Ways to get and store energy long term?

Been trying to figure out ways to harvest and store energy long term. Getting worried about society completely collapsing soon and I think we still need to be able to access our devices and data aside from some modern conveniences-- especially since everything has been designed to run on electric and even some of our medical devices need a lot of power!

Have you guys found any promising options for harvesting electric that are more resilient than solar? Solar is very fragile and many of us just can't use it well due to weather.

I just saw this and it got me inspired to post this:

In the comments of the share of this someone mentioned that BuriedTartaria says tech like this existed before they destroyed/hid it a couple hundred years ago in some kind of world reset. I don't really buy into this idea since I don't think their pictures or explanations are really strong enough and have way too many holes, but it's interesting. They proposed "Coke Oven Ruins" of Utah and "pioneer ovens" were actually massive batteries made of rock and clay and just pretending they were ovens. Anyone know anything about this or is it all just pure horse pucky?