Were atomic bombs real? What really is fission? Were they already used on Japan and otherwise?

Atomic Bomb Findings - The grand manipulation 1945-2024

  • Part 1 - About the crazy people and organizations creating the lies and the manipulations.

  • Part 2 - The atomic bomb killed nobody in Japan 1945. Imagine that!

  • Part 3 - How does an atomic bomb work? It doesn't! Latest news 2017 and 2018.

  • Part 4 - Plenty manipulations every day!

  • Part 5 - Explosive fission is a scam!

  • Part 6 - All about real fission.

  • Part 7 - The fake B-61 atomic bombs. Pictures of Hiroshima 1945

Atomic bombs were real. A helluva lot of people got killed and maimed in Japan.

Whoever is spreading these lies needs to wait until the people who served in and lived during WWII and those whose parents served in and lived during WWII are dead and gone. You know, the eyewitnesses and their children.

Let's see. I'm 66 1/2. I could conceivably live 30 more years. Yeah, there's a bit of a wait before all the people who know the truth are actually dead and gone.

Maybe you're right. But there are other explanations like super-napalm and other things the government might have that could cause similar damage. It's also interesting how the radiation pollution isn't as severe as it seems it should be. But anyway, did you read the articles? There's LOTS of info in there that makes you go HMMMM.

The real problem is when we simply stop asking questions and believe narratives that we know have been carefully crafted for whatever motivation that might be driving it.


Good point.

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