Tucker Carlson apologetic for his past attacks on ancient history and claims and open to real truth

I found this fascinating that someone who has been so soaked in anti-history and mainstream opening well beyond wide:


@Western0bserver , yes - this is quite a turnaround...a hard-boiled sceptic like Tucker Carlson accepting the truths of ancient history ! That doesn't happen too often :))




Yes, it doesn't happen too often. Why in the world would Tucker just jump up and make a comment about knowing the truth about ancient history?

Well, the ancient history of the Indo-European race and civilization has its roots in the hollow earth (We did not descend from monkees). So is Tucker heading in that direction? I mean, we see all kinds of television and movie propaganda to the effect that monsters and reptile humanoids are affable brothers who have good intentions; so maybe the hollow earthers are throwing their hat in the ring and are preparing the ground, so to speak. Something along the lines of "We are your origins and we know of your plight and are coming to save you".

Who knows?