Underground Nuke Test in Pakistan - And below it

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Have you all read the page on the underground nuclear test that area, i.e., Pakisthan and Kashmir ?


Imagine the effect on what´s underneath the test.

Oh, by the way, just one little detail. Light is not suppoed to pass through a solid mountain, nor a solid anything. Hmmm ...

Just this one photo (scroll down just a page or so) proves Cater's theory that larger particles from The Sun that pass through the Earth like a bowling ball break up further down into their constituent photon particles, and liberate light. This theory is given in a straightforward manner in the book Etidorhpa.

Imagine a large aglomeration of marbles stuck together with glue until a bowling ball size is reached, but that does bust apart as it passes through the Earth, liberating the individual marbles/photons.

In biology, "carrier cells" which carry other, smaller cells within them is a very similar concept. It is in this way that a bacteria can be eliminated from the circulatory system, but then show up again. The carrier cell dies and disintegrates, and the bacteria then escapes. The photons escape when the larger solar particle disintegrates.

The light passing through the mountainside as seen in the photo/photos in the middle is simply impossible according to orthodox physics. This simple understanding has just put you all light years (nopun intended) ahead of university physics. Congratulations! The students and practicing physicists, and their minset, are depicted in the fable of "The Emperor Who Has no Clothes!".

As I have commented, Etidorhpa has mentioned this phenomenon of Earth-bred light in the stratas below:


and especially here:


The direct comments about
earth-bred light below begin here, from this paragraph onwards:

"Yes; that which you call light is a form of sensible energy to which the faculties of animals who live on the surface of the earth have become adapted, through their organs of sight. The sun's energy is modified when it strikes the surface of the earth; part is reflected, but most of it passes onward into the earth's substance, in an altered or disturbed condition. Animal organisms within the earth must possess a peculiar development to utilize it under its new form, but such a sense is really possessed in a degree by some creatures known to men. There is consciousness behind consciousness; there are grades and depths of consciousness. Earth worms, and some fishes and reptiles in underground streams ( lower organizations, men call them ) do not use the organ of sight, but recognize objects, seek their food, and flee from their enemies."

In this Chapter XVII section, the fourth line from the end, in the last paragraph, a sentence that begins in the middle of the line about the buttons on the man's coat should puzzle you all. It didn't puzzle Cater, and it didn't puzzle a Norwegian named Frode (fru-day).


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In the post above, The Guide in Etidorhpa speaks of "Earth-bred" sunlight. What is proposed is that particles from the Sun pass through different strata of electrical frequencies that exist within the Earth, and they break up into their constituent photons, causing the appearance of omnipresent light.


The third-to-the-last sentence in the chapter states as follows: " The buttons on my coat appeared as distinct as they ever did when I stood in the sunlight, and fully one-half larger than I formerly knew to be. The corrugations on the palms of my hands stood out in bold serpentine relief that I observed clearly when I held my hands near my eye, my fingers appeared clumsy, and all parts of my person were magnified in proportion." He speaks of magnification through light. How is that ? Further up in the chapter, The Guide state to The Man: "Even the beam of sunshine, radiating through a clear atmosphere or a cloud bank, widens and contracts again as it progresses through the various mediums of air and vapor currents, and if it is ever spreading and deflecting can it be straight? ". In other words, there is magnification and refration of light within our atmosphere as the light passes through mediums. The magnification of The Man's hands and coat buttons were due to the lense-like effect of the light passing through the "air or vapor currents", and I might add - the various frequencies of ethereal radiation as it escapes the Earth.

The Guide mentioned a "spreading" of light. Such magnification can be achieved by light particles/photons passing through a curved, lense-like and subtler ethereal medium, such as is found in the solar system! Particles are more densely packed near The Sun but, as they radiate outwards towards planets such as Saturn, they spread out in relation to each other, further apart, through the subtler ethereal medium, and concentrically - there is curvature. This causes a lense effect. If we look towards The Sun, the effect is one of magnification, because the particles of the subtle ethereal medium become denser in the packing. This means that, to our eyes, The Sun, Mercury and Venus seem larger than what they truly are. But if we look outwards towards Mars, then the opposite effect is attained. Refraction occurs, and Mars seems smaller than it truly is (Thanks for everything, NASA ...). It is akin to taking a pair of binoculars and flipping them over, and peering through the large end. Mars would seem more distant and smaller than it truly is.

The basic rationale that I have passed on is found in Chapter Fifteen of The Ultimate Reality by Joseph H. Cater, and he uses Mars as an example. (It is not in his book The Awesome Life Force) He explains a way to reasonably calculate the true diameter of Mars, but I'll save that explanation for a few days from now.

Light generation in the depths below, Earth-bred light, the fact that particles from The Sun pass through the Earth's crust; then disintegrate into photons of light due to friction with other particles already there, is crucial to understanding and being able to defend the Hollow Earth Theory and the theory of underground worlds illuminated by light. In the original post, I passed on the photo of light generated by an underground nuclear test, passing through the walls of a mountain, which shouldn't happen, because light doesn't pass through a solid barrier. The truth is that the particles of the blast were disintegrating from the violence of the blast, breaking up into and releasing photons of light as they passed through the mountainside; but this was not apparent until the particles reached the airy atmosphere. But the same process occurs in the depths below, over the long run of perhaps 25 miles, and releases photons.

Strain your brains to understand this process as depicted by Eridorhapa, and as explained by Joseph H. Cater.