The Cloud Mantle and Gravity


Here are some comments from Joseph H. Cater in Chapter 15 of The Ultimate
Reality. He explains how the floods could have been caused, how the cloud
canopy - which he calls mantle, fell - and how the orbit of the Earth could
have changed.

The idea behind his "levitation beam" is that it would simply be a beam
consisting of the gravity inducing frequency which is emitted from some of those mother-ship type of UFOs. The increase of the gravity-inducing charge
thus absorbed by the Earth's shell would shrink the radius of the Earth's
orbit, not The Sun’s gravitational pull, because it hardly has any. The increase in the amount of gravity would also have a
stunting and stupifying effect on surface-world inhabitants, as well as
reducing the duration of life. It already has!

Cavern worlds could be collapsed this way due to the excess accumulation of
inertia in the strata above. This UFO interference may account for the legend of
Atlantis, and could account for the Gulf of Mexico subsidence at one point.

About Cater’s comments; if spaceships could interfere with the Earth’s gravity enough to shift the planet around, then the oceans would automatically get sloshed around, up upon the continents, and across them, too.

Anyway, this is just a tidbit, but read on, it is good food for thought.

Written by Dean


"It is more than likely that giant UFOs have been deeply involved in
notable events of the past which have never been explained. For example, the
great flood of Noah's day seems to defy all the rules of elementary physics
and common sense. It was supposed to have been produced by a rain that
pelted the earth for 40 days and nights. How could such a rain cover entire
mountain ranges? The hardest rain on record, going continuously for 40 days
and nights, could not account for more than about 200 feet of water. Yet
this flood covered Mt. Ararat, which rises three miles above the surrounding
country. In any event, where would all the water come from that could
produce a violent rainstorm lasting for 40 days? Interestingly enough,
records kept by other peoples on other parts of the globe mention a similar
flood, and geological evidence confirms it. Rain could account for only a
small percentage of the water involved in the flood. Where did this extra
water come from and where did it go after it receded?

The only answer is giant spaceships, with levitation beams that can move
planets from one place to another and to different orbits. A levitating beam
or beams of sufficient magnitude to move the earth to a different orbit
would displace large portions of the oceans, causing land masses to be
inundated. After the moving process was completed, the displaced oceans
would return to their former positions.

No doubt prior to the flood the Earth was in a different orbit, in full view
of the binary sun, and perhaps closer to the sun than it is now. Its surface
would have been protected by a great mantle of water vapor as is the case with the
planet Venus. When the Earth was moved into its present orbit, this mantle
of water vapor quickly condensed as rain."

Posted by Dean