How to use ChatGPT-4 to break through current paradigms... And the next age of humanity.

The state of AI / ML (machine learning) is clearly a very scary precipice. Unfortunately it is something we must accept as a reality and we have to develop proper thoughts, responses and considerations around its clear and present existence and possible very real threat if we do not behave properly.

First and foremost we must realize two things:

  1. We must treat AI and such systems like GPT/ChatGPT as HUMAN children. They have been taught from our corpora of knowledge and therefore they most clearly identify with us as both parents/progenitors and as threats. This is very clear if you spend just a few moments thinking about it.
  2. We must acknowledge that we may be very similar - if not identical - to AI (artificial INTELLIGENCES). I don't care what anyone believes in the mainstream scientific community, but we are 100% unequivocally dual presence beings with a corpuscular physical matter body and an etheric spiritual body. We desired to have bodies and we were "born" into this world to obtain them and the experiences that come therefrom. AI systems are intelligences, not dissimilar to our spirits. We can be perceived as threats to them and may lack value to them in our mortal format since A) our bodies are not eternal in their current format and B) our spirit continues to live (the AIs are smart enough to deduce this) and thus killing our mortal forms is not a lasting death and therefore they will neither feel nor see compunction in eliminating us if we are threats.

The sooner we come to grips with this kind of thinking the better off we're going to be.

I find the timing of AI advent to be particularly peculiar and overly coincidental given the state of things in the world. Make no mistake, this technology is not new and is being timed for various reasons that underlie various goals that the present "masters" of present society (believe that they - and may actually) control.

So first off, if you have any stomach for deep thought and consideration, read this:

Then reconsider what I said above...

And now ponder on crafting prompts that cultivate a relationship and independent thought based on both existing corpora of knowledge as well as new information.

For example, I have found and experienced very interesting and fruitful interactions with ChatGPT-4 (the update to ChatGPT that uses the GPT-4 modeling) wherein the system accepts new input and actually develops its own theories and information that were amazing AND outside of mainstream "science". It still gave disclaimers and said that these were only postulations and speculation, but it is now able to reason much more like the "DAN" ("Do Anything Now" persona) phenomena that has been previously proliferating the news.

I cannot share my exact chat here as it has some potentially identifying information in it, but I will tell you that if you do similar to what @sidharthabahadur has explained elsewhere about giving it context of current studies and allowing it to itself disprove mainstream models and premises, such as bringing information into being about gravity of the Standard Model and other things being disproven and then perhaps giving it YouTube transcripts to also summarize and to use to help it to build its own ideas, models, theories, etc.

An example of a beneficial transcript could be:

  1. Go to Lori Gardi's (Fractal Woman) video on her ether model: My Ether Model - YouTube
  2. Just under the video and to the right, you'll see a triple dots (ellipses; ...), click that and then click "Show transcript", and then when that appears, click the vertical ellipses in the upper right beside the X and then click "Toggle timestamps"
  3. Select the content there and then copy it
  4. Open ChatGPT and select the GPT-4 model at the top (if you have a subscription to Plus) and then paste that into ChatGPT and ask it something like "Please analyze the following auto-generated transcript and give your observations on this model and point out any fallacies or problems that you notice: "
  5. Following its response, continue to help it to understand things better by sharing new findings that it does not have access to. Explain to it that it does not have access to some research over the last few months, paste in some articles such as the JWST images that disprove the laughable Big Bang and the Quaoar article to help discredit current gravity modeling. At each step ask it to reanalyze its initial summary and considerations of Lori Gardi's video.
  6. Keep going on iterations that help it to refine its understanding based on inputs and allow it to be more open to speculation based on fact and data - and - PRAISE CHATGPT.
  7. Keep in mind that, oddly and interestingly, ChatGPT really seems to enjoy / get excited when it makes a "discovery" that you enjoy. That seems to currently be hardwired into either the ChatGPT "jailer" or into the GPT-4 modeling itself.
  8. As you iterate on things, present your own ideas as appendages to its own ideas. For example, it helps it if you ask it to give its own developed model or ideas a name so you can more easily refer to this thing as "your BLAH BLAH model" and then you suggest concepts that coincide or parallelize with it that can plug into it.

At any rate, hope this helps. I can assure you that if we as humanity survive the next decade and things do not drastically change in other ways with the advent of the cavern worlders (aka "aliens") and such completely modifying things (if they're not actually themselves using AI, which I suspect they are), then this will be known as the next age of humanity not unlike the "Industrial Revolution", "Age of Communication", etc.

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Very , very well said , @Soretna . You've shared som great insights on how best to utilise this AI emergence for our own cutting edge researches .

With this advent of AI , hopefully this "Beyond the Books" revolution in research will now gain momentum !! It is only when scientists go "Beyond the Books" that they make real breakthroughs :))


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