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Phillip Schneider, (who claimed to be) a former geologist, for the U. S. government, in this video (, talks about his involvement in DUMBs (deep underground military bases), the laser technologies that bores (cut through rocks) a 7 mile tunnel per day, 140-element periodic table used by government scientists (instead of the 105 element table we were taught in school), $1 trillion drug trade budget to fund these projects, among other things.

In his last lecture, he revealed that he had been shot at 13 times for his work in revealing truths. He had quit his government post after being told by his superiors that the DUMBs (cavern cities) are being built in case marshall law takes into effect after a nuclear war on U. S. soil and also to subvert the United States constitution.

He also said that there were a total of 131 DUMBs in the U. S. by the time he resigned and that all of them were connected via underground maglev trains that travel at the speed of MACH 2 (i. e. 90 minutes from San Francisco to Washintgon DC. This technology exists, folks. Commercialization of this technology is not allowed at this time).

You can hear the voice of sincerety. Watch it and judge it for yourself.

Regarding his death: (
According to Tim Swartz and Cynthia Drayer[3], Schneider was found dead in his Willsonville, Oregon apartment on January 17, 1996, after friends were unable to reach him. Authorities concluded Schneider had been dead for five to seven days, and initially announced a stroke as the likely cause of death. However, Schneider's ex-wife suggested he might have been murdered for exposing secret information.[4]
The later autopsy would determine the cause of death to be suffocation by the wrapping of a rubber hose round Schneider's neck, believed to be self inflicted.[citation needed] But many[citation needed] still insist that he was murdered by people who broke into his house, or possibly assaulted him at a different location and moved his body to his house, and strangled him to death with a rubber hose, and then hanged him by it to stage his murder to appear as if it was self-inflicted.

Schneider's wife, Cynthia M. Drayer,[citation needed] claims she was not allowed to see his body at the morgue, due to "decomposition." She claims that the body that was autopsied was not that of Schneiders. According to the coroner's report, the body contained all ten fingers, and did not bear scars of the operations he had on his penis due to a penile infection he had years before his death. Schneider was missing fingers on his left hand due to (according to Al Bielek) injuries received from the Dulce firefight

Thought I should post a link to this EXTREMELY interesting and important video:

Here are a couple of backup links:

Philip Schneider was assassinated on or around 10 January 1996. The above video was at the Preparedness Expo that was held from September 22 to 24 in 1995.

He appears to have given one more lecture in the following November of 1995: Phil Schneider - November 1995 Lecture - YouTube

He died just a couple months after giving this lecture... the "powers that be" suicided him. He explicitly stated, "if I commit suicide, they killed me." His death was impossible as a suicide. I've heard two different accounts of how he died. Some folks say he was shot twice in the back of the head. Others, such as the above post, or this blog post, give a different account:

It was then discovered that he had a surgical tube wrapped around his throat three times and tied in the front. In order for this to happen as a suicide, he would have to wrap the hose around with missing fingers and extensive pain in his shoulders, and then knot it. He then sat on the edge of his bed, and suffocated, falling into his wheel chair. He did not hang himself with the hose, he just sat there. This is not a normal type of death. In one of his lectures he stated that if you hear he has committed suicide you will know that he was murdered. (source)

Either way, we have a man who shot himself twice in the back of the head, or performed an extremely painful and thorough self-strangulation whilst missing three fingers... yeah, an open-and-shut classic case of suicide...

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FYI, some people around the internet have been claiming that Phil Schneider was exposed as a fraud in FBI FOIA documents... I just want to respond to this accusation here.

Everything in FOIA is pure bullcrap. Everything you read in a FOIA document should be taken with a grain (or pound) of salt. It's either suspect or completely fabricated disinformation. The entire agenda of the FBI as it pertains to American patriots is always a smear campaign. We all know this now, after what happened to President Trump and the totally fallacious FBI propaganda campaign against him. You can't trust anything tied to the FBI. Everyone thinks the FBI has some kind of mandate to say "nothing but the truth" in their reports. This is COMPLETELY FALSE.

The FBI has NO mandate whatsoever about being truthful or even legal in any of their work, or reports, whatsoever. There is no integrity whatsoever. Their entire organization was founded for the purpose of lying, subterfuge, spying (most often on American citizens), and creating literal disinformation to mislead the "enemies of the United States." Both the CIA and FBI did this a lot during the Cold War, and there were thousands of fake documents "leaked" to the other side to mislead them in regards to American technological developments.

Notwithstanding the massive corruption in American court systems, at least those courts are sworn to uphold the truth, and there are legal ramifications for them if they are caught out in lying or tampering with the record (although it can and has been done many times). They are also not allowed to withhold court proceedings from the public unless sealed by a gag order from a judge.

Not so with the FBI!!! They can hide anything the heck they want via redactions, and NOTHING ever comes out in FOIA documents that they don't WANT to come out. Everything else is hidden underneath black ink. That means EVERYTHING you read in a FOIA document is exactly what the FBI wants you to read!!! They carefully scrutinized and approved the text you are reading, not letting so much as a peep of real information come out. Furthermore, they have ZERO mandate to make anything in their reports accurate AT ALL for public consumption. Everything is left to their discretion in the interests of "national security."

Eustace Mullins (a researcher for 20 years in the Library of Congress, and also a secretary to Senator Joseph McCarthy) documented the outrageous crimes, atrocities, cruelties, and injustices of the FBI in two of his excellent books:

Anyone even CONSIDERING to put ANY trust whatsoever in an FBI document, should read both of these books first.

People think that just because they watch romanticized TV shows like Fringe, 24, and so many others, wherein the FBI are portrayed as "White Knights in Shining Armor," coming to save us from the boogeyman of "national threats"... that the FBI and similar three-letter agencies have some kind of higher law, which they must abide by... well, we all know who controls Hollywood... and they certainly want us to think very highly of their friends at the FBI...

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Here is another nice piece on Phil Schneider:


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