SECRETS OF INNER EARTH - Ancient Aliens Season 18 Episode 19

Wow here's a fun one on the topic of reptilians galore and under our feet!!!


Wow , nice find @Western0bserver ! Thanks for sharing .


@Western0bserver Wow!!! I just watched this documentary and I was completely BLOWN AWAY!!! They're revealing the whole agenda in this video. Cavern worlds, Reptilians, Hybrid Creatures, Ancient History, EVERYTHING! It's all in there.

The one thing I noticed in the video is that Giorgio Tsoukalos dismissed the Hollow Earth as "absurd," and yet he made use of Admiral Byrd's expedition to the North Pole and purposefully confused it with his 1946 naval incident in Antarctica.

As per usual, they're trying to misdirect people to get them to conflate the Cavern World-dwellers and the Concave Hollow-Earthers with one another.

Still, 99% of the other info in the video is solid and it fits very well with the Hollow Earth and the Cavern Worlds model as explained by Michael Mott in Cavern, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures.

I'm quite shocked that they're finally revealing their agenda this openly. It seems to me that the Crustal Cavern-Dwellers are getting ready to come out and they're "prepping" the convex surface-dwelling population for their return...


I thought it was pretty telling to hear the pharisees talking about this stuff like they did. It's almost like they were bragging about knowing these things and having them out in the open like they did here. Really a marvel!


About Giorgio Tsoukalos, I think that if he went to all that rouble to make specific, negative comments, then we must be having an impact. The only HE sources of info are this list, and two of the Facebook lists are rather serious, as well as Jan Lamprecht's work.

There is not much else that's "ongoing".



FYI: it looks like the original video link has been taken down for copyright infringement, but there's another mirror of the video available here for those who still want to watch it:

I'd suggest downloading it before this one gets taken down too. Hopefully a more permanent link might become available soon.

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This is really one of the best episodes of the Ancient Alien Series , till date !



Just going back to this.......... I continue to be floored by these pharisees being so open about something so friggin' terrifying and self-indicting!!

Yes @Western0bserver , this episode on the whole is such a profound reality check that it needs to be taught in Universities - YES , I mean it :))