Zeeman Crater Anamoly

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All images are identified.

The question is, where does that huge, not natural,
artificially constructed opening lead to? How long is it? How deep does it go?

Posted by Dean



Here is another good image from the Moon, from the same video as the Zeeman crater. One of the best examples of a tower on The Moon that I have seen. Time stamp 6:25 to 6:45.

Download the video.

So this apparently?:

What is the object they are saying is about a mile long that is lying nearby?


Yes, this is the object.

Their overmagnification in the circle takes away some resolution.

I'll tru to listen to it again to hear about that milelong thing. If not by this afternoon, then I'm just not available till Thursday.



About the mile long object, I think that he is mistaking the building for a pipe. BUt the building does have a flat side to it.

I don't see anything else.


Hmm, well it looks like some kind of silo or building to me, but of course there could be a lot of explanations (probably none actually entirely legitimate) that would say it is otherwise. What's the original source title / plate number / identifying info so we can try to dig up the original?