Swastika in the Stars

This article is about the Swastika - a very ancient Vedic symbol with cosmic significance , that depicts rotation of the 7 stars in the Big Dipper Constellation around the Pole star :-

Swastika in the Stars


23rd September, 2019


Published on 22nd September, 2019, in Mid-day

If you look to the sky, towards the north and want to identify the Pole Star, you have to first seek the Big Dipper constellation. Dipper means a ladle, the kind used to put ghee in the yagna fire. This ladle-shaped constellation has seven stars. In Hindu scriptures, it is known as Sapta Rishi Mandal, or the constellation of the seven seers. The outer rim of the ladle, directly, has two stars. When we stretch an imaginary line across these two stars, it reaches the Pole star.

The interesting thing to note about the Big Dipper is that it is seen in the sky all through the day and all through the year. All through the day, it rotates around the Pole Star. And all through the year, we notice that the starting position changes, so it is up in winter and down in summer, to the left in spring and to the right in autumn. The Big Dipper, thus mapped around the Pole Star through the year, makes the Swastika sign.

Dhruva Tara represents immortality. The child who sits on the lap of god. The Pole star also represents the soul, the home of Shiva, the wisest one. The four ladles, in the four directions, represent the seven sages making offerings to the Yagya Purusha, who also embodies the Pole Star all through the year to ensure good (su) happens (asti) in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

This is of course art, poetry and philosophy being projected to the stars. This is not unique to Hinduism, it is found in all cultures.

In the Bible, for example, we find a story of a man called Job. Job suffered a lot in his life and wondered why God did not help him. He decided once to ask God for an explanation for the cause of this suffering. God gave him a series of unanswerable questions, to show there is a purpose to everything in the larger scheme of things. Therefore, Job had to surrender to his fate, rather than demanding an explanation from God.

One of these questions relates to the stars. God asked if Job could bind the chains of the Pleiades (Krittika Nakshatra) or lose the cords of Orion (Mrigashira Nakshatra). The Pleiades is known to be a gravitationally bound star cluster, that is, the individual stars do not separate over time (they are ‘bound’). The Orion stars, on the other hand, are non-gravitationally bound, that means they eventually will move away from each other (they ‘loosen’ over time). Many orthodox Christians believe that ancient man could not have known this astronomical fact. Hence, this line spoken by God is indeed the Word of God. It proves Creation and Intelligent Design.

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Well @sidharthabahadur it appears we are moving in similar channels of thought and parallel lines that perhaps meet on the event horizon.

In the model I hope to bring forward the swastika is chiral "handedness" and yes, it is nothing close to what the neophyte has been programmed to think in fear, so they stay away. This guy Ralph does a great job of discovery, though like Santos/Wheeler the medium is not the message (https://at37.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/sacred-swastika-sources/).

Fundamental the swastika is related to Hopf Fibration topologically IMHO, and the bifurcation represented by Cancer in 69 and the zodiacal symbol. I am VERY interested in the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction cycle if you have anything to share. This coming conjunction on 12/21 solstice is massive in terms of Epochs.


In terms of my personal path and ontology I am researching something called a Maze Stone, specifically the Hemet Maze stone which is swastika like, but attributed the the Luiseno Indian Tribe in Southern California, where I was born and raised. Most important is the connections I am finding with the recently discovered Hawara Labyrinth in Egypt, as the Maze stone is a labyrinth and the geometry of consciousness is my bent on a TOE. No space, no time, just a point of perception within an eternal infinity. Don't mind the music: (https://youtu.be/Nc8hbJZCSZU). I am curious if you are aware of microvita from the Vedic tradition?

@cosmicsojourner , you have made some very interesting connections on this topic...but first on your comment about the Vedic concept of microvita - well there is an esoteric cult called "Anand Marg" , which is still found in Calcutta city located in the Eastern part of India , that talks a lot about the idea of microvita .

**The Swastika is again a pre-historic cosmic symbol that predates the current civilisation...it's probably handed down to mankind from an earlier civilisation .

As for the maze found in Hawara (rather a massive underground labyrinth) - it represents the pinnacle of the Egyptian civilisation and contains some of their deepest secrets . Thanks for bringing that up !


Yes, agreed re the form of the Swastika, as it is the center of my work as well in NEYEN of number as funda-mental to consciousness (linguistics). And Hawara should absolutely be the focus as the bones of Giza have been picked clean and her secrets revealed, above ground at least.

Are you aware of heart math institute that promotes heart-brain coherence? Microvita is the science at the foundation, and my work seeks to define these precepts in geo-metric/numeric terms that includes linguistics as generative and embedded within the labyrinth of the mind as the "maze", which certainly has been a high-light with unfolding agenda's shining a spotlight on it with contemporary geo-poly-ticks, geo being earth-centric and the cubic form of Platonic Solid Earth, annagram for heart... but with mice looking for government cheese not transcendentalism.

Those versed in the illusory nature of "reality" can hold space for this in the divine nature of creation. For others that only embrace academia's version of truth, perhaps lamestream quackademia Simulation Theory might serve as a vehicle to approach the ancient knowledge of mentalism. Thank you for the continued dialog and for your intellectual courage to breech the walls of the box most are trapped within.

@cosmicsojourner , I will again allude to the Star Wars concept that "there is always a master and an apprentice" . So for the fortunate amongst us , having the right Guru to provide guidance on some of the deeper layers of reality would be a BIG help...though there are very , very ,very few such teachers alive today . Some of them are too difficult to contact or possibly do NOT even wish to make any contact with humans of the present era !

Either way , there is a bridge to such "forbidden knowledge" one must be able to cross , in order to attain full enlightenment on some of these topics .

Therefore , I too wish you all the best for your ongoing "quest" into such mysteries ! :))


Absolutely @sidharthabahadur the deepe secrets coded within the predictive programming from Hollywood aside I agree, but contend perhaps the Guru is within in primacy, and can be no other way. And the Guru without merely a mirror protection-reflection, the word from the bird's eye view perspective intermediate in the magnificence of the trinity in the six is sex hexagram of NEYEN, that Nikola Tesla spoke of as holding universal secrets in 3|6|9.

I am in gratitude for the exchange and reflect your good wishes back, as the quest begins in earnest for collective neophyte to find the Guru within and become the adept in sovereignty, rather than following dear leader toward the cliff of collective insanity as we serve as witness and hold space for the new kingdom to take form.


Hemet Maze Stone (Labyrinth of the mind). From Amenemhat III of Hawara, and Havana at Colon centered in the Templars Cross. My guru within celebrates your guru within @sidharthabahadur as you seek even "handed" chiral form through the snow-flake whirl in your finger-tips, to have the whole world (earth-heart) in your hands as the word become flesh in Kadmon, solo man in Solomon.

Very well said @cosmicsojourner ! The "Spiritual JOURNEY" is a long & winding road , from the mundane to the profound , from the profane to the arcane , from the gross to the sublime , that seemingly goes right up to the pinnacle , the peak of ALL human existence .

To give a somewhat crude analogy , it is akin to the novice mountaineer challenged with climbing Mount Everest , without even a guide (sherpa) . However , it is also true that regardless of having a guide by the side , it is the sheer willpower of the climbers that propels them forward towards the summit . It has been described as one the loneliest experiences in this world , where one is battling alone with the elements - not very different from meditation.

There are still some ageless , deathless sages , meditating for an eternity , in the perfect solitude of mountainous caves - why ?? Because complete isolation or "ekaant" (in Sanskrit) is the FIRST rule of meditation . It is comical therefore to see some new age "Guru" teaching thousands of people under one roof , seated right next to each other , about how to meditate - and together at that , really !! :))

You have rightly pointed out that the answer to the deepest questions , comes from within , no matter how counter-intuitive it may sound to all the "educated" folks like us , who have been trained since childhood to believe that collaboration and group discussion are the best ways to find solutions to problems :))

**On a different note , to your point about the numbers 3,6,9 and Tesla's view of the same , here is something you might find interesting :-

Magnificence 3, 6, 9,

The 3-6-9 and 6-3-9 Cycle in the Vedic Square can be thought of as Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise, or as Electricity and Magnetism. They are transport-channels, Nikola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any location. His concepts during the following years were greatly influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was the first of a succession of eastern yogi’s who brought Vedic philosophy and religion to the west. After meeting the Swami and after continued study of the Eastern view of the mechanisms driving the material world, Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and the concept of a luminiferous ether to describe the source, existence and construction of matter.

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

(3,6,9) is a Triangular Cycle that repeats itself until Infinity.

One of the most important Digital Root Patterns is the Vedic Square. It is the Digital Root of the Multiplication Table of the numbers 1 to 9.

The Second Part is about the Vedic Square. It is called the Vedic Square because this Square is one of the most important tools in Ancient Vedic Mathematics.


Vedic Mathematics was used in many Ancient Cultures (China, Egypt, Greece) with different names. The Chinese art of Feng Shui was called Vaastu Shastra in India.

Pythagoras, trained in Egypt (Heliopolis), used the same principles and used the same Patterns the Ancient Vedic Scientists were using.

The patterns of the Vedic Square Rotate. The End of a Horizontal and a Vertical Pattern connects with the Beginning of the Pattern. This means that the Vedic Square is a Torus.

This Torus is called the Rodin Torus. The Rodin Torus is a Coil that produces a Uniform Electro-Magnetic Field.

The last part is about the Game of Chess. This game is just like many other Ancient Games a Simulator of the Game of the Universe

This Table contains the Harmonics of the Numbers 1 to 9. These Harmonics are highly related to the Harmonic Pattern behind the Cycles in our Universe The Vedic Square was used to build the Pyramids,

Further Reading – http://hans.wyrdweb.eu/about-the-digital-root-part-1/

General – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_mathematics

india In

Consideration; – Anyway, to me, it does not appear surprising that when one tries to put mathematical ideas of modern physics in human languages, they look similar to the philosophical ideas of ancient Rishis obtained after deep meditations. In fact it would be shocking if they did not agree. This would be true if e.g. the world was described by classical physics. I think the nature of reality is such that both parties were forced to adopt these ideas. As for Rishis, it is not clear when that classical to quantum transition took place or indeed if there was a sharp transition like modern physics.

In some parts of Vedas and many Upanishads, we see clearly concept of abstract, omnipresent, invisible, eternal, transcendent and immanent Brahman who has qualities unfamiliar in our everyday life. Just as many things in everyday world are described by classical physics, [ ] There is nothing wrong with that. Concept of Brahman would correspond to quantum concept.

”There is a story about two yogis. One meditated all day. The other one read scriptures all day. At the end of every day the second one always said “I do not understand. I do not understand”. Then one day, to the great surprise of the first one, the second one said loudly, “I understand. I understand”. The first yogi asked him with astonishment as to what suddenly happened. “Now you understand everything suddenly!” The second yogi replied “I now understand that this cannot be understood!”

Similarly, in physics, one sees only the material objects around and does not see strange quantum fuzzy world underlying all the matter. Moreover, the particles of modern physics are believed to be in some kind of suspended state devoid of any specific properties until they are measured.

Ishopanishad: “It moves and it moves not; it is far and it is near; it is within all this and it is also outside all this.”

Quote; ”There are amazing similarities between implications of theories of modern physics and ancient Hindu philosophy as expressed in Vedas and Upanishads. The basis of Hindu philosophy is the mystical idea of Brahman. The Brahman is usually described by the words “Neti, Neti “meaning, not this, not this! When I went into study of physics, I realized that, as far as knowledge of ultimate reality is concerned, physicists are in exactly same situation as the ancient Rishis. Both cannot describe it in everyday language. In Mundak Upanishad, knowledge is divided into two parts: Para Vidya which deals with the eternal truth that can lead to self realization and Apara Vidya which deals with knowledge about material world. Under this classification, Physics might come under Apara Vidya. But, I would like to convince you that Modern Physics is also Para Vidya!” –

– KashyapVasavada


Well received @sidharthabahadur the true Guru in my ontology is the eternal student that understands the nature of "truth" is individually by necessity, but objective collectively by design to transmute suffering through the reflected projection of focus in polarized dualistic choice the past-future photon cone intermediated by the hyper-sphere and the dielectric of Mobius dick. The labyrinth of the brain/crown/earth/cube king-dome, and the intestine represent the longest journey to the Heart and ONE is certainly the loneliest number. They wrote a song about it. The further along the sojourn one endures the narrower the path and the steeper the grade, level in degrees of the inverse square. Pespective being king in the Falcon with a birds-eYe perception... or the mountain climber. The point being if you can't fly already, you must do the work! All work take "place" in no space and no time of the NOW between to points that form a mascu-LINE, that curls in the curve of the femi-NINE as all that IS IS in the YinYang, or Shiva Shakti, and on, on on it goes in the didactic of the binary, good-bad prime time even-odd-odd-even progression. But that is just my perspective earned-NOT delivered. That is called beLIEf, which has a LIE in it. Most choose beLIEf rather thal be life and live-evil back words, left to right where I choose ONE perspective in the Law of ONE, the unit cube thought form of the all is Maya machine. I honor you and your unique perspective as well. You are another me and I am another you in the bi-bull toro-flux of experience, and OH what an experience we are all about to have! The opportunity for glorious transmutation will be rich if we can hold center.

Magnificent in-deed @sidharthabahadur and I am in gratitude for your perspective as keen and proper, and referential in the differential of the Vedic square I call NEYEN after the eYe AM THAT eYe AM of the one eYe falcon, Monad and the circle of life in cycles of prime time. But the model I work to innerstand is of the very nature of consciousness as a piezoelectric process of the E8 quasi crystal driven by the Breath of the Compassionate, intermediated by the earth-heart anagram in Bagu and 64 hexagrams of the chess board and codons of DNA, among a litany of ancient mythology and arti-FACTS the world over, within which I see you have very deep work to share and I am keen to see with new eyes. Bravo for escaping the cubic thought form, to see the fractal scale below within the next level and the new degree.

Once again @cosmicsojourner , I am mesmerised by your quote , which even the ancient seers would have agreed with :-

"Ultimately all human effort is futile" - I agree that's not a terribly motivating statement , but when was the truth OBLIGED to entertain us or give us a "high" in the hormonal , "sensory" sense of the term ? So then , what truly is the point of all this - are we "all dressed up , with nowhere to go" , is it just "much ado about nothing" ?? The simplest answer is to seek enlightenment - an "ongoing" endeavour , or "work in progress" that lasts several lifetimes for most . That is THE only worthwhile pursuit for the soul in a human birth , the rest is all impermanent and ephemeral . This is NOT to say , that we shrug off all our wordly responsibilities , CERTAINLY not ! However , while we do our Karma in this world , let's do it with a sense of detachment , because NOTHING in this world is permanent , except our soul .

**The following two videos of Sadhguru , do a fairly good job of describing enlightenment - it is by no means THE last word on the subject , but a good starting point at least . Everyone may have their own preference on whom they wish to follow for the definition of enlightenment , so "to each his or her own" !


You are too kind @sidharthabahadur, please know I a make this stuff as I go, but that it is forged out of sacrifice and many years in search of the unknown unknown, which when one has traveled sufficiently far innerstands is limitless.

In my ontology, I see the "truth" as perspective in the sacred form of sacred geometry and parallel paths, be they two rails, or the primitive streak of mitosis, they only meet in in the focus of the event horizon. I call it real enough, but most call reality-where they meet in perspective-but never do in actuality.

The "truth is eternal like-wise for me and exists where the two paths meet in a sexed universe and subjective projection of collective perspective of of objective duality in causality of the thought form in-formed by the word. Which as Krishnamurti made clear, "when you teach the child the word bird, they neve see the bird again". There can be no thought without the word in a cube, circumscribed by a sphere... tiny bubbles is what Don Ho sang:

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
In the wine (in the wine)
Make me happy (make me happy)
Make me feel fine (make me feel fine)

Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
Make me warm all over
With a feeling that I'm gonna
Love you till the end of time

So here's to the golden moon
And here's to the silver sea
And mostly here's a toast
To you and me

So here's to the ginger lei
I give to you today
And here's a kiss
That will not fade away

Looking glass technology?

@cosmicsojourner , the video you posted is a very interesting take on this topic .

On the subject of Sacred Geometry , I have focussed a lot on the Torus as a fundamental shape in our universe , not the sphere . All stars and planets are actually "egg-shaped" oblate spheroids or toroidal in shape , not perfect spheres as science would have us believe .

As you might have seen , Nassim Haramein has made some excellent videos explaining the Torus and Vortexes found in nature .


YES, @sidharthabahadur!

I hold the cosmic egg of creation as the centerpiece of the heart space, driven by what I term Morphogenic Matrix Math with the enneagram driven by number NEYEN in fractal cycle.

Alan Green is teamed with Nassim and Dali Lama, and I have the secrets he seeks related to Shakespeare and Queen Mary Stuart, with whom I am genetically related though my mother (Stuhr). Her son commissioned the KJV bible I decode in linguistics and archetype, specifically related to my path is Revelation 3:7-12 and the church of Philadelphia, that is to be consecrated in the X that Alan speaks to relative to the Templar Cross, but he does not call it that, and relates it to Enochian script and perhpas related to the Philadelphia Experiment with the genius of Nikola Tesla!.

Please do not miss this one as he states that the Dali Lama gave them marching orders to save the world and that only 2 generations remain before we are extinct!

Here Vortex Based math is explicitly validated ( https://youtu.be/mXPedW7NBtk?t=10917), but my claim is that Rodin/Powerless version is 1/3 of the full model. Robert Grant has made much headway with prime number addition, so they are on their way and he speaks to symmetry but I am not familiar with how he relates to Rodin/Powell's VBM.

The Enochian table is the Templar cross at Colon cemetery in Havana Cube-UH : https://youtu.be/mXPedW7NBtk?t=10947

So much of congruence in correspondence, even Alan Greens methodology/ontology of decoding "errors" in the sonnets. Right down to his last Name Green as that is the heart chakra and the center of red-blue polarity.

So profound, and I don't know how that I can reach them to share beyond my initial email. I rarely go past that in these matters ans it is important to take right action, but hen I leave it to universe to show the way, or them the way.

More on Dali Lama: https://youtu.be/mXPedW7NBtk?t=5796

@cosmicsojourner , the "cosmic egg" is such a better way to understand our Universe , than the "Big Bang" theory :)) Also , since you mention the "Morphogenic Matrix" , I was wondering if you subscribe to the views of Rupert Sheldrake on that subject ?

Also , thanks for sharing these videos - they contain really deep insights , which any patient listener can glean .

**I will say this without doubt , if Dalai Lama (who doesn't often meet scientists) granted a special one-on-one audience to Nassim Haramein and the very wise Allan Green - and there was such bonhomie , they clearly are on the "same wavelength" , not just socially , but also in terms of their concepts - that's a HUGE validation , especially for Nassim Haramein . Finally , his work may get the recognition it so richly deserves .


Hello @sidharthabahadur regarding your question; [quote="sidharthabahadur, post:17, topic:15569"]
I was wondering if you subscribe to the views of Rupert Sheldrake on that subject

I not only subscribe, the Mophogenic Matrix Math (MMM) that completes, when complete, Rodin/Powell's work will define the geometry of consciousness through the heart-brain-gut centers of intelligence as the fundamental trinity of the 7 chakra centers.

If the vision I see is truth it is immaculate in terms of simplicity of implicate/explicate order of the Monad and the circle of cycle, to borrow David Bohm's terminology. I claim that microvita is in truth what they both agreed upon as a base. But they are still coming from a particle perspective whereas my cosmology is more along the "line" of Walter Russell. Which Matt Presti is the current President of the Walter Russell legacy and is very much a fan of the Chestahedron (Great Sethahedron).

It is refreshing to see more that entertain these high levels of understanding... or is it lower :wink:

What intrigues me most is within personal sojourn terms is the genetic link between Queen Mary Stuart and I, coupled with Queen Elizabeth and John Dee, the first James Bond as he signed his letters to the queen "007" and his code is what Alan Green Decodes and he appears to be seeking the meaning of 624, that is key in MMM. Further the cosmic egg of creation within which the fabric of space-time weave is generative is represented through Durer's Melancholia and I through the Superman symbol, kryptonite and the egg he came to Earth in, earth being heart anagram and green the color of the heart chakra.

I saw a Vedic astrologer a few years back who said I would need to put in 400% to succeed on my path, after 15 years of sacrifice and work already spent. Accordingly, I imagine the difficulty getting other to share the vision, and I am already exhausted. In particular with the insanity playing out on the world stage of Shakespeare's Play in spelling spells and scripts I never rehearsed!

@cosmicsojourner , if this indeed is truly your Magnum Opus and even a Vedic Astrologer has said so to you , then do NOT give up your quest at any cost . Just keep soldiering on along this difficult path towards "True North" , or if it motivates you more - "Mount Everest" , that life seems to have guided you towards . May the "scalar" force be with you , on this challenging journey :-


Thank you @sidharthabahadur I have never been one to quit before the goal is achieved to the best of my ability, and this sojourn is certainly the most difficult ever. With young children in tow as I seek to define my TOE it is particularly difficult. As their mother refuses to see light and is trapped in the matrix of appearance, "normal", things and obedience to authority. Fortunately she does not deter me from my path but is certainly no help. The lack of support or companionship other-wise has me often feeling taxed to the limit, but that is all ego stuff I know, so I persevere in persistence. Your kind words are an aid to that end so I am in gratitude for the perspective you share.

Might I inquire as to your expertise beyond what you have shared? I do need an intermediary versed in the empirical system of weigh, measure and count, in order to ultimately marry TRUTH of spirit with science of number and geometry to number theory and what I call quantum quackery.

Ever heard of Leo Vuyk and "Quantum FFF"? Function Follows Form has been my mantra for ever. But his work is new.