What DID Hitler KNOW Tesla, Aliens & Niburu...

What DID Hitler KNOW? Tesla, Aliens & Niburu...

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What DID Hitler KNOW? Tesla, Aliens & Niburu...

**Posted By: Esclarmonde

COULD THERE BE A SHRED OF TRUTH IN THIS STORY? Certainly makes me stop and think, especially in light of that new movie drivel, Pearl Harbor...


Subject: Tesla And The Space People. (And it includes an odd 'history' of World War II; an aspect of Hitler I would have never dreamed and...well, you read it...)
June 23, 1997.

Here is some information about Tesla and how he interacted with
the space people.


Getting http://www.maui.net/~daryl/galactic_war.html

Galactic War III

The interplanetary landlords of this fallen planet realized that power
and domination only increases in proportion to ignorance.

There were thousands of people who fought and died during the last
world war, who died never really understanding what they had fought
and died for. The deeper truths from World War Two were hidden in
secret archives because they were too incredible for the masses. Most
of the historians who recorded what happened during that global war
never revealed most of what had really happened. Yet there were a few
historians who glimpsed an incredible truth..so amazing that they
never wrote it because they themselves could not even comprehend
it. Others who gazed on incredible revelations were afraid to release
the truth, some fearing the readers would never comprehend it and
others fearing the specter of the Iluminati that suppressed it from
their educational institutions. lt was too bizarre....sounding like
something out of a science fiction movie. Yet these hidden secrets
were too important and immense for us to ignore and began leaking out
through confiscated Nazi diaries, Naval intelligence agents who gazed
at secret documents, and witnesses who talked before risking taking
their secrets to their graves. In the early 1970s agents of Xian
lnternational's Department of Mind, a civilian central intelligence
expose agency, began to decipher the pieces of this super-puzzle...one
of the biggest mysteries in the eons of time....and one of the
greatest secrets of the last two millenniums.

Why haven't the average citizens of the nations of the 1990s heard
this alternative version of World War Two? The answer to that question
comes partly from Hitler himself when he declared, "the real destiny
of Man is something that ordinary men could not conceive of and would
be unable to stomach if given a glimpse of it. Our revolution is a
final stage in an evolution that will end by abolishing history. My
party comrades have no conception of the dreams that haunt my mind or
of the grandiose edifice of which the foundations, at least, will have
been laid before I die. The world has reached a turning point, and
will undergo an upheaval which you uninitiated people cannot

The aforementioned words were told to Nazi Party members who Hitler
believed were not even ready for his heavy truths. The last world war
was not simply a war fought between the Allies and the Axis or
Democracy and Despotism. It was a war fought between Science and
Magic, and science won. It was also the planetary battlefield of
Galactic War III, when alien civilizations sponsoring the Nazis and
alien civilizations sponsoring the Americans fought once again for
control of planet Earth ...... while using its unsuspecting armies as
pawns in their interstellar conflict. It is a well documented
publicized fact that Hitler often went into trances and spoke to his
military commanders. His chair press officer, Dr. Dietrich testified
his belief that Hitler was possessed by demons. Hitler told his High
Command his belief in the Superman who had ruled the planet in the
times of Atlantis and Thule, and after the war of the gods that led to
the fall of Atlantis the Superman, who were the Masters of the World,
had gone underground. Hitler said he took his orders for the Nazi
conquest from the Superman who lived inside the Earth. In a
conversation with, Governor Rausching, a man who tried to tell the
Nazi Leader of the great difficulty of genetically creating a new
species, Hitler replied "The New Man is living among us now! He is
here! Isn't that I enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have
seen the New Man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him!

However, the Sirian Orion conflict had been raging across the galaxy
for millenniums. Mars and Mercury had been in the second intergalactic
War here, victims of nuclear devastation, Maldek had been blown into
the asteroid belt, and planets In the Pleiades, Orion, and in other
systems had become nuclear wastelands. Earth had seen two nuclear wars
in the last 13,000 years and the Sirians and Orions were bringing in
the technology for a third.

In the early 1930s a group of human aliens, the K-Group or
Kondroskans, had secretly contacted President Franklin Delanor
Roosevelt and offered technological aid in return for a treaty. Little
is known here about that proposal. However, apparently the Pentagon
and civilian military & affiliated scientists broke the agreement and
the K-Group abandoned the Americans claiming they abused the
technology and agreement.

ln the late 19th Century and early 20th century the great scientist
Nikola Tesla was reportedly contacted by the Pleiadeans and their
Venusian based allies, and given the technology that led to his
invention of the AC/DC electric current dozens of electronic devices
popular today, hundreds of instruments used in aerospace technology
and electromagnetics, and hundreds of patents. Tesla was arguably the
greatest scientist of modern times, based on the number of important
popular inventions he initiated that he patented. Without the AC/DC
Edison's electricity was worthless to the masses and long distance. He
was Edison's top inventor, and was also one of the two leading radio
technology inventors of the century. He publicly credited
extraterrestrials with his inventions, which led many people to
believe he was a mad scientist.

Early in this century Tesla invented a powerful two-way radio device
that allegedly picked up intelligent radio signals from Mars and a
base on Venus, After Tesla died(or was allegedly assassinated in
1943), Dr. Arthur Matthews and the great Canadian scientist Dr. Wilbur
Smith continued to experiment with this communications device. In the
1950s they established Project Magnet, the Canadian government UFO
Investigation, and claimed they actually arranged a landing and
contact with a Venusian based spacecraft using Tesla's technology. The
Project Magnet Report, which I have read, contains several inventions
allegedly from alien contact that were built by Matthews and actually

However, in the early 1930s Tesla was a good friend of FDR, and
reportedly arranged a secret meeting between the Pleiadean ambassadors
and the President. The Pleiadeans allegedly warned the President about
the alien contacts with Hitler, and that the greys were supplying the
Nazis with technology designs to take over the world(for the greys)
and use genetics to create alien hybrids that could live in our
atmosphere! The Pleiadeans were said to have offered technology, via
Tesla, to neutralize the Nazi attack in exchange for dismantling the
Pentagon's war machine and altering our economy to sharing and trad
and our government to a spiritual council. The Pleiadeans would not
interfere in our government yet they would recommend a new system and
if we rejected it they would give us no aid. Roosevelt rejected their
offer as a threat to his(and the Pentagon's) power and economic

Project Magnet,

dominance, and Naval Intelligence preferred to work with the Sirians
and use their technology to defeat the Nazis.

The greys initially gave the Nazis a technology far more advanced than
the Americans had then, including guided missile rockets, Jet planes,
superior electronics, superior submarines, etc. and the Germans never
lost a battle until late 1940...their science being far in advance of
England and the Allies. Meanwhile, unknown to most American military
men, Hitler's Inner Circle of advisors met in a secret room and
meditated nightly, using magical rituals from their initiations into
secret societies. Borman, Himruler, Goering, Hess, and other top Nazi
leaders were all advanced degree initiates in the ancient Vril Society
from Atlantis, still surviving in the 20th Century in secret chambers.
The Vril Society was related to the Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn of
the most famous magician in the world, Aleister Crowley, Most Nazi SS
elite members were initiates in these occult societies or the Teutonic
Knights, or even the Knights of Malta that Mousolini's Italian Axis
commanders hired allegiance. The Thule Society in Germany, named after
their traditional belief in the Lost Continent of Thule of the Golden
Age of the Teutonic Supermen, was a secret order many Nazis were
initiated into before the war. The founders of the Nazi empire
believed that the Aryans were descendants from the supermen who had
ruled the planet from Thule in the golden age, and the Aryans were
destined to rule the planet in the future golden age. This Nordic
blonde haired blue eyed race, which originated in the Lyran
Constellation, was the original super-race on the planet in pre-Sirian
Earth. The Nazis believed that the history of our planet is in cycles
of civilizations that became great and were destroyed. There had been
four root-races in the past...Etherian, Thule, Lemurjan, and
Atlantean...and the Nazis were to be the Fifth root race or the
Aryans. The Nazis believed that planetary cataclysms before the end of
this century would destroy civilization on our planet and the Masters
of the World would emerge from inside the Earth to lead the Nazis to
rule the world. It was the destiny of Nazis to exterminate the other
races from foreign planets that had interfered in their perceived
evolution of Earth, so that the original Thule Aryan race remained.
Hitler regarded the Jews as an inferior race from another planet. (He
actually wrote that!)

Hitler was trained by psychics in Austria and was taught how to
hypnotize people and put them into trance so they could be controlled.
That is how he mesmerized his generals to follow his orders like
robots, even when they were intellectually totally opposed! He had a
deep gazing hypnotic stare from his evil controlling eyes. He also had
an official psychic department, in his government, that was exposed
after the war when troops ravaged Berlin. A few highly paid highly
secret highly trained psychics reportedly mastered astral projection,
r out-of-the-body travel, and used it to spy on the enemy before
battles! One of them was Hanshouser.

After World War ll the top German scientists who gave Hitler his
rockets, jets, and superior Air Force became US. citizens and invented
the American military rocket program, American jet planes, NASA space
program, etc. They included Herman Oberth, the father of the rocket,
and his portage Dr. Wamer Von Braun! The surviving elite of the Nazi
Gestapo and SS became the CIA and INTERPOL!


Galactic War III (p10

CONTROLLED BY THE ILLUMINATI (which made billions of dollars off of
the Nazi war machine manufacturing). So what went wrong?

HitIer's visions of grandeur and power, under the influence of the LSD
he received from the Sandoz labs and the cocaine he regularly partook
in, went literally to his head.

As Hitler Spoke, he was trembling in a strange triumphant ecstasy. The
man who had no fear of the titantic military might of America and the
Soviets combined used to tremble in fear at the thought of the
Superman who guided him and came to visit. He was paranoid of letting
down the masters from beyond who gave him orders as he pursued what he
believed was his divine mission to create the foundations for the Ag
of Aquarius. Every battle and every political action was carefully
timed by Nazi astrologers and psychics who had been trained in Tibet
by the llamas they had studied with. People close to Hitler reported
be often awoke in the night screaming and in convulsions. He called
for help and was paralyzed (similar to many thousands of UFO abduction
cases decades later!). Hitler would then stand swaying and dazed, look
around the room as if he were lost, uttering "he is here....he is
here...It is he....he has come for me! There....over in the
corner...he is there!"
Who was "he" who had come for Hitler? perhaps the grey aliens who
found it more expedient to have the Nazis perform their genetic
experiments for them before abductions, which are more difficult, came
into popularity. Perhaps grey aliens who made a treaty with the leader
of the Nazis and planted their secret underground bases in Germany
decades before they did the same drama in the United States? And
perhaps the invading Orion empire of a 50,000 year star war trying to
reclaim the empire they had lost on our planet during the fall of
Atlantis during the first intergalactic war.

There is considerable evidence that the greys were trying to use the
military might of the Nazis and the Axis to take our planet away from
its Sirian landlords who have secretly controlled the United States
and the Allies via the llluminatti.

In the intergalactic war involving Atlantis and Lemuria the Orion
Empire, the Sirian Alliance, and the Pleiadean United Federation of
Planets had all fought each other on Earth. The Sirians, even after
losing Atlantis, were victorious when they set up their new planetary
capital at Luxor with their interplanetary white house at the Great
Pyramid. This Golden Age of dynasties left Sirian Egypt in power for
centuries as it ruled over a devastated planet. The Hebrews, who were
later sponsored by the Pleiadeans, the Orion dominance in Asia, and
the Nibirian controlled Sumerian empire were all lost in the sands of
time as Luxor spanned the centuries. The Sirian control over the Roman
emperors who worshipped their Earth governors as gods was immense.
During the Middle Ages the Sirjan Masters from their White Lodge
established the mystery schools, the Knights of Templar, the Teutonic
Knights, the Masons, and hundreds of other secret societies that all
nobility and regality were initiated into under the oaths of the
secrets of the blood codes of death. Most of the initiates in the
secret fraternities never knew their masters and gods were
extraterrestrials. The High Priests and the kings and the queens who
learned the secret never revealed it. Executions were the penalties.
During the times of the Old Testament the different alien nations
fought again for the control of the Earth in the second intergalactic
war here and once again the Sirians won, The Pleiadeans again had to
flee in the centuries before Christ. Sirius controlled Egypt and
MesoAmerica. During the Middle Ages of kingdoms and feudal lands the
Sirian masters established, through channeling, many conflicting
kingdoms, religions, and religions divided into warring factions to
keep humanity divided and weak...knowing that a united and strong
humanity could expose and stop the Sirjan control. By creating
ignorance, war between Earthlings over religion and land, and
conflicting philosophies humanity would weaken a planetary basis end
never become a threat to the control from another planet.
Hitler became so power hungry and mad that his lust for power
inhibited his ability to reason. He also had a well-documented case of
syphilis that damaged his brain. His vegetarian diet did not stop his
diseases due to his high stress. In 1944 the Nazis were testing flying
saucers (we have seen the photos!). The blueprints and films were
captured when the Allies raided a German rocket base in 1945, yet the
saucers had disappeared. Hitler could have won...but he went mad. He
began to believe, that under the influence of the Superman, he was
more powerful than the Illuminati. And when he invaded France and
threw the leaders of the Illuminati, the Rothschiids, in jail....and
tried to personally take over the Illuminati...they retaliated by
pulling the economic plug on the Nazis! During the invasion of the
Soviet Union in 1941, after never losing a single battle, the
llluminati corporations cut off all of Hitler's supplies as his armies
were stranded in the snows of a freezing winter outside of Moscow.
They cut off the gas and oil for the tanks and planes and weapons, cut
spare parts and spare tires for all that was broke and damaged, cut
him off from more aircraft and tanks to replace all destroyed...and
left his armies stranded and starving after they cut off all the food.
Remember that the Illuminati members own all the corporations in the
world that produce oil, rubber, electricity, gasoline, weapons,
strategic raw materials, electronics, strategic machinery, and all the
major food corporations. And they did the same exact boycott to
Rommell as the Desert Fox's armies were stranded in the Sahara desert
invading Egypt, cut off from all food, oil, spare parts, and materials
as-they died of starvation on the southern front, Hitler's dreams of
capturing the Great Pyramid and Sphinx to capture the secret sciences
and technology of Atlantis, which the Nazis believed to be hidden in
secret chambers, turned to sand in the great desert. Meanwhile, at the
peak of World War II, Hitler made the fatal mistake of sending some of
his top scientists and advisors to the Andes in search of Atlantean
gold and science he believed he could rule the world with...and
another expedition searching for openings to the Inner Earth where he
believed they would be greeted by the Superman who had a sanctuary of

Hitler knew too much. And he abused what he had learned. He was a
genius. He was a madman. And he was so controlled by greys that one
wonders if maybe he was abducted and had an implant, Speculation?

Today we know that alien bases inside our planet are very real. We
know there are masters and superman who live underground from the
Orion Empire, the Sirjan Alliance, and at least 30 other alien
civilizations! Hitler was correct.

Hitler's twisted cosmology stated Jews were really a form of animal
treated by genetic hybridization to become part-human but not human.
He did not realize that all races on Earth including Aryan Nordics are
interplanetary hybrids with ape stock. His masters neglected to tell
him that. And they neglected to tell him that the original superman
from Lyra were not hybrids or Earthians. They were E.T.s or the gods
from the Teutonic legends of the Twilight of the Gods. And the Lyrans
were not involved in this interplanetary war. They were the Architects
of Dawn who seed the worlds of time and space in the Great Experiment
in the dawn of time.

And on Earth the experiment had gotten out of control, Men who
believed they could become gods were too human.

The Nazis hated Western science and Hitler called it "idiotic pride."
They believed inter dimensional metaphysics, including magic and
psychotronics, would win the war over American technology. What they
did not realize is that their form of magic was black and it can never
win in a karmic universe. The Nazis had even taken the swastika, the
Lemurian symbol for the Four Primary Forces of the Universes, and
turned it around BACKWARDS to represent the miss-use of the 4
forces... the dark side of nature...black magic. For white magic is
nothing more than the positive spiritual application of the psychic
sciences aligned with spiritual Ascended Masters of light.

While most New Agers tune into the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended
Masters, their hierarchy of cosmic planetary leaders manifesting the
golden age of Aquarius ...... the Nazis tuned into the Knights of the
Powers of Darkness. These are the dead leaders of Atlantis, Egypt,
Rome, Persia, lncalia, and other ancient civilizations who as High
Priests, Divine Emperors, Theocratic Kings, and Grand Masters of
secret lodges who Miss-used psychic power and black magic when they
were alive ........ who are now dead and between lives ...... who try
to guide evil dictators and demonic religious leaders from the lower
realms of the invisible astral plane. This is what the Nazis believed,
and this is what metaphysical researchers tell us about the
brotherhoods today.

And Hitler found Crowley's voluminous writings to be deadly
true....contact these invisible masters and they will give you all you
want on the material plane. Yet you sell them your soul.

It is a testimony to the pandemonium of history that, when Hitler sold
his soul to the Knights of the Powers of Darkness, he sacrificed the
German people to his gods. And he sacrificed the Jews the same way
they had been sacrificed to the Sirian gods in as many centuries A.D.
as in the last round B.C. Twighlight of the Gods.

Who is your God? A Sirian. A rebel Pleiadean. A Regalian? A Zetan? Or
is it all within? Is it all an illusion or a hobgraphic universe? Or
does everything we perceive exist only in the chemistry of our brains?
What is the Alpha and the Omega?

Hitler wrote that we would have to make an alliance with the Lords of
the Planet and evolve to become lords ourselves, or we will become
destined to be slaves to build the new cities for the returning lords
of the planet after the devastation.
In a book documenting Hitler's use of magic and the occult, Morning of
the Magicians. it is said of Hitler's words....Hitler's aim was
neither to found a race of supermen nor the conquest of the
world....these were only the MEANS TOWARD THE REALIZATION OF THE GREAT
DIVINE OPERATION ..... the goal of a biological mutation that would
result in an unprecedented exaltation of the human race and the
apparition of a new race of heroes, demi-gods, and godmen."

In other words, the Nazi vision of a world German Empire of Aryans was
nothing more than temporary public propaganda to later be replaced by
a higher yet secret goal. Performing an act of biological creation and
mutation is exactly what the Sirians, Vegans, and PIeiadeans did to
the ape and Neandethral Man millions of years ago to create; a new
genetic race of modern men, and it is what the Orions and Zetans
continue to do to create a hybrid grey human humanoid that is part
Them and part us, for a race that cannot naturally live in our deadly
atmosphere yet desires to migrate here from a network of dying

During the final days of World War II, when Nazi cities were crumbling
under Allied bombs and their mighty armies were being destroyed, the
Nazi leaders sacrificed their own people believing they would
themselves survive. They were taught that the Supermen would come out
of the Earth and save them, and earthquakes, tidal waves, and an axis
shift and ice age would destroy America for them before it was too
late. They were a few decades off in that prediction: (according to
Nostradamus). Hitler's prophecized divine intervention never came,
instead his empire fell and the Orions lost another round in their
intergalactic war. The Nazi flying saucers were secretly smuggled to
their secret bases in South America along with over 20 billion dollars
of Nazi gold, and a secret inner circle which became the Fourth Reich
and still exists today! They operate with the greys out of secret
underground alien bases in the Southern Hemisphere. Their secret
rocket technology ended up at Cape Kennedy and Mission Control.
Meanwhile, several German and Austrian scientists escaped to America
when the Nazis first came to power, changing the history of American
science forever. Among them was Austrian scientist Tesla. Another was
Professor John Von Neumann, who is credited with inventing the

Tesla, Von Neumann, and Einstein formed a team at Princeton University
in the 1930s and created a Think Tank consisting of many famous
scientists of the times, and began working on Project Rainbow, which
is better known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Using Pleiadean
technology from TesIa and Sirian tech that Einstein and Von Neumann
somehow got a hold of...the Institute of Advanced Science at Princeton
created experiments in invisibility and stealth radar deflection. By
1939 they succeeded in surrounding models with resonating
electromagnetic force fields to make them invisible to radar and
vision. FDR then decided that the way to win World War II was to make
ships and planes invisible to radar...and even to view!

In 1943 the Think Tank, with Naval Intelligence, convinced Admirals
that they could make the navy ship Eldridge invisible to enemy radar
In Philadelphia Naval harbor, by surrounding it with Einstein's famous
Unified Field Theory's application of EM frequencies. The experiment
worked too well.

Shortly after it became invisible to radar, the Eldridge and its whole
crew became invisible to the eyes of all witnesses. A bright blue
flash and it was gone for 20 minutes! Witnesses on nearby ships were
harassed by Naval Intelligence and threatened with treasonable charges
if they ever revealed what they saw (some leaked it out and later
disappeared, like Carlos Miguel AIlende).

When the Eldridge reappeared to shocked Naval brass there was absolute
terror. Crew members were bursting into flames and lightning flashed
out of their bodies. Many crew members were dead, with bodies frozen
into the metal of the ship. Other survivors were totally insane. Some
people committed suicide. Hundreds of people ended up in mental
institutions to "silence them" and try to cure the insanity.
A few days later some of the sailors who were in the best condition
were in a restaurant in Philadelphia and began bursting into flames
and becoming invisible in front of shocked employee and customers, The
story broke for one day in the Philadelphia Inquirer before it was
censored. The Navy, fearing law suites from relatives and bad
publicity quickly covered up this horrendous accident!

In the 1950s a scientist, Dr. Morris K. Jessup, discovered the
documented evidence and tried to publish it in the Varo Edition, which
was censored and banned by the CIA (I have read a rare copy of it).
The Varo edition details the Philadelphia experiment and how aliens
supplied the technology). Dr. Jessup died under extremely mysterious
circumstances when he was healthy and successful, leading many
researchers to conclude he was assassinated.

Xian Intelligence read the Varo Edition in 1973, and was told about
the PhiladeLphia Experiment by 3 former Army intelligence Agents and
two former Naval intelligence commanders. But they did not tell us
what happened during the 20 minutes the ship disappeared.
Tesla tried to stop the experiment protesting no live humans should be
used in it. He tried to drop out of Project Rainbow and run off with
his technology after the accident. Shortly after that he was found
dead, and his laboratory had been broken into and all of his
inventions and blueprints ripped-off and ransacked. It has been
reported in the intelligence community TesIa was assassinated as a
security risk. So what happened to his technology?

Einstein and Von Neumann were transferred to the atomic bomb project
until 1945. And Project Rainbow was put on hold. Einstein died, yet
Von Neumann, who somehow ended up with Tesla's technology, recharged
the project in Florida in the late 1940s and it became the Phoenix
Project. They continued secret experiments in invisibility which led
to the disappearance of many airplanes and boats in the nearby Bermuda
Triangle! They also developed Stealth aircraft technology and much of
the precision computer hardware used in the Iraq war.

Congress funded all of it until 1969 when it exposed the Phoenix
Project experimenting with using secret technology for mind control,
and all funding was cutoff.

The project lost their base in Florida yet made a new alliance with
llluminatl types in the Pentagon, who arranged an abandoned Air Force
Base on Long Lsland(Montauk) and 20 billion dollars worth of stolen
Nazi gold to finance the experiments in time travel, mind control, and
using technology with psychics to create psychotronlc machinery. It
became the infamous Montauk Project.

In the 1980s the technology had become so far advanced that Von
Neumann and Preston Nichols, a chief technician, found a way to
manipulate time. They succeeded in creating openings (windows) in the
space-time continuum to enter and exit time and space on this planet.
ln 1983 they succeeded in opening a time window and to their utter
amazement, found the Eldridge in the time vortice!

When the Eldridge became invisible in 1943 there were 3 UFOs spying on
the experLment(allegedly Sirian). When the ship rematerialized, two
brothers were alive and well and told Naval Intelligence they had been
to 1983. Nobody believed them, they were judged insane, and Edward
Cameron ended up in a mental institution.
lt is said that when the energy vortex in 1943 became out of control,
Edward and his brother Duncan Cameron dove overboard to escape, hoping
to land in the harbor and swim to shore, Instead they landed on the
lawn at Montauk Air Force base in 1983!

lt was 40 years in the future yet they had only aged IO minutes!
Greeting the Camerons 40 years in the future was Professor Von
Neumann, who was now 40 years older! The old man gazed in amazement at
the young sailors he had last seen 40 years ago when he was much

Can you imagine the shock of two sailors from 1943 suddenly finding
themselves in 1983 watching television, videos, lasers, Porches, jet
planes, computers, freeways, and other marvels that did not exist in
1943! They were in cultural shock. They wanted to stay in this
futuristic technological paradise, but they were told they could not.
Von Neumann told the sailors that they had to return to 1943 because
history said they did! He had to beam them back to turn off the
generators on Eldridge because the time vortice was still opening and
creating a disaster and dangerous situation.

It is said that Edward went back to 1943 and lived and died with
nobody believing his story. Duncan went back then Immediately returned
to 1983 where he aged 40 years in only a few weeks! ln the 1980s a
Hollywood movie called the Philadelphia Experiment was made, allegedly
based on stolen FBI documents. Most of the movie is true yet the names
of people were changed due to potential law suits or assassinations.
In order to keep the illegal llluminati Montauk location secret the
location in the movie was changed to Nevada. The name of the Eldridge
was kept. The movie got great reviews from critics yet was quickly
banned from the movie theater circuit. It made some cable TV and home
video(available) yet it is not a well known video.

What is not in the video is that a Sirian spacecraft that was spying
on the experiment was reportedly sucked into the time hole land
crashed in 1983 at Montauk. The ship was confiscated by Von Neumann
and his scientists. Later, some Sirian astronauts came to the base and
tried to get the motor drive back from Von Neumann, and he tried to
keep it from them! Scientists at the project got in a hasale with the
Sirians. The Sirians cut them off from further aid. The base
experiments got out of control and Nichols resorted to protesting
after hundreds of researchers had been lost in time. Preston reported
that by 1983 they were sending researchers with video cameras into the
past and future with video cameras and filming history, resulting in
I0,000 video tapes of the history of our planet! The videos went
thousands of years into the past and beyond the year 6,000 into the
future, using the 20 year cyclic biorhythm of the Earth. Von Neumann,
considered the greatest mathematician in the world by Einstein, had
found a way to send people through time without bursting into flames,
or going crazy, or melting into walls by using Sirian technology.

The llluminati has used the Phoenix Project technology to control the
Pentagon and other military governments and the masses. This
technology was used in the Iraq Kuwait war to kill over 100,000 Iraqis
while only losing less than 40 Americans...a ratio considered utterly
impossible in conventional warfare. The loss of American aircraft and
ships was so ridiculously low, against the 4th largest Army in the
world...that it defies rational explanation except for the Phoenix
Project tech.

Secret government documents seen by our connections state that the
Sirians and the Orions now have an alliance and have "already taken
control of our planet." It is not a future invasion, The invasion has
already taken place!

General McArthur, the hero of the war against Japan, publicly stated
in the mass media that "the next war will be an interplanetary war."
He said that to West Point graduates in 1955.

Star Wars is not a Reagan era military project against the Soviet
Union. It was reportedly set up by the SirianlOrionlPentagon alliance
against the friendly aliens that are coming here trying to help us
spiritually. .Pleiadean alliance ...... and reportedly against the
Dracos (a reptilian humanoid race from another galaxy on its way to
invade the Earth and a major fear of all governments).

Tired of being a pawn in a galactic war? Tired of being programmed as
to what you believe by a conspiracy that makes you believe you have
freedom in order to persuade you that you don't? Tired of your
landlords...Sirians...but can you move out of your planet? Tired of
aliens who regard you like your scientists regard mice in the lab and
aliens who view humans on Earth as a free slave labor force?

Time to wake up. Act fast. Do not procrastinate. Time running out!
Want to know what to do? We don't have room here, Read Survival into
the 21st Century by Viktorus...it is in most health food stores. He
put the solution out 20 years ago and most people ignored it all. Read
the Prism of Lyra. Medltate. Unconditional Love is the bottom line.
If you do not activate by 1996 it will be too late, Read, ET-lOl...the
intergalactic visitors guide to planet. Earth for visiting aliens. It
may seem like a comic book at first...but whoever wrote it was closer
to the truth than anything you ever read in schools.

In 1992 I was asleep in my car in a vacant lot next to a big shopping
center in Lahaina, too tired and too late for the long drive home
upcountry. I was totally paralyzed by a bright red beam of light. It
was so bright I could not even see out of my windows at the bright
lights outside at the shopping center. I tried to reach for my keys
and the ignition yet was was frozen and paralyzed. I tried to yell yet
could not move my lips. And I later read this was all reported by
thousands of people abducted by UFOs. I escaped. I'm perfectly all
fight now. But most abductees end

Steve Omar/En Mar

John Winston. [email protected]

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Date: Friday, 25 May 2001, 8:28 p.m.**

Folks , I found this among the older posts on this forum...we of course have often discussed these same topics , though I also found some information here , that is not easily found anywhere else on the web...it's certainly worth a read !