The Gnome, and the White Doe


I have been searching for this short story, The White Doe, in English, for ages. It is in the middle of the table of contents page

The author, Gustavo Adolfo Bequer, was the Edgar Allen Poe of Spain, and wrote during the same time period. And like Poe, he died relatively young. Perhaps this is what happens when you reveal too much about underground worlds and the specific entrance locations.

The White Doe story depicts very well the theme of the underground manipulation of the surface world, and manipulation by shapeshifters who walk among us.

Hint: Notice that the family of Constance were not dishwashers at the local restaurant. They were important people in the town, and didn't want people to go into the mountains to hunt deer. By night, she was a shapeshifter deer.

You'll notice that when Constance walked, there were times when her feet didn't seem to touch the ground. This is a mystic power achieved through control over the body's chakras. The meditators who achieve mystic powers aren't the only ones who have them.

We have had a wild description of his about a cavernous area inside of Mount Monayo. It is from the book The Gnome:

Mount Moncayo

Read it. Some truthful phenomenon is communicated through The White Doe story. The information presented from the book The Gnome is from recent folklore (at the time) gathered by Bequer, who had gone there.

Have many recent descriptions do we have? How many old ones do we have ? Probably as few as five or six.

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You know, when somone floats in an antigravity manner, and their feet don't touch the ground; that means that the chakras are adjusted to an outwards particle flow in the same frequency range as the gravity-inducing particles that are radiated outwards from the surface of the Earth. Antigravity is similllar to the effect of two magnets repulsing each other against their respective magnetic north poles.


Hi Dean, Truly fascinating. Brenda.

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The email I sent got mangled be the system. If U go To YT and search for Linda Moulton Howe Live, and find the podcast with the above heading, I hope for U all It's worth listening to. Brenda.


As is often the case, I am excluded from accessing it from this country, even on Moonshine.

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