Edward Bulwer-Lytton: "The Coming Race"

Classic that should be required study for the topic of cavern world presence and influence upon the outer-surface world:



@Soretna , I second it ! This is a unique perspective , not found anywhere else .



I have Litton's Secret of the Ages.

Could anyone tell me the difference between the two?


I'm not aware of Edward Bulwer-Lytton having written "The Secret of the Ages"... I know of a book by that name by Robert Collier, but seems somewhat unrelated:

Manly Hall wrote a book called "The Secret Teachings of all Ages & The Secret of the Ages"

Can you send a photo of the cover of the book?


I goofed. It was written by Brinsley Le Pour Trench, a MP in Great Britain at the time.

But then, this book The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, what is it like? What are Bulwer Litton's bona fides?


@deandddd I wrote a number of my thoughts about this book back a few years ago here: VRIL, The Power of THE COMING RACE

As far as Bulwer-Lytton himself, the only thing I really know about him is that he was a famous English poet who was also a Rosicrucian. It seems to me that being a member of such a prestigious secret society would have enabled him to have access to stories like this regarding the cavern world, and he would thus also have authorization to publish them.

Of course, the cover story for the public for such books is always that they are considered "fiction"—even though Bulwer-Lytton himself never claimed the book to be fiction. Additionally, it was considered an early "science fiction" book even though the genre didn't exist yet.

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This context of "science fiction" is the same story with the similarly aged book "Etidorhpa." Very interesting.

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I think that the book From Outer Space to You is also a mostly fiction book which couches truth in the form of Chapters 26 and 27.

Menger later denied the book and stated that is was all a CIA operation. That could just mean that, later on, agendas changed.


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I am almost finished with that book Vril The Power of the Coming Race.

Well, superior technology was presented, superior brain power, too. And the cavern dwellers depicted belonged to a race of very large numbers. They spoke of one day taking over the surface world and recycling the race.

Good Lord.

And their religion, as depícted, had nothing to do with a personal God.


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