This forum is the official successor to the ALLPLANETS-HOLLOW Yahoo Group which existed from 2000 to 2019, when Yahoo announced that it would be cancelling Yahoo Groups.

We want to welcome any and all former members of the Yahoo Group to continue their discussions here. We would also like to welcome any new members who wish to contribute.

As the original group description states:

The goal of our list is to promote discussion and awareness of the Hollow Earth Theory in general, and certainly in relation to legend such as Puranic and Tibetan legend. The list would like to highlight the perspectives presented in the books of Marshall B. Gardner and Joseph H. Cater, as well as in the book Smokey God, which records the hollow earth journey of Jens and Olaf Jansen.

Alternative astronomy and UFOs are considered to be on topic.
[NOTE: If you wish to discuss alternative astronomy, UFOs, etc., please use an appropriate subcategory such as Non-Earth, Physics (Hollow Planets), Cavern Worlds, or Inner Concave World, depending on your specific topic. We want this to be a place specifically for hollow-planets related discussions; if you wish to discuss something outside the scope of Hollow Earth Theory, please use another category.]

Polite and considerate behavior is implicit with list membership. Posting to the list may be moderated by the owner to insure this. The list is a sanctuary for the Hollow Earth Theory, not a forum for arguments.

The list shies away from unsubstantiated presentations, such as talk about Andromeda Councils and the Ashtar Command.

The original group website: http://www.holloworbs.com/

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Dean, here ... Anybody else around ?


Hey @deandddd! So far @sidharthabahadur @brel2brw @lightspirals and @glennbright have shown up from the invitations. We'll clean this topic up later, but it's good to know people are able to make it in! :slight_smile:

I created the "Hi Everyone!" topic so we could have that discussion in there since I linked to it in the invites.

@deandddd a number of other folks have made it in here this morning as well, so at least things are getting through to folks - so that alleviates our fears that emails are getting out somewhat.

Still Hollow. Go figure.

Hello all back from allplanetshollow?

A lot are back. We have about 70 active people at the moment. We should consider ourselves lucky.