The ELECTRIC Universe Scrapbook

Hi all, as I delve more and more in learning of our Universe the more the Electric Universe comes to the fore. With that said, this thread shall be blessed with interesting and valid articles and videos on this very topic....

Welcome to the primal force of the universe!

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@Echo_on , thanks for sharing this video . It beautifully explains the true internal mechanism of the "Electric Sun" and how the real source fuelling all stars are EXTERNAL Electric currents in the form of (nearly invisible/barely detectable) Plasma filaments spread all through space , in every direction...

The best statement of this video , repeated several times is "a SELF organising high energy plasma" !!

This single phrase DEMOLISHES the mainstream science dogma around the Second Law of Thermodynamics - which essentially states that in this Universe , entropy is always naturally increasing , that more chaos and disorder are continually emerging from order :)) Einstein built his flawed theory of relativity upon this "unbreakable" pillar of the Second law of Thermodynamics....!


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@sidharthabahadur Yes, i agree... This project seems a real positive breakthrough and the guys that set it up seem very humble. Many things to learn from especially to watch the hour documentary on the heir site.



"When we first fired up the bell jar and began measuring the electromagnetic and radio frequencies of the plasma – there was a rhythm, like a heartbeat; stable and continuous."

Resonance is a principle in science, a principle that is both universal and scale-able. I wonder if resonance is playing a role in SAFIRE?

"And with our reading of an atomic mass of 3, I also wonder if what we are observing is some kind of harmonic resonance mediating a nuclear reaction – to cause fusion. If this is the case, it's almost as if the universe is singing."

First observations also reveal processes and phenomena predicted by the Electric Sun hypothesis.

Some excellent findings and quote from the preliminary study...

The problem I've been having with the Electric Universe (the Theory not general concept) specifically is how it doesn't have enough concrete actionable theory attached to it for engineering. It feels as though it's more of an observational effort and that's problematic in terms of doing things with it...

@Soretna @sidharthabahadur

Guys the best thing to do is to check out

You will find many find many of the answers to your questions. Please also watch the hour long video it is well worth yout time.

In my opinion this project already surpasses even at this early stage the greatest possibilities in future power generation not only for industrial use but for mankind. Zero radiation, 7% of energy used to create 100% of energy in the reactor before they shut it down. It creates its own power and reprocesses its own radiation to feed itself a total self feeding system. Also hotter at surface and cooler in the core and once shutdown cools pretty instantly. There is so much more to come...

@sidharthabahadur Hydrogen is the only thing needed to create Hellium 3. Hydrogen H1 to H2 to H3. Honestly this process also created a spherical matter on the anode which has never been observed before.

In regards to Crowdsourcing, all the major players are already involved and a ready to pounce! I am sure once more data has been accumulated we will not learn much more. I hope this wont be the case but by watching the video the guys creating this project are really humble and good guys and we all know what usually happens to good guys in a world of sharks.


But the EU (Electric Universe) Theory doesn't map this out directly. The ideas - yes - are good, but even what you're saying there is not mapped out in the EU such that it's fully understood and model-able...

@Echo_on , I was curious to know if Helium-3 has been found to be one of the byproducts of the "SAFIRE Sun" ? This substance is known to be the best fuel for a fusion reaction because it leaves ZERO Radioactive waste . The bane of all commercial Nuclear Power plants is the lethal and toxic nuclear waste they generate .

The Tokamak technology too has issues because it consumes HUGE amount of electricity. This is why the "SAFIRE Sun" could be the answer for a commercially viable nuclear fusion power generator that science has been searching , over the last few decades - hopefully this too won't get "CLASSIFIED" !

@Soretna , I share your concern about the current lack of mathematical modelling for the Electric Universe Theory , but I feel we should give it some time for that to emerge - it will definitely happen sooner than later . One surefire way of achieving that is to throw over this problem to the brightest minds on our planet...I mean the smart kids at MIT , Harvard , Yale etc.

One may ask , if they are so bright , why haven't they already figured out the Electric Universe Theory ?? A legitimate question no doubt , but the answer to that question may seem ridiculous yet it's true -

**Even the most intelligent human being with the highest IQ is unlikely to figure out something , he or she has been "brainwashed" since childhood to believe as true or false respectively . So the tragedy of our society is that the smartest people , at those top universities , are PROGRAMMED to work only within the confines of the existing science paradigm - like frogs in a well .

Worse still , if one of those "bright sparks" dared to do their PhD thesis on Electric Universe Theory , guess what will happen to their scientific career , when they wouldn't be allowed to even pass the much dreaded "PEER REVIEW" . What a collossal waste of human potential and talent !!!

Moreover , if one of those smart kids did try to derive the mathematical modelling for Electric Universe Theory , but by using Einstein's FLAWED framework of Relativity , that effort too would be a non-starter.

***The fastest way of solving this issue I believe would be to "Crowdsource" this problem - by making a project like the "SAFIRE Sun" as Open Source and officially declaring the mathematical modelling of Electric Universe Theory as one of the "Grand Challenges" of science . If that happened , within the next 5 years , one of those wizkids would most likely be able to crack the mathematical equations for the Electric Universe Theory :))


@Echo_on , I agree - the Safire Project team must have done some sort of mathematical modelling for the Safire may not be the framework for a full fledged Electric Universe theory , but could be a good starting point for those who want to complete the mathematical modelling for the overall EU framework.


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Folks , since this topic is quite crucial for success in our Hollow Planet research , I am posting some information I found on the reddit site about relevant sources for building a comprehensive theoretical framework for the Electric Universe Concept . As can be expected , most of the clues will come from the cutting edge of Physics - Plasma Cosmology .

It must also be said however , that to understand how nature works , the common sense approach is that - "Mathematics must follow where the observation leads and not the other way round" :-

Resources and mathematical models describing the Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology theory

Some of the first few questions that most people ask about Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology theory is who developed the model(s), what available resources describe it, and what are the mathematical models that EU/PC is based upon? I've compiled a short list of some of the available authors and resources that are helpful when trying to learn about and understand EU/PC theory. I would strongly encourage others to add to this list as they see fit.

Kristian Birkeland

I suppose that I'll start with Kristian Birkeland because Birkeland and his team were the first scientists to study the concept of an electric universe in a systematic and scientific way, Birkeland and his friends risked life and limb collecting magnetic field measurements during solar storms from some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet in an effort to understand the Earth's aurora. They also conducted a series of very important laboratory experiments related to solar physics and planetary aurora a little over a century ago. I would say that Kristian Birkeland easily knew more about solar atmospheric physics than most astronomers know to this day. From his laboratory experiments, BIrkeland correctly predicted, and simulated in his lab, that the sun emitted both types of charged particles, polar jets, coronal loops, cathode rays (electron beams), which resulted in a hot solar corona, and planetary aurora, along with a whole host of observations that have since been confirmed by satellites in space. I'll start with a quick video that explains his basic solar and planetary models and his early work on electric universe theory:

Birkeland also produced some of the very first mathematical models to describe the trajectory of charged particles and plasma as they flowed from the sun, long before most people even realized that 99+ percent of the universe is made of plasma and most of the mass of the universe is found in the particles between the stars, rather than the stars themselves. A simplified explanation of his beliefs can be found in a New York Times article published in 1913. Pick the "Download PDF" option to read the full article.

Birkeland wrote an encyclopedia sized volume entitled The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902–1903 (158 MB) describing his data collection efforts and his laboratory experiments which you can download freely. His book is full of mathematical models related to charged particle trajectories from the sun at the end of the volume. You can also order a copy of his book here if you are so inclined.

Hannes Alfven

Hannes Alfven won the Nobel Prize for inventing and developing MHD theory. He was also one of the first scientists to apply circuit theory to high energy plasma events in space, and he is credited with developing one of the first comprehensive cosmology models based upon circuit theory and plasma physics. His book "Cosmic Plasma" is one of the defining books on this topic. It contains many mathematical models from his numerous published papers on a host of assorted topics related to plasma cosmology theory. Unlike Birkeland, Alfven lived in a "post Hubble" world when the universe was understood to be composed of many galaxies, not just one. Alfven was a prolific writer on this topic.

Dr. Anthony Peratt

Dr. Anthony Peratt was a student of Alfven and worked at Los Alamos Labs and in the field of plasma physics for most of his career. His book entitled "Physics Of The Plasma Universe" is by far the most comprehensive mathematical presentation of the plasma cosmology model. It's not exactly light reading due to it's emphasis on mathematics, but the material is presented in organized, simple and professional manner. It contains an excellent mathematical explanation of virtually every aspect of EU/PC theory. If you're primarily interested in the mathematical models associated with EU/PC theory, this is the book for you. It's well worth the money IMO. Without a doubt, this book will be read by future astronomers long after the big bang model has been forgotten. Peratt has put together a great website explaining plasma cosmology theory, and like his mentor, Peratt has been a prolific writer of published papers. He wrote an excellent introductory paper which you can find here.

Dr. Charles Bruce

Dr. Charles Bruce wrote a number of excellent papers related to electrical discharge theory as it's applied to solar physics and various events in space. His landmark paper entitled "Successful Predictions of the Electrical Discharge Theory of Cosmic Atmospheric Phenomena and Universal Evolution" is an amazing paper, and well worth reading. It outlines many of the key successes of EU/PC theory.

James Dungey

James Dungey wrote a number of papers on the topic of electrical discharges processes involved in solar flares.

Dr. Donald Scott

Dr. Donald Scott continues to be very active within the Electric Universe community. Dr. Scott wrote an excellent book entitled "The Electric Sky" that is a wonderful introduction to the EU/PC topic. Unlike several of the books previously mentioned, Scott's book is very light reading and it's designed for a general audience. It not a mathematical presentation of this topic, rather it's a well organized conceptual orientation to the EU/PC model. In contrast to his book Dr. Scott's revolutionary 2015 paper entitled Birkeland Currents: A Force-Free Field-Aligned Model is a comprehensive mathematical model of the primary energy distribution mechanism of the electric universe. This paper is probably one of the most important papers ever written on this topic, both in terms of the mathematical model of electrical currents in space, and in terms of the conceptual energy distribution system of our universe on every scale. If you're interested in understanding the mathematical models of EU/PC theory, this paper is a "must read". Scott has written another more recent paper entitled "Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter" which mathematically explains how Birkeland Currents wire galaxies together and eliminate the need for "dark matter" when describing the rotation patterns of galaxies. If you're only going to read a couple of papers on this topic, those two papers would be an excellent place to start.

Eric Lerner

Eric Lerner was also a student of Hannes Alfven. His book entitled "The Big Bang Never Happened" will forever change your beliefs about the dominant theory of cosmology today. Lerner has also written several papers explaining the evidence that demonstrates that we live in a static universe, and which demonstrates that cosmological redshift is a result of inelastic scattering/tired light, not because of expansion. FYI, it is a little known fact that even Edwin Hubble himself ultimately rejected the expansion interpretation of cosmological redshift.

Wal Thornill & Dave Talbott

Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbott have been two of the primary "movers and shakers" within the Electric Universe community for many years. They are the creators of The Thunderbolts Project website, and have been instrumental in organizing and putting together Electric Universe conventions as well as helping to create a plethora of high quality and informative Youtube videos on this topic. They also wrote fantastic introductory books to the EU/PC concept called The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts Of The Gods. Like Scott's book, their videos and their beautifully illustrated books are targeted and aimed at a more general audience. You don't have to have a strong mathematical background to appreciate their books or their videos. Their importance to the EU/PC community in terms of organization and vision cannot be overstated. Without their ceaseless public efforts, the EU/PC community would not be the growing and vibrant community that it is today.

I know that I've missed a few important contributors to the EU/PC model, like Halton Arp, Ralph Juergens and others, but I think I'll stop here for now since it's getting late. Suffice to say there are ample mathematical models and resources to support the EU/PC paradigm as the links listed above will demonstrate.

Anyone who would like to add to this list is certainly encouraged to do so. It's much easier and better to refer new readers to a resource thread than to reinvent the wheel and roundup the various links each time someone asks the same questions. My hope is that this thread will serve the purpose of providing someone who's interested in this topic with the relevant background information to give them a jump start in their investigation of our electric universe. :slight_smile:


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This is just a further insight into how mathematical modelling may happen , going forward . It's becoming more and more likely that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) , will derive for us the mathematical equations for scientific theories of the future . Please take a look at this article :-

So , the mind-boggling complexity of higher level mathematical equations may in future be dealt with , not by humans , but by computers that ingest vast amounts of data , find patterns in it , then derive "mathematical models" from that data .

**I am willing to even speculate here that the bewildering complexitty of plasma physics might mean that the mathematical modelling for the Electric Universe theory may finally come one day from computers , not humans !


@Echo_on , now that the magnetic field of our Sun's corona is being measured , I can see the potential for the Safire Sun project helping to simulate and validate these new findings about our Sun .

Overall , this is a very exciting time for Plasma research and the study of Plasma cosmology .


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"It's becoming more and more likely that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) , will derive for us the mathematical equations for scientific theories of the future ."

@Echo_on , thanks a lot for sharing this insight...I think the inner Sun of any planet would contain Hydrogen , just like the external Sun does . However , I believe the AI tool here is calling it "metallic Hydrogen" , because of the flawed mainstream science model , the AI is "programmed" to follow .

If this same AI tool were allowed to follow Electromagnetic Universe framework , I am confident , this AI tool would describe Hydrogen as part of an inner Sun within the planet , not in the form of "metallic Hydrogen" .

I believe the best use case for AI is when it is allowed to run :-

  1. Basis of an existing mainstream science framework
  2. Basis of "alternative" science frameworks - such as the Electromagnetic Universe theory

***Step 3 - Compare the "results" from both the above scenarios and test them against data from actual observations . It will immediately become clear , which scientific framework , which scientific paradigm better explains nature !

"Your Honour , once again , I rest my case" :))


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Folks , let me take this one step further - I am now trying to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques for our own Hollow Planet research work...let's see where it leads us ?!

So , stay tuned and please keep your seatbelts fastened :))


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Hello all,

Here is a guy that is not mentioned much but am sure is pivotal in the understanding of electric energy. Charles Proteus Steinmetz. Looking into capacitor discharges and time constants i stumbled upon many interesting articles. These you may find interesting, although not directly linked to the the universal field but nevertheless I feel as I do that he was on to the crux regarding transients of energy. He was also someone who Eric Dollard says was not wrong. There is much more to delve into here but I feel this story has a palpable resonance.

@Echo , a very inspiring story - Steinmetz clearly battled incredible odds (including a physical deformity) in his life to achieve so much . It's strange that his contributions haven't garnered more attention . Also , the fact that he was a contemporary of Tesla , working on similar stuff makes his research all the more compelling...


@sidharthabahadur There is more to it...

Steinmetz postulated that dielectric and magnetic are part of the same system. And that system is not one without the other and is holistic. His idea was then hijacked by Einstein who reinterpreted his work in creating electricity as the emissions of particles which gained the noble prize. Someone must have liked him very much as other scientists of the time all understood the Steinmetz was on to something big.

Here are some important and engaging videos and images on the topic of dielectric/magnetism etc which I am sure have profound implications on seeing the bigger picture....



I hope you all find something of value within these videos. .

From my understanding, it could be noted that for dielectric system to occur the whole universe must be finite or a closed circuit. Secondly if magnetism is a property of dielectricity and vice versa it would explain the properties of gravity in our universe. If as stated this phenomena is holistic then our planet earth must have a dielectric core to produce a magnetised atmosphere? I would also take the assumption that the Sun is creating the electric field circuit of our solar system and the planets are creating a stable conjugate stationary system. Let me know your thoughts?


@Echo_on , I thoroughly enjoyed every insight in Ken Wheeler's videos - this man is as close to a genius as we can encounter in our lives :))

But on a more serious note , I totally agree with his frequent statements about "the ignorance of mankind" , which of course includes myself and everyone else !

Modern science has again dived into a collossal Black Hole of ignorance by recently announcing a Nobel Prize (no less) for the ASSININE concept of a Black Hole . Anybody who believes in the Ether and that our Cosmos is all about energy , frequency and vibration , should be rightfully disgusted at this shocking immorality of our science establishment .

**Not just that - please mark my words , this Nobel Prize announcement will be followed soon by another announcement , that of a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR Grant to some mainstream science institutions...hope everyone gets the drift : Announce a Nobel Prize award , get a big ticket "grant" for more research - it's a no-brainer !!


@sidharthabahadur I am following the line of thought from these videos in that our Sun creates the voltage and the magnetic flux that our planets orbit. I will when I have time create a simulation of this idea. An interesting video I watched recently was of the Viking 1&2 that are at the edge of the heliosphere. The data they are giving show that inside our solar system the em radiation is significantly less than the one interstellar space which the sun is shielding us from harm and is proving we are in a giant magnetic system created by the Sun.

I enjoyed the videos too, and will research more into the inertia potential etc. I will also look into the geometry of this setup and post when I have some answers...