a random coincidental process is 0,000133%.

It is the most profound proof for the existence of former, ancient geographic poles, revealing the actual age of ancient structures. Our method delivers proof of corresponding latitudinal crustal displacements. The growing size of these clusters shows how the crust deformed in the past due to the displacements. The older the clusters, the larger is the extent of the deformations. Isn’t that logical?

Our theory also explains simple and elegantly why and how the vast, thick ice sheet on Greenland grew. Due to deformation cycles of the crust moved Greenland over the spin axis. Greenland’s ice sheet is now the last remnant of the vast glaciers that once covered North America, North Europe, and partially Northern Russia. Is it not obvious now that this ice sheet will melt, and why it will melt? Greenland’s location is at a latitude that is not sufficiently cold to make the ice sheet to grow further. It is not cold enough to sustain the vast ice sheet in the long term, i.e., it will melt very slowly.

Many Scientific Ideas Need to be Revised

It is now also easy to understand why CO2 lags on changing temperatures and why it cannot be held responsible for substantial climatic changes. We can now solve the many yet unsolved problems.

What many climate scientists never seem to have noticed is that Greenland is also the center point of the Laurentide ice sheet, the Innuition ice sheet, and the Scandinavian ice sheet.

As a climate scientist, to “create” an icecap on Greenland by playing with computer models with the assumption this island has never been on the geographic pole requires the strangest, most unscientific models you can imagine. Climate science has nothing to do with real science – it is a pseudoscience that mostly serves the agendas of politicians. Mainstream scientists do not dare to oppose this agenda and are afraid to lose their funding.

Our discovery questions a host of mainstream ideas regarding history, paleontology, archaeology, climatology, and geology. Mathematics, as the Queen of Science, does not care about ideas built on material “evidence.” Mathematics is the only immutable truth wherever we are, whatever we do, whatever we believe, and no matter how much mathematics is hated or feared. Mathematics can show us that most generally accepted ideas, from history to geology, are based on corrupted science, i.e., wrong belief systems.

Mathematical Signal That the North Pole Migrated in Relation to Ancient Structures

Fig 3: This simulation shows a correlation between ancient pyramids and temples spread all over the world. Billions of complex calculations revealed this point cloud that we have projected over a sphere. The clustering around Greenland is visible. Greenland was once on the North pole, and that is the reason it has an ice cap. That is also the reason why it is now melting. This powerful mathematical discovery or “signal” shows how deep this pure and profound theory goes, veritable light years beyond the current materialistic paradigm. 40.6% of the ancient sites appear to be related to ancient geographic poles. Their typical orientation patterns join together in an area of only 2% in such a way that they follow the rhythm of the ice ages. The odds for this pattern to be the product of coincidence is unimaginably small. | © Mario Buildreps.

Ice Ages Were Crustal Displacements

Our new holistic, entirely mathematical paradigm provides a working hypothesis dealing with Humanity’s ancient history in relation to the Earth. It does not leave a single doubt regarding the unbelievable truth of humanity’s antiquity, and finally, it explains virtually many of the ancient mysteries. Deluges were no myths; crustal deformations caused them. Science has found the ultimate evidence for these events in the ice cores of Antarctica, but it failed to interpret them correctly, and claimed that they were “ice ages.”

It is also crucial to realize that not all ancient buildings were oriented to an ancient geographical pole. We found that more than 37.3% of ancient buildings do not align with one of the nodes. Isn’t that entirely normal? After all, we do not live in a perfect world. Not all ancient architects oriented their structures to the cardinal directions, but the majority chose to do so, and thus they left an indelible and essential message for us.

We proved with our new dating method that the crust had crept exclusively in the latitudinal direction over extended periods when the Earth was in high eccentric orbit around the Sun. Antarctica, strangely enough, did not move and remained at a relatively stable position.

Why Only Eccentricity Correlates With Glaciation Cycles

The graph of Earth’s eccentric orbit around the Sun fits perfectly over the glaciation graph (Fig 12). Science still has no clue why this is so. The large rotational variations (and tidal oscillation) of the Earth during high eccentric orbits (as is the case with our Moon) generated a “vertical” reaction force. This force, when large enough, caused a large part of the crust to crawl and deform in the latitudinal direction over extended periods.

Our rationality has profound consequences on our grasp of ancient history. Humanity, as well as the ancient sites, are much more ancient than we ever imagined.

Ancient Buildings Working as a Compass

Imagine that someone decides to build a home on the heath, in the middle of nowhere. The new home is going to be square or rectangular. What will make this person decide the orientation of this house? The Cardinals? To the Rising Sun? To the ruling wind directions? The local geography? Alternatively, something else maybe? What could this “something else” possibly be?

That is maybe not entirely relevant for an ordinary home but how would an architect orient an astronomical observatory? That is when such a question would become relevant. Most observatories’ orientations are to the cardinal directions. It is easy to understand why. How else could one “rule” the sky?

If we look at how many cities in the US are oriented built from scratch in the middle of nowhere, we see they are most of the time cardinally oriented. Any other orientation is a sort of gamble game. An almost chaotic process of stowing buildings as effectively as possible in the remaining space.

Many architects will align their project according to the Cardinals when they have enough space to do so – and some do not. There are as many reasons as there are architects, ranging from spatial planning to natural environmental factors like mountains or rivers. That is how this simple (although mathematically complex) method works – it can reveal some deeply hidden aspects of very ancient civilizations.

We Proved That Homo sapiens Build During Their Entire Presence

Most people believe that no advanced structure-building humanoids existed when Earth was in the middle of a series of ice ages spanning the past hundreds of thousands of years. How do we know that is true? Because there is no “evidence”? We want proof, not vague signs of evidence.

Let us be clear about the nature of evidence. Have we ever seen evidence that was not overthrown by other, newer pieces of evidence? When dimensions and measurements such as kilos, Newtons, meters, seconds, Joules, and so on are involved in the primary evidence, it is likely that this will be overthrown one day by other “standards” serving as evidence.

Homo sapiens is present on this planet for more than 400,000 years and has been a gifted builder directly from the start. It is the species that decides its capacities and not the conditioning institutes that we call “educational training”.

Orientation is Dimensionless

What is orientation? It is dimensionless, hence purely mathematical, and not materialistic. For example, 90° = ½π and 180° = π, and so on. With the location it is likewise; namely, we have degrees or Pi solely – and this means that there are no materialistic units attached to it. By defining ancient buildings like this, the ancient builders show us a way to an ultimate and undiscovered truth: our real history.

Once you have entirely grasped this concept, a whole new world will unfold to you!

We have found that ancient buildings, like pyramids and temples, frequently have orientations that relate to cardinal points (like a compass), mainly because we processed them in large numbers. The patterns are overwhelming, and they instantaneously prove the correlation between ancient structures and glaciation cycles. We have concluded that Glaciation cycles are caused by latitudinal crustal shifts, thereby resulting in “ice ages.”

Examples of Orientations

Fig 4: A square or rectangular building like a pyramid has four sides. We can define the orientation of such a structure uniquely, so as not to discriminate one flank over another. The only unambiguous way is 45 degrees clockwise or 45 degrees counterclockwise. As you will see, orientation reveals a mighty mathematical way to describe the relationship of ancient structures concerning Earth’s shifting crust and the rise and fall of glaciation cycles, and ultimately of long-forgotten civilizations. | © Mario Buildreps.

Why Satellite Footage is Preferred Over Field Work

![|600x598](https://mariobuildreps.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Fig-28-Two-Objects-Oriented-to-the-North-1024x1021.png "How to find our current geographic pole also called the "spin axis"")

Fig 5: The intersection points of the orientation of these two structures, both facing North (cardinally oriented), is on the current geographic North pole. They belong to the same contemporary time frame. We have performed massive data research to more than 900 of these ancient monuments and what we have found has stunned even the most seasoned skeptics. | © Mario Buildreps.

We are now able to prove the age of pyramids and other such structures solely by their orientation, without digging into the ground or putting even one step on a monument. That is the difference between materialistic sensory-based science and mathematics.

How is this research done? By mass-processing the orientation and location of ancient buildings, we were able to determine the rough time frames in which specific structures are built. The correlation between orientation and age has profound importance, as you will see.

In this area of research, one decade of satellite footage has been more constructive than centuries of digging. Although it might be necessary for other scientific disciplines to dig up the foundations from under thick layers of soil, for our purposes, examining satellite footage is better than mindless digging.

Why We Need an Intersection Line

When we want to find the geodetic intersection point of the orientation of two randomly-picked structures that are non-cardinally oriented, there is a significant chance that this intersection point will not reveal anything meaningful. That is because their intersection point can be located anywhere on the globe. Such an endeavor is probably not likely to result in anything fruitful.

For example, it is easy to verify that the intersection points of the pyramids of Giza and the tomb of Ping of Han in China intersect each other on the current geographical North pole (fig. 5). We know what this means; they were intended to be oriented in this way. But what about the 85% of non-cardinally oriented structures?

Can we do the same with two structures that are oriented with a seemingly arbitrary angle? For example: can we do that with Teotihuacan and the Great Ziggurat of Ur? The intersection points of these two are 35.050N, 93.675W. What could we possibly find here? Nothing of importance as far as we can tell because there is no way even to suspect that connecting these two different structures via their intersecting lines could have something in common. Or perhaps, more importantly, we have no idea why they were “uncardinally” oriented in the first place. No archaeologist can tell you why Teotihuacan or the Great Ziggurat of Ur are oriented in their unique way.

Intersecting lines are neutral, so to speak – they represent a purely mathematical entity and have no meaning until they are correlated to each other by processing many hundreds of additional intersecting lines from other structures and then tabulating the resulting data.

How the Intersection Line is Determined

Fig 6: This picture shows in one view how the intersection line runs from pole to pole along a rough reference line of 47.1W. The intersection point from the two different hemispheres is at 73.2N, 47.1W. Because we now have two points, we can draw a connecting line. This line runs from the current North pole through the location of a previous pole. The point cloud of Fig 3 played an important role to verify this outcome. | © Mario Buildreps.

Why the North Pole Migrated Latitudinally

Some people wonder how the North pole could have migrated so seemingly perfect in the latitudinal direction along the reference line of 47.1W. It did not shift immitigable along this line. It moved in an irregular pattern along a rough latitudinal path in hundreds of thousands of years. The crust deformed in this typical way because it obeys Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion, exemplified by a spinning top reacting perpendicularly (at right angles) to its causative force. The cause is the Sun’s oscillating “pull” during high eccentric orbits. That is why the glaciation patterns and eccentricity (part of Milankovitch’s cycles) correlate perfectly with each other.

As stated, the crust did not shift equally. It was heavily deformed while Antarctica hardly moved. During this complicated deformation of earth’s skin, the North pole migrated in the latitudinal direction.

Shown below in Fig 14, you will find illustrations indicating the Poles I to VI with red dots. The size of the red dot grows with the age of each pole. The path of the pole is defined by the dimensions of the red dots, so that is not entirely a straight line, but roughly in the latitudinal direction.

The reasons for the red dots to become larger is because of the growing uncertainties of defining a pole within a specific diameter, i.e., the crust was invariably deformed due to the crustal displacements.

Orientations on Both Hemispheres are Fundamentally Different

Fig 7: This unique graph shows how ancient structures are oriented on the Western Hemisphere. They are massively positively oriented, i.e. pointing in a direction that is greater than 0 degrees (current North). There is no correlation between latitude and orientation, hence we debunk the possible claim that they were “solstice”-oriented buildings. The yellow marks show the relation between solstices and latitudes. There is no correlation between contemporary solstices and orientation. The amount of ancient buildings that are positively oriented is about 16 times as high as those that are negatively oriented. The odds for this uneven distribution to be coincidental is zero or 1 to ∞. That is why we are 100% sure that this orientation depends on something that has never been discovered before – a moving geographic pole from the perspective of the crust (a moving magnetic pole leaves a completely different signature). | © Mario Buildreps.

Fig 8: This graph shows how ancient buildings on the Eastern hemisphere are oriented. They are massively negatively oriented, i.e. pointing in a direction that is less than 360 degrees of the current North. The larger spread is caused by the much larger area (from Europe to China) in which we find the ancient buildings. The amount of ancient buildings which are negatively oriented is more than three times as high as those that are positively oriented. The odds for this uneven distribution to be the process of coincidence is close to 0%. The yellow dots mark the solstice angles for each latitude. There is also here no correlation between solstices and orientation. | © Mario Buildreps.

Instantaneous Proof: No Probability of Such a Spread being Coincidental

The probability that many structures, randomly spread around the world, are oriented like this is so small that it surely is not coincidental. That is why we are 100% sure that ancient monuments were oriented to one feature that is common wherever we are on Earth: a geographic pole. That is NOT the magnetic pole, it is the spin axis of the earth. But the position of this geographic pole has changed over time. The crust appears to “rewrap” itself during high eccentric orbits, causing the geographic North pole to migrate as seen from the perspective of the crust.

The only correct conclusion is that the crust has been deformed significantly over the last 400,000 years, without geology even noticing this fact. They measured it, yes, but did not interpret it as a movement of the crust. They explained it as “glaciation cycles.” Logical maybe, when you believe the crust was rigid over the last hundreds of thousands of years.

Strangely, geologists believe in the movement of the “invisible” magnetic field. It seems more convenient to think that an invisible mass that is much greater than the crust can change directions as sudden as the weather. But it is ironic that even paleomagnetism points to movements of the crust. Until now, this discipline has been attempting to repair errors and contradictions in the conventional data but without much progress. However, when we incorporate the movements of the crust in their data, the errors suddenly become much smaller, and that adds to the mountain of proof we already have.

We have proof from different angles, and all of them are pointing to the same unbelievable truth. Not only were the biblical cataclysms very real, but it is also indisputable that in the distant past the ancient architects oriented their structures to a very different geographical pole. Our proof goes many ways – deep down into the rabbit hole.

The Origin of Homo sapiens

We are also sure that structure building humanoids, the Homo predecessor, came originally from South America, from the region of Brazil and Peru, around 800,000 years ago, and then spread Northward. We have concluded this from the orientation patterns.

We studied the orientation patterns in relation to crustal shift patterns and the most probable migration routes our ancestors took. The trends go North through Mexico, spreads over the US, and then go over a land bridge across the Bering Strait into Russia, Japan, China, and the Middle East. Land bridges were everywhere across the world at that time when the ice sheets were developing on the Northern hemisphere, causing the sea levels to be significantly lower than today.

The orientation patterns we have found in the region of Iraq, Iran, and Syria correlate with the periods mentioned in the Sumerian tablets, around 420,000 years ago. The details of what exactly happened are of course impossible to reconstruct, but indicators are pointing to a significant event in the “mutation” of Humanoid species.

Homo sapiens’ Family Tree

Fig 9: DNA patterns of the Homo erectus family tree show correlations with orientation patterns. The “Out of Africa” hypothesis is short-sighted and based on incomplete and outdated evidence. Why did the Neanderthals, a tough, highly intelligent, and well-adapted species, become extinct? Ask yourself this simple question: If Göbleke Tepe is only 12,000 years old and is allegedly the oldest human-made monument on Earth, what were Homo sapiens then doing the rest of the time? Was Homo sapiens wandering around for over 400,000 years doing nothing and leaving no traces of significance? We have found compelling proof that Homo sapiens was very active over the last 450,000 years. There is something very wrong with the dating methods of the established academia. What would be the purpose of maintaining and teaching a false paradigm? source: Nature.com | © Mario Buildreps.

Collective Orientation of Contemporary Buildings

Maybe you suspect that, if we do the same kind of research regarding the orientation of contemporary buildings, we could, for some odd reason, find a collective orientation that differs from North similar to the ancient buildings. But that does not appear to be the case. The joint orientation of contemporary buildings points almost precisely towards our current geographic pole, our current cardinal system.

The more data one gathers – whether in a particular region, one country, one continent, or the whole world – the more obvious it becomes that contemporary buildings have an average collective orientation toward the geographical pole. No modern culture seems to prefer a specific direction other than a cardinal orientation.

This large-scale investigation is part of our challenge to prove that ancient buildings differ largely in orientation and that this deviation has a reason: the geographic pole was at another location back then, a very long time ago. Our mathematical model completely contradicts what contemporary history books are telling us. History is about storytelling and has nothing to do with reality.

We built a random location generator for every continent and generated a list of 392 contemporary buildings with their location and their respective orientation. When we compiled their collective orientation, they all pointed to our current geo pole within ±0.5°. This result proves that, when we add up the orientation of large numbers of independent buildings, they will always point to their geographic pole.

Fig 10: The collective of the orientations of 392 contemporary buildings points almost exactly to our current geographic pole. The significant deviation alone between modern buildings and ancient buildings proves mathematically that old buildings were oriented to another geographical pole location. Never before, has anyone ever done this kind of research, in this manner and on this scale. | © Mario Buildreps.

What is the Time Frame for These Ancient Poles?

The interpretation of this whole new view on ancient times is that, when the crust shifts (along with its pole) in the latitudinal direction, it causes a new glaciation cycle.

Most researchers, even the most controversial ones, keep sticking to a time frame of a few thousand years. They have never dared to even think in terms of hundreds of thousands of years. That is why the many ancient structures, as well as all the old myths, remain shrouded in mystery.

Our new dating method sheds an entirely different light on our history and provides an opportunity to explain most of the mysteries that no one has ever solved before. There are just too many dating mysteries around the world that scholars like to compress into less than 10,000 years, which is, according to our intense research, completely irrational. The amount of labor necessary to build all these tens of thousands of structures in a few thousand years was not present. That is another indicator that the official timelines are incorrect.

We consider a time frame of over 400,000 years without a shadow of a doubt. Our conclusions are fully backed up by large amounts of data and mathematics.

Consider the Mysteries and Start to Wonder

Which mysteries are we talking about here? You would have to continuously juggle a long, long list of mysterious sites in your mind to realize the sheer magnitude of our ancient past, such as:

  • Why do we find hundreds of pyramids all around the planet?
  • Why do we find thousands of dolmens all around the planet?
  • What about Puma Punku, Sacsayhuaman, Teotihuacan, Göbekli Tepe? There are thousands of these ancient monuments, all over the world.
  • What about the Nazca lines?
  • Have we ever unanimously solved how the pyramids of Giza were built, not to talk about when and why? And if you think that you have answered one of these enigmas, stop cheering, because you have only solved a tiny fraction of the whole mystery.
  • Have you ever heard of the mysterious Kailasa temple? If you have solved Giza, try to explain this one.
  • What about Baalbek, Mount Shoria (Russia), Stonehenge, Carnac, Easter Island, and Yonaguni?
  • How did they produce, move, and position megaliths weighing some 1000 metric tons? With the power of the mind, or with brute technology? If either of them is true, how?
  • What about the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey? How and why was that built?

And that list is just one grain of sand in a whole mountain of sand. Keep that in mind!

To prove the correct timeline of any one of these mysteries requires more than only educated guesses and vague hypotheses. To even begin to solve these ancient enigmas requires more than hopping from one idea to the next. It requires a deep understanding of mathematics and immutable truths. With our new dating method, we have developed sufficient mathematical proof to support the claim for our enormously stretched timeline.

Why Ice Ages Were Latitudinal Crustal Deformations

![|1100x849](https://mariobuildreps.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Annual_Average_Temperature_Map-1.jpg "If the crust would have deformed in the latitudinal direction it would leave temperature marks in old ice cores, which obviously is the case. They are called "glaciation cycles".")

Fig 11: When the crust shifted in the latitudinal direction, you will invariably find large temperature swings in the ice core data, and when the data correlates, the data matches because of a latitudinal crust shift and not a temperature change. One of the aspects of this discovery is that Antarctica remained at a fairly stable position over the last million years while the rest of the crust was heavily deformed. | Public Domain

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca Cultures Are Much Older

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca cultures are much older than scholars always told us. Why did these cultures suddenly disappear? Scholars have never found a credible explanation for the rapid disappearance of these highly developed cultures, except mythos tales, opinions, and just ideas.

For example: When scholars claim that a specific civilization abandoned a city in the 9th century AD, they are talking about the people who used the cities, not about the people who built the cities. There is quite a difference.

Because they oriented their monuments to a different older North pole, the cultures who built them must also have experienced destructive crustal shifts, throwing them back into the “stone age.” It would be challenging to survive such a catastrophe.

It appears that especially these Mayan, Aztec, and Inca root cultures are amazingly older than was always assumed. According to our research, the oldest traces go back to over 700,000 years! These cultures are the root of human civilization as we know it. The Out-of-Africa theory appears to be highly incorrect.

How the Rough Data Corresponds to the Intersection Clusters

Fig 12: The intersection clusters that we found at the beginning of 2016 showed a very tight correspondence with the temperature swings of the last glaciation cycles. The degree of temperature change corresponds one on one with the amount of shift from XS to XL. The odds for these patterns to fit coincidentally is only 1 to 3,125 (note: that includes the yet unproven Pole VI). It is not difficult to see that very high eccentricity caused two consecutive shifts (B and C). It is easy to see how well eccentricity (part of Milankovitch’s cycles) and ice ages correlate with each other. There is only 0.03% chance that this correlation is unimportant. Note that science has never done anything with this simple, obvious observation. Our search for much more data on ancient structures has progressed a long way since 2016. | © Mario Buildreps.

How to Interpret Glaciations

The temperatures on Earth depend on the latitude where you are. It is crucial to understand that you can interpret a glacial period in two ways:

  • The classical view : During a glaciation, the geo pole was where it currently is, so the crust endured no shifts or deformations, but the temperature changed nevertheless. Which mechanism caused this glaciation is still unexplained. Geologists who believe that the Milankovitch cycles were the cause of the ice ages are parroting unexamined beliefs. We have never seen any calculations that prove this assumption even to be correct. Earth is a sphere, and will always receive the same amount of solar energy, no matter how the sphere rotates towards the Sun. The climate will show ripples of about ±1.4°C, but these changes are caused by varying Solar activity.
  • Our new view : Crustal deformation causes a glaciation cycle. Collected ice core data shows that the amount of crustal shift corresponds to the temperature change of the glaciation cycle. The crustal shift moved the cold North pole region to a warmer area and a more temperate zone to the polar region. When geologists examine the phenomenon with the assumption that the crust is rigid, they interpret their findings as a global cooling down, which never happened. The temperatures return to “normal” after a period of tens of thousands of years. A balance is again restored. This crustal “crawling” process was caused by a highly eccentric orbit of the Earth around the Sun, resulting in oscillating gravity tearing the crust slowly apart. That is why the patterns of eccentricity and glaciation match together. Crustal deformations proceed very slowly – between 15 to 35 meters average per year, depending on the rate of eccentricity. The crawling process continues over periods spanning tens of thousands of years but has a definite start and stop values. Paleomagnetic records show correlations with the crawling crust. Other evidence is indisputable: high dust concentrations in the atmosphere during the crawling process due to very heavy volcano eruptions. The geological patterns are distinct, and the mathematical proof from the orientations of ancient sites removes all doubts. Humanity fell back into a new Stone Age for a very long time.

When the crust deforms, and the North pole migrates, the temperature changes in that specific “ice age” clearly correspond with the temperature differences at the latitudes of pole locations in different time frames.

The Impact of this new Dating Method

Our methodology permits the dating of ancient cultures (pyramid builders of yore) in a more reliable manner, via the orientations of their monuments, which in turn is related to a glaciation cycle. Every glaciation cycle stands for an era. However, some structures do not match up with one of the former poles. Dating these structures requires a thorough investigation by using the path of the pole since it is possible these structures date from periods of crustal unrest. Many structures have been dated by us, as you can see summarized below.

Geologists say that every ice age is a period of an alleged cooling down. “Alleged” because the classical view dictates that the crust is rigid and cannot deform significantly over, geologically speaking, short periods. Polar ice sheets that shifted to warmer regions will cool that region, and the ice sheets will start to melt very slowly. Melting takes place throughout many thousands of years. The more moderate region that shifted to the pole now becomes cold as well. The melting energy must be provided by the two Gulf Streams that transport the heat from the equator to the icecaps (following the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). That is why there is a warm Gulf Stream and a North Atlantic Drift running close to Greenland; they are necessary to restore energy balance.

True to the tenets of Occam’s Razor, our new methodology provides an easy-to-understand explanation for glaciation, ancient history, and crustal geology – in the simplest possible way and with the fewest assumptions.

Gathered and Analyzed Data

Topic Amount
Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Sites, Constructions and other monuments 900+
Countries 53
Found Orientation Clusters (Polar Nodes) 5

Results of the Data Analyses – All in One Graph

![|1203x726](upload://x4UvR8hDT7GbhTy4u9MUQiAH4K9.png "The probability that the nodes are "meant to be" is 100%. We have proof that ancient structures point massively to ancient geographic pole positions.")

Fig 13: The analysis of our full data set delivered spectacular results. The probability percentages are almost 100%. We can also see, that the latitudes/temperature variations correspond closely with the large fluctuations of the glaciation cycles over the last 450,000 years. The odds for the distributions of Orientation Clusters to fit so seamlessly on the glaciation graphs (Fig 12) is 1 to 750,000. | © Mario Buildreps.

Fig 14: Four former poles are mathematically proven, but the oldest known former pole (Pole VI at around 42N) needs more confirmation. This oldest and yet unproven pole is mainly substantiated by Sumerian and Peruvian sites. The amounts of shift A through E correlate with the temperature changes of the last series of ice ages. | © Mario Buildreps.

Why did the Crust Shift in this Direction?

The most probable path of the pole is in the southerly latitudinal direction. It follows the basic principles of physics and is like the reaction of a spinning top on an external force; it reacts at 90 degrees to the direction of its rotation, and that is why the crust shifted as we propose in our hypothesis.

The dynamics, in this case, are the large tidal forces when Earth is in a high eccentric helical orbit around the Sun. The interconnectedness is further explained in our article: ” Lost Civilizations and Earth Crust Shifts.

As we show in Fig 12, follow the highs and lows precisely the same rhythm as the distances between the Poles I to V. The probability that two independent relatively simple patterns match is quite small: 1 to 256. The likelihood that we look at a coincidental match is less than 0.4%.

But if we incorporate the natural temperature variations due to different sun activity (Fig 16), we see that the patterns match even more accurately. And for these much more complex patterns to match coincidentally is very small: 1 to 750,000. Thus we have found the most probable cause for ice ages. These were not precipitated by changes in CO2 levels but by crustal deformation cycles. CO2 is just a proxy that lags on the crustal deformation cycles.

Five Geographic Poles: Mathematically Proven

Fig 15: There is an overwhelming correlation between the orientation of ancient structures and the waxing and waning of glaciation cycles over the last half million years. The probability that the correlation is unimportant and coincidental is 0.00013%. Some of the current scientific paradigms, such as the cause of ice ages, the Global Warming dogmas, but also the dating methods of ancient structures, are based on incorrect evidence. Ancient cultures oriented their pyramids and temples to other geographic poles. Our astounding and significant discovery is that Homo sapiens’ architectural history goes back more than 350,000 years. There is no place to hide from or cover up our conclusions. | © Mario Buildreps.

The Time Frame & Shortlist of Ancient Structures

Pole Pyramids, Sites, Temples
I: 0 – 26,000 years ago Borobudur, Konark Sun Temple, Temple of Horus, Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of Emperor Ping of Han
26,000 – 130,000 Period of crustal deformation: Pole II to Pole I
II: 130,000 – 155,000 years ago Babylon, Prasat Phum Prasat, Uxmal (Pyramid of the magician), El Mirador, Ka’ba-ye Zartosht
155,000 – 210,000 Period of crustal deformation: Pole III to Pole II
III: 210,000 – 225,000 years ago Teotihuacan, Pompeii (temples), Carnac, Edzna, Tomb of Emperor Zhao of Han, Antipatris
225,000 – 240,000 Period of crustal deformation: Pole IV to Pole III
IV: 240,000 – 270,000 years ago Yagul, Kuara (Sumer), Great Kyz Kala, El Castillo (Chichen Itza), Pyramid of Koh-Ker
270,000 – 330,000 Period of crustal deformation: Pole V to Pole IV
V: 330,000 – 345,000 years ago Tomb of Three Kings of Zhou, Der (Sumer), Nohoch Mul pyramid (Cobá), Caral, Madinet Habu temple, Borsippa (Sumer)
345,000 – 410,000 Period of crustal deformation: Pole VI to Pole V
VI: 410,000 – 440,000 years ago Nineveh (Sumer), Sippar (Sumer), Eridu (Sumer), Pyramids of Cochasqui (No. 5, 9, 14), Huaca del Sol, Zabala (Sumer), Caral

Why Ice Ages Were Earth Crust Deformations

![|1335x1469](https://mariobuildreps.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Relation-HotSpots-Ice-Ages-and-Temperatures-V8.png "Deeper research into the patterns and the why's and how' delivers almost 100% proof that the crust indeed deformed and that the ice ages were caused by crustal deformations and caused ancient civilizations to be "lost".")

Fig 16: This graph shows us with a very high degree of certainty which timeframe we are dealing with regarding crustal shifts. The natural temperature swings of Earth’s temperature (green areas) have to be filtered out to find the magnitude of the consecutive crustal shifts. Note that the amount of natural temperature variation varies by 2.8° Celsius (±1.4°). Varying Sun activity is the most likely cause of this discrepancy. The odds for this correlation to be coincidental is 1 to 750,000. Although there is still much research to be done, we have found profound mathematical proof for the most likely timeframe for the deformation processes of the crust. What we furthermore witness is that Pole III seems to be slightly incorrectly positioned. We suspect this because of the shift errors from IV to III and from III to II cancel each other almost out, and the chance for that to be just coincidence is small. But because our method depends strongly on ancient structures, we have currently no means to correct this. Of course, we could position Pole III slightly more Northerly at around 72.5°N or 72.6°N to compensate this glitch, but that would undermine our method. The cause of this relatively large deviation is possibly due to very large deformations of the crust particularly in the region of the majority of the structures. | © Mario Buildreps.

About the Average Temperature Gradient

Important to note is that the average temperature gradient of 0.576°C per degree latitude that you find in Fig 15 is calculated based on the surface area to which the specific temperature belongs. For example, at the poles, it is very cold, but the surface areas of the poles are tiny compared to that of the equator. Hence, the poles are not significantly contributing to the so-called ΔT, the temperature differences.

The reason why these temperature gradients are used this way in our research is that the temperature reconstructions from the ice cores use a similar method. Here we transform the data from the ice cores, and we recalculate them into a latitudinal deformation of the crust.

When we subtract the natural temperature variations, 2.8°C, from the most significant peaks and valleys in the ice age graphs, we find the remaining crustal deformations of the last significant events. In all cases, they are matching with temperature gradients between two adjacent subsequent poles. The chance for such a match to occur coincidentally in such a complicated set of patterns is 1 to 750,000. We are sure we have found the correct time frame.

The Crust is More Dynamic Than Often Believed

We have processed a large amount of data to calculate and prove the position of the former poles, and to calculate the reliability of this new theory.

It is crucial to realize that Antarctica hardly moved its position at the South pole, while Greenland raced over the North pole. When we look at the Pacific, we are looking at an almost uninterrupted plate that was stretched due to the deformations. That is the reason why there is no longer a continent in the Pacific. Australia was ripped off from Antarctica. Zealandia became submerged in the massive stretch movement.

When we look at the other side of the globe, it seems as if the opposite occurred. A massive compression took place from North to South, and a spreading from East to West. Hence a resulting movement of Greenland over the pole towards the equator. The timescale of these large deformations is much shorter than geologists ever realized. Yes, there are tectonic forces and the tectonic plates move towards each other or away from each other. But there is another force present that geologists have never recognized.

The Earth is much more dynamic than we ever thought. Our book (in progress) deals extensively with this subject because, although crucial, it is hard to grasp.

Our Data Shows how the Motion Mechanics of the Crust Works

The orientation of the foundations of ancient buildings, mainly because we processed them in large numbers, gave us profound insights into ancient times.

Ice age graphs correspond to the eccentricity of Earth’s orbit over the last 800,000 years. The chance for these two graphs to correspond to each other coincidentally is 0.00069% or 1 to 145,000. It shows that we must look at eccentricity for the root cause of ice ages and nowhere else. It is weird to notice that geology consequently overlooked this.

When we dive into the motion mechanics of large celestial objects, we see mainly two things happening:

  • Eccentricity causes variations in the rate of rotation of the minor object (in this case the Earth). The inner parts of the Earth are much denser than the crust. Hence they will react less intensely to tidal forces of the Sun.
  • Tidal forces vary annually (in case of Earth). The more significant the eccentricity, the larger the tidal variations. At perihelion, the Sun “pulls” hardest on Earth, almost egg-shaping the Earth. At aphelion, the Sun “pulls” less on the Earth. At an eccentricity of between 0.03 and 0.05, these annual forces can vary up to about 26%, putting the Earth’s different layers under varying amounts of stress.

From this we can quite easily understand what happens: a corresponding latitudinal reaction force is born. Compare it with a spinning top that reacts perpendicular to an external force applied to it. This reaction force drives the lightest and outer part of the Earth, the crust, to crawl perpendicularly to the sense of rotation during high eccentric orbital periods around the Sun.

The data indicate with a very high degree of certainty that former poles, namely former poles II, III, and IV existed on Greenland during the most recent ice ages. The crust has continued to deform not just slightly; it moved significantly. The North pole moved 38 degrees of latitude over the last 330,000 years (from pole IV to the present pole) — the crust ticks like a clock on eccentricity.

The Moving Crust Turns Everything Upside Down

The whole crust in the region of Greenland was heavily deformed – leaving Antarctica surprisingly stable at its current position – and Greenland moved over the geographic North pole between 330,000 and 110,000 years ago in two shifts, meaning that Greenland has three former geo pole locations. To illustrate: This is like three fence posts having two spaces between posts. The Greenland ice sheet is a result of this era, and that is why it is so densely covered with ice and is melting now.

Earth crust shifts do not happen overnight. They are slow, unstoppable processes that take place over extended periods. The most violent, swift crustal shifts took place throughout about 15,000 years, and the slowest ones happened throughout about 100,000 years. However, it is a period of constant turmoil, megaquakes, sloshing oceans, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and a changing climate due to the shifting latitude and sliding earth crusts. Sea levels have changed repeatedly over many tens of thousands of years and will again fall or rise depending on the position of new geographic poles. Whether the pole is in the ocean or on land makes a world of difference in the formation of ice sheets.

An Earth crust shift is not the spectacular event that many people think it is. It is a massive, slow, environmentally disruptive, mighty deformation process of the crust, which forced many of the ancient peoples to migrate to safer places. It also caused massive extinctions of the Human population which we now call “lost civilizations.” The reasons for these massive changes have been right under our noses, and we collectively fail to recognize them.

The Probability that These Facts are True

The probability that temperature changes during the last ice ages accidentally correspond to our found mathematical hot spots is 1 to 746,496 or 0.000134%. It is therefore for more than 99.99987% sure that the following facts are real:

  • The geographic North pole migrated in the latitudinal direction, while parts of the crust were massively deformed. Many traditions around the world describe these events as deluges and global catastrophes.
  • Antarctica remained (almost) stable at its current position. Migration of the geographic North pole leaves proxy marks behind in the ice sheets of a stable and steady South pole. Both poles are equally sensitive to changes. That is the reason why the movements of the agile North pole are accurately registered in the ice layers of the stable South pole.
  • The shifts of the North pole relate to “ice ages” in the exact order and magnitude as they are registered in the ice sheet of Antarctica.
  • Ancient structures are oriented to these former geo North poles. The age of the ancient structures is in most cases as old as the pole.
  • A high eccentric orbit around the Sun is the cause of crustal deformation in combination with expansion zones as we have described in this article ;
  • Greenland’s ice sheet was formed by being repeatedly found at different successive North pole locations, and that its massive ice sheet will eventually melt because it has moved to a place of ‘moderate’ temperatures;
  • CO2 lags on temperature changes and is therefore not the (primary) cause of temperature changes.

Antiquity Reborn – a Scientific Battlefield

Our new mathematical crustal displacement hypothesis will eventually prevail and change the way science looks at our history. It will take many decades to come to persuade them to accept the truth of what happened with the Earth’s crust. It will also have a profound impact on the current climate models once the method is validated and recognized by the mainstream “gate-keepers” as real and valid.

Of course, it will probably take many decades for this theory to mature. Much energy is being expended in the development of our theory, and we make rapid progress. Increasing numbers of knowledgeable scientists are surprised and amazed by our new dating theory – the genie is out of the bottle.

One example of the many profound implications this theory has: how much chance is there that paleomagnetism, which is a highly technical and well-funded discipline, develops a correct and valid theory anytime soon? Not very much – but why is that? Because mainstream Geology stubbornly ignores and dismisses the possibility of a slow latitudinal crawling crust during high eccentric orbits of the Earth around the Sun.

Crustal movements would also leave traces in the magnetizable sediments, and in fact, destroy the patterns that geologists hoped to obtain. That is why this discipline has never come to one overall acceptable view of the movements of the magnetic pole. There is no way to recognize from the samples alone what has moved: the core, the crust or both. Because of the magnetic core moves, it is therefore not the only variable that left traces.

Antiquity Reborn – Our Book

Our book, which is currently in the making under the working title “Antiquity Reborn,” will turn many generally accepted paradigms into dust; not by swinging words of accusation at anyone, but by using mathematics in a way most people will understand and accept as valid.

Aside from all the proof necessary to show what happened in the distant past, our book will provide a framework to develop a new look at lost civilizations, and what happened to them. It will also help us understand who we are and what our roots are. It will solve many mysteries and unite many scientific disciplines while probably raising many new questions at the same time.

© 2015 – 2020 by Mario Buildreps et al.

Proofreading and editing: J.B.

Contact: [email protected]

Antiquity Reborn

Mathematical Holistic Orientation-based Dating Method

Orientation of Pyramids to Former North Poles

There are many ancient monuments and sites oriented to the current geographic pole, and this is called cardinal alignment or cardinal orientation. But what does it mean when more than 90% of the ancient monuments like pyramids and temples are not oriented to the current geographical pole? What is it that archaeologists and geologists have categorically overlooked?

Fig. 1: There are many ancient temples and pyramids oriented to the current North pole. Of the more than 910 selected structures in our database, 90 are exactly oriented to the current North pole. How coincidental is that? | © Mario Buildreps.


Fig. 2: Tiwanaku (Kalasasaya) is cardinally oriented with ±0.2° accuracy. There’s much debate about Tiwanaku and who built it.

Why Are Temples and Pyramids Cardinally Oriented?

Around the world, there are many ancient structures, such as pyramids and temples, that are oriented in such a way that their footprint points precisely to the current North pole.

The ancients built many of their monuments in the middle of nowhere. What would you do if you had the freedom to position a monument anyhow and anywhere? Unless you have no idea what you are doing, there is only one logical answer to that question: You would orient it to the geographical pole.

It is also evident that there may be many other structures of importance that are oriented to the geographical North pole without an apparent reason. Pure symmetry between sunrise and sunset might have been one of these reasons. We happen to love the sun for many different reasons.

Our article(s) might be tough for many of our readers. But when you can work your way through it, you will probably become aware that our history, the way it was taught to us, is very much in error.

Earth crust shifts are real, and ancient monuments are much, much older than we are led to believe. By using mathematics, our real history reveals itself razor-sharp without any doubt whatsoever.

Why is Cardinal Orientation Important?

Fig. 3: A Cartesian coordinate system is used to orient and to place positions in a grid. A cardinal orientation of a building has similarities, it makes it easier to orient to the Cardinals and to a certain direction.

Imagine yourself to be in the shoes of an astronomer. There is a comet coming in on the Northern sky at an azimuth of 11 degrees. The building you are working in is just dumped down in the orientation of the street plan, and finding one of the cardinal directions is always somewhat of a guess.

If your building was cardinally oriented, it would be much easier to orient yourself. That window looks out on exactly North. This door opens exactly to the East. This wall is precisely South, and that large window looks out precisely to the West. How much easier would you orient yourself? How much easier would a discussion between astronomer be if they exactly knew in which direction to look for this comet?

You can compare the cardinal orientation of a building with a Cartesian coordinate system. The X-axis goes exactly horizontal, and the Y-axis goes precisely vertical. Drawing a graph is easy. Orienting yourself in this grid is easy. If the grid is rotated to the whims of the day, it would be challenging and inefficient to draw a graph. The first thing you had to do is to study the orientation of the grid itself before you could start to draw anything. It would be very inefficient to work like this.

So, when you want to study and predict solar cycles, moon cycles, solar eclipses, equinoxes, earth’s motions (obliquity, precession, eccentricity of orbit), or any other phenomena in the sky, you must point your instrument to the only sure point – the rotation axis of the earth. This would ultimately be the geographical North pole, or the South pole if you happen to live on the Southern hemisphere. If you do not do that, you will introduce another variable into the equations, and that makes them much harder to solve.

The same goes for churches. Most religions regard the East as the place where the light is coming from. The Rising Sun. That is the reason why many churches are cardinally or almost cardinally oriented.

The orientation of the Largest Cathedrals in the World

Fig. 4: The largest cathedrals in the world are, without exception, cardinally or almost cardinally oriented. | © Mario Buildreps

How Mathematics Proves Our History is Wrongly Interpreted

But what does it mean when most of the ancient monuments are not oriented to the Cardinals, i.e., to our current North pole? How likely is it then that they were oriented to former North poles? This can be sorted out by using the power of mathematics.

We proved that Greenland was the location of former (geographic) North poles. The structures that are oriented to these old geographic poles are therefore older than assumed by archaeologists.


Because these pyramids from all over the world were collectively oriented to several locations on Greenland. That Greenland was located at the North pole is not a few thousand years ago. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of years.

The foundations of most pyramids are older than 100,000 years. Their top layers might have been renovated many times – but the orientation was invariably left intact. An unbelievable conclusion that knocks down many paradigms. However, a lot of mysteries start to make sense.

Our claim is extraordinary; our proof is exceptional as well. The mathematics behind our proof is exceptionally accurate and will be published in a book that is currently in the making.

The orientation of Important Observatories in the World

Fig. 5: Most of the observatories are cardinally oriented and that has a good reason: Astronomers have to constantly orient themselves. A correct building orientation helps to make their task much easier. We know the ancients built many observatories around the world and only a few of these are cardinally oriented. Where were the non-cardinal oriented observatories then oriented to? Archaeologists have pondered this question for many centuries. | © Mario Buildreps

Fig. 6: Two boats sailing a steady course will intersect at a certain point. We can calculate this intersection point. When many sailing boats are intersecting at the same spot, would that be coincidence or circumstance? The same principle accounts for pyramid alignments. | © Mario Buildreps

Belief is Strong

Belief systems resist change. We invariably believe that history, as taught to us, is correct. Even when mathematics and other evidence proves that conditioning is wrong, we tend to keep thinking that history, as it is pounded into our brains, is correct.

This is what we call conditioning.

A conditioned mind has trouble to interpret outcomes of mathematics that deviate from the programmed beliefs. No matter how solid the proof is, we tend to fall back into our old assumptions of the trusty old paradigm. To get used to another idea and to muster the will to overcome denial takes much time and effort.

Temples and Pyramids Exactly Oriented to the Current North Pole (Fig 1)

  • Lintong +12 other structures in China (pink line)
  • Borobudur on Central Java (dark blue line)
  • Angkor Wat +12 other structures in Cambodia (yellow line)
  • Konark Sun Temple in India (orange line)
  • Sri Rangam temple +1 other structure in India (red line)
  • Harappa in Pakistan (green line)
  • Bar’am +2 other structures in Israel (white line)
  • Pyramids of Giza and Temple of Horus in Egypt (green line)
  • Tiwanaku in Bolivia (purple line)
  • Naranjo in Guatemala +3 other structures in Mexico (light blue line)
  • Conimbriga (Portugal) and Lumbini (Nepal)
  • Three pyramids in Mexico, Mayapan and Ek’ Balam
  • and many other structures around the world

Total: 90 structures

Fig. 7: Borobudur is probably one of the most accurately oriented temples in the world – within ±0.1° accuracy aligned to the current North pole.

The question is: What is the probability that 90 of the randomly selected global 912 (ancient) structures are coincidentally oriented to the current geographic pole (within a range of 3 degrees)?

The probability is a whopping 1 to 6.15×1018, which is an incredibly small chance that this is the result of some coincidental process.

What does that mean? It means that the orientation of many structures to the geographic North pole is NOT coincidental. Hence, it was done intentionally. The reason? Why is the White House perfectly oriented to the Cardinals? Or why are the Taj Mahal and the pyramids of Giza perfectly cardinally oriented? Or why is the Vatican cardinally oriented? Or why are most observatories cardinally oriented?

The architects of these structures understood the importance of cardinal orientation.

We can be sure that the orientation of these 90 temples and pyramids was done on purpose, and therefore we can say with 100% certainty that the geographic pole is where the orientation of these pyramids and temples is based upon . It is crucial to grasp this part. We can extend the same methodology to the 90% other ancient structures which are not cardinally oriented and examine how they relate to each other. With our method, we are able to discern former geographic poles from the orientation patterns of these ancient structures.

Our powerful mathematical method delivers 100% proof of former geographic poles. Our history is not what it seems to be. The earth has four Lost Civilizations over the course of only 350,000 years. There were probably many more, but we cannot prove them with 100% certainty. The place where we found much older structures are around Peru, and around the Mediterranean.

Fig. 8: When two pyramids are pointing to true North, we can be certain that they belong to the same relative time period. Their northward extensions intersect at the spin axis. We now know that this period is our current crustal position. | © Mario Buildreps

Structures of Power Are Often Cardinally Oriented

Fig. 9: Many of the world’s most significant political buildings are cardinally oriented. Why? Ask the president? He probably doesn’t know how to provide the correct answer. Is a perfectly cardinally-oriented building the expression of a desire to dominate the masses or perhaps a world event? Hardly! | © Mario Buildreps

Do not Select Just Any Buildings

Fig. 10: Angkor Wat is oriented within 0.2 degrees to the current North pole.

When you want to prove a theory of this magnitude, it makes no sense to pick just any structures. No, the structures you must pick need to be monumental, big, ancient, imposing, and perhaps religious in nature. You would not want to pick some random buildings, such as the Notre Dame in Paris or another cathedral somewhere.

Did you know that the Vatican is almost perfectly East-West oriented, and therefore oriented to the current geographic pole? Whatever the reason was, it seemed important enough to orient it this way in the middle of a crowded metropolis. But the Vatican is not on our list – it is much too young.

Selecting just a random church in the middle of a town proves nothing. The location of the sun and stars did not matter for them, let alone the North pole. The church had to be placed in the spatial limitations of its surroundings at that time.

Our criteria for selecting ancient sites:

  • undoubtedly ancient
  • square or rectangular
  • the larger the better (= of more importance)
  • preferably isolated (= not influenced in orientation)
  • orientation is measurable.

After years of hard work, we have been able to allocate more than 900 ancient sites spread around the world. Every ancient monument or site is carefully administrated with location data, orientations and calculations. The latest LIDAR scans in Guatemala have revealed massive ancient cities with pyramids and temples which are without exception oriented as we have predicted with our method. We have dated these cities with our method to be much older than archaeology have been telling us. In fact, they belong to one of the many Lost Civilizations .

Seemingly Criss-Cross Oriented

Fig. 11: Measuring the orientation of a pyramid is never 100% accurate. You must deal with a certain small error. | © Mario Buildreps

During our research, we found 4 other orientation clusters . An orientation cluster is an indication of a possible former geographic pole. To be certain about the validity of individual clusters, much more research was done to come to an ironclad conclusion. You might want to read the other articles on this website to get a full picture of the method we used.

Pyramids from all over the world are oriented to just a few locations that form data clusters on a so-called NORTH-SOUTH reference line. This line is explained further on in this article.

Some sites in Mexico comprise a large collection of pyramids that are criss-cross oriented as if they were just dumped somewhere. But the chance that a few structures on one site cross other alignment clusters are very, very small. It is almost zero. But if that occurs, it means it was not accidental. Some of the structures on the ancient site were reoriented to another pole.

These sites can be interpreted as sites that were rebuilt after a catastrophe – a crustal shift. These structures can tell us an interesting story of what might have happened in the past.

The Accuracy of Measurement

We know where the current geographical North pole is located. In Google Earth, we can measure the angle of orientation with which structures were built in relation to the geo pole. In this way, we can verify the accuracy of our measurements.

The first thing you need to know is how accurately a structure can be measured in Google Earth.

Take for example the Great Pyramid of Giza. We know it is almost perfectly aligned to the geo pole (within ±0.05°). So, we can base our methodology on this.

Experimental measurements on different parts of Giza showed that the average accuracy of measurement of Giza in Google Earth resulted in an error of ±0.20°. The pyramids of Giza are relatively easy to measure; the satellite footage is sharp and the bases of the pyramids are relatively clear.

Choosing the Error of Measurement

There are structures which are more difficult to measure accurately because of blurry satellite footage, or the angle under which the objects were photographed was not vertical (the baseline is the safest area to measure).

For some of these sites, archaeological maps with a North arrow indicator were used as a cross-reference to verify the outcomes of the measurement in Google Earth.

Experiments with measurements in Google Earth compared to maps of ancient sites showed a standard deviation of:

  • σ=68.2%: ±0.5°
  • 2σ=95.4%: ±1.1°
  • 3σ=99.7%: ±1.5°

3σ (99.7%) was accepted as reliable enough for the calculations: ±1.5°. This also includes the error of measurement and glitches in the footage. Although Giza could be measured much more exactly, only ±1.5° (total angle is 1.5+1.5=3.0°) was accepted as the standard accuracy for the whole project, and that counted for Giza as well.

Accumulation of Errors

Fig. 12: Accumulation of errors can result in disasters.

When we intend to find former geographical poles, we must be aware of the possible accumulation of errors, such as:

  • When the pyramid builders established the geo pole many thousands of years ago, they made a little error in their measurements. Even with our GPS systems today we must deal with a potential error of about ± 15 meters.
  • When the pyramid builders constructed their pyramids, they again made a small error between their perception of true North and the actual orientation of the stones.
  • When we measure the pyramid many thousands of years later, the position of the pyramid might have changed a little bit, due to geological processes, especially when earth crust displacements appeared to be at work.
  • When we measure the pyramid many thousands of years later, we again make small errors in our measurements.

It is possible that all these errors cancel each other out and nicely turn out to be perfect, but it is most likely that we will find an erratic pattern of ‘noise’. This noise is the accumulation of the above-mentioned errors, and is ultimately the root of the sum of squares: the combined error Δn = √(x12+x22+x32+x42 …+…xn2).

Cardinal Versus Non-Cardinal Orientations

Fig. 13: When we measure more than 910 ancient objects chosen from all over the world, we will find a stunning result: Mathematical proof that the earth’s crust has shifted following the rhythm of Earth’s eccentric orbit. | © Mario Buildreps.

Probability That Giza Was Meant to Point North

The chance that one of the pyramids of Giza is oriented cardinally by coincidence is 1 to 30 (90÷3.0).

Fig. 14: When alignments are measured under a large angle, the error will remain small. | © Mario Buildreps

The chance that all three of them are coincidentally oriented to the North pole is almost ZERO. To be exact: 0,0037% ((3.0/90)3 × 100%). Therefore, Giza’s orientation was certainly no coincidence.

The claim that all three were meant to be oriented to the current geographic pole is 99.9963% sure.

How to Define the Chances of Intentional Orientations

Most pyramids have four sides. Since we do not know for certain the purpose of a pyramid, we cannot discriminate one side over another. So, the angle in which it can be uniquely arranged is 90° (360°÷4). We cannot tell which orientation regarding the geographic pole has a higher priority, so we can only define structures 45 degrees left of the geo pole and 45 degrees to the right of the geo pole. This is the mathematical unambiguous basis for our method.

Fig. 15: Measuring objects that are aligned under a small angle results in a larger error. | © Mario Buildreps

With the average accuracy of ±1.5° with which we could measure our chosen structures, there are certain discriminating steps within the angle of 90° 30 which creates a standard chance of 3.33% in the defined methodology that a pyramid is accidentally pointing to the North pole.

There are currently 912 measured structures in our database. Hence, it follows that we can count on a standard chance that 30.4 of these structures (912×3.33%) are pointing North. Thus, when we find 30 structures clustering within an area of 3 degrees along the intersection line we cannot claim a special status based on that. But when this number of random clustering approaches 40, 50 or even 60, the probability of coincidence rapidly diminishes towards ZERO. We can distill from these combined patterns the conclusive proof that the crust, ultimately the North pole, has shifted and that pyramids are much older.

Why much older? Because such a devastating and catastrophic event would not have happened completely unnoticed over the last several millennia.

Of the randomly selected structures, there were 90 ancient structures in the database pointing to the current geographical North pole. As we have already shown above, the chance for this to be mere luck is ZERO.

When another cluster of this magnitude shows up, it is surely one of the former North poles, with a certainty of almost 100%. Let us have a look.


Fig. 16: How large is the chance that almost 50% of all the alignments are running over Greenland, which is just 24% of a quarter hemisphere? When we are trying to find another pole, Greenland is our best bet. | © Mario Buildreps

Finding the Other Poles

We can find former geo poles by following the orientation patterns of ancient structures and by calculating the probability that it is a former geo pole location. We follow the patterns of pyramid orientations which are not pointing to the current geo poles.

But since we only know the current geo poles for sure, and we are uncertain where to look, it is best to go from coarse to fine. If there are hints that the former geographic North pole might have been on Greenland, the first thing that could be done is to look for the number of orientations that intersect on Greenland as a whole.

The number of (ancient structural orientations) intersections on Greenland is 410 of the total of 912. The probability for such a large amount of data to cluster in such a way is ridiculously small: 1 to 4,16×1038[1]. We can be very confident that a former geo North pole was somewhere on Greenland. Or better, Greenland was once situated on a former geographical North pole.

We can claim this with 100% certainty, even if we do not know anything about geology, archaeology, or some other scientific discipline. We do not have to drill holes and do all sorts of fanciful looking expensive research. We do not need to fly with helicopters over glaciers, or other useless sorts of research. We only need mathematics to find the highest potential of truth.

We do not know yet where to look at Greenland. That can be done by following simple logic. How? By connecting the pyramids by using an ‘independent intermediator’ – an intersection line. This line represents the rough path the pole took over the last 400,000 years.

[1]: n=912; x=410; p=0.24; q=0.76

Creating an Intersection Line Over Greenland

Fig. 17: When we draw a vertical line towards the South pole at a longitude of 47.1 degrees, which is over the middle of Greenland, we can analyze how many ancient alignments intersect that line. The peaks in the graph show the most likely locations of the former poles. This line has been established by using our massive database. | © Mario Buildreps

Why Not Connect Pyramids Directly?

It happens often, especially on the internet, that people claim to have found a connection between ancient objects by drawing some lines between them. In most cases that means absolutely nothing, and we cannot draw any conclusions from that.

With 912 pyramids we can have ½×(9122-912) potential unique connections. There is however not always a connection point formed between two structures, simply because there is no mathematical solution. With 415,416 potential intersection points, it would be an immensely unreadable scatter plot with over 90% of useless noise in it. We have nevertheless done all these researches, which you can find on our website. Our research is vast and deep, and we are still extending our research because we have found the ultimate key to so many questions.

We can find an intersection point between two of the most enigmatic pyramids on the planet, Teotihuacan, and Giza. They intersect near Kongsfjord located in Northern Norway. We will find nothing useful at that location. Perhaps even more importantly, we would not know why these pyramids and temples were “un-cardinally” oriented, to begin with.

The intersection lines of ancient structural orientations will lead to clusters of pyramids that we can safely group together leading to a definitive location of a former pole, a node of sorts. We can calculate the probability of such a node to form coincidentally. All the pyramids clustering around the same node belong to the same period .

Former Pole Locations

Fig. 18: The analysis of the full dataset of ancient structures delivered spectacular results. The percentages are almost 100% and they correspond to the latitudes vs temperature plots and thus correlate precisely with the last glaciation cycles. There is only 1 to 750,000 that such a sequence could occur coincidentally. We have found a very important clue to many questions. | © Mario Buildreps

How Probability is Determined


Fig. 19: the binomial formula for determining probability in complex situations

For example, on the reference line, we found 102 intersections between latitude 71 and 73. The standard probability is 30 intersections. We can calculate the likelihood that such a large cluster can be formed coincidentally by using the binomial formula.

  • n = number of trials = 912
  • p = probability of success = 0.03333 (3 degrees out of 90 degrees)
  • x = number of successes = 102

P(x) = 1 to 5.91×1025

The probability that a data cluster of this magnitude is formed coincidentally is 0%. There is no team of scientists, no matter how large and how well funded, who can beat this number.

Conversely, we can say it is artificially constructed. Why? Because the probability it was intentional is ≈ 100%. All these randomly distributed ancient structures were clearly pointing to one location, namely to a former geographic North pole because the geographic pole is the only transcending geographical feature wherever you are on the globe. But since this geo pole appears to migrate, we find a migrating orientation pattern of ancient structures.

The same situation was emulated by using Monte Carlo simulations, which gave the same results. We can be sure this method expresses this situation correctly. This knowledge has great consequences.

Intersection Clusters = Proximity of Former Geo North Poles

Latitude Intersections with 47.1W Lon line Probability Former Geo pole
76.0°N 90 100%
72.2°N 102 100%
64.1°N 94 99.9999998%
52.2°N 83 99.9997812%

Mathematical Clustering Over Greenland

Fig. 20: The clustering over Greenland is formed by more than 34,000 intersection points and delivers instantaneous proof of an unbelievable reality: Four former geographic poles. The distances between the nodes correspond very intimately with the temperature changes of the last series of ice ages, revealing the period of existence for these poles. | © Mario Buildreps

Intersection Clusters on Greenland

Another item becomes clear when we look deeper into this issue: The older the cluster, the larger the area over which a dynamic group is formed. It might sound difficult, but it is easier than it seems. The older the geo pole to which certain pyramids were once oriented, the more deformations the crust had to endure. Plates were apparently deformed and thus also the accuracy of the oriented groups of related pyramids. They form a group over a larger area.

This mechanism shows itself in a larger spread of the oriented pyramid to this ancient geo pole. From this, we can approximately recalculate the amount of deformation of the tectonic plates due to the crustal shifts.

Crustal shifts enabled Greenland to migrate in several steps over the North pole. It is possible to correlate the magnitude of the steps with the temperature proxies δD or δ18O respectively found in ice cores of Vostok and Dome-C (Antarctica). The similarities are clear. From this, we can directly derive the time frames of the crustal shifts which are clearly related to the Milankovitch cycles.

The article on the main page tells the full essence of this theory and its exciting discovery.

© 2015 – 2020 by Mario Buildreps et al.

Proofreading and editing: J.B.


Folks , in case some of you have digested the earlier post , here is a jaw dropping analysis about the pre-historic Balochistan Sphinx by the same theorists that came up with this Mathematical framework for studying ancient sites :-

The STUNNING conclusion they have drawn is that the mysterious Balochistan Sphinx aligns with the North Pole VI , the oldest of the 6 North Poles , yet verified (there maybe still older ones though) ! It simply means , this enigmatic monument is between 410,000 to 440,000 years old - yeah you read that right !!

**This also begs the important question - looking at the periodicity of all the earlier 6 (known) North Polar shifts , isn't another "North Pole Shift" , now overdue ??

The great thing about this new theoretical framework though , is that it's already endorsed Expanding Earth model and Electric Universe too - anyone who endorses those two theories automatically becomes a supporter of Hollow Earth theory , whether they realise it or not :))


List members , as they say & rightfully so , "Extraordinary claims require EXTRAORDINARY Evidence" - therefore , given here is just that sort of overwhelming evidence , the LOGIC is "inescapable" :))


Probability is the cornerstone of Quantum Mechanics and other more complicated Physics theories. It is also one of the cornerstones of our theory and the resulting method. Data analysis in physical experiments that show a correlation of 95% between two events is considered sufficient proof. This means that 19 out of 20 experiments confirm a theory and 1 out of 20 does not. In our method, we work with correlations of far over 99.99%. If that does not convince you because you may be incredulous, we might be on the same page because we are skeptics too.

When a theory is falsifiable, it is most probably not true or needs adjustments on the outer fringes. When it is false deep into its core it can be completely thrown overboard.

When is a Theory Falsifiable?

One of the most important things to be skeptical about is when one owns a theory and then tries to do everything possible for it to be falsifiable. Attempts to falsify a theory does not work by saying: “ This cannot be true! The history books say otherwise! ” or by stating that “ Extensive research by archaeologists clearly prove that ancient structures are not older than a few thousand years.

The Out of Africa (OOA) hypothesis of Homo sapiens is falsifiable because Homo sapiens skulls and bones have been found all over the world and these are skulls that are proven to be far older than the OOA hypothesis period when Homo sapiens is believed to have left Africa. It is clear that the OOA theory is proven to be wrong, because it is easily falsifiable. The probability of its correctness is 0%.

But since the OOA hypothesis appears to be wrong, with which theory can it be replaced? Is it with a little twisting of the OOA theory or do we throw it all overboard? What then?

Our Mathematical Holistic Orientation-based Dating Method of Ancient Monuments provides a full framework to introduce in a whole new paradigm and this paradigm is clear about one thing: the original foundations of ancient buildings are hundreds of thousands of years old . Even Wikipedia acknowledges the existence of Homo sapiens for upwards of 500,000 years and it is clear that Homo sapiens had the capacity to build massive structures. This is not something they had to “learn” over a course of some 400,000 years. They surely inherited such abilities from even older civilizations whose remnants have long disappeared into the mists of time.

Both institutions, geology and archaeology, have uncorrected assumptions sitting at the core of their learned academic foundations. Their theories are easily falsifiable. But the governing bodies that run these institutions do not accept the much-needed corrections (follow the money).

At the Interface Between Geology and Archaeology

Geologists tell us that there is no evidence that the crust deformed on a massive scale over the last 500,000 years, as we claim. We maintain that this is incorrect. Only a glimpse at the paleomagnetic records is enough to falsify this geological believe system. We also say that archaeology’s time scale of Human activity is incorrect. Geology and archaeology are disconnected disciplines but nevertheless, they have a common interest.

We say that, in principle, geology and archaeology should be intimately entwined. On what basis do we make this statement?

  • orientation patterns of ancient structures around the world,
  • the apparent lack of any Homo sapiens’ building activities between 420,000 and 10,000 BC,
  • insufficient explanations as to how it can even be possible for the long list of mysterious, colossal, ancient stonework around the world to be the works of humans over just a few millennia,
  • the way the ancient structures were used can only be sufficiently explained with our crustal deformation model,
  • the one-on-one match between crustal deformation patterns and Earth’s temperature changes over the last 500,000 years,
  • the one-on-one match between crustal deformation patterns and orientation nodes of ancient structures,
  • the combined circumference of the Laurentide ice sheet, the Innuition ice sheet, and the Scandinavian ice sheet that all have a common center point on Greenland,
  • the presence of Greenland’s ice sheet has been explained with the latest official theory confirming that crustal deformations are the cause of this ice sheet to be there at all,
  • the correlation between eccentricity of Earth’s orbit and the occurrence of glaciation cycles,
  • paleomagnetic data does NOT converge into unambiguous patterns without the corrections of the crustal deformations, as we suggest.

There is only one way to combine these seemingly incoherent, but crucial observations and established scientific facts and that is with our Mathematical Holistic Orientation-based Dating Method. The disconnected disciplines like geology, archaeology, and paleontology lead inevitably to nonsensical theories that exist only in their own parallel academical worlds.

The probability that one relatively simple theory coincidentally merges all these ten observations together without contradictions is 0%. That is how we know that our hypothesis is 100% correct for all ten points.

Archaeology Neglects Anomalies on a Massive Scale

We can point to an endless list of human-made artifacts that are routinely found in undisturbed layers that are, according to geologists, many hundreds of thousands or even many millions of years old. They are called: Out-of-Place artifacts or OOParts. These are systematically disregarded by historians and scientists and for them it’s easier to classify them as hoaxes than to seriously study them; because if they did, it would undermine their carefully constructed and delicate paradigms. Besides, OOPart studies are not funded by contemporary academia.

Furthermore, the collaborative effort and interface between “unbelieving” archaeologists and pragmatic geologists rarely function. If they were to consult each other then too many questions would arise about how it could be possible that constructions are found at depths that are much older than just a few thousand years.

Fig. 1: Orientation clusters of ancient monuments leads to an evident and profound clustering of mathematical nodes. Of all the places in the world, they are running “vertically” over Greenland. And of all the possibilities, they show up at the rhythm of the glaciation cycles. These merging patterns alone are 100% proof. Additionally, our method eloquently explains most other historical and geological mysteries. | © Mario Buildreps.

How do we Use Probability?

Our method is truly revolutionary because it uses the non-materialistic properties of ancient buildings: location and orientation . For example, we have discovered that the foundations of ancient structures in the Western hemisphere are fundamentally different from those in the Eastern hemisphere. Their orientation focal points follow a path that runs vertically over Greenland.

We have calculated the probability for such a pattern to be coincidental. The result is 0%. The answer is that the crust deformed on a massive scale, moving the geographic pole to another location. Ancient structures that were once cardinally oriented are now not cardinally oriented any longer. The answers are simple and solid, the consequences are profound.

It is relatively easy to define the probability for these patterns to be formed coincidentally, namely we have found a Geological invisible force that also underpins our ancient history.
We are 100% sure that we have found the holy grail of ancient history: multiple lost civilizations . The consequences are numerous and profound – most mysteries are suddenly not so mysterious anymore.

Western Versus Eastern Orientations

Fig. 2: The orientation patterns of ancient structures on both hemispheres is so fundamentally different that it cannot be explained with just coincidence. There is a clear pattern to this massive anomaly: Crustal deformations. The massive clockwise orientation of the structures in the Western hemisphere is even more baffling than on the counterclockwise orientation in the Eastern hemisphere. | © Mario Buildreps.

Probability is the Answer

Some of our readers propose the idea that maybe a migrating magnetic pole was the cause of such a pattern as shown in Fig. 2. If that were the case we wouldn’t find such a discriminating pattern because the magnetic pole has moved as much “to the other side” of the geographic pole within a period of only a few thousand years. Relying on the movement of the magnetic pole would lead to an almost even distribution which is clearly not the case.

Probability gives us the ultimate answer: the geographic pole moved over a course of 350,000 years in four steps and the orientation extensions of ancient structures show us the pattern of these movements.

© 2015 – 2020 by Mario Buildreps

Proofreading and editing: J.B.


@cosmicsojourner , I'm curious to know your views on this topic :-

Since you seem to share my interest in mathematics , am keen to know what you think of this framework , where probability has been used to confirm a hypothesis about ancient sites and their correlation to ice ages and Former North Poles of Earth ?


Thank you @sidharthabahadur . To be clear, I am a civil engineer that earned the highest grade throughout undergraduate mathmatics, but never went beyond differentials of parametric and finite element analysis. I only study precepts of the quackedemic versions of mathemagics and quantum quackery of the God "particle" in a no time no space perceptual illusion.

No disrespect, but from a subjective perspective I embrace the edict of Ockham toward first principle in the beginning, the circle of life. Having said that, and having familiarity with Nikola Tesla's genius informed by ancient knowledge as you are aware and the Philadelphia Experiment that was much more than movie (move-me) for prime time, and relates, in my ontology, epistemology and cosmology I call Morphogenic Matrix Math, that supersedes Vortex Based Math of Rodin?Powell, for the Church of Philadelphia that will be consecrated on 4/8/2024, when the "flip" you write of happens through Dzhanibekov Effect... perhaps...

I am compelled to share this "inner" knowing, but not to convince. I have not really organized or committed to form, as I am a seeker not a teacher and await for spirit to align me with my tribe. But if the end game that initiates the new game and a New Kingdom is to achieve a certain state before the flip, I am keen to better comprehend.

It is called a "Looking Glass" and the "they" that are intent upon global domination have it, CERN is not for finding God as much as becoming god, forcing not flowing... silly Foolls still on the journey in 12 balls that are not real at all, only "real enough" in the singing spheres of Musica Universalis and the geoglyph of the mind in the star of La Estrella and the pertoglyph of the Hemet Maze Stone.

But the "Looking Glass"only offers probabilities of timelines that "they" are desperately trying to guide through memes and all forms of Skull and Bones skulduggery of the Temple in man, but will fail, if they have not already.

I recently came across this, which refers to this technology relative to the global monetary system, but that goes real deep to innerstand what current-C is as related t o water and the statement of Thales of Miletus, that "All is water" and I agree in six is sex in the hex of Hopf Bifurcation, topologically.

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction cycle is in my cosmology and is set for this winter solstice 12/21 when the green mist shows the mystery of creation as it did in the Philadelphia and as shown on the Halloween episode of Simpsons, who I contend have access to the "Looking Glass" as a predictive programming tool shewed. First one need to know what the 12 and 21 are relative to Genesis and the prime number seive as related to days of rest.

Those that are ignorant to the work of Frank Chester, and a MUCH lesser known free mason from the early 1900's Seth G Beach, who lived a couple hour drive from my current location, and whom it appears I named my son (sun) after through The Great Sethahedron will fail to truly comprehend and I have not seen anyone with it at the center of a TOE, particularly in the immaculate order I have fooled my-self into thinking I have.

That is much to Shew on, but you asked. Thanks for asking and I welcome a response in kind.

BTW, I contend to have the path to the Riemann Hypothesis $1M prize, but not the neducation in number theory to claim it. It is the center of my cosmology.

@cosmicsojourner , I am noticing the deeper philosophy of life in your quote....hmm , a fascinating perspective indeed !

"Finding true North" both spiritually as well as in this physical world , is a noble endeavour for anyone and everyone , because truth is always valuable - for it's own sake . Sometimes the truth may stand in a crowd , but most of the time , the truth is just as lonely and isolated as the Sphinx...

On the path of enlightement our soul goes through hundreds of births on Earth and quite possibly other worlds as well .

**I have always been mystified by the Sphinx , because I see it as a beacon in time , a symbolic marker , left by our ancient ancestors as a powerful clue for our species to "reorient" ourselves & our civilisation towards "True North" in EVERY sense of that term...and boy , isn't our juvenile civilisation , which is driven more by hormonal surges :)) than the intellect , in DIRE need of IMMEDIATE course correction (understatement of the year 2020 !) , before the collective Karma of mankind tilts the balance of Earth and inevitably triggers the next "FLIP" of the North Pole ??

BTW , I wish you all the very best on your path to the $ 1 M prize for the Riemann Hypothesis :)) Please give us a shoutout once you're done !


Thank you for the kind wishes re Riemann Hypothesis @sidharthabahadur, given I am not versed in number theory (mathemagics) beyond undergrad level systems of differential equations and finite elements, and only endeavor to overstand precepts of number theory necessary to utilize proper linguistics when explaining one that is, and have no intention of attempting to submit, and any proof I would submit would be in accordance with the sacred form of geometric law.

Yes, the mundane zeitgeist is increasingly a tragic condition to serve as witness too for one that has embarked on the alchemical process of transmutation from neophyte to adept. Was that you speaking on the Sphinx? That sounds like something I would write, dancing with words.

It is absolutely a beacon of time! I call it prime time in the in the fractal heartbeat. Do you know of true north relative to the zenith and SATOR? That the Sphinx is the ruler of the zodiac, not a pharaoh? It is the sacred heart of sacred form in my ontology and cosmology of the emerald city with 7! citizens. And it hints to the Pyramid as a symbol of universal proportion?

Truth is a tricky word that holds levels and degrees, and from higher perspective the only way to the kingdom to come is perhaps relative to flicker fusion threshold of luminous flux, the heart and the falcons feather, outside the empire of empirical weigh measure count.

Do you know of Albrecht Durer?

I remain a seeker if you care to share more relative to the above. I have given a date, and have a place and time, that no man is supposed to have, and keys to doors that no man openeth and no man closeth, as I seek forevermore.

@cosmicsojourner , you seem to be quite a wordsmith and poet :)) that too in the Shakespearean mould - there are not many around these days ! By the way , I was not aware of Albrecht Durer's work , so will look it up now .

**Anyhow , as for the Sphinx and the Pyramids , two of their dimensionless parameters - that of location and orientation , alone , are sufficient to prove this new theory that has been proposed . Mankind has always built it's greatest monuments , in alignment with the cardinal directions - wherever those directions pointed in any given era (based on the position of the North Pole in that era) . Humans have existed on this planet from much earlier than anthropologists believe and at least 4 civilisations rose and fell , prior to the current one . This means man reached the pinnacle of civilisation and then regressed back to the stone age ,on 4 occasions PRIOR to the current cycle of civilisation.

This can also explain the "anomalous" pyramids found in Antarctica , which none of the mainstream theories can explain .

The ancients used the stars not just to navigate , but to also keep track of time - think about it , if human history really does stretch back to hundreds of thousands of years , which calendar system would work best ?? Of course , the one that is linked to the various constellations of stars and the relative positions of celestial bodies , as the reference point.

This is borne out by the fact that the reigns of the various kings & events mentioned in Vedic literature , are always referenced to astronomical phenomena , which can be cross-validated even today , using Software tools !


You are too kind @sidharthabahadur. To be sure, I despise the angles and spelling spells in angle'ish we are given to communicate by Jew'ish, kinda sort of but not really, with in antonym/homonym/synonym/contronym as the confounded tongue from Babylon fueled by electric money magic...

Yes, astronomical is KEY in my cosmology and why I give the 4/8/2024 as the end of time and claim the Key of David. Or more appropriate the path to it, as no one man has it all and we are here to find others with their piece, and we ALL have one. My piece, it appears is the very center in the heart of the matter the very center of creation where the beat of the drum, are ring of the bell more appropriate is based that the entire universe is tuned to, and Schumann on Earth, as anagram for heart.

If you are not aware of Scott Onstott's work "Secrets in Plain Sight" due dilligence is in order to add in-sight.

In particualer re Durer, "Melancholia & I" (ampre-sand eYe).

So, in the event you have the in-sight, and it appears you do, this is related to my epistemology as a self ascribed Noetic Archeologist. I decode archetypes send through time in art, music and dance through a contrarian filters and lenses... oh the lenses.

In my ontology the the creative capacity of the being is that which spirit works through, which is why in the US art and music were removed from common core (corpse crap) education. The imagination is imaginary, whereas language, culture and the concept of civilization are egregores that are real in a complex projection of thought-forms (cubes) and what I call "real enough" , but understand is a waking walking collective dream we all share, "turned" night-mare, until the shift that is upon us is complete.

But I'm crazy, just ask all the friends and family I used interact with, no more. But that is the nature of nature in a harmonic universe and the plight of the Fool on the Hero's journey, harmonic dissonance is in play at all levels, including relationships. After all harmonics is relationship and harmony between my vibratory frequency and other is real, right down to number, which is the fundamental relationship in symmetry and proportion of the polynomial.

@cosmicsojourner , I haven't read Scott Onstott's work , but have otherwise dwelt a LOT on symbology and the "secrets hidden in plain sight" , especially inside Corporate Logos :))

Much of the turmoil we see in our world today is to do with the quality of time itself , or the nature of this era - the Iron Age that we are living through . In the Vedic tradition , time is classified into repeating cycles called "Chaturyugas" or the 4 ages , i.e. Satyug (Golden Age) , Tretayug (Silver Age) , Dwapar Yug (Bronze Age) and Kaliyug (Iron Age) .

**The primary driving factors for human behaviour in each of these 4 eras are as follows :-

Satyug - Spiritualism & Intellectualism (in that order of importance)

Treta Yug - Intellectualism & Spiritualism (in that order of importance)

Dwapar Yug - Materialism & Intellectualism (in that order of importance)

Kaliyug - Hormonal Urges & Materialism (in that order of importance)

***This is not to say that everyone was a saint in Satyug and there were no bad people - no . Neither is this suggesting that drivers of human behaviour seen in the later 3 ages were non-existent in Satyug - again no .

It is just that the dominant factors of human behaviour , do change over the course of these 4 ages. Also , notable exceptions are there in every age , so we do have good people even in this Kaliyug . However , the dominant patterns of human behaviour for each of these 4 ages , are too obvious to ignore .


ABSOLUTELY @sidharthabahadur and this is central to my conjecture and model in cosmology of the epic cycles of epicycles within a holonomic universe.

What I did not share with the cross country ride was the "coincidence" of two total solar eclipses, the first on 8/21/2017 Leo in Regulus (Sphinx) that I stared at without eye protection, because I KNOW the sun is not what we are told through Nikola Tesla's work, and intuition, as I did not plan to but do sun gaze. Though only having sight in one (Horus?) may be a factor. Point being everything started to accelerate in terms of discovery after...

The second will happen in 2024, and will form a massive X with the first centered in Cairo Illinois!

AND Alan Green's work is silent with regard to the Tav (22nd Hebrew letter) originally being in the form of an X, and that is the cross of the Templar in truth... so much more again I can't put here and do not expect others to assimilate as it is my path, my sojourn. And I am in deep gratitude for having eyes to see, how special I am, even if "other" can't, and therefor can't innerstand how special they are too, if they could only remember. My children most importantly as I am convinced I married an extra in the play, not a character. My biggest lesson to learn, the hard way. She does not have a script but I know my children do and she is robbing them of the experience because dear old dad is insane.

'The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.'~ Nikola Tesla

Jesus Christ Sidharth, how long is this thread you've written? You seem to be the only active person on this entire website

@Conspiracy , what matters most at this instant of time is - what do you think about this ?

What if you were the only person alive on this planet , what would you think ?

What if all of this was just your imagination...at a deeper level of reality , it is just your consciousness that creates your reality .

Maybe this group does not even exist , I do not exist & all this "sound and fury that signifies nothing" is just a figment of your own imagination - your mind playing tricks on you ?

So , in the silence of this SUPREME solitude , what do you think ?

**Now please forgive me , if I freaked you out with what is written above :)) That's just me trying to be philosophical and have some fun - so kindly excuse my vanity !!


Folks , this is for all the esteemed members of this group - on a completely different note , I wanted to share a small suggestion .

This is to mitigate the angst that each one of us (including myself) experience in our daily lives . If you think it makes sense , just try this out every morning (listen to it with headphones) - please see if it makes life a little better and helps bring more clarity to the mind :-


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@sidharthabahadur do you create these? I will definitely check it out with your endorsement.
Can you animate in Blender?

Have you come across the celebrity Terrence Howard, who was a military character in Iron Man among MANY other parts, who also has created a model in blender that is very much congruent with my cosmology, but as usual without the Chestahedron though. No other I am aware of has this at the center of a TOE, despite the heart being the center of all creation.
James Dougherty of the Dougherty Set is relevant. He has a well subscribed YT named "The Electric Universe" and another much less popular, because it goes much deeper, that I was collaberating with and also introduced to the Mereon Group before I separated.

I think you might appreciate the depth of this material, and he claims to work directly with Terrence Howard with "bubble sculpting". I also collaborate with the Randy Powell of www.tetryonics.com who introduced us, then he started to make claims that were not true and use my shares as his own, sadly Gollum is alive well with all these folks, and his ego is self evident for one with ears.

@cosmicsojourner , I have seen all your responses (including to the other mails) , not read them entirely , but got the gist of it - will spend more time over next few days reading it completely . I really appreciate you sharing this material .

Therefore , instead of responding individually to each of your mails , am sending this note as a "consolidated" one .

One of the surprising emotions this initial read of your mails evoked at the level of my consciousness , is a strange sense of deja vu...now please don't get me wrong - I just mean it in the sense that it resonated with the philosophy of the Vedanta - especially with regards to the morphogenic matrix .

**It is necessary to point out that as per the Vedic concepts , it is futile to try and measure what is immeasurable - the soul and consciousness .

So , to all the members of this group - in the spirit of the ABSOLUTE UNADULTERATED TRUTH (not relative truth) , I wish to share another one of Ajit Vadakayil's articles - previously I had forewarned that he is an eccentric & abrasive person , given to ranting , so sincerely request you read this text by ignoring his occasional inappropriate comment and just focus on the subject . I appeal to everyone , if you choose to read this , take the time to read it entirely , maybe 2 or even 3 times , else it will be futile and not worth reading at all :-



I have been posting at the rate of ONE blog every day, since i started- more than 530 posts. I consider this post at the most valuable .

God has given us 5 senses of narrow bandwidth, so that we do NOT have an information overload breakdown.

The quantum world cannot be observed by our 5 senses, and they do NOT follow the cause and effect laws of classical physics. We live in a time obstructed world using 5 senses -- and also a timeless realm in the quantum dimension, where what you see is NOT what you get.

Without factoring in consciousness there can be NO Theory of Every Thing (TOE) and Grand Unification Theory (GUT). When science meets the consciousness field of Vedanta written 7000 years ago, the last frontier can be breached.

The morphogenetic field or BrahmAn of Vedanta, has a self organizing electro magnetic nature. This is a merged grand Akashik field of several morphic fields of different nature by resonant coupling. This inductive field has consciousness and self initiating nature.

This non-linear field is holographic and holds information of not only past history by even every thought , emotion and feeling held in the right hand subconscious lobe of your brain. This explains the power of prayer and intention. The whole cosmos is interconnected in this field and speed is NOT restricted to speed of light.

This field amplifies when a large number of conscious people are involved focused with great intention on a single emotional thought chanting a single acoustic mantra which resonates their DNA. For example, the pilgrims at Sabarimala ( 55 million last year ) and the Kumbh Mela ( 50 million ) amplify this consciousness field.

Acoustic waves propagate with a velocity of v = 1.4 km/s in the human body. The morphogenic field is a field of energy containing a certain frequency or resonance, created by all living species that are both visible and invisible on planet Earth. All living species, human beings, animals and plants have a consciousness and therefore an emotional field. Emotion and the energy connected to it is one of the most powerful forces of creation in existence. When a large number of conscious people think , intend and act in similar ways, a morphogenic field can be created.

The acoustic resonant frequency of the human body falls into the range of 7-8 Hz and so does the Schumann frequency or earth’s heartbeat of 7.83 hertz – which is the basis of the Hindu King Mantra OM. OM is lifted and pasted in other cultures as MEN, but then amen means nothing. OM forms the divine geometry of Sri Yantra which holds the golden ratio of 1.618 and the theory of everything on water as cymatics.

The alpha meditative brainwave which also happens during REM sleep , falls in this frequency range. Human consciousness fields primarily interact at the alpha frequency of around 7.5 Hz, therefore the creative state of mind is the same one as the most influential source of the collective consciousness field. I do hope you get the drift of this amazing subtle interaction.

Elevation of the consciousness of mankind is not possible , without a significant role of emotions and intention arising of free choice. Both "Time" and "Space" exist within the realm of our all pervading consciousness or BrahmAN .

Vedanta has told 7000 years ago that brahmAn is the fundamental enitity from which everything else has come. Darwin and his monkey gang may NOT agree. Consciousness shapes our material world. DNA about which Darwin had zilch idea , is a transceiver of information, some from the space time dimension and the other form the quantum world

Tvasta , the double helix coiled serpents which cannot be destroyed- is mentioned in Rig Veda of 5000 BC , ( DNA ) as that which gives rise to all life in living creatures.

A living man has trillions of cells. In these cells thousands of self starting and self stopping reactions happen every second, which have a specific life-function. This cannot happen by chance, but need intelligent guidance, timing and regulation.

The quantum-vacuum morphic field interactions play a significant role in the fields of cosmology, physics, biology and consciousness. The brains job is to maintain the physical portion of the link, between the body and consciousness

Any observer must be conscious, and therefore the consciousness of the observer is critical to the outcome of any quantum experiment. It is NO great coincidence that almost all tha great quantum scientists were proficient in Vedanta. The timeless principles of Vedanta is expressed in the technical language of Quantum Mechanics and the philosophy of science, even today with little or no attenuation of meaning.

The Maharishis of the Vedic era had 12 strand DNAs and had fractal minds which could see every problem in science and mathematics as fractal geometry. The modern scientists have realized that maths is nothing but 3D geometry in numericals. Scalar electromagnetics is a unified field theory, of electromagnetics and gravitation, as per the Sri Yantra divine geometry.

The brain and DNA receives and send out scalar waves with a hidden order. Our quantum-resonance-decoding brain is capable of capturing information on anything and everything that creates quantum-interference waves in the universe.

Brain is a hologram that is a part of an even larger hologram - the universe itself. We all have roots in the universe. Conscious mental activity exerts measurable effects on the physical world.

What is in the macrocosm is in this microcosm.

-Chandogya Upanishad

Modern Quantum physics and Vedanta address the same immeasurable and immanent nature of Absolute Reality, of which the observable phenomenological cosmos is a small bit. The ancient 7000 year old Vedanta and quantum physics approach the subject from widely divergent points of view and use vastly different language to treat it. Yet they can reconcile without diminishing the importance or subtlety of either.

Scientific Vedanta factoring in the morphogenetic consciousness field or brahmAn is indeed the last frontier . Vedanta had recognized the transcendental nature of consciousness, and the practical ability of directed consciousness to act, in effect, as co-creator of the universe to realize its full potential.

The last frontier must be breached by science by 21st Dec 2012, to save this planet. If this breach does NOT take place there will be visible signs in the form of albinos. In the olden days , the Bedouins cut of the right hand of thieves. Too many people walking around the market place with one hand was a sure sign indeed. After 21st Dec 2012 , our hidden human potential will unfold as a matter of free choice.

The higher order of consciousness that represents our next leap in human evolution will be activated, as we evolving into a higher frequency of light. This hidden potential lies within the very fabric of our DNA. Our 2 strand 97% junk DNA can be upgraded to 12 strand NIL junk DNA.

DNA is capable of rearranging itself intelligently in response to changing environmental conditions.

It is now necessary to drive in the practical methods of Vedanta into accessible Western scientific minds to expand their consciousness . For the uninitiated , Vedanta is the essense of voluminous literature of the Vedas written in 5000 BC by seers on the banks of the river Saraswati . It is the ultimate knowledge, once knowing which, there is nothing further to be known.

Hinduism ,the mother of all religions is NOT a religion at all —but a way of life based on the principle of Dharma. Vedanta is the apex of the knowledge of the Vedic tradition, exactly as Quantum Mechanics and allied fields are the most advanced subjects in Western science. As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos

None of the quantum scientists have categorized Vedanta as a religious work. They have perused and found that it is a subtle mathematical or scientific analysis. . Vedanta and Quantum Mechanics describe the same subject—ultimate reality—from opposite points of view and perspective. Vedanta examines evidence, asserts hypotheses, quotes established authorities both pro and con its thesis, and closely reasons its way to a well-substantiated conclusion.

The space between the electrons , which gave free energy to the perpetual motion of the electrons , which prevent them from falling into the nucleus, is called Akasha as per Vedanta . The electrons, protons and neutrons are only a small part of the atom. It is the space between them that is, the “substance.” Vedanta has told 7000 years ago that matter is not condensed substance but a diffused form of energy—and this is what Einstein who was proficient in Vedanta too seconded..

Vedanta means the ultimate conclusion of all branches of knowledge. As philosophy is called the science of all sciences, Vedanta is the ultimate philosophy of all philosophical speculations. That Vedanta is available in the “soap is civilization” Christian West primarily through religious interpreters in pagan saffron robes has prejudiced their evaluation of its relevance to scientific concerns.

However at the CERN , linear accelerator centre, super collider hadron the statue of the dancing Shiva is given pride of position. There is a cosmic dance of energy back and forth between the physical realm and the zero point field, a constant creation and destruction of matter from the void. The continuous flow of energy in and out of the material world is the cosmic dance of Shiva.

The experiment marked the first time that the creation of matter from radiation had been directly observed. Pair production (the formation of a positron and an electron ) happens when electromagnetic energy interacts with matter. This is the cosmic dance of Shiva—not the propaganda of Vatican, that Shiva is a corpse eating man covered in ashes with a snake as a “kundalini” pet.

The Bible says that the universe is only thousands of years old. While Vedanta and the modern quantum theory agrees that it is around 15 billion years. It is amazing that the timeless Vedic tradition remains relevant and easily expressible in terms of contemporary scientific concepts.

In Advaita Vedanta, the only reality is Brahman, the Oneness. All else that exists is surface reality of the world around us. Beyond this surface reality lies the true Absolute Reality, and that is Brahman. Brahman is the only reality of this world and all others have only relative reality.

'Om Isha vasyam idam sarvam, yat kincha jagatyam jagat'

"All this- whatever exists in this changing universe, is pervaded by consciousness"

-Isa Upanishad

"Om purnamadah purnamidam purnaat purnamudachyate, purnasya purnamadaya purnamevaavashishyate"

"That (consciousness) is full (perfect) ; this (the manifest universe of matter; of names and forms being maya) is full. This fullness has been projected from that fullness. When this fullness merges in that fullness, all that remains is fullness."

-Isa Upanishad

Bhagavad Gita, Ch.13,Verses 15 :

"Without and within all beings the unmoving and also the moving; because of Its subtlety, unknowable; and near and far away is That( brahmAn )".

Modern science accepted consciousness only after it got shell shocked by the results of the quantum double slit experiment.. Vedanta has always spoken about the importance of the conscious observer. The mystic and the physicist has now arrived at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm, the other from the outer world.

No fundamental deficiencies have been found in quantum mechanics, since the past 7 decades. Einstein warned us that science without religion is blind and that religion without science is lame

Everything is energy. Einstein expressed an understanding of this truth in his famous theorem E=MC2, which established the interchangeability of matter and energy. Concerning matter, Einstein once remarked, "we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." He has just quoted from Vedanta which clearly stated Maya, the illusion often mistaken for reality.

The theory of relativity, and the space-time character of the universe, were perceived by the old Indian Rishis in their advanced stage of spiritual consciousness 9000 years ago. In their state of higher consciousness they realized that the ultimate constituents of the universe - energy and mass, particle and wave, - were but different aspects of the same basic process, but the same Oneness which pervaded the entire universe.

Science, in its most advanced stage, is closer to Vedanta than ever before. The intuition of Indian mystics led them to understand the multidimensional reality and of space-time continuum which is the basis of the modern theory of relativity.

Unlike other animals, the elephant can see itself clearly in a mirror and is a conscious animal. This is why in Hindu temples elephants are allowed. After all temples are meant to elevate your consciousness.

Consciousness is a field embedded at the fundamental level of the universe, with our brains and DNA being the transceivers. Our DNA which can be be influenced by scalar waves and acoustics ( mantras ) can send and receive powerful data through the universal network of Akasha. .

Akasha –the morphogenetic consciousness field , as per Vedanta is the source of everything that exists, and in which the memory of the cosmos is encoded. Everything we know, perceive, and imagine, every color, sound, sensation, every thought and every feeling, is a form appearing in the mind. It is all an in-forming of consciousness—mind stuff- or Chitta. .

In the words of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, "Consciousness is the field of all possibilities". Our whole experience is a construction in the mind, a form appearing in consciousness. These mental forms are composed not of physical substance but of "Chitta or mindstuff".

What appear to us as fundamental dimensions and attributes of the physical world—space, time, matter and energy—are but the fundamental dimensions and attributes of the forms appearing in consciousness. Thus the smallest item would be a unit of perception, a unit of experience. It would be a quantum of consciousness, a quantum of chitta.

When the Gita says "The Universe produced phenomenally in me, is pervaded by me. . . From me the world is born, in me it exists, in me it dissolves." It can only be understood if we understand consciousness. This is why the Western readers who has NO idea of consciousness , thought that the glorious Vedas are bumpkin shepherds verses . Only consciousness can explain consciousness.

We have unlimited and immediate access to the radiant field of consciousness which is infinite active universal intelligence. Akasha, the mother of all fields—provides the ultimate holographic blueprint of the world for all time, past and future. It is this that we tap into when we see the past or future.

The brahmAn (morphogenetic field) is the reason why a partially formed biological structure (the 'morphogentic germ") gets attached to the morphogentic field of a species, which then guides the growth of the rest of the form. Every structure carries its own morphogentic field. If a structure like an organism incorporates sub organisms of different nature, then the morphogenetic field of the organism would also incorporate the fields of the sub organisms.

The fabric of the universe, the primal Field, was created by consciousness and is held in existence by consciousness. The entire universe is the consciousness of the Creator. Consciousness creates energy, it creates matter, and it creates the perspectives of space and time.

The transmission of scalar information creates consciousness fields— Morphogenic Fields. They cannot be detected by the usual instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields, which work by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission.

Cells themselves have the ability to perfectly reprogram their own DNA when the external environment demands it. Life is fundamentally electromagnetic than biochemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form. DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and scalar waves our DNA can even be “read” or “rewritten” as a textual (and acoustic!) genetic code. DNA is a biological Internet that links all human beings.

DNA for new forms of life was found by NASA in a black meteorite stone ( Shiva Lingam ) 10 months back. The concept of the macrocosm as microcosm exists in Vedanta—that the greater divine [light] is reflected in the human body—that the spiritual human … has encoded within it a divine blueprint.

The DNA is a transceiver for the BrahmAn or the morphogenetic consciousness field. The Cosmic Mind is termed as Hiranyagarbha in Vedanta - and every conscious mind being an integral part of the Cosmic Mind, becomes vulnerable and sensitive to these cosmic vibrations of thought.

DNA exists inside the cells of all living things. The DNA chemical code is very complex. The code inside one human cell out of 50 trillion cells, contains fifty thousand to a hundred thousand separate instructions, called genes, and each gene controls a different characteristic.

Genetics is the study of the way inherited characteristics are passed on. Genetic engineering is the technology by which one could manipulate the genes, thereby altering the inherited characteristics at the microcosmic level. . In a cell’s nucleus, there are several lengths of DNA. Each one is called a chromosome.

A gene is one area of a chromosome that has the instructions to make one protein. DNA works by telling a cell how to make the many different proteins that our cells need to work. To do this, a part of the DNA helix is temporarily ‘unzipped’, so that its code can be copied.

Genetic engineering goes against the laws of the morphogenetic field and indeed the universe. Eating genetically modified foods is detrimental in DNA upgradation.

Consciousness differentiates, just like DNA differentiates . The brain and DNA is governed by the laws of quantum physics rather than the laws of biology or neurophysiology. Scalar waves ( made famous by Nikola Tesla ) is the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness influence each other

The Taittiriya Upanishad speaks of Maharishi Bhrigu, the son of Varuna, approaching his father with the following prayer: ‘ Adhihi bhagavo brahmeti. Sir, teach me Brahman .’Varuna says, ‘ Yato va imani bhutani jayante; yena jatani jivanti; yatprayantyabhisamvishantiti; tadvijijnasasva; tadbrahmeti” . Know That from which all beings originate, emerge; That in which all beings rest; and That into which all beings finally merge - That is Brahman.’ (3.1.1)

Vedanta says that there's an inner intelligence in your body, and that inner intelligence is consciousness, it's the ultimate… it's the ultimate in supreme genius, which mirrors the wisdom of the universe.

Newton’s classical objective science is devoted only to that which is observed. Soon psychology came along, to the process of observation. But western science like Vedanta never devoted itself to who's observing, and a science that does not take into account the observer, who is so fundamental to the observation, because without the observer there would be no observation - is an incomplete and mindless science. We cannot call it a science; unless we include consciousness. The Upanishads are not philosophy but are darshanas, “something seen” and therefore to be realized.

Consciousness is the intelligence, the organizing principle behind the arising of form, unlike what Darwin says . The quantum field or pure consciousness is influenced by intention and desire. Consciousness is the intelligent force that started the blueprint which ultimately manifested itself as a particular form.

There is a consciousness in every molecule of matter. All atoms in the entire universe are capable of mind reading and communicating with other atoms. The expanded abilities of self awareness is abstract reasoning, free will, creativity, foresight etc.

In the Mahabharata OF 4000bc, you see the brahmAn or the morphogenetic consciousness field in motion. Queen Gandhari’s ( mother of Kauravas ) foetus was broken up and put in 101 mudpots by Maharishi Vyasa . These test pots were carefully attended to by trained morphic field resonator parichaarakas for 'incubating' these test tubes .

This is the first written example of test tube babies and 'stem cell technology' . That the cells from broken pieces of foetus because of totipotential nature of embryonic cells could be 'cultured ' into compete human forms in a morphogenetic field is expounded here.

The chronological description of both events stunningly correlate with sequence of evolution of present day technology.

Morphogenetic fields are created by the patterns of physical forms. They help guide the formation of later similar systems where a newly forming system "tunes into" a previous system by having within it a "seed" that resonates with a similar seed in the earlier form.

If Charles Darwin were to see the video below of INTELLIGENT DESIGN be might go into a deep sulk!

Science has proven that your hair follicles, dead skin etc… vibrates with your pattern after it leaves your body from hundreds of miles away. They were able to detect changes in vibrations in case study on of a hair follicle that was hundreds of miles away from it owner when his mood changed.

Morphic fields underlie the intelligent organization of proteins, cells, crystals, plants, animals, brains, and minds. They help to explain habits, memories, instincts, telepathy, and the sense of direction. The structure of morphic fields depends on what has happened before. They have an inherent memory and imply that many of the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.

When fruit fly eggs were exposed to a diethyl ether, some of them developed abnormally, turning into flies with four wings instead of two. When this treatment was repeated generation after generation, more and more flies developed four wings, even if their ancestors had never been exposed to the chemical.

When big predators swim into a small fish school, the fish dart quickly to the side in a coordinated way in order to clear a path through the middle. They move very fast in response to quite unexpected stimuli, yet they do not bump into each other.

The Upanishads form the concluding portions of the Veda and therefore called the “Vedanta” or the end of the Veda and contains the essence of Vedic teachings. The Vedas in its unchanged unabridged format in Sanskrit verses , have guided the Indian’s religious direction for ages and will continue to do so till our sun goes supernova. .

The Vedic metaphysician was a sort of super scientist, unlimited in his curiosity and gifted with a capacity for putting together other people's findings with a skill and imagination that none of them individually commands.

The Sanskrit word for philosophy is darshan or 'seeing', which implies that Sanatana Dharma is is grounded firmly on human consciousness and perception. Vedas introduced Consciousness , the most valuable thing on this planet , to Western philosophical thought.

The Vedas are considered to be eternal, without beginning and end as they represent the divine truth itself as perceived through the elevated consciousness of great seers.

The ancient Vedic rishis in all their wisdom said as early as 9000 BC , that our universe is not woven from matter but consciousness. These seers and channels said, that the universal laws are clear, your attitude about your life will shape it , that Matter, energy and consciousness are interchangeable.

In the Upanishads we get a glimpse into the workings of the minds of the great Indian thinkers who were unhampered by the tyranny of religious dogma, political authority, pressure of public opinion, seeking truth with single-minded devotion, rare in the history of thought.

What Maharishis calculated and recorded 7000 years ago, for example the wobble of the Earth's axis, which creates the movement called precession of the equinoxes – the slowly changing motion that completes one cycle every 25,920 years – has only recently been validated by modern science, and is lifted and patented.

The Vedic sages who discovered brahmAn had depersonalized themselves in the search for truth. Unlike modern Western philosophers who lift Vedic ideas without any understanding , and patent it in their names.

In the video below , Mount Kailash ( the most exhilarating sight on a moonlit night ) is the abode of Lord Shiva, the pineal gland of the planet.

Video- Morphogenetic consciousness in brahmAn --Rig Veda 5000 BC.

7000 years before the hologram was invented Vedanta has written about the holographic universe and the holographic function of the brain. So also about the consciousness field and the power of intention , while breaking the coconut to create wormholes. Today you find thousands of Western authors like Lynn McTaggart has lifted EVERY THING whole sale, yet they do NOT acknowledge the author less Vedas , the Upanishads of ancient India. They throw a fog screen about Hopi Indians , the Mayans and the lot-- who did NOT even have a written language. They talk about fancy words like Chakra , Akasha etc not knowing that these are 11000 year old Sanskrit words, when their land was under 1 kilometer of hard ice.

Italian Fibonacci of 1200 AD is given the credit of the Golden ratio, while the Indian Sri Yantra ( which contains the TOE ) based on Golden ratio of 1.618 was drawn in 8000 BC --see video below.

Consider the numbers 0 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128. Multiply by 3 and add 4 we get 4 7 10 16 28 52 100 196 388. Now divide them by 10. Now these are the distance of 9 planets from the sun if the distance from the sun and the earth is taken as one unit. 1 = 93 million miles.

Check out the Vimanas or Flying Saucers of 7000 BC.

There are two paths in Hinduism.

One is the Advaita ( non-dual ) and the other is Dwaita ( dual ) philosophy of Sanatana Dharma.

The Advaita looks at God as brahmAn, the intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field -- the akasha, the intelligent conscious space between the whizzing electrons in an atom. An electron drops or rises one single orbit and the matter changes drastically.

The Dwaita form looks at God as the trinity of creator Brahma , preserver Vishnu and destroyer Shiva alos known as Tamas -Rajas- sattwa. The modern world knows this as Yin-Yang .


Energy/ matter

Particle/ wave

Cathode/ anode

Conscious/ subconscious

Aerobic bacteria/ anaerobic

Catablism/ anabolism

Potential energy/ kinetic energy

Attraction/ repulsion

Excitation/ inhibition

Birth/ decay

Static / dynamic

Organic / inorganic

Freezing/ melting

Vaporization/ condensation

Positive pole/ negative pole

North pole/ southpole magnetic

Ionization/ de-ionistaion

Clockwise vortex/ counterclockwise vortex

Absorption/ secretion

Contraction/ relaxation

Evaporation/ condensation

Conscious/ Subconscious

Left brain lobe/ Right brain lobe

These dual poles are connected via consciousness. It is about the quantum possibility wave vibration between two poles. If the restraining balance or equilibrium is lost , the universe will spiral out of control and end. This guarantees change, growth and evolution Lessening of Yin- always results in increase of Yang and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other and they are mutually dependant . Balance can never be permanent— Yin and Yang continuously devour each other – and life flows on.

Could this 11000 year old Hindu religion be one invented by bumpkin shepherd's or by evolved seers?

When you chant the Hindu king mantra OM-the MMMMMM humming sound boosts the production of Nitric oxide in the body. This was documented 7000 years ago. The lifted version AMEN does nothing!

The timeless spiritual wisdom of the of the 7000 year old Vedas will roar to life after Dec 21st 2012- the veil of Maya or delusion over the third eye will be ripped asunder—as the first step towards upgrading the 2 strand 97% junk DNA to 12 strand nil junk DNA.. -- Capt Ajit Vadakayil

Punch into Google search AGNIHOTRA VADAKAYIL and get shocked out of your pants.

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A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. For example, 5 is a prime number because it has no positive divisors other than 1 and 5. The first 25 prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97.





EXAMPLE: Pascal’s triangle has many unusual properties and a variety of uses:

Horizontal rows add to powers of 2 (i.e., 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc.)

The horizontal rows represent powers of 11 (1, 11, 121, 1331, 14641) for the first 5 rows, in which the numbers have only a single digit.

Adding any two successive numbers in the diagonal 1-3-6-10-15-21-28… results in a perfect square (1, 4, 9, 16, etc.)

It can be used to find combinations in probability problems (if, for instance, you pick any two of five items, the number of possible combinations is 10, found by looking in the second place of the fifth row. Do not count the 1’s.)

When the first number to the right of the 1 in any row is a prime number, all numbers in that row are divisible by that prime number

The Fibonacci Series is found in Pascal’s Triangle.

Pascal’s Triangle, is formed by starting with an apex of 1. Every number below in the triangle is the sum of the two numbers diagonally above it to the left and the right, with positions outside the triangle counting as zero.

The numbers on diagonals of the Pascalstriangle add to the Fibonacci series

The Fibonacci numbers are--
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ... (add the last two to get the next)

The golden section numbers are--

0•61803 39887... = phi = φ and
1•61803 39887... = Phi = Φ
The golden string is

1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 ...
a sequence of 0s and 1s that is closely related to the Fibonacci numbers and the golden section


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Eratosthenes proposed a simple algorithm for finding prime numbers. This algorithm is known in mathematics as the Sieve of Eratosthenes--inherent in sruti verses of Vedas

In mathematics, the sieve of Eratosthenes one of a number of prime number sieves, is a simple, ancient algorithm for finding all prime numbers up to any given limit.

It does so by iteratively marking as composite, i.e., not prime, the multiples of each prime, starting with the multiples of 2. The multiples of a given prime are generated starting from that prime, as a sequence of numbers with the same difference, equal to that prime, between consecutive numbers.

This is the sieve's key distinction from using trial division to sequentially test each candidate number for divisibility by each prime.


capt ajit vadakayil

Sun's diameter is 108 times that of the earth.

The distance between earth and moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon..

The distance between the Earth and Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun .

Distance between earth and sun is 149 900 000 kms

Diameter of sun 1390 000 kms

Distance from earth to moon 381 000 kms

Diameter of moon 3499 kms

Diametr of earth 12798 kms

The Bhagavad Purana Canto 5, verse 2 says “The sun globe, which is a source of heat, has a width (vistaratah) of 10,000 yojanas. The moon has a width of 25 yojanas”

1 Yojana is 140 kms ( this distance is modern linear - NOT the energy spiral time/ distance path which is mentioned in all our Puranas ). In reality everything on this cosmos from Macro to Micro is spiral energy .

In linear time Prakritti (manifest creation) came forth from the Purusha (the absolute beyond anything created). It is a point from which all came into being. In non-linear time, this point is always present where the ‘nothing’ and the ‘something’ connect beyond words. This space is 108.


Yojana/ Yugas has been poison injected by the white invader to make Hindus look stupid. BR Ambedkar was given a list of poison injectd spots in our Vedas / Upanishads/ Puranas and he wrote a book ( Riddles in Hindusim ) as if he is a great Vedic Pandit who knows Sanskrit and who has read all our ancient scriptures.

When you look at the Sun and the Moon from earth they are perceived as the SAME size, this same size appears because of their distance and diameters.

The 108 division is the coming together of Purusha and Prakriti. It is the vibration of the Purusha and Prakriti that has put us into existence.

In Ayurveda there are a 108 marmas in the body. They are points where consciousness impinges the body that can heal or kill a living being.

They are vital points where consciousness connects to the body, where Purusha (consciousness) is brought into Prakriti (body) to give life to the living being. When we recite Sanskrit Mantras 108 times it acts as a Kavach (protection) to each Marma.

The 108 intersections on the Sri Yantra invoke the cosmic balance of Purusha and Prakriti and the primordial ability of the seer Maharishi to see both clearly.

Nine is connected to Ketu, the moksa Karaka (liberation)

In Sri Yantra there are 9 interlacing triangles, 5 point downwards and 4 point upwards. The great pyramid of Cheops Egypt has a base angle 51 deg 49 minutes like the 10000 year old Sri Yantra large pyramid, showing exactly the same relationship between pi and phi .

The ratio of the hypotenuse to half the base is phi, the Golden Ratio-- or 'divine proportion', given by (1 + square-root 5)/2 (its value to five decimal places is 1.61803). It is a sure indication that the Pharaoh's architects were NOT from Egypt.

The 3 lines intersect at 54 points ( number of sanskrit alphabets ) with shiva and shakti qualities making the magic number 108..

Numerologically, nine is a very special number, it always returns to itself. Look how it behaves with other numbers:

9 x 1 = 9

9 x 2 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9

9 x 3 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9

9 x 4 = 36, 3 + 6 = 9

9 x 5 = 45, 4 + 5 = 9

9 x 6 = 54, 5 + 4 = 9

9 x 7 = 63, 6 + 3 = 9

9 x 8 = 72, 7 + 2 = 9

9 x 9 = 81, 8 + 1 = 9

9 x 10=90, 9 + 0 = 9

9 x 11=99, 9 + 9 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9

9 x 12 = 108

108 is the numerical equivalent of Hindu King Mantra OM , in sync with the rhythms of time and space and represents perfect totality. A rudraksha mala woen by an ancinent maharishi had 108 beads .

When the ocean of milk ( Akash Ganga- milky way of the cosmos ) was churned in the beginning of time, it could only be done with the working unity of the positive and negative cosmic forces- devas (gods) and asuras (demons).

Opposing forces Tamas and Rajas are connected through consciousness. The middle prong of Shiva’s trident is Sattwa. It is about quantum possibility vortex vibrations, between two poles. This forms the basis of Dvaita Hinduism.


To activate the third eye of Shiva, or to perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland ( soul ) and the pituitary glands ( body ) must vibrate in resonance to create a field. This is represented by Samudra manthan in Hindu mythology.

The pineal gland produces AMRIT- Pinoline, ( 6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC ) . Pinoline also resonates with the very pulse of life 7.83 Hertz, the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers, regardless of belief or faith..

You cant observe the quantum world without your Pineal gland -- the other 5 senses have too narrow bandwidths. Quantum physics has showed the ancient Indian Yogis were NOT mere dreamers of cosmic consciousness, where our bodies, our brain and its mind, as inextricably joined with other matter and the mega dipole of universe .

There is indeed a connection between consciousness and tangled state quantum phenomena Indian Vedic maharishis had the inherent ability to go on either side of the narrow band of five human senses.


They firmly believed that the invisible below the quantum screen gives rise to the visible.

To the spiritual eastern mind, the story of SAMUDRA MANTHAN produces amazing acts of faith like the Kumbh Mela , which has been going on for 6000 years.

Tamas and Rajas are conscious of each other. Amrit reveals the fractal nature of consciousness. Amrit is NOT external, it is produced inside your head. All you need to know is how to produce it by your own mind. 12 strand DNA which ancient Maharishis had, has now degraded to 2 strand DNA.

These 12 strand DNA maharishis with raised Kundalinis , can read akashik records , convert them from fractal geometry, for daily life use.

The cobra on Lord Shiva 's shoulders shows raised Kundalini and open third eye. This self realisation (of opening the third eye) , is the ultimate goal of consciousness

This churning allows the kundalini to rise on the mountain axis ( meru) of our spine with the turtle of the root chakra below. Wife Parvati rising to meet husband Shiva at the Sahasrara Chakra- the gate at Sushumna Nadi being opened by her son Ganesha at Muladhara Chakra.

There are 108 upanishads. Nataraja's cosmic dance has 108 Bharatanatyam poses.

12 rashis and 9 navagrahas multiply to 108.

Kalari talks about 108 marmas.

The 108 th and heaviest element in the periodic table is Hassium ( 108 protons ) . The rest are too short lived.

The musical analogies of maths , physics , chemistry, quantum particles and contained in this diagram in the form of notation, harmony , melody and notes.

The mind of god represented by the Sri Yantra is cosmic music resonating through hyperspace—the THEORY OF EVERYTHING is inherent in this mystic 3D geometry.

The heat of the big bang cooked up and created the elements in Dimitri Mendeleev's periodic table. Sanskrit and Malayalam has 54 alphabets.

Vishnu avatar Varaha boar placed 108 in the cosmic equation . Mind you, the Muslims stopped worshipping at Babri Masjid at Ayodhya after they saw the boar statues. They equated it with PIG.

In the Varaka avatar , Vishnu as the boar carried the Earth out of the ocean between his tusks and restored it to its place in the universe and later killed Hinranyaksha ( Jaya ) .


antar-maharnava upagatam adi-daityam

tam damstrayadrim iva vajra-dharo dadara

"The unlimitedly powerful Lord assumed the form of a boar for the rescue of the earth and pierced the first demon Hiranyaksa with His tusks." - (S.Baghawatam. 2.7.1)

See the divine magic.

We on earth can see only one side of the moon, though both moon and earth rotate.—this requires some divine fixing , right?

During full solar eclipse we just get to see the fringe of the corona of the sun—this again requires some fixing right?

For the shadow cast by the Earth stretches back 108 times the diameter of the Earth and the sun is 108 times the earth's diameter.

There was NO laser beam, when the Maharishis with 12 strand DNA wrote all this in our Vedas in 5000 BC.

Varaha features in the Rig Veda. Varaha is glorified in virtually all of the major Puranas.

“ For the benefit of all, I shall bring back to her former place the earth, who has the girdle of the oceans, whose limbs are overrun by all kinds of creatures and who has disappeared. I shall kill the naughty Hiranyaksha, an offspring of Diti.” - (Mahabharata 12.236.71-73) 4000 BC

‘ The supreme enjoyer of all sacrifices accepted the incarnation of a boar for the welfare of the earth. He lifted the earth from the nether regions of the universe “-- (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.7)

Hiranyaksha had a boon that no animal or man could kill him. So Vishnu came as a boar, which was NOT in the animal list.

It is amazing that even in antiquity Indians knew that the pig is close to humans. This is the reason why Hindus do NOT eat pigs.

Consider this-

Boars, as in male pigs, have tusks. . Human genetics were mixed with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism. Jews and Muslims followed this concept.

This is also why the pig is considered to be the most intelligent animal on Earth, why pig skin can be grafted directly onto humans in burn cases, and why pig heart valves can be used in humans with little difficulty. Cancer drugs and other chemicals are often tested on pigs before humans.

The DNA of a pig is similar to that of a human being. Human DNA when injected into pig cells become embryos.

People with insulin-dependent diabetes usually inject themselves with pig insulin. This is why viruses who latch on as parasites find it easy to get transferred to human cells. Viruses cannot survive on their own, I hope you know that. Pig fetus in placenta receives nourishment from the via the umbilical cord. They can have dreams. The DNA of pigs is actually 99% identical with humans. It's amazing how little difference in DNA produces an entirely different species! Pigs are genetically very close to humans.

Pigs are the 3rd most intelligent animal after apes and dolphins. Pigs can see in semi colour unlike other mammals who see in black and white.

Vishnu first Matsya avatar was a DOLPHIN –that is why NO human being eats dolphin.

In this purana , the dolphin saved the Vedas , which contained the blue prints for the cosmos and DNA codes of life on earth. It has been proved recently that dolphins are NOT like other aquatic creatures.

They are conscious animals and pass the mirror test. Only humans , Indian elephants and apes like bonobos and dolphins pass the mirror test. Dolphins are second only to humans in smartness. MRI scans indicate that these marine mammals are self-aware. Dolphins demonstrate skills and awareness previously thought to be present only in humans.

Christianity lifted the story to have a male and female specimen of each species in a stupid NOAH s ark. While in Hinduism Lord Vishnu he just saved the DNA codes.

nirmagna sruthi jaala maargaNa dasaa dathakshaNair veekshaNai:

antha: thanvadhiva aravinda gahanaan oudanvatheenaam apaam /

nishprathyooha tharanga ringaNa mitha: prathyooDa paatha: chaDaa

Dola AarOha sadOhaLam bhagavatha: maatsyam vapu: paathu na:


“The Lord dived into the ocean in the form of a fish searched with His lotus eyes, rapidly viewing on all directions creating an illusion of lotus flowers blossoming everywhere - all in search of the Vedas that had been stolen by an Asura. The ebb and flow of the waves of the Ocean seemed to be a swinging cradle that soothed and almost lulled Him into a comfortable reverie. May this Lord of “Matsya Avataara” protect us” :-Bhagavata Purana 5000 BC

The sonic frequencies emitted by dolphins, generate a field that brings the brain and the biomolecular system to its balanced nature to 7.83 Hz.-

The sound emitted by the dolphins, has a frequency of 7.83 hertz which is the same as the Hindu king Mantra OM and the earth’s heart beat ( Schumann’s resonance ) . Astronauts take a 7.83 field generator in their space crafts. No Hindu mantra chant is complete without starting with OM .

From the conch OM sound comes as its innards are shaped by the morphogenetic consciousness field or BrahmAn. Just before the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna blew on his Panchajanya shankh, striking terror in the Kaurava camp hearts. This sound went all around the world like a soliton carrier wave , using the ionosphere as a wave guide.

The inner curvature of the air passage inside the conch is based on the Fibonacci series. Fibonacci was an Italian thief. Fibonacci was in Bejaya Algeria , when he came to know about Indian Vedic Mathematics, from the Arabs who had translated these texts . He took this knowledge to Italy.

The Christian AMEN and the Jewish SHALOM is nothing but a lift from the Hindu King Mantra OM. OM releases Nitric Oxide-- Amen and Shalom does nothing. When you show the symbol of OM in the mirror it becomes 786 -- the holy number on every Koran.

Resonances of earth, ie, 7.83, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz of earth. 7.83 hz being the strongest of all, OM or Schumann frequency.

Ohm- 7.83 Hz

Gam - 14 Hz

Hleem - 20 Hz

Hreem - 26 Hz

Kleem - 33 Hz

Krowm - 39 Hz

Sreem - 45 Hz

Humans cannot hear less than 20 Hertz- but our hearts can hear it.

Dolphins are attracted to 7.83 hz when it was sent out via sonic instrumentation during underwater research.

Harshil Shah

September 21, 2014 at 9:06 AM

Pranam Guruji,

Indeed, i read the above post and its exactly same. Sir, however one question - usually we offer water on shiva lingam (due to reasons explained in one of your earlier post), then at vatican and kabba, are they still continuing the same practice covertly ?... What happens if this is not continued or are there any other alternatives (may be a silly question).. I am still learning...



Harshil Shah



Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

September 21, 2014 at 9:57 AM

hi hs,

You will find millions of funda on the internet and Hindu literature – even by learned gurus like Vivekananda and hundreds of shankaracharyas..


NOBODY HAS UNDERSTOOD HINDUISM SINCE ADI SHANKARACHARYA OF 2000 BC—and few German Quantum physicists ( who all converted to Hinduism and got cremated. .)

Shiva Lingam contains the soul-seed ( DNA ) within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos.

Water holds memory.

Copper kalasha drips water right on top of the shiva lingam and this water bathes the lingam uniformly. In ancient days this water used to be LIVING ganges water.

The base has a run off for water – and this water is holy theertham . The white man called the Lingam as Shiva’s erect phallus and the run off base for water as YONI( vagina – note the extreme sarcasm ).


I have been telling this in my posts .

One day, three years ago NASA agreed with capt ajit vadakayil.

Punch into Google search-


You will find it on page one item one among 8 million posts—even ahead of NASA’s post on this subject .

If you cant see it by some quirk, enter-- NASA DNA METEORITE VADAKAYIL.

Theertham water holds memory .

The computers of the future ( maybe 200 years in future ) will NOT contain silicon chips.

They will hold water . In another 400 years I predict computers will be conscious and they can laugh at a joke or tell the moral of a story narrated to it .

Punch into Google search-



We had INDOPHILE white men and women ( like Wendy Doniger ) interpreting Hindusim for us , right?—all wolves in sheep’s clothing !




Capt ajit vadakayil




Posted by Capt. Ajit Vadakayil at 12:46:00 PM


AainaJune 7, 2012 at 6:17 AM

you might find this interesting.


Capt. Ajit VadakayilJune 7, 2012 at 8:39 AM

hi aaina,

a few days ago , i punched into google search DNA NASA--

and i found that my posts


still exists in the first 3 pages , among 23 million.

if what you write cannot come in the first 3 pages of google, it is NOT worth writing -- it will be like winking at a pretty girl in the dark.

DNA was discovered only 6 decades ago. even today protien scientists have taken monopoly over DNA.

they will learn--

rather we all will learn of the ill effects after eating genetically modified foods.

oday you hardly find a BRIGHT man in UK, because they ate juicy cows force fed with meat--developing "mad cow" disease and forcing UK govet to exterminate 100% cows in the land. basically to destroy DNA.

but that is NOT the way it works-- the morphogenetic field picks it up.

in USA the people were fooled into drinking water spiked with flourine, and now they have to IMPORT foreign brains into their universities and labs.

now too many pet cats are living in modern high rise flats, crapping into proper toilets and pulling the flush themselves.

who knows in a few years , a new born kitten on a remote island will no longer , dig a hole for a crap and cover it up after the deed--as programmed to do for milleniums.

capt ajit vadakayil



neostarOctober 22, 2012 at 2:36 PM

hi cap.
pls tell me the sanskrit name of DNA .

Capt. Ajit VadakayilOctober 22, 2012 at 3:11 PM

hi chandran,

punch into google search


capt ajit vadakayil


AainaJune 7, 2012 at 7:35 PM

Interestingly Flouride is added in water in most of the Water treatment plants here and people who drink thier own well water (mostly in rural areas and the south) have really bad teeth. They attributed the bad teeth to lack of Flouride.
Flouride naturally occurs in mineral water.
The bad teeth is not due to lack of fluoride but people guzzling coke and sodas with 12 tablespoons of sugar in it (yes, thats how much sugar is in a regular soda).
An interesting book I read many years ago by Vandana Shiva "Stolen Harvest" opened my eyes to how large companies like Monsanto and Cargill monopolize agriculture. Today Organic farming is huge here. Highly recommened book.
Also developed countries like the US/UK are now exporting all thier pestcide and Genetically modified food, eggs, meat to countries like India and African countries under the guise of Free Trade agreement and the corrupt governments let them do it. They force poor farmers in India to use theier pesticides under the promise of More yeild.


UnknownJune 8, 2012 at 10:26 PM

fluoride is also added in toothpaste. they do say that in minute quantities it is good for us. but i dont understand the need to dose drinking water with it. they add it in toothpaste also!

love it or hate it, gm food is going to be the future. the bottom line is always $$$.

i seriously doubt that people in rural areas have bad teeth due to drinking coke..might be due to lack of dental facilities.


Capt. Ajit VadakayilJune 9, 2012 at 7:10 AM

hi anand,

flouride calcifies the pineal gland.

this is the reason why --when you go to a canteen in a US university you find only english speaking american whites.

but when you enter a electronics or computer science class ( where you require real brains ) you
find only chinese ,koreans, indians and some "dirty" whites.

the reason is flouride. whoever took the decision to put flouride in water should have been jailed long ago.

capt ajit vadakayil


UnknownJune 9, 2012 at 11:00 AM

came up with this site while surfing.

seems our leaders want us to become dumb so that we meekly obey them!
all my life i thought they r doin a good thing by dosing water with fluoride. this action has a much more bigger hidden motive which they dont want us to know!


mythra81June 9, 2012 at 11:36 AM

hi ajit....check out santos bonacci on youtube.....know thyself, the galactic alignment etc....he exposes how the bible which is reallt astrotheological science from ancient egypt was hijacked by the evil roman crooks


Capt. Ajit VadakayilJune 9, 2012 at 12:06 PM

hi mythra,

punch into google search VEDIC COSMOLOGY OF INDIA- VADAKAYIL

capt ajit vadakayil


rajanJune 9, 2012 at 5:18 PM

Dear Captain,
I've watched the movie flatliners, which is one of the best movies that i've watched.. Thanks to you captain.Out of my curiosity captain.. do every individual in this planet have to go through the experience of their past karmas when they return to their original blue print by this 21 Dec 2012

Thank you



Capt. Ajit VadakayilJune 9, 2012 at 6:51 PM

dear rajan,

only if you do NOT exercise your free choice , to go from knowledge mode to wisdom mode--

-- and ignore the laws of the universe, the number 1 of which is GRATITUDE.

capt ajit vadakayil



rajanJune 9, 2012 at 7:59 PM

Wow!!! i got it now ...Thanks alot capt , everything seems to be clearer now ... i really appreciate it.



DR vidyardhiJuly 3, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil, I thought, somewhere, I lost your link.
Cosmology Vedas Interlinks-needs best of brains trust
Please see and contact me. You have excellent inputs

BOOKS BY VIDYARDHI NANDURI [1993-2011] http://vidyardhicosmology.blogspot.com/


UnknownAugust 27, 2012 at 8:15 PM



UnknownAugust 27, 2012 at 8:29 PM

hi Sorry. I was testing to post on the first attempt. I got your URL from one of the review comments on Higgs particle. I have gone through most of your articles and those are excellent and superb. The only point i wanted to make was that it is for the west that we or atleast myself understand most of the science and mathematics. E.g we know that madhava school of mathematics have dealt and contributed a lot to our ancient mathematics but how many of us know or understand it at that time. rational deduction of Pi was done in 14th century.It was purely the domain of brahmins. So I certainly feel it is great contibution from the westerners that they have deciphered the same and atleast now as a layman without 12 strand DNA we can understand physics/mathematics with proofs/deductions. Hope you understood what i meant.


Capt. Ajit VadakayilAugust 27, 2012 at 8:51 PM

hi chandran,

my elder son is now working as a computer engineer in usa.

he used to learn vedic mathematics. every week a VEDIC MATHEMATICS magazine used to come into our post box.

when he left for cornell university, i myself dumped all these magazines as a part of spring cleaning.

if you want to have some idea, punch into google search VEDIC MATHEMATICS and then go to the VIDEOS section, and check out a few videos.

when indians could calculate the speed of light and the diameters of all the planets 6000 years ago, does it ring a bell?

this was the time the white man was eating raw meat and doing grunt grunt for communications.

we indians were slaves for 800 years.

before that who ever needed to know, they knew.

you pet cat or servant or an infant child in your house does NOT need to know the contents in your bank locker.

capt ajit vadakayil


UnknownAugust 28, 2012 at 10:41 PM

guess , you wanted to mention your pet cat instead of you pet cat.
I am an engineer by profession and was with infosys and gone through books on vedic mathematics.
Anyway that's exactly my point was. At that time somebody was deciding who needs to know how much. now it is upon each individual how much he wants to know because knowledge is made available. That's exactly my point was. It is because of this nature of secrecy with Indians that india lost its knowledge and we need to learn from foreigners now.
Even in vedas they just mentions statements without giving considerable proofs or theorems etc.. which is great but to comprehend and understand altogether needs great minds which indeed was done by western scientists and mathematicians in 19th century than indians which were normal human beings.


Capt. Ajit VadakayilApril 27, 2013 at 8:45 AM

Vedic viki

April 26, 2013 at 1:59 PM

Hi capt.
Ohk! So if saraswati was the epicentre then where was the seat of gandhara kingdom, Somewhere in saraswati basin?? Were they of Indian origin And the followers of sanatan dharma too???
Could you also refer me some sources or books where I can read about them in detail.
Mahabharata texts say that in Sat yuga there were no gandharvas and they had their origins in treta yuga and then began to multiply fast and suddenly became very powerful, They were great devotees of Shiva, But I dont know about the place of their origin!!
One of the earliest Aryan King Pururavas married beautyful apsara Urvashi from Gandhara, was his time contemporary to the Gandharva empire?



Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

April 26, 2013 at 7:56 PM

hi vv,

emperor vikramadita's father himself was a gandharva, with the seat at ujjain in 7000 BC.

ujjian is one of the oldest cities on this planet of the mahakala dynasty.

this city UJJAYINI is situated exactly at the TROPIC OF CANCER ( 23.4 degrees latitude ) and the greenwich meridian equivalent ( 75 degrees longitude ) for india .

this is the most ancient university of this planet.

At Ujjayini university Lord Krishna, Balram and Sudama were initiated into the learning of Vedas and Vedanta in 4100 BC.

on the banks of the mighty shirpa river , has been kicked forward in time by 9000 years by the white christian invader.

The Mahakaleshwar Temple for the SWAYAMBU jyorthirlinga ( born by itself )is one of the oldest tempes in india. This lingam is smeared with hot ashes from the burning ghats to extract the DNA.

The Harasiddhi temple has one of the oldest sri yantras. According to Shiva-purana, when Lord Shiva carried away the burning body of his wife Sati from the sacrificial fire of Daksha-prajapati, her elbow fell on this spot.

vikramaditya's elder brother , who abdicated the throne due to the infidelity of his beloved wife pingala , meditated in the bhatruhari caves -- which is named after him.

the Kumbh Mela religious festival is held here every twelve years.

Mythological sanctity of the invisible and underground river Saraswati, associated with the story of Triveni-sangam, is attributed to ujjayini.

again, you msut refrain from asking me questions on the basis of what others wrote.


punch into google search --


this is the reason why I went after NASA hammer and tongs , when they said phosphorus is replaced by arsenic.

it is all about phosphorus extracted from the shiva lingam.

punch into google search -


and read the last para in blue.

capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilMay 18, 2013 at 7:38 AM

Nelson Singh
May 17, 2013 at 10:33 AM
Namaste Guruji

In your posts you use slokas from vedas and their meanings in English.From where do you get them with english meanins . Can you please tell the best translated author for Vedas in English.
(RIG VEDA- Translator Ralph T.H. Griffith )is this a good book .because after reading your posts i stopped reading Vedas translated by westerners. Please suggest a good E-book for Vedas in English. Guruji what about books of Gita Press,Gorakhpur.

Nelson Singh


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
May 17, 2013 at 6:54 PM
hi nelson,

i am from kerala , where the namboodiri brahmins , including adi shankaracharya , have preserved the tradition of the vedas and ayurveda.

probably this is why parashurama chose them, to come to the southern most tip of india .

they did NOT suck up to the british like the tamilian iyers.

nor were they uprooted and vulnerable people like the kashmiri brahmins.

the brahmins in north india are a joke. see the amount of brahmins in UP , bihar etc. did they have so many temples there.

or are they all brahmins by induction?

vedas cannot be translated into english unless the person is highly perceptive. if you translate it literally it will sound ridiculous . mere knowledge of sanskrit is not enough.

the german quantum physicists were the first to understand the wisdom and allegory in the vedas.

i will NOT be able to recommend any book -- as i do NOT know what they contain.

have you ever seen any text on this planet--which explains brahmAn ( of the vedas ) as the empty space between the atom, where the electrons whiz aorund? ( ADVAITA )


the trinity of brahma/ vishnu/ shiva , as dance the of two opposites with a mediator in between? ( DVAITA )


SANKHYA as the observer brahmAn ( as purusha -advaita ) the audience of the dancer ( prakriti - the trinity - dvaita )

if you really understand what i mean here you will be shocked to see the wisdom in the vedas.

even vivekananda has NOT understood the true essence of hinduism created by noble seers , probably because he did NOT have a scientific mind.

capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilAugust 4, 2013 at 8:43 AM

प्राचीन समृद्ध भारतAugust 3, 2013 at 3:46 PM

hello sir,
I read an article saying that lord ganesha could be an clone.
"PARVATI [WIFE OF BHAGWAN SHIV] Created him by the wax of her ears."
here -

and there are also statements of cloning in rigveda -

plz comment on it that ganesha could be a clone?
and i read articles that mata parvati and shiv ji were gr8 scientists and DNA engineers. thank you!


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

August 3, 2013 at 8:12 PM
hi p,

punch into google search-


the kauravas were test tube babies.

punch into google search-


this is why lord krishna wanted arjuna to DO HIS DUTY and exterminate the kauravas.

capt ahit vadakayil



HiranjAugust 30, 2013 at 7:21 PM


My family has spent most of their time in the US and UK where we have been exposed to fluoride, vaccines and possibly heavy metal poisoning.
How could we detox from these. I am particularly concern with my children. My son seems to have fluorosis and doesnt seem to be as sharp and attentive as he should be. Also my daughter is quite constipated generally.



Capt. Ajit VadakayilAugust 30, 2013 at 8:14 PM

hi h,

make you children do pranayama.

punch into google search-


capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilSeptember 23, 2014 at 9:30 PM

hi hd,

when swami vivekananda himslef has NOT understood what is ADVAITA VEDANTA ( of adi shankaracharya ), DVAITA VEDANTA or SAMKHYA VEDANTA why do you expect other to know.


why do you think-- i have retired from a HUGE paying job at sea-- to write millions of words on the internet ?

to shine personally?

to mint money ?





punch into google search-





till 5000 BC , vedas were on ORAL ROUTE since thousands of years --

the maharishis knew that their human DNA is getting degraded and the pineal gland was getting atrophied .

it would be NO longer possible to hold such voluminous content in memory-- and pass on as a relay baton anymore.

they penned the verses down 7000 years ago --yet introduced a twist -- so that foreign IDIOTS ( known as INDOPHILES today ) cannot steal .

if you read the quatrains of nostradamus -- he has introduced a twist-- for he was afraid of being sentences to death for writing all this.

BR Ambedkar wrote RIDDLES IN HINDUISM denigrating ancient India -- his own motherland . He did NOT know head or tail of Sanskrit.

He was told exactly where all poison was injected by the white invader -- or he will take 10 lifetimes to glean the voluminous vedas and upanishads and write all that crap .

BR Ambedkar told dozens of times in recorded speeches and wrote in his books that he preferred british rule to self rule.


today TAMIL PRIDE and SIDDHA PRIDE and AGAMA PRIDE want to give EVR Periyar BHARAT RATNA . EVR Periyar actually mourned 15th aug 1947 .

Punch into Google search-




what is bharatratna worth-- after a AILAAAAA cricketeer got it ? the waitress though that by inducting this SQUEAK into rajya sabha-- she will get all seats of 2014 lok sabha !

capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilSeptember 29, 2014 at 8:43 PM

n, The Serial Tourist
September 29, 2014 at 7:20 AM
Pranam Captain,
You say that we are approaching Dwapara Yuga very soon.
But Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says that we will enter Treta Yuga on 2082AD. We are already on the verge of ending Dwapara Yuga.

Please watch this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAgd5KS-ULc
He says the cycle of Yugas goes like this :
Sat Yuga : 5184 Years
Treta Yuga : 3888 Years
Dwapara Yuga : 2592 Years
Kali Yuga : 1296 Years
Total : 12960 Years for half a cycle. or 25920 Years for Full cycle.
1 Cycle : Satyuga+Treta+Dwapara+Kali+Kali+Dwapara+Treta+SatYuga=25920
And we are now on the verge of entering Treta Yuga.

Please share your views.


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
September 29, 2014 at 7:43 AM
hi mst,

all hindu gurus are now peeking into my blog posts and coming with their own funda.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev would NOT even know what precession of the earth means..

i know all this-- because it is part of my PRINCIPLES OF NAVIGATION exams - to get a single stripe at sea -- the pass marks is 80% .

people who have NIL idea of astronomy are now acting like DESI carl sagans



if these hypocrites dont take it easy -- i will make sure all of them land up in the garbage bin of Indian spirituality and history .

capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilOctober 6, 2014 at 1:40 PM

SUBJECT: In green move, Durga idols to be buried .




punch into google search -

in the mad rush to discredit and ridicule hinduism , the detractors have lost commonsense !!



punch into Google search-

since the burial religions came , this planet has seen no peace , with souls trapped on earth .

you are a ball of energy and was created with the stars billions of years ago , your dead cadaver body is like a pair of unwashed jeans going for wash .



punch into Google search-

capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilOctober 26, 2014 at 5:31 PM

DealsUp - 2 – Date
October 26, 2014 at 1:10 AM
Hi Capt,

I want to share a post with you, which belongs to NY times and totally humiliates Sanatan Dharma and says that we are one of fools who think that western inventions belongs to India and more rubbish.
The sad part is writer himself is an Indian, why some people downgrade to this extent and that to a Mainline newspaper how can they print a typical racism attack.

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
October 26, 2014 at 3:34 AM
hi du,

this pankaj mishra character will now be in the TIME TOP 100 of world intellectuals.

this blogsite has been created to SINK these JUDASES.


other than what he learnt in our ancient universities of taxila/ nalanda / kodungallur bhojshala/ universities.--

whatever the ancient greeks had were all lifted from kerala , including their GODS.







capt ajit vadakayil

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
October 26, 2014 at 4:02 AM

three years ago, i went to console one of my seniors who went into depression -- as his darling daugher eloped with a Tamilian boy .

I remember when his daughter tanker double banked with my ship, the huge mother tanker , he came on board with his wife and this darling daughter just over a year old—and I had carried the baby in my arms –

i had two nights of beer with him -- reliving old days – how time flies –

he had taken over from me on one ship , as a chief officer -- he begged me to draw his fiancé from memory –

I drew her face almost producing her face LIVE on paper – at school I was an award winning painter and sculptor--

--and then to finger him I started kissing my creating my own art creation— he jumped up and started raining blows on me—

And then we both had a HUGE laugh at the stupidity — with me saying this art is mine – and him saying that is my would be wife -

-- and his wife told my wife while cooking in the kitchen , while we were having beer , that she has never seen her husband so alive , the joy de vivre, the bacchanalia –

-- she had attended my marriage coming all the way to kannur.

I had asked her—did you see that art on chart paper which I kissed—and she blushed—

---with my wife of 30 minutes wondering what I kissed and why she blushed – yeh kya ho raha hai Kannur mein ?

two months later after this re-union , my wife called me up and broke the news " he is dead "- (before that he reconciled with his daughter, and saw her baby).

that instant i realised—

-- like when Vishnu shows his vishva roop, you instantly realize your very purpose of existence on the planet --






this has NOTHING to do with Hinduism-- only ancient india, when India was 100% hindu !


So, today here I am -- after 850 off posts , have just revealed about 1.9 % .

i ask my readers --


capt ajit vadakayil



AnonymousAugust 5, 2015 at 11:31 PM

Dear Ajit Vadakayil

You are doing very well writing this. Please carry on!

You are very aware and very very witty! :slight_smile:

I laugh so much when I read your comments and words like waitress. :slight_smile: so please carry on enlightening people and making us laugh at the ignorance most have been living in.

You have written my thoughts, words, and sentiments mostly, can't say on all things. :slight_smile:

I disagree on one account only I found which said India could never be conquered by anyone till British came. Greeks, Macedonians, Turks, Muslims, Mongols and Persians etc were always coming to North India even before Alexander.
Wish we could meet.

With much love and respect.

AnonymousAugust 5, 2015 at 11:33 PM

Dear Ajit

Yes you are doing well. :slight_smile:
Please always write and educate.

Much respect and love

AnonymousAugust 5, 2015 at 11:36 PM

Dear one

I have an issue with "100% Hindu" comment. :slight_smile:

I understand fully what you are saying. Everyone was Hindu, but not the way they are now.

But 100% Hindu words I will replace with something...Bharat or bhartiya.

What would you replace 100% Hindu with?

Capt. Ajit VadakayilAugust 6, 2015 at 10:01 AM

hi z,

alexander was the first HOSTILE foreigner to invade india.

for that-- this hardcore homosexual greek had to MARRY an indian princess.


capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilNovember 11, 2014 at 8:39 AM

SUBJECT : Science and religion are partners: Dan Brown





punch into Google search-



capt ajit vadakayil



UnknownNovember 22, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Dear Captain,
Waiting for your interstellar movie review.



Capt. Ajit VadakayilNovember 20, 2014 at 10:14 PM

SUBJECT : Taj Mahal should be declared a Waqf Board property: Azam Khan .
Punch into Google search -

Capt ajit vadakayil


UnknownDecember 29, 2014 at 11:24 AM

good morning sir, i am new here . i really like most of your posts .
i am happy to get stunning information about my hindu culture and u are making us proud of it.

i want to clear some of my doubts sir.

  1. What is consciouness called in hindi /sanskrit ? (it might seem stupid question but i want to study it further )

  2. U say that maha rishis / guru's having "12 stranded DNA" can achieve higher consciousness , so we all are only 2 stranded now so will we never be able to achieve higher consciousness ??

thank you.



Capt. Ajit VadakayilDecember 29, 2014 at 11:29 AM

hi vl,

there are many words-- CIT is one of them.

it is easier for a person with 12 strand DNA ( nil junk ) to raise his Kundalini.

in modern computer ere is is easy to imagine a SUPER COMPUTER.

it is easy to imagine the difference between a Samsing Galaxy5 phone and an old model of 20 years ago .

the human body is a more complicated and superior machine--than any computer .

capt ajit vadakayil


Capt. Ajit VadakayilAugust 17, 2015 at 11:25 PM

Krishna Kumar
August 17, 2015 at 9:16 PM
Dear Capt,
Are Caucasians (Europeans), descendants from Albino Indians ?
Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
August 17, 2015 at 11:04 PM
hi kk,


-- the mutation is A111T - ( 111th amino acid from alanine to threonine )




every single white skinned caucasian has this A111T mutation.


Remarkable @sidharthabahadur I am in gratitude for the share and have offered commentary of concurrence below, to a point to complete in another response.

This is central and Chestahedron of Frank Chester, originally defined by Seth G Beach in 1926 as the Great Sethahedron (1-Phi-1 is Pythagorean... really much older) holds the space in sacred superluminal form of the heart!


This image is symbolic of the fire (Platonic) in the center, and they both point to it, with Jesus (insert your deity), not that I have visceral "relationship", but my relationship with source does not include an intermediary). The position of the right hand of Jesus is a key that holds VERY deep perspective in my ontology/epistemology.

What I have to share is relationship in essence outside the paradigm of the empire in empirical weigh-measure-count in the inverse square law as a construct in (X,1/X), the square and circle with roots and radii and logs and such… much more to share there.

In MMM cosmology the senses are geometric in sacred form and the relation-ship between the line and the curve in the chord is musical, and profoundly simple in the octave and semitone. This point cannot be overstated, but few will have eYe's to see, and are perhaps not intended. It is something you KNOW not beLIEve. Musica Universalis and the 12 singing spheres are in “play”


[quote="sidharthabahadur, post:16, topic:16277"]

Without factoring in consciousness there can be NO Theory of Every Thing (TOE) and Grand Unification Theory (GUT).[/quote]

Beyond this statement I would be so bold to add that consciousness represents all that IS IS for those of the proper level of awareness, as all is fractal in scalar levels and within degrees.

The plasmoid helicon, is perhaps the form and electric centrifugal in the mascuLINE that has two polarized poly-tick points, one Red in the root, one Blue in magnetic in centripetal femiNINE and the crown.

See ThePaulTM (YT) and the 5 Phi rotated cubes that DNA is constructed through. Morphogenic Matrix Math holds the essence of his genius in cyclical number, perhaps. The meek shall inherit the earth.

Princeton U, has done amazing wok toward global coherence and the nature of the collective consciousness. Perhaps the reason the "they" want us 6 feet apart, starved of oxygen, and soon food, perhaps? The heart chakra is strongest within a 3 foot spheroid (3+3=6)

[quote="sidharthabahadur, post:16, topic:16277"]The acoustic resonant frequency of the human body falls into the range of 7-8 Hz and so does the Schumann frequency or earth’s heartbeat of 7.83 hertz – which is the basis of the Hindu King Mantra OM.

OM forms the divine geometry of Sri Yantra which holds the golden ratio of 1.618 and the theory of everything on water as cymatics.[/quote]

Yes! And the Mereon Matrix, with whom I was collaborating until they requested and NDA I refused holds the cymatic frequency of 7.97 Hz and has agreed with me that the Chestahedron is congruent!!! (https://youtu.be/U_h_D0BZpZs)

Which is why this will fall on deaf ears and blind eYes for most that read it, as the great work is intermediary through great sacrifice of intellectual courage, out of beLIEf in in any authority external to the heart. There is none. All is self through a reception-perception-projection of the Breath of the Compassionate in inspire-aspire-expire, both have a return respire through the all seeing eYe. The spire is in the temple and the spire-it is the being within the heart. The beast is within the left-right hemisphere of subject-object duality of causality in good-bad choice, not knowing there is only good like the heart, much less the bad comes from the good but only expresses through choice, and only humans truly choose, the rest of creation already knows, and just does that. It does NOT beLIEve.

I ABSOLUTELY do! The subtle, creative, imaginative capacity is what the higher self acts through, and encodes paintings and song and dance for one with eYes to see on Shakespear's (shake-spear) stage, that eYe decode as a Noetic Archeologist decoding archetype @sidharthabahadur, Alan Green speaks to Shakspeare (www.tobeornottobe.org), green being the heart chakra and ~555 or phive-phive-phive Hz. “Coinsidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” was the smartest thing Einstein ever said… and the “God does not play dice”.

I have shared Scott Onstott (search secrets in plain sight” as proof of this, that most will attribute to the occult, but I wonder… a lot!

Yes. And Microvita is perhaps central to heart-brain coherence, and MMM is the form through which the cycle of Hertz express in circles and cycles through the several forms I have intergraded in geometric LAW, no man can argue with it, they can only lack the awareness to see it through the lenses and filters programmed into us by dear leader and obedience to those they parade out as the "expert" like the Dupe Darwin, and the Dupe Einstein and even the Dup Sigmund Freud (sigma fraud). Same with what's his name that "discovered" calculus... which is in truth from the Vedanta, it appears.

Yes, please do visit Stan Tenen's work, which is a relation of the Mereon Matrix Group and integral to MMM and MUCH more related to the archetype.

Perhaps... hidden no more, as the scalar is magical and does have order that Nikoa Tesla knew in 3-6|9, and with it ended war, then the "they" stole it and ended much, the twin towers on 911 being primary!

As for the Essene Gnostics, this is the correspondence principle most know through "as above-sobelow, as within-so without", and they both speak to the fractal cardiod Mandelbrot, cardiac being the heart of the "matter".

MUCH MORE TO FOLLOW, after I get out for a ride as you have given me much energy and gratitude @sidharthabahadur, you are a bright light in a bleak zeitgeist I hope to join lumens with and hearts for the Law of ONE in the NOW WON, our OWN in spelling spells of the six is sex hex of bifurcation in 69.

There is no such thing as reality, you create your own reality. Your consciousness and everything to ever exist is just a frequency in what you imagine is your reality.

Agreed @Conspiracy, beyond contradiction, but what is frequency in the imagination? Is what you imagine my reality? We are both here together. Did I imagine you or you me? Or is there no you or me, just perception from two polarized perspectives superimposed and entangled in 789?

List members , in the spirit of our ongoing quest for ETERNAL TRUTHS , here is another unique perspective , about how we are all intrinsically aligned with the Universe , that am sure will resonate with everyone :-

"Modern science accepted consciousness only after it got shell shocked by the results of the quantum double slit experiment.. Vedanta has always spoken about the importance of the conscious observer. The mystic and the physicist has now arrived at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm, the other from the outer world."


  • Published on December 31, 2014

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. - Teilhard de Chardin

My Posts are mixture of Deep Valuable Scientific Research stamped with truth of DIVINE from my internal system (Interstellar Communication) - Here to uplift the BRAND of Planet EARTH


Each read of this post and my other important posts will Elevate you and bring you closer to the Other Dimension- Read at Night or day. Calm your Mind when you do so..











Modern science is a mere reinvention of the knowledge of our ANCESTORS

Modern science is now revealing the Power behind the ancient Vedic chants , the influence of these laser sharp sanskrit hymns on human body and mind, the way these sacred recitals are designed to communicate with the Biological Internet – the DNA .

Our spiritual masters have taught us for ages that our body, surroundings and life can be mastered and programmed by our Speech, thoughts and words , with concentration and dedication (read my Most imp Pulse Post on Power of Mantra OM here)

(Now let us go to the ancient Indian language SANSKRIT-- which is the oldest language in the world, with the most immense vocabulary, clear speech, perfect pronunciation, accurate expression and politeness. Will have vibrations for DNA repair by spoken word mantras.

Sanskrit has a construct like Geometry in cymatics and can be Digitalised.

Since Sage Panini wrote the adaptable Sankrit grammar 7500 years ago, there has been NO changes, it is that perfect-- the work of a genius!

The Sanskrit language came from the 12 strand DNA of Vedic seers , with king size pineal glands who inhabited the banks of the river Saraswati from 9000 BC till it dried up in 4000 BC, due to tectonic shifts blocking the Himalayan Glacier source -)

- The Saraswati Elite then migrated all over even to Europe and Russia. This is why European languages have Sanskrit similarities.

Copy Paste and Cut Paste Genes

All these days, modern science had concentrated its research on individual genes of the DNA and was simply removing and mixing genes of one species into the other creating genetically modified species and crops which also resulted in side effects and dis harmonies in the modified species.

It was much similar to some of the so called software engineers googling and copy pasting software code – without trying to understand what the code actually meant or did. Genetic engineers similarly were used to searching inside the DNA to find genes with specific functionality and simply copy paste them in other species without really understanding the overall impact of these INDUCED Genetic Changes.

We see genetically engineered Onions coming out each weighing half a kilo, seedless fruits like grapes, disease resistant gene of one crop introduced into some other disease prone species without analyzing other impacts on the nature of the crop. Then there are PATENTED seeds and crops which are genetically programmed so that their offspring seeds cannot be used to grow new crops (basically offspring seeds are coded to be sterile) and instead the farmers are required to purchase these seeds from the multinationals for every crop they grow –

what a Crime against nature! Nature gives away its secrets to us for FREE, its we mortals who patent these Eternal Truths in our name.


The kind of Genetic Engineering scientists do today is looking at the system in Parts – whereas the fact is that the system works as a whole, not in parts . Else humans would have mastered weather forecasting long back. Even today the weather forecast by a local fisherman is 100 times more accurate than what modern technology predicts! The local fisherman looks at the system as a whole, technology tries to unsuccessfully break into parts.

A Gene or a set of genes do not work in Isolation. Removing, modifying or introducing new genes has an impact (+VE or -VE but rarely neutral) on the Entire system, and introducing such genetically modified strains into production without studying the complete nature of the change is an invitation for DISASTER !!

Modern metropolis today have cellphone signal towers popping out everywhere and their negative impact on human brain and health is being slowly revealed, and within the next decade we will have people who have used cell phones for most of their lives and those who are over exposed to it will be revealing the exact long term health impact of prolonged daily cell phone usage.

In other words, those who use cell phones for prolonged hours regularly today are simply offering themselves as experimental goats for an experiment which otherwise would have required a lot of both Time and money.

Coming back to Genetics, the once popular Mexican corn got mixed with the genetically altered species of corn meant for ethanol production (not for consumption), and a stage was reached where corn meant for food got adulterated with corn meant for fuel!

Today Mexico is facing a food crisis because most of its corn is now being grown to manufacture biofuel as it gives more returns to farmers, so the direction is set towards moving humanity into a phase where you have fuel for your vehicle but NO FOOD TO EAT !!

The Secret World of DNA

Flashback #1

All these days modern scientists used to think that 98% of the DNA is useless and even termed it junk DNA! Why?

Because they only knew the functionality of 2% of the human DNA which was about manufacturing proteins. Since they did not SEE via experiments what other 98% of the DNA did, they had concluded that it is junk (non-coding DNA in scientific terms.

Fact is- The primary function of our DNA is not Protein Synthesis, as biologists will tell you, but the Reception & Transfer of Electromagnetic Energy.

We have DNA strands 2 to 12 but these are 'unplugged' - they are not active. None of these are biological but are electromagnetic, extending into higher frequencies from strand 2 to strand 12 - they would be patterned within space, and nested internally non linearly.

The electromagnetic strands may be described as Etheric, and there could be considered to be 12 etheric in number and 2 physical, since each of the physical biological strands have Etheric counterparts.

HENCE Life is fundamentally Electromagnetic than Biochemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.

Our DNA is capable of producing and receiving sound (phonons) and light (photons) The DNA is a kind of a lens which can attract electromagnetic energy into itself

Every Biochemical reaction is preceded by an Electromagnetic signal. Cells and DNA communicate through frequencies. DNA holds the memory of our perfect forms.

DNA can be influenced by Acoustic, Electromagnetic and Scalar waves our DNA can even be “read” or “rewritten” as a textual (and acoustic!) genetic code. DNA is a biological Internet that links all human beings.

Chromosomes that are damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired by simply applying vibration and language, or sound combined with intention, or words, to DNA! Our DNA has remembered all the things that ever happened to human beings. Each cell of the body contains all of DNA’s infinite possibilities all of the time, from the moment of conception till death.

DNA can send and receive powerful data through a universal network of ETHER..

DNA is like the master tuning fork in the body. It would strike a particular frequency and certain other molecules would follow-- the waves are LONGITUDINAL -- rather field like--Energy cannot be destroyed –it can only be transformed.

It has been written in the Upanishads in 5500 BC, that this Universe is self aware, and every star has some type of individuality, Consciousness is NOT restricted to organic life forms alone. Cosmos is conscious and humans are just a microscopic part of it.

Nothing that was created can ever cease to exist. They can only change. And so we change. We emerge from Microscopic interactions of Cells and DNA Grow to the physical form we know in the world and then shed that form like how a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis to fly home.

Consciousness differentiates, just like DNA differentiates . The brain and DNA is governed by the laws of quantum physics rather than the laws of biology or neurophysiology. Scalar waves ( made famous by Nikola Tesla ) is the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness influence each other

Flashback #2

Ancient vedic seers had always said that human body is capable of being influenced by Sound (Mantras) and Light (Sungazing, Yagnas), that the core of creation is represented by the ultimate sound OM and that the Positive light emanated from fire rituals called Yagnas would create universal harmony (pic above)

Consciousness is a global phenomenon that occurred everywhere in the body and not just in our brains. Consciousness at its most basic is coherent Light !

They had designed specific Hymns with specific areas of influence, and had always advocated chanting of these hymns in specific pitches or frequencies, and performing specifically designed yagnas on a regular basis.

One would recognize this if one listens to the chanting of the Vedic Hymns, the highlight of which is laser sharp focus on pronunciation and pitch. The ancients had also strongly advocated that we should always think only about positive Thoughts and Speak Good as...


A scientific approach to explaining the power of thought.

The Missing Link

Now if you are wondering about the relations between the above mentioned Flashback #1 and Flashback #2.

The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined Linguists and Geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of "junk DNA."

Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! has proved that, what was thought to be junk DNA till yesterday is actually the DNA which creates a Biological Internet – which of course is Wireless in nature, communicating via Light and Sound waves!

DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and SCALAR WAVES

Every Species have Sound waves which is Longitudinal in nature- just like Scalar Waves and through Sound you can change your cells, your DNA .

German Dr.Konstantin Meyl Discovered that Hydrogen Electrons in DNA conduct Electricity. He also showed that electrons in DNA create Scalar Waves.

Thus DNA acts as an Antenna that sends and receives Scalar Longitudnal Waves. Dr.Meyl Research shows that human possess Potent Power within Itself that one can't even think of !

We have the Power of Wellness, Power of Oneness and power of Wholeness

12 strand DNA ( like the mobius coil ) which can biologically generate and emit SCALAR waves, also known as Reiki waves, travels faster than light through any medium without losing strength.

Our body is full of Water, every cell contains Water. Molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. The implications go beyond homeopathy and ’Energy medicine" and into the interaction between Water & Consciousness.

See the effect of sound, in the video below. A language like Sanskrit has evolved from the 12 strand DNA of seers 11000 years ago.

See what happens to every cell of your body-- with longitudinal waves caused by a Sanskrit Mantra.

DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as Data storage and in Communication.

The Russian linguists found that the Genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our Human languages.

That the genetic code is similar to that of the Grammar of human spoken languages. The Syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences) and Semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) of these genes are similar to the way human languages are designed, and also that it responds to precisely focused Vibrational patterns of human languages! In other words, They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages, it looks like the languages we speak actually evolved from the nature of our DNA itself!

You call it sound therapy or DNA therapy or whatever it takes, you can converse with your body (ie your genetic material) via Vibrations and Waves and can heal ailments, fine tune your health, control body functions etc without the need of any physical intervention like surgery or medicinal drugs! (refer to my post of POWER OF MANTRA OM here)

The experiments by The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA has proved that DNA responds to extremely focused Light and Sound vibrations at particular frequencies and hence can be instructed to perform tasks or exchange information accordingly!

The bottom line was: "Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation."

This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the Genetic information itself.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used."

So things like intuition, self-healing, telepathy, light-auras surrounding spiritual masters, influences of positive thinking, etc are no longer a domain to be studied outside the boundaries of modern science. The truth is that modern science itself had a blind belief about these otherwise scientifically valid facts all these days.

"Every cell of your body contains the Creative power of the universe. Every DNA has its own melody, as Energy & Matter is musical in nature. God resides within your DNA.

A DNA molecule is more sophisticated than any supercomputer on earth, and is the blue print of life"

Humans have the power to influence Universal Existence/ Movement of all Matters of this UNIVERSE. Our INTENT and DESIRES Change Matters of the UNIVERSE

Scientists transmits Sound Waves to communicate with Aliens through different Satellite and devices, They have FAILED SO FAR !! as they haven't Tried Transmitting AUM sound Waves at Different Frequencies. Projecting AUM which is the sound of the Universe, can help in communicating with Living Entities / Aliens of Other Planets

Modern Science is NOT AN ABSOLUTE SCIENCE, it is always a work under progress, parts of it which are accepted as facts today might turn out to be wrong tomorrow, things which modern science considers as blind faith today might turn out to be real science tomorrow. So anybody who talks the language of – modern science being 100% accurate – is actually fooling himself .

Wave Genetics – Technology behind Ancient Miracles and Evolution?

Genetics is the study of the way inherited characteristics are passed on !. Genetic engineering is the technology by which one could manipulate the genes, thereby altering the inherited characteristics at the microcosmic level. In a cell’s nucleus, there are several lengths of DNA. Each one is called a Chromosome.

A gene is one area of a chromosome that has the instructions to make one protein. DNA works by telling a cell how to make the many different proteins that our cells need to work. To do this, a part of the DNA helix is temporarily ‘unzipped’, so that its code can be copied. Genetic engineering goes against the laws of the morphogenetic field and indeed the universe. Eating genetically modified foods is detrimental in DNA upgradation.

While Western scientists looked at the DNA in terms of bits and pieces of genes, using complicated bio chemical processes to cut and paste DNA triplets in the DNA molecule, Russian scientist use modulated laser light to do exactly the same thing. The Russians have proven to be very successful in repairing damaged DNA material as they looked at it as a whole – which is always greater than the sum of its parts.

In one of their experiments, the Russian scientists were able to beam the genetic patterns of Salamander embryos onto frog embryos and there by instructed the DNA of frog embryos to convert itself into salamander embryos! And they did! Without any physical intervention, no surgery, no drugs, no touching at all – just by beaming genetic patterns the scientists were able to convert frog embryos into salamander embryos.

"They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. ?So they successfully transformed, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns!

This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.

Photons Changing DNA Forms

Physicist Fritz- albert Popp Did Extensive research on effects of PHOTON on Human DNA. From his experiments, he concluded "Man is essentially a Being of LIGHT"

His Experiments demonstrated the communication of DNA with PHOTONS, MATTERS & Even Miniscule or Bigger Life- Forms

Russia Scientists performed experiments to study the effect of light and sound on DNA. They projected beam of Photons to a strand of DNA and observed that beam of photons lined up to take Spiral shape of the DNA.

Even After removing the strand of DNA, photons didn't lose their Original Spiral form. This means that DNA can permanently change the form of the Surrounding object on keeping it exposted to rays of light at a certain frequency. (Consider SUNGAZING !!) watch video below

DNA reacts to Electromagnetic Fields, it emits EM Signals that imprint its structure on surrounding molecules like Water, sand etc. If Dna can Copy Itself then copy of the whole body is also possible as it is said in Ancient Indian Scriptures. this reveals the possibility of Teleportation of not only objects but also humans and animals. (Watch video below)

This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying Vibration and Language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of Wave Genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences."

"This process of hyper communication is most effective in a state of relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hyper communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless."

The Individual person must work on the inner processes and development in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA.

Reprogram DNA in living organisms. The most impressive discovery made so far is that spoken language can be modulated to the carrier wave with the same reprogramming effect. Our own DNA can simply be reprogrammed by human speech, supposing that the words are modulated on the correct carrier frequencies!"

The last time I saw this happening was in Science fiction movies, and the last time I read about things like this happening was in the Ancient Indian texts/ Scriptures where Demons/ Devas used their Spiritual powers to convert themselves into different beings or things through chanting of Sacred Mantras

Remember Demon Maricha of Hindu EPIC Ramayana who got himself converted into a beautiful Golden deer? (pic above)

Lord Hanuman is said to have mastered the great Eight arts (Ashta Siddhis) where he could instruct his body to become as large as a mountain, or as tiny as an ant, or as heavy as a huge rock, or as light as a feather etc!

His 8 Siddhis (Supernatural powers) are:

  1. Aṇimā : Ability to reduce one's size

  2. Mahima : Ability to increase one's size

  3. Garima : Ability to increase one's weight infinitely

  4. Laghima : Ability to become lighter than the lightest

  5. Prāpti : Ability to Obtain anything

  6. Prākāmya : Ability to acquire anything desired

  7. Iṣiṭva : Lordship over creation

  8. Vaśitva : Having control over things

Listen to the Powerful New Age Hanuman Chalisa

How Ancient Sages and Demigods were able to Change there Body Forms?

Scientists observed that Certain Frequency Patterns from the LASER BEAM damages chromosomes and cells of the Body. These Damaged Cells are then Repaired naturally by DNA with no use of Exernal Equipments or Procedures

Garjajev's research highlights the importance of Correct frequency to induce Reaction from DNA. He explained

The below video of the sanskrit mantra OM MANI PADME HUM (Avalokiteshwara) can activate junk DNA. It has to be repeated 108 times.

mani is jewel in Sanskrit -- it cannot be pronounced as mAAni.

padma is lotus in Sanskrit -- it cannot be pronounced as pEdme



Now going by this new discovery that doesn’t seem improbable isn’t it? For skeptics, I ask them then to be equally skeptical about the current scientific efforts of creating worm holes to transport people and things via space-time shortcuts. If that is possible, then so is this, isn’t it?

There is a Connection between DNA and Consciousness . The Brain and the DNA are transducers for quantum information from the Scalar Field of ETHER.

DNA is a superconductor that stores light at body temperature, and can create magnetic wormholes in Zero Point Field .. Microtubules and axional membranes are also hollow cylinders.

OM the Hindu king mantra , the sound body of consciousness and sound of light as per ancient Vedas , resonates with planet earth at 7.83 Hz and has been lifted by Schumann . Your own DNA and planet earth resonates joyfully or dances to this mantra


Mantras are Scalar energy based sounds which resonate in the Zero Point Field Aakashik hyperspace. Reprogramming DNA with mantras (spoken word) for carrier frequencies.

As explained during the starting of this post , Sanskrit is a divine language where the tonoscope cymatics , form the written letter --or can be visualised by a mystic. Our DNA can be “read” or “rewritten” as a textual (and acoustic!) genetic code

Consider this amazing fact. Our Ancient Vedic Maharishis as far back as 8000 years ago, knew of the degeneration of the Y chromosome of the human DNA. In India marriage between same Gotras (Lineage) is banned. Honor killings take place in India with a rigid Khap village justice system.

The Gotra system was designed to track down the root Y Chromosome of a person. The ancient Vedic Rishis had observed the degeneration of the Y Chromosome and they wanted to maintain as many individual healthy unique Y Chromosome lineages as possible. That would give a fair chance for males to continue to exist because Y Chromosomes get passed on over generations with almost negligible change in their genetic combinations, as they do not take part in mix and match with other Chromosome.

Men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome while women have two X chromosomes. DNA swapping happens between a pair of chromosomes, and since the Y chromosome doesn't have a pair, it can't swap DNA. So patterns stick around for a long time.

Evolution of this branch of science called Wave Genetics has the ability to give a completely new dimension to evolution of life on earth. All these days we used to wonder, how on earth can DNA gather information about its surroundings and modify its future generations to create new species – as is stated by the theory of evolution?

Charles Darwin knew zilch about DNA.

Wave Genetics probably would be the best bet for this Evolutionary puzzle, and the answer is probably not random mutations which is said to be the driving force behind evolution. Not only GOD, even Nature doesn’t plays dice either. Human Dna has been coded by Creator to Communicate with the External Enviorment and adapt iteslf to the Changing Enviorment. Its the DNA that plays behind the scene to create new species depending upon the atmosphere that is lying Around

Its the DNA acting behind the scenes, not passively mutating randomly to create new species, but actively interacting and responding with its surrounding and writing better Genetic Code and there by creating New Species!

Experiment thus Proves Universe is a design of an Intelligent CREATOR but not a Natural formed Entity - WAVE GENETICS is Flawless and therefore Scientists have an Uphill task in Disapproving GOD

Classical science must stick to the 5 human senses, (it can only unravel a miniscule percentage of cosmic phenomena). Anything beyond that, especially if it is microscopic like DNA --belongs to Holographic Quantum science.


In our body system, several atoms combine together as molecules by Conscious Morphogenetic Field to create DNA, Cells, Tissues Body Organs and finally our gross body Structure.

Just like the spider creates the Web field, our internal Consciousness creates Morphogenetic Field to produce Proteins, Juice, food etc to Nurture our Cell, Tissue, brain and Internal body System. Thus, Existence of this Whole UNIVERSE is because of Conscious Morphogenetic field of Brahman (God- Krishna)

The DNA is a transceiver for the BRAHMAN or the morphogenetic consciousness field. The Cosmic Mind is termed as Hiranyagarbha in Vedanta - and every conscious mind being an integral part of the Cosmic Mind, becomes vulnerable and sensitive to these cosmic vibrations of thought.

Does God Exist is a must watch to get interesting rational, factual and authoritative information about God's Existence and His role as a creator of the Universe. It is a perfect blend of Science and Spirituality

Know That from which all beings originate, emerge; That in which all beings rest; and That into which all beings finally merge - That is Brahman.’ (3.1.1)


Our Body ports are constructed because of such Morphogenetic Cosnciosuness field (M FIELD) Each molecules, cells, organs and glands of our body Vibrates at a certain frequency. Seven chakras is the focal point of all Electromagnetic fields.

Sound vibrations and DNA change is the path to Enligthement. Stage of Enlightenment is because of M fields. Seven Spiraling Chakras represents the various stages of Enlightenement are because of this M Field .

This Conscious M field changes the Flow of Electrons in such a way that our 2 strands DNA becomes 12 Strands DNA and thus making our body Independent of the UNIVERSE


Our Genes are totally controlled by DNA. Genes in Spiritual Terms is the Aksashic records of our Inner Self and its connection with the Higher self. Comuhnication happens when Electromagnetic Field of DNA overlaps with the Other.

DNA – The Biological Internet

So here we have nature’s own wireless Internet ever communicating, ever changing, and ever growing – in the form of DNA. Just like we have different computers, devices attached to our digital internet, constantly communicating with each other – so is this Biological Internet exchanging information for the past unknown millions of years.

And much more than that – while artificial intelligence is still a dream in our human invented digital Internet, the Biological internet has natural intelligence which not just exchanges information but puts it to use creating new species – which computers can’t do – which is automatically creating new improved software based on exchanged information!


It can be adapted to Backus-Naur Form grammar that is used to describe Modern Programming languages today.

And this brings us to the core idea of this article. While the Russian experiments used electronic devices to create the wave patterns that could communicate with the DNA, the alternate and much simpler(?) technology used by our ancients is Mind Mastering, Self Control and Concentration – coupled with meditation and dedication. This is also one of the primary reasons why our ancients always advocated us to look WITHIN !!

The laser sharp focus of Sanskrit hymns, the ancient rituals and Yagnas (Yagyas) - where in Rishis (seers who mastered rendering these sacred chants) chanted these hymns in unison in hundreds of numbers clearly indicate that they were aimed at creating a powerful biological broadcast and invoking a communication with the DNA of those who were within the radius of influence of this sound and light energy, to create a positive atmosphere.

Also note that, equal importance was given to Yagnas (Yagyas) which were to be performed with specific combustible material and in specific amounts to produce the desired light energy combined with these large organized chants, which would then probably send out massive broadcasting messages in the surrounding biological internet.

Probably this also explains the reason why emphasis was given to chanting the hymns with specific pitch and in a specific style which nevertheless was sharp and focused, and mistakes were to be avoided at all costs, else the chants would not have the desired effect.

Be good, think good, tell your DNA about your good thoughts, it will broadcast it to the surrounding DNA, they will then amplify it a hundred times or a thousand times and continue broadcasting it to the rest of the world until finally the effect reflects back to you like an echo with a million times more energy, giving life to your thoughts.

OUR DNA could be changed and influenced by words, Feelings, and Thoughts alone, especially between people. It is scientific proof that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions vibrate in form of Electromagnetic waves sculpt who we are, shapes our Material Reality and the way we react to our feelings also dictate how our DNA functions as a whole

Thats what our ancients said right? If your thoughts are bad, then they will bounce back upon you with a million times strength. Always think good, and you will blessed with showers of Goodness. What you sow is what you reap.

Unconditional Love with the DIVINE and Its Creation is the Foundation of all Universal creation induces Transcendental beahavior in DNA.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu – May all the people live happily.

If you are unable to Think positive? Resort to MUSIC, DANCING, SINGING & CHANTING are the medium thats brings satisfaction of the SOUL

The coming days are going to be even more interesting as the research into Wave genetics and biological internet gains more ground. Yet to be performed on HUMANS, We should wait to see how Donkey could be transformed into HORSE !! :wink:

This Technology has Promise !! until the Technology is Ready- Lets' use the Sound through Meditation and connect with the SUPREME !!

Quality Chanting of Hare Krishna Unscrambles the Brain

We humans have consciousness and we have a free choice if we wish to evolve further to Higher Consciousness. This means our junk DNA (96% of the total ) will be used and be Mutated to 12 strand DNA.

The Consciousness that you cultivate in your present lifetime determines what type of body you will get in your next lifetime. People who are attached to sky diving will become birds in their next life. Those who are keen for scuba diving will become fish. In this way nature facilitates everyone according to their desires. Those who are intelligent realize that this material world, no matter what species you are in, is a place of MISERY !! . Therefore they cultivate Krishna, Christ or Buddha Consciousness so that their next life will be an Eternal one with Sri Sri Radha and Krishna in that wondrous SPIRITUAL SKY

Aim of Human Evolution is Thus TRANSMIGRATION ! ie Attaining Divine Consciousness, turning Flesh Body into LIGHT BODY !!