TOO MANY THINGS CONVERGING: Jerusalem Post: Former Israeli space security chief revealed aliens are already here – Takeaway?: Luciferian cavern dwellers to make themselves known near solstice?

I think we can all agree that crazy things have been happening left, right and center... As we know recently concerns were raised about the activity under the oceans by "extraterrestrials". We all have a sense that this is just a marketing ploy by the cavern folk to try to rebrand themselves as has been discussed many times before.

Today the Jerusalem Post proclaimed more "shocking" news to the world:

Former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a "Galactic Federation" have been in contact with the US and Israel for years, but humanity isn't ready to know this.

Notice the chatter this has generated on Twitter:

@jimhicks36 shared an interesting email he received recently:

Judy, who lives up in Paul Bunyan Land, posted this on
Rick's forum a few days ago. I've sat on it a while, read
the transcript, and figured I'd know more about it later.
That didn't happen.

What follows is a 46 minute video. Most of what he's
saying is way beyond my understanding. It may be true,
but how would anyone prove it?

Now, the cautionary notice that came with the video
suggested I fast forward to about the 25 minute mark.
The narrator says big things are coming on the Winter
Solstice. It won't take long to find out if he's right.

This appears to be the video referenced (from 2018, but flags 2020 as the year):

And now we have a crazy tweet from Ivanka Trump today:

On December 21st, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will be at their closest visible alignment, just a 10th of a degree apart, since the Middle Ages in 1226.

Then, not to get on unfounded political ground here (this is very much well established info) we have this bombshell of Luciferian-Communist-Chinese control:

So with that incredible news about China's interference in the USA election and control of politicians since before the 1970s and the previous discussions on concerns of communism and China in conjunction with the cavern dwellers (elsewhere on the forum), there are just TOO many things converging here!

I'm thinking that things may start to get even stranger than we're all used to by now. Hopefully it's just a matter of degrees vs having some big things happen, but I guess we'll see soon enough...

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coincident -
I just now read that report before opening your message
and was going to forward it to you. interesting disclosure.
love - jim

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Thanks Jim, I, like I'm sure most of us here, would love to see things hang on a bit longer to give us some time to prepare for the clearly evident insanity that's distilling down upon us both as a hoary frost and sometimes in torrents of rain... I truly feel as though the level of insanity that's presenting itself is just too much to digest sometimes, but... there it is.

@jimhicks36 , great to have you back !! What an insight you've shared !

@Soretna , this upcoming winter solstice is going to be a significant milestone in our times - the world will see major changes as a result of the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21st Dec. 2020 , which is also coinciding with the onset of the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) .


BY THE WAY, 99% of that video I shared above on "Universal Disclosure" is GARBAGE. It has a lot of interesting information and even truths thrown about, but he ties it all together in a manner that is rubbish. Just want folks to be aware and his flat-pyramidal model is also garbage. The primary point of interest and why I shared it was simply concerning this winter solstice which is upon us and how it adds to the many "coincidences" (coincide-ant events and situations).


Saturn and Jupiter are already close enough, they are a degree away from each other and closing. Within a degree is Grahayuddha, interplanetary war!

This, along with the solar eclipse of the 8th, should be the worst moment.

Saturn represents the courts system/justice, and the masses/ the Congress.

The eclipse on the 8th occurs in Biden's rising sign. Me thiks that Biden is going to get devastated on the 8th.


PS- One doesn't need to be an astrologer to see that!

@deandddd , just to set the record straight , I am a man of science and at the core of my being , consider myself a researcher...then how & why do I give credence to Astrology ??

*The basic premise of Astrology is that Consciousness pervades this Cosmos , so even objects that many consider as inanimate , such as planets and stars , have consciousness.

**Secondly , humans are also made up of the same stuff , the same cosmic dust and energy that pervades the entire Universe . Therefore our lives cannnot be "sanitised" or "isolated" from cosmic events, such as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction , or the onset of the Grand Solar minimum (GSM) .

***Thirdly , Astrology has a view of the "interconnected Cosmos" , so every component of this Universe is linked directly/indirectly to everything else in the Universe .

How such celestial events impact each one of us varies from individual to individual , but it affects us ALL without would be naive to believe otherwise .

We humans are tiny specks , on a puny little rock called Earth , when compared to the "heavy-hitters" of our Solar system , the giants like Jupiter & Saturn (together they contain over 90% of the mass & energy of all planets in our Solar System) . Indeed , there are many smaller stars in the Milky Way Galaxy that are less than Jupiter + Saturn combined .

Then there is also the ancient esoteric belief that many , many moons ago , Earth emerged from Saturn (an example of a planetary ejection perhaps ??) , as a moon , that over time moved away due to the pull of the Sun . Something similar is now happening with Saturn's largest moon Titan , which strangely , has often been compared to early Earth !

Given all of the above , it would just be ignorance or arrogance of man to believe , that such rare conjunctions of Jupiter & Saturn have no influence over us...


List members , the Solar eclipse due later today , is the second one in 2020 and will be followed by the Great Jupiter - Saturn conjunction , exactly a week from personal recommendation is - even those who do NOT believe in Astrology , should break their rule - at least for this 1 week and check out their own forecasts .

These major celestial events impact each person in different ways , so it's probably best to know ahead of time...while no forecast is fully accurate , I've noticed lately that the use of Software tools have made them much more precise than in earlier times . Do try it out once !


Hmmmmm, what would you recommend in this regard as being the most "accurate" and trustworthy to this end @sidharthabahadur?

@Soretna , Astrology was the greatest of all ancient sciences and our ancestors considered it the "mother of all sciences" , so it's got merit .

Regarding your question , actually there are so many options to choose from . There are many that use latest software analytics tools - you could pick what you are comfortable with . Just Google on "Top 10 Astrology sites" - that could be a good starting point .

Many of us look at the weather forecast every day , don't we ? So , what's the harm in also checking our daily Astrological forecast ?

Astrology was a "complete science" handed down to mankind , in it's entirety , fully formed . Nobody figured it out by trial and error (way too complex) . Anyone of the following sources could have passed on this knowledge to humanity :-

  1. An earlier civilisation
  2. An elder race (Hollow Earthers perhaps ??)
  3. An entity not of this Earth



I meant to say "in" the eighth, meaning the eighth sign, Scorpio.

I would like to see what happens tomorrow, Monday.


Sorry, I don't really see any good options from what you're describing. They all seem to want money and various things that are just a bit over the top for experimentation as you suggest. If you happen to find one that you consider both trustworthy, excellent and free I'll fiddle around to see what I think - otherwise I really cannot trust this information the manner that, from what I've seen, it is presented.

I fear that this is basically a lazy and/or ignorant man's substitution for personal revelation and is a huge opportunity for false spirits and negative infiltration. I don't say this to be insulting - I simply have heard of too many horror stories from revelation has gone sideways from either A) getting it from the wrong source or B) not knowing how it works and thus fumbling around in it.

Well @Soretna , I am not surprised by your scepticism , given you maybe trying this for the first time , also because there are of course many quacks out there , who've given Astrology a bad name .

Having said that , I have observed much better accuracy in the last few years , because of the increasing use of Software Analytical tools to derive the Horoscope . It eliminates human error and bias in the forecasts.

**The most important data points are the person's name , place of birth , date of birth and exact time of birth (on that day) . If these 4 are taken correctly , even the less famous astrologers these days may be able to give you a fairly precise forecast using their Astrological software tools .

Next is the cultural aspect - the way Astrology is done in India or China (especially the terminology used) , may not click with a Western audience , so it might be better for you to opt for one in America itself . There are some famous astrologers in the US , who've earned a good name for themselves in this field .

Lastly , the money part - well , those Astrologers who do this for a living would need to be paid for their services , just like in any other profession :)) So , I wouldn't worry about that too much .


Well, I have finally managed to integrate a subject of great import into Morphogenic Matrix Math and 120 degree spin symmetry.

Comments are welcome... 7 days and counting...

Anyone with an interest of the SCIENCE of astrology would be well informed to tap into Santos Bonacci on or

@cosmicsojourner , thanks for chipping in - the science of Astrology has absolutely INCREDIBLE correlations with Sacred Geometry .

Here is my own personal opinion on why Astrology is THE most advanced & SUPREME among all sciences , handed down to mankind by "Someone" in extreme antiquity :-

  1. Astrology is the ULTIMATE multi-dimensional , multi-disciplinary , PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS SCIENCE that factors in Astronomy , Physics , Sacred Geometry , Quantum mechanics , the Ether and Consciousness

  2. It provides a "cumulative" dashboard view , via simplified mathematical formulae (that almost anybody can learn) - an executive summary , of mind-bogglingly complex underlying phenomena in our Universe

  3. Astrology is the correlation of the sum total of ALL phenomena in our Cosmos and how it uniquely impacts the life of each and every individual , from birth to death

*4. The knowledge of Astrology is FIRM PROOF that earlier civilisations have existed on Earth - there is no other way , Astronomical configurations & events that occurred tens of thousands of years ago , could have been recorded , such as in Vedic Astrology , for example !

**5. Astrology is developed ground up , from the deepest layers of REALITY , most of which lies outside the narrow "range" of the 5 senses humans possess . It takes into account , the PAST , PRESENT & FUTURE , all of which actually exist concurrently , at all times .

***If somehow , the knowledge of Astrology were to suddenly disappear , even our most powerful Supercomputers wouldn't be able to "REVERSE ENGINEER" it - that just shows what a PROFOUND science Astrology truly is :))

Understanding Astrology is the closest humans can EVER get to understanding the Cosmic mind of GOD and the design of the Universe ! Therefore , Astrology is probably the most precious ancient heritage of mankind...


Concur on all points @sidharthabahadur and would be interested in your perspectives on the sacred geometry of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, as posted above, it has not been in precession of Aquarius for 800 years, and it is comical to see concerns we are not ready for aliens, as we are aliens!

The wheel of the horn torus @Soretna uses for his moniker but obviously hasn't grasped the depth of as a an inver-evert cycle of the inverse square law, and we are on a soujurn THROUGHOUT time and space, which are both illusory in the secret of light. And I should have clarified Vedic Astrology as foundational in microvita=microtubule... blows my mind how increasingly gullible we have been to accept the smart monkey theory, particularly given current revelations about the plandemic that have the global herd begging for vaccines and staving them selves of O2 and breathing their own exhaust mired in fear, manufactured like the presidency for a half dead pedofile... but that's just ONE opinion based in 18 years of dedicated research.

@cosmicsojourner , as the ancient esoteric texts say (a view also supported by the likes of David Icke in our times) - our planetoid Earth had emerged from Saturn as it's moon (perhaps ejected from the Hexagon around Saturn's North Polar opening) , then later drifted away into an independent orbit , due to the pull of the Sun . Saturn's largest moon , Titan , is currently receding from it's host planet in a similar fashion , due to the pull of the Sun - history repeating itself in our Solar system ?

Therefore , we do share some sort of an "organic" connection with Saturn . Earth itself has a "Quantum Entanglement" with Saturn , from which it was , at least in that sense - yes , we are aliens (probably in other ways too , maybe hybrid , if not pure aliens) !

Humans are a "lateral" or "abrupt" entry onto the scene on the Earth's surface . We are not particularly well adapted to "local" Earth the mere fact that just a few days in the wilderness and any average human could succumb to galloping bacterial infections , even via a scratch on our hairless skin which is QUITE ODDLY , full of sweat glands (both features being far better for marine mammals than land mammals) - that goes untreated .

**As for the sacred geometry of the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction , it looks just like a flower...I am amazed how nature repeats such patterns , from the smallest scale , such as a flower , to the gargantuan scale - like a planetary conjunction ! A good proof point for our Holographic Universe :))


Yes, and the fact that the Hebrew's worship Saturn, who spent 40 years in the desert, and the Honey bee emulates the hexagon I refer to as six is sex in the hex of bifurcation in 69 is key in creation are "key".

These tesselated geometries represent the nature of nature in the equilateral and sacred geometry of the sacred seed that records all trees before and and all trees after that blossom the flower of life from which the fruit of life contains the seed to come full circle inn cycle.

The 40 conjunctions represent the NEYEN in 360 and a circle of fourths in harmonics complimentary to a circle of 5ths in Phive and 45 degrees for octave expansion and empiricist could only scoff at, as programmed, as it will never be weighed, measured or counted but proof is within geometric law for one with and eYe to hear-see. Ear nested in hear, nested in heart anagram for earth.

"No tree it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell" ~CG Jung

The roots appear to have hit rock bottom in the corner stone of hell, and perhaps this Saturn-Jupiter conjunction six is sex days away represent a "turning" point in the circle of cycle for the new sun on a cosmic day and a new way of being within a heaven on earth.

But what do I know? I'm just a squirrel looking for an egg-corn seed of life.

Thank you for opining @sidharthabahadur I welcome further comment.

@cosmicsojourner , true - there is a LOT of Occult literature about Saturn as a "failed Sun" and on Earth's strange connections with the "Saturn-moon matrix"...the Black cube , Hexagon and the 6 pointed star , all symbolise Saturn .

Since time immemorial , every culture had their own beliefs about Saturn . In Hinduism for instance , Saturn (known as The Dark Lord) is considered to be the presiding deity of this ongoing Kalyug era (spiritually , the worst of the 4 ages) , that began over 5,000 years ago - in 3,128 B.C. to be precise .

On a lighter note , "The Dark Lord" reminds me of Darth Vader from Star Wars :))

**In Astrology , Saturn is considered the "Taskmaster" that puts us through difficult & challenging experiences in life , which might actually be for our ultimate good .

There is a traditional belief in India that intensive Saturn worship (done knowingly or even unknowingly) results in the land of the worshippers being rich in black oil & minerals , but barren and unsuitable for agriculture . It also leads to strife in their land and mental tension . Does this description remind us of a certain region in the world ? A region whose people worship Saturn - probably without realising they are actually worshipping Saturn...?

***So many Corporate logos make use of Saturn's black cube symbolism (and also one major world religion - it's quite obvious , which one) . This Rabbit hole is actually a BOTTOMLESS PIT - it's the great Abyss itself :-