USO (UFO in WATER) - Unidentified SWIMMING Object faster than the speed of sound!

"A person with knowledge of onboard systems came out and said ‘this ... thing is going faster than the speed of sound underwater – but that’s faster than the speed of sound in air'," he continued.
According to McGwier, the crew "didn’t want to report it, didn’t want to tell anybody, didn’t want to cause any problems."

Sound moves at 1,480 meters per second in water (3,355 miles per hour) vs. 331 meters per second in air.

Perhaps it was a 'Tic Tac' UFO, which have been seen emerging from the ocean at high rates of speed?

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By the way, this reminds me of Dr. Daniel Sheehan's work in challenging the second "law" of thermodynamics. Dr. Sheehan is a physics professor from the University of San Diego and developed a paint / coating that was able to absorb essentially ALL energy in its surroundings. It is able to consume any and all heat energy and convert it to electricity and thus cools the surroundings. An object traveling at extremely high velocities in water (imagine how a Tuna can travel so quickly that they can burn themselves from friction) would create incredible friction and heat (unless it is able to create a field around it to eliminate such friction), that the heat would need to be dissipated. Dr. Sheehan's technology could effectively take advantage of the heat/friction and simply produce MORE energy and thus propel such an object even more rapidly. Such a device would be an incredible source of usable energy.

Disc 8 from "Energy From The Vacuum" was fascinating in this regard (but apparently the site is now dead following Tom Bearden's sad passing this past winter):

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@Soretna , this incident bears an UNCANNY similarity to James Cameron's iconic movie "The Abyss" , which came in the late 1980s...

It seems like real life is imitating art !