Vedic Past of Russia


If you can't get into the opening to see what the hollow earth is like, and who is in it, if you can at least look around the opening to see if there is anything that would give you a clue, then at least you have made some progress. Olaf Jansen reported that the hollow earth inhabitants "look just like us". So if we just take a look at the Scandanavians and Russians, we can at least find out what the hollow earthers look like.

There are Vedic culture artifacts in northern Russia, and the orifice seems to be right above the New Siberian Islands, so what does this tell us?


@deandddd , true - this topic needs LOT more research than has been done till date . The legendary Hyperborea is a related subject - along this same path !



Very true, more research and perhaps more archaeology.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was the father of the thought.


So, if Scandinavians came from inner earth (Finland, Norway, Sweden), then I might be descended from inner earth people? That's kind of cool, if true.


The whole Indo-European race is from the hollow earth, as far as I can see.

The Vedic literature tells of exiles to the surface.


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