Why Did the Cloud Mantle Collapse, 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain?

Why Did the Cloud Mantle Collapse, 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain?

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Why Did the Cloud Mantle Collapse, 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain?

Let’s jump into the evidence, which will lead us to the point.

Consider the following; firstly, the Brihat Jataka is an ancient astrological classic from South India that is in the vicinity of 2,000 years old. It brought together, and put down on paper, astrological information from Vedic times so that it would be conserved in one place. The fact is that he wrote two large books, Brihat Jataka and Brihat Samhita, and his son wrote Horasara.

And from the Brihat Jataka we can understand that in ancient times, Venus had a greater elongation from The Sun - hence a different orbit - than it currently does. He cites an ancient book, much earlier, that is now lost to time; but I have read that it is much closer to Vedic times than the Brihat Jataka, or from Vedic times.

Now, what is meant by greater elongation? Currently, the Venusian orbit can take it 47* away from The Sun. That means that Venus usually stays within the same sign of The Sun, or in the next sign, or as much as three signs away. For example, let’s take Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The Sun might be at 20* Aries, Taurus empty, and Venus could be at 10* Gemini. So we could get the value of 2 ½ signs away from each other, technically speaking, three signs, by hugging the cusps, the sign border, on either side of the sign in the middle, Taurus.

This implies a greater gravitational attraction, and that Venus had a wider orbit that closed in.

Remember that the planets also have their gravitational attraction, not only The Sun. In fact, Joseph H. Cater, in his book The Ultimate Reality, aka The awesome Life Force, stipulates that the Sun has very little of the frequency of radiations that produce gravity-inducing effects; and that it is chiefly gravity created by the planet that is responsible for the attraction. Of course, he attributes gravity effects to electromagnetic attraction, not merely to the density of mass.

Additionally, as the Kali Yuga commenced, the 28th asterism/lunar mansion of the Zodiac, Abhijit, even exited from the Zodiac, the zodiac, altogether! This caused shifting of the asterisms within the zodiac and modified the Zodiac because the signs and their qualities are influenced by the asterisms that they contain.

By the way, the historical part of the Vedas, the Puranas, tell of floods and a reduced life span when the Kali Yuga commenced, so this point in time must correspond to the part of the Bible that tells of the genealogical table.

Finally, in the book Mysteries of Ancient South America, by Harold T. Wilkins, descriptions of the times of the great flood are given from non-Vedic sources. It does not hurt for us to consider these descriptions because they are only that, observations as recorded by other cultures; they are no threat to our purity of religiious thought. At one point, on Page 29, Wilkins writes: "The indians from the high savanas of Colombia, South Ameirca, say the great catastrophe befell the Earth before The Moon shone in the skies ! And this part about The Moon is no childish myth of a primitive race. The old Arcadians, a Pelasgian race of the Mediterreanean, also said a great deluge overwhelmed their ancient land before The Moon accompanied the Earth ! Their ancestors were thus called, by the Greeks, pre-selenites, which means what it says and is not a corruption of pre-syllani or pre-Hellenes .... It is curious that the ancient Mexicans spoke spoke of the planet Venus as lighting the eastern skies, and not The Moon . May it be that these stories, so widely sundered by the oceans, commemorate the strange fact that our present Moon wandered into The Earth's gravitational field and was made captive? ...."

"... it is very curious that both the ancient Mexicans and the old Roman writer, Varro, between whom there could have been no contact, say that, at the time of the Great Catastrophe, an amazing sign appeared in the skies 'the planet Venus, ... changed in color, size, form, shape and course.' "

"A learned, great seventeenth century Jesuit missioner, Padre Martin Martinius, in a very rare volume of his History of China, ... writes that the ancient Chinese say that as the Great Catastrophe befell the Earth ... 'the pillars of heaven were broken. The Earth shook to its foundations. The sky sank lower towards the North . The Sun, Moon and the stars changed their motions ... The Sun went into eclipse, the planets altered their courses ....' ".

These observations confirm that the orbital configurations simply changed at the time of The Great Catastrophe, The Great Flood, and again - from puranic descriptions, we can recognize this time as being synonymous with the commencement of the Kali Yuga.

And with a change in the planetary-gravitational intensity; which brought the cloud mantle crashing down, in addition to altering orbits.

In order to understand the hollow nature of planets, it is good to have a broad background. Do pick up the two books by Harold T. Wilkins, and Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures by Mike Mott. Mott’s book contains everything that is known about cavern worlds, their creature-like inhabitants and their activities; it’s a classic, there is nothing like it. Get the expanded and revised edition through Lulu Press.



Really interesting research here @deandddd. It could highlight that our universe could have been highjacked broken up (ie asteroid belt) and thus affected altered consiousnesss to be reset. With the added moon and altering of planetary alignments Earth/Gaias' frequency would have also changed...and be under a different influence from the outer/gas planets to ones much closer.

PLEASE PDF BOOKS MICHAEL MOOT ..Da bismo razumjeli šuplju prirodu planeta, dobro je imati široku pozadinu. Pokupite dvije knjige Harolda T. Wilkinsa, i Caverns, Cauldrons and Concelated Creatures Mikea Motta. Mott-ova knjiga sadrži sve što se zna o svjetovima iz pećina, njihovim stanovnicima sličnim stvorenjima i njihovim aktivnostima; to je klasik, nema toga. Nabavite prošireno i revidirano izdanje putem Lulu Pressa.


The asteroid belt could be the result of a planet broken up during that Bhagavad Gita War. Me thinks that war was fought cross the solar system.

Anyway, after that war, the Puranas and Itihasas of India - their main literature - record flooding, rains, lightning and even howling wolves. That is to say, this is what we understand through the translators. It could be that, that business of "40 days and 40 nights" of rain was not passed down properly by the Hindus, but that the informationremained in the Middle East, such that the Bible did record it.

Anyway, planetary orbits seemed t have changed after that war. The post-vedic astrological text The Brihat Jataka, quotes an older text fom Vedic times, or just after - a text which has been lost - as telling of a configuration involving The Sun and Venus which puts Venus at an elongation from The Sun which is impossible to obtain in current times, and according to known, historical observations; going back at least to Greek times.

Apparently, at the time of that lost text, orbits accomodating the elongation were in effect.


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Yes, it would make zense. The planets orbits are fibonachi and everything oscillates acordingly. If Venus was in a different conjunction it could explain the ancient elongated skulls race, giants and the moon turning up amongst many other findings. Appreciate the knowledge...