Cave in Vietnam

This may or may not be the same topic as the sidebar tells me was created in Jan 2011 and March 2014. The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sept 15, 2022.

I guess I can't just put the video here, so here's the link to it: A new subterranean realm is discovered deep in the caves of Vietnam, in this clip from Season 18, "Secrets of Inner Earth."

It was shared on a forum I'm on, with this comment: "This cave i[n] Viet Nam is 40 stories high and includes a forest and it's own eco system."

I immediately though of Mind Reach.


In here too

Problem with the video is these punks who make these videos don't seem to believe in HOLLOW earth. They just want to basically say everything is in the cavern area. Kinda pisses me off when I watched the video since you'd think these guys would know better. They screw up a bunch of stuff like the Messiah coming out - but He's going to come out from the concave inside of the planet, not the cavern world! I see Satan working in a lot of the commentary there, but it's a good introduction video.


@SilverMoon I actually recently got a chance to watch this documentary myself and I left some of my thoughts on this thread: SECRETS OF INNER EARTH - Ancient Aliens Season 18 Episode 19 - #3 by Ephraimite


@SilverMoon , @Ephraimite , I'd say this cave in Vietnam helps validate many of the amazing descriptions of cavern worlds in the Etidorpha !




I think that this is what the NWO wants to promote. Cavernworlds, yes, where there is a population of creatures who are super advanced and ready tohelp us manage things. Kind of an "affable space brothers" presentation.

But all scriptures and folklore have negative things to say about those who live in the cavern worlds below.