UFO / strange phenomena over Florida

Does not appear to be a rocket:

(YouTube link)

Sadly some people are trying to say this is evidence of a "dome" over the "flat Earth" but of course that's just distraction and clearly not the case.

I believe this was the last Space X launch :slight_smile:

Interesting @lightspirals, this is what they're saying, but others are saying that there's no way that this was the case. I suppose Heaven only knows at this point since there's just no way to know if anything the "media" says is valid or not anymore since they lie about 99.999% of the time.... :laughing:

Yes I agree and felt we don't know what it really is!

@lightspirals , @Soretna , I notice a pattern whenever such sightings occur...if the "powers that be" want to hide something , they keep a ready alibi to dissuade the public from thinking otherwise ! They are very effectively using "reverse psychology" .

I am saying they may deliberately plan such things to coincide with a Space X launch , or some other rocket or satellite launch (which is business as usual)...this way , the moment people suspect something else , they shut down that thought process by stating "this was just due to the launch of a Space X rocket" :))


It does look like a rocket trajectory.