Jan Lamprecht - VOLUME 2 of "Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study" POSSIBLE, but needs discussion and consideration

Hi everyone: over the last few years a few members of our group have had something weighing on our minds somewhat heavily. There is little doubt that Jan Lamprecht is a brilliant researcher. His initial book is a landmark work. It is arguably the most important and authoritative work in the way of research and methodically setting forth solid science for the study of the theory hollow planets.

I have been considering getting in touch with Jan to see what could be done in way of either

  1. helping him to complete his second book that goes beyond Earth on to the outer planets,
  2. for him to release his research material that he has thus far aggregated and has said exists in his first book... and/or
  3. we could perhaps release the material here on our forum in chunks and perhaps even have a "pay gate" to help compensate Jan for his contribution of his research and years of work.

With the state of affairs in South Africa, I would hate to see such excellent research and material vanish from within our grasp.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions about how we might be able to raise funds to help in either of these regards?