Video with interesting observations - giants?

@jimhicks36 shared an interesting video:
(YouTube Link)

I found a couple segments of this to be particularly interesting - you might find the others also interesting.

I'll draw out frame captures of the segments on potential depiction of giants:

Francesco Guardi (1712-1793) - Piazza San Marco in Venice:

Take a close look at the sizes of a few features in the left image (painting) such as the "children" and dogs in comparison to the "adults":

Does Francesco just really screw up the perspective and sizes? Very interesting to think about when I thought that the art of this era very much focused on capturing realistic details...

The right image (modern photo) definitely doesn't have the same problem and it is very interesting that the people are perhaps similarly sized to the children instead.

Now check out the next image in that video, The Arch of Constantine aka "Arc de Triomphe"):

Again, notice the differential of the painting vs an older photo in this enlargement:

Next the video shows an example of doors compared to modern human height standards:

The other parts of the video are not as compelling per se, I especially don't really buy into this modern reset theory or what they're calling the "mudflood", etc. There are too many other options and explanations for far too many of the videos and articles on that topic.

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Really intriguing , @Soretna , no easy explanations for this one :))


What made me look twice was that intricate engineered multi story buildings were found in America as the first white settlers moved west. Mentioned here was a sentence about one town. I have read other information about excavations for services and or deep construction work has turned up good looking ancient floors, plazas or roads.

After reading Book of Mormon and included pages, it might have been the populations stemming from the few Jewish tribes moving here about 600 BC or a race of others much older.

The mudflood covered a lot of different countries.

Thank you for these observations.

I looked at a lot of his paintings and perspectives there were reasonable.

The tall doors and windows are used in warehouses etc. For large items and for brightening up the interiors.

Blessings - Jim

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I guess my confusion / concern has been that I haven't seen sufficiently compelling newspaper and writing evidence of necessary repurposed constructions to indicate certain things. I DO see a lot of evidence of previous constructions being destroyed, but I haven't seen the repurposing evidence... therein lies my quandary on this topic.

YES there were enormous and amazing constructions and cities - all manner of buildings and/or temples and other things have been obliterated or "dozed" and the giant bones collected and/or destroyed.

100% there were incredible civilizations that included giants (Jaredites?) aside from the Israelites that fled both before and during the Israelite destruction and captivity. There were also civilizations from the "far east" such as Cham/Cambodia/Tibet/Mongolia/etc. as well in especially the west and southwest and Central + South America... So much has indeed been hidden and lost.

Again, just not sure about this flood situation in terms of there being a more recent one. It seems "sketchy" at best at this point.


Wow! I am 182 centimeters tall, which is 6 feet tall.

I have looked at the doors of some Egyptian constructions in videos, and that petrified city in Jordan.

And I am convinced from the size of the doors that they were built for people around 9 feet tall. Those constructions must have been built before the cloud mantle fell.

I am always flabbergasted by these things.

And nobody, but nobody, can decipher the world like we can!



I have sometimes wondered if we stood next to Adam and Eve if they would be really tall - like 9 or 12 feet.

The really tall people we have nowadays have health issues. I read that it was because they were so tall, and gravity does them no favors (something like that). So, if that is why they have health problems, I wonder if the earth's gravity (or some other aspect of the earth) was different in the past.

If the human race used to be twice as tall (some of the comments under the video said that the huge doors were so horses and carriages could go through. That makes sense to me for the buildings or arches that were intended to allow horses in or through), I wonder what made us shrink. Poor nutrition? Drought and famine? The taller people died out because the earth changed to cause them health problems? Perhaps they belong in the center of the earth?

As for the painting, the artist may not have known how to draw children, though the proportion of the adults to the buildings seems wrong in comparison to the newer pictures. He could have taken poetic license, though, and drawn it off on purpose.

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Indeed @SilverMoon, you will find many discussions along these lines back through the history of this group and even in terms of Adam and Eve. It does seem as though there were various and many groups of giants, including perhaps the Jaredites as per some previous discussion that are mentioned from the Book of Mormon. The Atlanteans appear to have giants from some observations and it seems that giants came out from inside of the earth and there are many burials of such beings (including many that have been destroyed).

It does appear as though the "gravity," oxygen and solar exposure are extremely much more salutary for life on the concave inner surface as well as the cavern worlds. There are many stories of giants living within and coming out of the cavern world as well. I am extremely interested in the dispersion and reasons for coming out of different locations. There have been fascinating discussions previously of the warrior classes of the inner Earth coming out of the polar openings and waging war upon likely evil forces, while perhaps the giants that come out of the cavern world were exiles that have lost their humanity, so to speak... Interesting stuff. Lot's of fascinating stuff buried in the depths of this forum! :smiley:



Plato made a frank statement to the Greeks that some Atlanteans crossed the Atlantic in anticipation of the "subsidence". He described that there was a northern continent connected by a slim strip of land to a southern continent. And that that is where "some" of them went/came.

White Caucasian types were encountered by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers. Even in SOuth Carolina. But by that time, they dressed and spoke Indian.

Oh well!