The Book of Secrets: Esoteric Societies and Holy Orders, Luminaries and Seers, Symbols and Rituals

Lot's of esoteric material.

@keith , it is ironic that esoteric knowledge has almost vanished from public's become so hush hush , as though it's something illegal .

Down the ages , the greatest thinkers , visionaries , sages & seers have invariably considered esoteric wisdom to be of a higher order than "material" knowledge , or the awareness of the gross corporeal reality . I don't mean this just in the spiritual sense or from a perspective of mysticism - there are very many practical applications of occult or so called "magical" knowledge , that was taught to the ancient Magi by the great sages of bygone eras and then passed down generation to generation .

It is sad that no school , college or University in the world has the capability to teach esoteric subjects - it's a taboo in mainstream education , such that not a single library or bookstore in the world has any proper esoteric texts on it's shelves , not after the Library of Alexandria at least .

So , even the most brilliant PhD students coming out of the MITs and Harvards of the world are bereft of higher wisdom , which greatly limits their minds and restricts their thinking , to stay within the boundaries of the current paradigm of mainstream "materialist" sciences .

It is also one of the reasons , why the fundamental sciences have hit a roadblock in the last 50 years...they've pretty much exhausted what was to be discovered in the purely "material/mechanical/particulate" phenomena .

**What lies beyond is a deeper understanding of energy and ALL it's forms , both manifest and subtle . Therein lies the secret of why our civilisation has not yet matured enough , to reach the stars and break out of the limitations imposed by the 5 inadequate senses obtained from the human form...the higher senses of our being , must be activated to experience the deeper levels of reality .

In today's world , the seeker of esoteric wisdom has to really struggle hard , because only a true master of this subject can properly educate such a student . Unfortunately , such Gurus/teachers are practically non-existent in our society .

The alternative method is to join certain secret societies , though most of them too have become corrupted in this present day & age...

It is also true that the essence of esoteric wisdom is that you can see a number of it's can be interpreted in a myriad of ways and represented by potent symbolism . If "A picture is worth a thousand words" , then "A powerful symbol can be worth thousands of books" .

The OM symbol of Hinduism as just one example (every religion has it's powerful symbols) has one entire Veda dedicated exclusively to it , called the Pranav Veda . There are several other texts written just about that one monosyllable of OM , it's manifestations , it's impact on the universe we inhabit .

Given the above background , it is indeed astonishing to note that a mainstream science body like NASA has , right from it's inception , been making use of esoteric/occult knowledge for it's naming conventions :-

AEON of HORUS: The Occult History of NASA

Since its inception in 1958 the truth of NASA’s occult origins has been discretely hidden from public awareness; origins linked to perhaps the most “wicked” of all occult practitioners in modern history, Satanist, Aleister Crowley. As well, the highest echelons of NASA’s administration were dominated by secret society initiates including Freemasons and Nazi SS personnel, most notably, Wernher Von Braun. This high-tech occult cabal secretly used the Apollo moon missions, not to advance science, but to serve their devotion to the mystery gods of ancient Egypt.


The Tragic Tale of the Rocket Maker

When the history of the American space program is finally written, no figure will stand out quite like John Whiteside Parsons. (Richard Metzger, “John Whiteside Parsons: Anti-Christ Superstar,” April 8, 2003)

He was an unorthodox genius, a poet and rocket scientist who helped give birth to an institution that would become mankind’s window on the universe. He was also a devotee of the black arts, a sci-fi junkie and host of backyard orgies on Pasadena’s stately Millionaires’ Row. (“Life as Satanist Propelled Rocketeer,” Los Angeles Times , March 19, 2000)

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The Tragic Tale of the Rocket Maker

“When the history of the American space program is finally written, no figure will stand out quite like John Whiteside Parsons.”
– Richard Metzger, “John Whiteside Parsons: Anti-Christ Superstar,” April 8, 2003)

[ For best effect, scroll to the bottom, start the YouTube video to playing, turn up your speakers, and then return to the top and read straight through. Then replay the YouTube piece and watch the video. ]

He was an unorthodox genius, a poet and rocket scientist who helped give birth to an institution that would become mankind’s window on the universe. He was also a devotee of the black arts, a sci-fi junkie and host of backyard orgies on Pasadena’s stately Millionaires’ Row. (“Life as Satanist Propelled Rocketeer,” Los Angeles Times , March 19, 2000)

He was an acolyte of Aleister Crowley, an employee of Howard Hughes, a victim of L. Ron Hubbard, and an enthusiastic phone buddy to Wernher Von Braun. He was an only child, his adulterous dad booted by his angry mom. In seeking father figures and brotherhood, he became a vital link in two mighty chains in human history: rocketry and ritual magic. His science was built on intuition, and his magic on experiment. (“The Magical Father of American Rocketry,” Reason , May 2005)

[He was] remarkably handsome, dashing and brilliant…Werner von Braun claimed it was the self-taught Parsons, not himself, who was the true father of the American space program for his contribution to the development of solid rocket fuel. (Metzger)

He was a tall handsome Californian, whose early work on highly volatile rocket-motor fuels was regarded highly enough for French scientists of a later generation to name a crater on the moon after him. Parsons introduced into early American rocketry a range of exotic solid and liquid fuels whose later forms were eventually to help drive Apollo 11 to the Moon. He helped create the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, now a major industrial complex. In early colour footage from JPL archives, he looks like a better-fed James Dean in some 1950s road movie. In the manner of many mid-century heroes such as Dean, his life was more a script than a life. (“John Whiteside Parsons,” Fortean Times , March 2000)

You would think all this scientific achievement would be enough for one person in one lifetime, but Parsons had a much loftier set of ambitions. He wanted to tear down the walls of time and space, and he had an entirely non-scientific set of ideas on how to do it. (“Jack Parsons,”

Many key SF writers could be found gathered at the Parsons household in the early ’40s, including Jack Williamson, A.E. Van Vogt (who would become head of the Los Angeles Dianetics Foundation), Robert Heinlein, Alva Rogers and Forrest J. Ackerman. Ackerman ran the LA SF Society, where Parsons also met Ray Bradbury who professed to being fascinated by “his ideas about the future”. Parsons was particularly fascinated by Williamson’s Darker Than You Think , the tale of an ancient lycanthropic race who seek to regain power amongst men through the birth of a magical child, “The Child of Night”. It has also been suggested that Parsons’ ideas influenced Heinlein in writing Stranger in a Strange Land . ( Fortean Times )

[He] gave no early hint of the inner stirrings that propelled him to worship the devil and lead an extraordinary double life: respected scientist by day, dedicated occultist by night. Over a little more than a decade, the tall and vainly handsome Parsons skillfully twinned his two existences as rocketeer and antichrist leader of the occult Ordo Templi Orientis. ( Los Angeles Times )

Parsons was certainly ahead of his time in things other than rocketry…[He] was an active member of the California Agape Lodge of the sex magickal group Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and in letters addressed The Great Beast [i.e., Crowley] as “Most Beloved Father”. Out of the inspirations of fire, dust, and grease came a visionary mystical writing formed out of conflicts with what he saw as an increasingly oppressive society. There are passages in his book Freedom Is A Two-Edged Sword very similar to Timothy Leary’s much later seminal book, The Politics of Ecstasy . His style also predates the “beat” poetry of Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and the New Age views of Wilhem Reich. ( Fortean Times )

In one of the most celebrated feats in magickal history, Parsons and pre-Dianetics L. Ron Hubbard…performed The Babalon Working, a daring attempt to shatter the boundaries of time and space and intended to bring about, in Parsons own words, “love, understanding, and Dionysian freedom…the necessary counterbalance or correspondence to the manifestation of Horus”…Babalon, a Thelemic counterpart of Kali or Isis, was described by Parsons as “black, murderous and horrible, but Her hand is uplifted in blessing and reassurance: the reconciliation of opposites, the apotheosis of the impossible.” The impossible was precisely what Jack Parsons, the scientific sorcerer, had in mind.” (Richard Metzger)

Simultaneous with his more material scientific pursuits, he also tried with painstaking ritual — but apparently failed — to create a “Moon Child,” a magic being conjured via mystic ritual who would usher in a new age of unfettered liberty and signal the end of the Christian era and its outmoded morality. ( Reason )

After the war his occult activism attracted the young L. Ron Hubbard into his life and home. The scalawag pulp writer, pre-Dianetics, took off for Florida with Jack’s girl and most of his money, supposedly to buy boats to bring to California and launch a business operation they’d jointly own. Hubbard never came back…As the ’40s wound down Parsons was stripped of his security clearance and almost prosecuted for treason for slipping classified documents from his then-employer, Hughes Aircraft, to the nascent Israeli government, with whom he was negotiating for a rocket guru gig. During his last days Parsons was reduced to working for Hollywood movies, making tiny explosive squibs that mimicked a man being shot. This from a man who once dreamed of blasting man into outer space. ( Reason )

Parsons’ security clearance was never reinstated. This, combined with several past investigations into his magical and sexual activities, two other separate charges of having taken classified documents, an investigation into alleged communist activities, and a previous loss of clearance, hastened his sad decline…Reduced to working at a filling station and designing explosive effects for films, he wrote to Germer, Crowley’s successor at the OTO, of his “depressing melancholy stupor”. ( Fortean Times )

Parsons died in 1952 in his home laboratory, in an explosion generally characterized as “mysterious.” Various theories suggest that the explosion was the result of old grudges by his enemies, a sinister plot by the FBI, a magical experiment gone bad, the fact that his garage was filled with lots of explosive chemicals, or some combination of the above. (

His mysterious death in an explosion in 1952 left many wondering whether Parsons was a victim of murder or suicide — or simply of an accident at his own momentarily careless hands. ( Los Angeles Times )

In June 1952, while his wife shopped for groceries for a planned vacation to Mexico, Parsons mixed chemicals from his arsenal of illegal explosives. Police reports say the explosives expert dropped the concoction of fulminate of mercury. A deadly blast that could be felt a mile away ripped through Parsons’ garage lab, blowing off his right arm, breaking his other arm and both legs, and leaving a gaping hole in his jaw. He died 45 minutes later. When his mother heard the news, she joined him in death, gulping down a bottle of sleeping pills. ( Los Angeles Times )

Parsons had the kind of hallucinatory head-visions about spirit, magic, and human freedom which were to rocket Californian culture headlong into the 1960s, causing a world-revolution in thinking which, alas, Parsons was never to see. ( Fortean Times )

As for Babalon? Well, the jury is still out on the Apocalypse, but it’s worth noting that within two years of the Babalon workings, which began in 1946, the first Atomic Bomb was detonated, the Roswell crash sparked a rash of UFO sightings that continues to this day, and LSD was invented. In other words, things got a lot weirder, and they’re getting weirder every day. Parsons is legitimately one of the fathers of the space program, after all, which is no small thing. Maybe he knows something we don’t…or maybe, in the end, he was just a sex-crazed maniac. (

Did the Babalon Working actually work? For the sake of argument, if you believe it to be true, it’s true enough. As a metaphor or a myth to explain the psychic and atmospheric turbulence taking place in the world today, it certainly works for me. What has long been prophesied by the world’s major spiritual traditions is now coming to pass. Turn on CNN for a couple of hours for ample proof: wars, killer viruses, floods, famines, violent crime, earthquakes, Armageddon cults armed with nerve gas, suicide bombers; Heaven’s Gate; the list goes on and on…A whole culture is collapsing and a new one is about to be born. Jack Parsons would be pleased. (Metzger)

Parsons may not have had the discipline to get [to space]. But the men and systems who did could never have done so without his reckless imagination — his belief that even the risk of blowing himself to pieces was worth it to propel humanity to what he saw as the next stage of its physical and spiritual evolution. ( Reason )

Just as the rocket scientist Parsons was willing to play dice with heavy explosives, Parsons, the nuclear age warlock was willing to play with fire of a very different sort. Parsons rests firmly in the tradition of the fraternity of Western Magi who include Moses, Solomon, Jesus Christ, John Dee, Adam Weishaupt, Crowley, Gurdjieff and Timothy Leary — great revolutionaries and liberators all. (Metzger)

Parsons opened a door and something flew in. (Kenneth Grant)

Before each test launch, he was in the habit of invoking Aleister Crowley’s Hymn to Pan, the wild horned god of fertility. ( Fortean Times )

I read the biography of John Whiteside Parsons and was fascinated by this Aleister Crowley disciple and occultist who was also one of the fathers of space travel. In the 1930′s he invented the first truly successful rocket fuel, although he was basically a self-taught maverick, usually at odds with the government institutions in which he worked. He researched rocket fuel for the government during the day and conducted pagan rituals at night, as head of a Pasedena, California lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis. The image of Parsons chanting Crowley’s ‘Ode to Pan’ during rocket test flights is the inspiration for this track. Parsons died in an explosion in his garage under mysterious circumstances. A friend of mine said ‘this is an album about people who blew themselves up’, and he has a point.” (Jóhann Jóhannsson, from the commentary on the song “The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)” on his album Fordlândia )


AEON of HORUS: The Occult History of NASA

Since its inception in 1958 the truth of NASA’s occult origins has been discretely hidden from public awareness; origins linked to perhaps the most “wicked” of all occult practitioners in modern history, Satanist, Aleister Crowley. As well, the highest echelons of NASA’s administration were dominated by secret society initiates including Freemasons and Nazi SS personnel, most notably, Wernher Von Braun. This high-tech occult cabal secretly used the Apollo moon missions, not to advance science, but to serve their devotion to the mystery gods of ancient Egypt.

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Then again , there are those who've attempted to take shortcuts into altered states of consciousness , in order to access deeper levels of reality - that in a nutshell explains the historical origins of substance abuse in mankind...the sages used to access their higher selves and attain enlightenment , solely through intense meditation .


Ron L Hubbard , who started the esoteric cult of scientology , was a very close friend and associate of the brilliant rocket scientist , John Whiteside Parsons .

These founding fathers of NASA were totally different than the stereotypical scientists . Also , there is both a positive and negative side to esoteric knowledge and it seems the NASA founders , leaned more towards the "Dark side" .

Parsons was often accused of being a mad scientist and I personally feel , he was "guilty as charged" :)) Tesla too was accused of being a mad scientist , but was probably just eccentric , not insane . Also , compared to the Bohemian Parsons , the austere Tesla (who was voluntarily celibate) , practically appears to be a saint :))

It almost seems like the Jedi Knights (whose characterisation was inspired by the Templar Knights) as compared to the Sith Lords in the original Star Wars Trilogy . Darth Vader of Star Wars as the "Dark Lord" , was the epitome of occult symbolism , with it's myriad interpretations :-

The Occult Rocket Scientist Who Conjured Spirits with L. Ron Hubbard

Born 100 years ago, Jack Parsons seemed devoted to reconciling opposites, smashing together the technical and the spiritual.

Jack Parsons (right foreground) and colleagues prepare for their second-ever rocket engine test in Pasadena, November 1936. Image: ​JPL

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the world leader in space exploration. JPL scientists have put robots on Mars, sent probes into interstellar space, and collected dust from the tails of comets. But what if the real purpose behind its mission was something darker?

What if the lab was less interested in exploring outer space than the depths of the void? What if its researchers huddled around their computer screens in search of paranormal entities or dark gods crawling clear of the event horizons of nearby black holes?


Of course, that's not the case. JPL is not part of some Joss Whedon-esque occult-industrial complex. It does not mingle science with the supernatural. Yet one of its founders did.

"Slain Scientist Priest in Black Magic Cult" read one headline after the death of John Whiteside Parsons on June 17, 1952.

"John W Parsons, handsome 37 year old rocket scientist killed Tuesday in a chemical explosion, was one of the founders of a weird semi-religious cult that flourished here about 10 years ago," read a report.

The rhetoric got more lavish as the days went by.

Read more: The Hell Portal Where NASA's Rocket King Hung Out With L. Ron

"Often an enigma to his friends [he] actually led two lives….In one he probed deep into the scientific fields of speed and sound and stratosphere—and in another he sought the cosmos which man has strived throughout the ages to attain; to weld science and philosophy and religion into a Utopian existence," wrote one paper.

Soon the newspapers were at fever pitch with talk of "sexual perversion," "black robes," "sacred fire," and "intellectual necromancy." At the heart of every story was one simple question: Who the hell was this guy?

It's hard to find as weird and tragic a tale in the annals of science as that of John Whiteside Parsons. Born 100 years ago, Parsons seemed devoted to reconciling opposites, smashing together the technical and the spiritual, the white lab coat and the black robe, fact and fiction, science and magic.

Parsons standing next to a JATO rocket canister in 1943. Image: JPL

When he died in a mysterious explosion at his home laboratory, the tabloids weren't the only ones to label him a mad scientist. So too did the scientific establishment. The story of Parsons was locked in the attic, hidden in the footnotes, swept under the launchpad of the US space program.

But Parsons' scientific legacy is impossible to ignore. He forced the United States government to explore a science ​it had previously mocked, and laid the foundation for the rockets that carried man into outer space. He was one of America's greatest space pioneers. He just happened to also be one of its greatest occultists.


If you were to tell someone you were a rocket scientist during the 1920s and 1930s, they'd have either laughed at you or backed away with a worried expression on their face. No universities taught rocketry courses and there were no government grants allotted to rocketry research. To the public, rockets were pure science fiction, and in established scientific circles, they were even worse, synonymous with the ridiculous, the far-fetched, the lunatic, a byword for insanity.

It was the very fantastical nature of rockets that first drew the young Parsons to it. Inspired by the stories in pulp science fiction magazines like Astounding and Amazing , he began building simple gunpowder rockets in his Pasadena backyard and peppered the upscale neighborhood with burned out cardboard tubes and flaming paper.

When Parsons realized he needed some theory to bolster his experimentation, he and his friend, Ed Forman, calmly strode into the halls of the nearby California Institute of Technology and ​asked for it. Parsons was lacking any scientific qualifications beyond high school, but his enthusiasm piqued the interest of a broad-minded graduate student named Frank Malina. Together the three formed what was disparagingly known as the ​Suicide Squad, a ragtag group of rocketry enthusiasts whose volatile experiments threatened to kill them.

At Caltech, Nobel prizewinners rubbed shoulders with one another on a daily basis. Despite this fact, the prejudice against rockets was still strong. Fritz Zwicky, a renowned physics professor, became a particular bugbear of the group.


When Malina and Parsons approached him for some help, Zwicky erupted. "He told me I was a bloody fool," Malina recalled, "that I was trying to do something that was impossible, because rockets couldn't work in space."

This was absolutely incorrect, directly contravening Newton's Third Law of Motion. (When rocketry godfather Robert Goddard proposed in 1920 that rockets could reach the Moon, he was mercilessly, incorrectly mocked in similar fashion.) Zwicky's response made abundantly clear that although Parsons had been brought into the fold, he was by no means part of the established scientific flock.

Parsons (center) and colleagues prepare for a rocket motor test in October 1936. The group had gotten support from rocketry pioneer Dr. Theodore von Kármán to work as party of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory (GALCIT), forming the GALCIT Rocket Research Group. Image: JPL

Parsons made this fact even clearer when he started to develop a growing interest in magic and the supernatural. By the late 1930s, he had begun frequenting nightly meetings of the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult society that met in nearby Los Angeles. The OTO, as it is known, was created by the English occultist Aleister Crowley, a heroin-addicted, sexually adventuresome, God-profaning master of the dark arts, who the tabloids had christened "The Wickedest Man in the World."

At these gatherings Parsons watched as strange rituals were performed, most notably the 'Gnostic Mass', a weird take on the Catholic mass. On a black and white stage stood an altar embossed with hieroglyphic patterns, a host of candles and an upright coffin covered with a gauze curtain out of which the group's caped leader would appear. Poetry was read, swords were drawn, breasts kissed, and lances stroked. It was a highly charged sexual atmosphere. Wine was drunk and cakes made out of menstrual blood were consumed.


It was here that Crowley's philosophy of Thelema was propounded. Thelema was a type of religious libertarianism that spoke of radical individualism and self-fulfillment. Its creed was "Do What Thou Wilt." Parsons was immediately hooked. He became especially intrigued by Crowley's belief that sex could be an intrinsic component of magical rituals, lifting the practitioner onto a higher plane of consciousness. What 24-year-old wouldn't be?

While some of his Suicide Squad colleagues saw Parsons' incipient occultism as kooky—communism was the preferred diversion of most Caltech students in the 1930s, according to period stories from school newspaper The California Tech —it did not prevent them from recognizing his genius at manufacturing rocket fuels. At the group's testing ground Parsons could be heard chanting Crowley's pagan 'Hymn to Pan' prior to igniting his rockets. And the scorching flames and frequent explosions added a suitably infernal backdrop to his interests in the supernatural.

In 1941, Parsons and the Suicide Squad founded the Aerojet Engineering Corporation to sell their rockets to the military. Scientists who had previously derided Parsons' work now queued up to join this boom industry. In 1943, with the need for advanced research into rockets growing exponentially, Parsons co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to continue the study of his one-time backyard playthings. At the same time as he was reaching his professional peak, he also found himself moving up the ranks of the OTO, corresponding with the aged Crowley in England, and eventually becoming the group's leader on the West Coast.

Aleister Crowley as Magus, Liber ABA, in 1912. Image: ​Wikipedia

Just think about that for a second: one of the top minds driving America's early rocket program, a program that helped fuel the space race and the Cold War, was at the same time a leading figure in the world of the occult. By day he built rockets for the government, by night he emerged from a coffin to perform sex magic with his followers.

But for Parsons it didn't seem strange at all. He treated magic and rocketry as different sides of the same coin—both had been disparaged, both derided as impossible, but because of this both presented themselves as challenges to be conquered.


Rocketry postulated that we should no longer see ourselves as creatures chained to the Earth, but as beings capable of exploring the universe. Similarly, magic suggested there were unseen metaphysical worlds that existed and could be explored with the right knowledge. Both were rebellions against the very limits of human existence; in striving for one he could not help but strive for the other.

Three years before his death he wrote of his unusual position in terms that would have astounded any of his backers in the US military, but which for him seemed totally sane.

"It has seemed to me that if I had the genius to found the jet propulsion field in the US, and found a multimillion dollar corporation and a world renowned research laboratory, then I should also be able to apply this genius in the magical field," he wrote in a letter to a fellow OTO member. He was shooting for the Moon.

With the money he had earned from Aerojet's booming rocketry business, Parsons bought a mansion on Pasadena's Millionaire's Row and moved the OTO's operations into it. "It was a huge wooden house," remembered Liljan Wunderman, Frank Malina's wife, in an interview years later. "A big, big thing, full of people. Some of them had masks on, some had costumes on, women were weirdly dressed. It was like walking into a Fellini movie. Women were walking around in diaphanous togas and weird make-up, some dressed up like animals, like a costume party."

Frank Malina (hat, glasses) looks on as von Kármán works on sketches for a JATO design in 1941. Image: JPL

When she told her husband about it, Malina simply rolled his eyes, saying, "Jack is into all kinds of things."

Nicknamed "The Parsonage," the house became a natural magnet for all sorts of eccentrics, from professed witches and Manhattan Project scientists, to science fiction writers thrilled by their discovery of Parsons, a figure seemingly ripped from the pages of the pulps.


The sci-fi author Jack Williamson remembered Parsons as "an odd enigma." A young Ray Bradbury, still years from writing Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles , recalled Parsons as being "wonderful" and dazzled him with his descriptions of space rockets. Sprague de Camp, author of over a hundred fantasy and sci-fi books, declared him, "an authentic mad genius if ever I met one."

Increasingly the scientific establishment was beginning to agree with de Camp. Parsons' work on rocket fuels, mixing and melding chemicals to create something that was both highly explosive and yet controllable, had helped make rocketry a viable science, but he was increasingly perceived as being too weird, too eccentric, to keep working within it.

He was accused of seducing Aerojet's secretaries by inviting them back to his mansion where debauchery, drugs, and fire dancing ruled. He met visiting scientists at his front door with a snake curled around his shoulders. At work he would arrive late and bedraggled in the mornings in a beaten up Packard and would treat the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as if it was his own private playground.

Fritz Zwicky, who had dismissed Parsons out of hand a few years earlier, had by now eaten his words and begun working for Aerojet. However, he still held huge contempt for the untrained Parsons and his unconventional lifestyle. Zwicky later remembered him as "a dangerous man" in an oral history interview by R. Cargill Hall and James H. Wilson.


"We told him all the time, I mean, all these fantasies about Zoroaster and about voodoo and so on, this is okay; we do that too in our dreams," he said. "But keep it for yourself; don't start impressing this on poor secretaries. I mean he had a whole club there you know."

But Parsons wouldn't slow down. He and Forman were renowned for holding duels on the rocket testing range, firing guns at each other's feet and trying not to flinch. When Zwicky insisted that Parsons try a type of rocket fuel that Parsons disapproved of, Parsons discovered where the fuel was kept and blew up the whole batch in a mammoth explosion, "blowing up half the business," according to a furious Zwicky.

A 1950 FBI document summarizing the bureau's investigation into Parsons for espionage. Image: ​Wikipedia

It was stuff he'd been doing since he and Forman were youngsters, back when nobody but they took rocketry seriously. Now, however, a lot of people were taking rocketry very seriously indeed. The FBI began investigating him as a possible security risk.

In 1943 Parsons was gently squeezed out of the very science he had created. He was offered $20,000 for his shares in Aerojet and, feeling the cold shoulder from the increasing number of scientists involved in rocketry, decided to leave. He was 30 years old.

He threw himself into his magic—not just Crowley's magic, but strange new rituals of his own creation. Ever the scientist, he strived for physical proof that his magic was working by straining to obtain visitations, phenomena, and manifestations.


Without his rocketry work to act as a counterbalance, even his fellow OTO members started to worry about his growing magical intensity. "There is something strange going on," wrote Jane Wolfe in a letter to fellow OTO member Karl Germer. "Our own Jack is enamored of witchcraft, the houmfort, voodoo. From the start he always wanted to evoke something—no matter what, I am inclined to think, so long as he got a result."

His fortunes were not helped by the arrival at his house of a hugely charismatic young science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was a teller of exceptional tall tales, which he insisted his audience believe. His fellow sci-fi writers viewed him with suspicion .

" I recall his eyes, the wary, light-blue eyes that I somehow associate with the gunmen of the old West, watching me sharply as he talked as if to see how much I believed," recalled Jack Williamson. "Not much." But Parsons, who was always more than willing to believe, fell under his spell.

They fenced together, discussed magic together, and even performed magical rituals together. Hubbard moved into Parsons' mansion and, taking to the air of free love like a fish to water, worked his way through the denizens' girlfriends, wooing them and wowing them in equal measure. Whether you were an OTO member or a sci-fi writer, no wife or girlfriend was safe from Hubbard's seductive pull. Not even Parsons'.

A section of " Liber 49 ," a short passage written by Parsons from the perspective of the goddess Babalon, which he claimed to have received during the Babalon Working. Screenshot from ​

But Hubbard made up for it by helping Parsons on the grandest magical working he had yet attempted. This was ​known as the Babalon Working, an attempt by Parsons to incarnate an actual goddess on Earth. For weeks the two of them engaged in ritual chanting, drawing occult symbols in the air with swords, dripping animal blood on runes, and masturbating in order to 'impregnate' magical tablets.

When news got to Crowley in England he was appalled. On May 22, 1946, he wrote a telegram to one of the OTO's other members: "Suspect Ron playing confidence trick—Jack Parsons weak fool—obvious victim prowling swindlers."


At the end of it Parsons believed the magical working had been a success, declaring it the greatest achievement of his life. But Crowley was right about Hubbard. In a July 1946 letter to Crowley, Parsons wrote that, under the guise of investing in a business venture, Hubbard had run off with Parsons's girlfriend and $20,000 of his money, sending Parsons into a spiral of doubt and depression.

He managed to obtain some consulting work on rockets, but was swept up in in the Red Scare of the post-war years. He was accused of consorting with communists in the pre-war years and of being involved in what the FBI termed was a "love-cult." He had his security clearance stripped from him. He was forced to pump gas, fix cars, and eventually ended up using his incredible scientific knowledge to make explosive squibs for Hollywood movies. Throughout it all he was insistent that his magical works were as real as his rocketry work.

On June 17, 1952, a huge explosion ripped through his home laboratory. Arriving police found Parsons still alive, although half his face had been ripped off, exposing the skull beneath. His right arm was missing. Surrounding him were rocketry papers and pentagrams, occult drawings and chemical formulae. He died shortly afterwards. He was just 37 years old.

George Pendle is the author of ​Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons.

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Crawling Back to the Alleged Hell Portal of NASA's Occult Origins

Retracing the homunculus footsteps of Jack Parsons, the eccentric rocketeer, and his partner in magic, L. Ron Hubbard.

by Brian Anderson

Oct 31 2013, 7:00pm

Editor's note: This story originally ran in September 2012. We figured today— the 77th anniversary of NASA's first rocket tests— was a good time to drag it back out.

Depending on whom you ask, I'm about to be sucked into a Hell portal that allegedly sits in caverns somewhere around NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

The place looks almost calm from here – I'm standing midway across a footbridge over the Arroyo Seco canyon, near La Cañada Flintridge, California, a good quarter-mile southeast of the lab's campus.

The old line is that JPL is really Jack Parsons' Lab. Marvel "John" Whiteside Parsons, the late chemist, rocketeer and high school dropout had a hand in some of the first rocket tests on what would later become the grounds of the JPL, NASA's famous rocket incubator.


It was the dawn of World War II when Parsons, who'd also co-founded the missile manufacturing firm Aerojet around the same time as JPL's inception, took to the Ordo Templi Orientis. The OTO was a Thelema-based, fraternal-religious sex-magick order founded by Aleister Crowley, the British mystic variously known as the Great Beast 666 and the "most evil man who ever lived."

Parsons saw in Crowley a master-mentor figure. The Feds saw suspicious activity. In 1950, the FBI would investigate Parsons over the theft of rocket documents from the Hughes Aircraft Company; after being discovered, Parsons was immediately fired, and would later lose his top secret clearance. "He planned to submit [the documents] with [an] employment application through American Technion Society for employment in the country of Israel," read the original FBI report.

Whether or not Parsons was acting as an Israeli spy or simply being cavalier, his connection to the occult earned him special attention. The U.S. Air Force advised the FBI that the USAF had already collected files on Parsons and his relationship with Crowley, one of which, dated May 17, 1948, stated: "A religious cult, believed to advocate sexual perversion, was organized at subject's home at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California, which has been reported subversive…" "This cult," it continued, "broadly hinted at free love": there had been "several complaints of ''strange goings on at this home,'" and an unnamed source had described the church as "a gathering place of perverts." Furthermore, "…women of loose morals were involved and…the story of Parsons' activities had become fairly common knowledge among scientists in the Pasadena area."

But soon enough the young explosives guru was running with another OTO buck, a young writer named L. Ron. Hubbard. When Parsons, then in his early 30s, wasn't ranging the canyon beneath me, chanting mantras to Pan before field-testing one of NASA's nascent projectiles, there's good chance the guy could've been found with Hubbard, caught up in all manner of weirdo rites in and around the Arroyo Seco and greater San Gabriel Valley. It's stuff you'd expect out of this sort of thing – wearing robes and bejeweled hoods; scheming to conceive a hulking Moonchild with Parsons' mistress, dawning the Aeon of Horus; plotting the overthrow of 4D spacetime; drug-addled anal parties; animal sacrifices. You know. Cult stuff.

Parsons embrace of this seemingly double life is a knotty bit of history, though maybe not impossible to untangle. It could've been that because he wasn't studying at neighboring CalTech – Parsons and only one other of the core of JPL's founders weren't fully immersed in academia, I'm told – the brilliant, if undisciplined Parsons had no qualms in latching onto the OTO. Or maybe it was the occult's general grasp over southern California that pulled Parsons to the dark arts.

The rocket boys, 1936. That's Parsons foregrounded on the right ( via JPL / NASA)

Whatever it was, the move drew fire from some of his contemporaries. More poignantly, it triggered Parsons' migration from JPL's founder's circle, a disparate group of aerospace experimentalists, mechanics, and others known as the "rocket boys," and into the folks-y, tragicomic dustbin of national lab heroism. "As I write," Parsons lamented in 1950, "the United States Senate is pursuing a burlesque investigation into the sphere of private sexual morals, which will accomplish nothing except to bring pain and sorrow to many innocent persons." Parsons' contentious modus operandi and his untimely, fiery demise may shed light on just why it is that we Americans choose to canonize some minds and not others. And perhaps it may even point to why popular opinion continually pits science and reason and religi-magic against each other as eternally incompatible forces.

Crowley says it was the sheer force of Parsons and Hubbard's ritualisms around here that opened the portal. Still others say the steady beam of strange vibes over the region was so intensely powerful over Parsons that for him there become simply no other option besides rocketeering here , despite being trolled by the FBI . The Arroyo's dark energies wouldn't only boost rockets' precision, Parsons thought. They'd have them cruising further, faster.

You've maybe been hearing a lot about this place. The brains behind JPL's Mars Science Laboratory not only built and launched the Curiosity rover. They flawlessly parked the $2.5 billion drone on another goddamn planet.

We're off the bridge, now, and back onto trail. A friend, John, guides my way off what I assume is sanctioned path. John's got a monster stride. He breaks only when it's absolutely necessary. He also hardly ever looks back over his shoulder, sparing himself the sad sight of me hobbling all sweaty and pathetically cryptid-like (people claim they've seen those here) because I suck and somehow managed to forget both shorts and hiking shoes. It's bright, maybe 85 degrees, and I'm descending into semi-arid brush – maybe even a portal to Hellfire – in jeans and busted canvas lowtops.

We hop a chain-link fence. A riparian zone rich in massive willows and various wildlife, this area is a magnet for hikers, joggers, paranormal enthusiasts, equestrians, graffitists, young people tripping acid, assorted weirdos. Together their meanderings have carved a network of paths that hit damn near every last bluff, brook, and crevice defining this narrow slice of the Arroyo. Whatever trail we were on certainly wasn't over beginner, either. And from what I see up ahead – an open-air, paved staircase pacing down about 50 yards, then jutting left, out of sight – I probably can't say much different about how it'll be getting to wherever we're going.

But this is still unforgiving land. You'd be an idiot to think that veering out of bounds, as I assume we're doing, isn't without risks. You stress something awful when knowing full well the price tag on getting air-lifted from some ashen gulley after snapping a tibia because your shoes are essentially equivalent to a second pair of socks.

JPL campus and San Gabriel mountains, looking east ( via JPL / NASA)

We rest a while. John says we're on course for the bowels of the Devils Gate Dam , a barrier that's defined the land since 1920. But long before then, long before Parsons showed up, the Tongva, an indigenous tribe whose territory once spanned present-day San Gabriel, had been picking up bad vibes from a particular run along the Arroyo Seco River. They could see the devil's face right there in the rockside , so much so that tribe members were apparently forbidden from straying too close to the horned visage. Centuries later, when the county needed a name for its gaudy new flood-control project, the choice was easy: Devil's Gate. So sure enough, as we start again a white sign rises from the brush: County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works – DEVILS GATE DAM.

And that's just it. Forget the natural splendor; I'm struck by a prevailing sense of an immense, crushing infrastructure. This place is testament to an enduring compulsion to tame nature – or overcome Her forces, in the case of Parsons. His explosive fuel studies and pioneering work with solid-state rockets and JATO, or jet-assisted takeoff, have over the years led some, including the late Hungarian-American aerospace engineer Theodore von Kármán, to go so far as crediting him with launching the era of modern space travel.

But others aren't so quick to call Parsons NASA's unsung hero.

"I think that's going far too far," JPL Historian Erik Conway will later tell me. "Very far, too far."

Parsons, middle, and colleagues watch the U.S.'s virgin jet test ( via NASA)

Records from the period are scant. Which is unfortunate – being an experimentalist but also tremendously undisciplined, Parsons didn't make strides in a normal, scientific sense. He didn't log the particulars and progress of his trials, as any diligent experimentalist would. He didn't publish papers.

"He didn't contribute to the literature in that way," Conway goes on. "He lacked that kind of rigor."

What he lacked in methodic restraint he might have recouped in auras siphoned off the land. Because this is the place, it seems; this is where the bullheadedness of man – drunk on science, God, sex-magick, or some cocktail thereof – gives the wilds a run for their money. I'm in a page ripped from the book on great American public works and civil engineering. I'm in a fucking cathedral of cement, flanked by the towering underpass of Pasadena's so-called Suicide Bridge (Hwy. 210) and the Devil's Gate itself. Through it all, crusties claim, bores a labyrinth of tunnels. I partly buy this – John and I have been through a few, already. If I were any more conspiratorial or crusty, I would also buy the one about all of this merely being part of a network of tunnels coursing beneath all of LA.

I can't say if any of this explains why I'm trudging down here, exactly. I'm not sure what even to expect. I don't think John knows, either, and it's not like this is his first trip down. John first heard of the spot – the actual, physical Gate in Devil's Gate – and its curiosities from some dude over in Sierra Madre. A cursory search online then turned up the bit about Parsons and Hubbard and the alleged Hell portal, but also how the Gate meets the river at the mouth of a tunnel. And that if you're up for it, there's a way to get there.

John tells me it's little more than a blockade of cell bars, a failed attempt by the county at preventing curious trespassers from entering the tunnel, which bores horizontally back into the rock, back toward the dam itself. I assume it acts as a kind of overflow-relief valve, if in fact it's still functioning. John's not sure. He's never gone in. The one time he gazed into what some folks would tell you is one of just a handful of terrestrial Hell portals, he had to bail before setting foot inside the roughly 10-foot by 10-foot tunnel. Apparently the rest of his crew bummed so hard on a horrific stench eking from the lightless shaft that consensus aborted their mission. John smelled nothing.

The Devil's Gate Dam in 1923

I'm sure it'd be a trip to at least brush the edge of a vortex to the dark side, if such a Hellscape existed. You know, just have a real, "Oh, wow." To think, the gate was unlocked. They could've been how close? Wow.

This holds for pretty much any portal – to Mars, to other dimensions, other times. But at the moment, at least, I'm just starting down these stairs. I can't possibly be slipping into Hell. I just can't be. I don't feel any different. No sudden rush of biting, wicked vibes. No crawling skin. My teeth are noticeably unclenched.

But I'm not looking for Hell, or its chute. I'm not looking for any robed orgy, or the residues of some of NASA's first fuel reserves. I'm definitely not looking for the stains of an end-times infant homunculus à la 2001 (or even Rosemary's Baby ), only utterly failing. Of course stumbling on any of those would be a real wow. But just knowing that Parsons' genius – a largely innate, at times feared prowess that however unorthodox helped launch rocket science before "rocket science" became the stuff of household chortling – spellbound him to the dark arts, that exerts a pull of its own.

Parsons once wrote of himself as an "Antichrist loosed in the world," pledging to carry out the word of "the Beast 666." So if he took pains to sink his hands into both pots, as if to shatter what he saw as a bunk dichotomy between the supposedly cool, collected march of science and the maelstrom of esoteric sorcery, I don't want to suck the cursed marrow from the non-existent bones of the OTO's botched Hellchild so much as jaunt through a patch of strange land, the throbbing of which has since left Parsons noticeably absent from both the American subconscious and pop-sci record. Because who were you taught about in grammar school, Enrico Fermi or Jack Parsons?

These stairs, though. They're the kind that if only could've been set just a bit deeper and longer would make getting pulled down into Hell not look like a stutter-step cavort. There's a drop-off ahead. I don't know how I feel about it.

John, descending (via B. Anderson )

The ladder is caged. It's slick iron to the very bottom, years' worth of hand grime rubbed into the 50-some odd rungs I counted off. There's a platform about 20 feet from the top of the rockface, at which point, descending another 30 feet to the river's edge, you realize that the mighty Arroyo is actually shallow-looking and seemingly non-flowing, a chalky-orange standstill of what otherwise cannot be described as sewage. Maybe it's just the season, but I smell nothing particularly rank.

Most likely the water takes its stain from the same mud notorious for plugging the basin in back of the dam, toward JPL's campus. An estimated 1.5 million cubic yards of mud have amassed at the Devils Gate since 2009's Station fire , leaving some to argue that floodwater simply has nowhere to go. Coupled with the 100,000 cubic yards of mud already deposited here, built up between 1994 and 2009, there's now enough of the orange goop to fill a good four Rose Bowl stadiums. The Los Angeles Times even reported that it would take as little as 40 minutes, under a worst case scenario, for torrential rains to send enough mud, rock and water hurtling over the gates to flood all of south Pasadena and northeast LA.

So standing here, face to face, now, with the stone Devil, part of me wants to say JPL's site selection was maybe not the best thinking. Not awful. But, really? Right smack at the head of a floodplain?

What became the Jet Propulsion Lab was actually first an Army outpost. It was only grafted onto NASA a few months after four other research centers scattered around the country were merged to form the agency, which, according to Conway, is a product of the now defunct federal aerospace organization, the National Advisory Committee in Aeronautics, or NACA. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily.

I'm sure for Parsons the Tongva legend may've only added to the Arroyo allure. I, for one, am really not buying the hex thing. The idea that by traipsing down to the Devil's Gate I'm now flirting with the possibility of the cloud of misfortune hanging over the rest of my days stinks of the well-worn trope of the "ancient Indian curse." We've all heard that one before.

True, on Halloween, 1936, the rocket boys did stake their professional reputations on hauling a ramshackle rocket motor out to the Arroyo to try and make a bang. They tested four times that first day. Trials culminated in a blown oxygen line that whipped and cracked in the late-afternoon chill, with untamed, fire-spitting abandon. And while I'm sure that all of this could – and maybe has – made for some seminal urban legends, I just can't bring myself to say that any claims of JPL spells stem from either ancient pagan harvest festivals or celebrations for the dead.

Another rocket-boy Arroyo test gone up in flames, late November, 1936 ( via JPL / NASA)

I don't know. And yet there's really no getting fully around the general vibe that something here is almost uncanny. Almost.

On top of the Tongva's claims and all the mud and flood threats, the disappearances of at least four children in the late 1950s adds a particularly grim air to the Devils Gate surroundings.

Bruce Kremen, 6, was out on the trails with a summer camp group. Tommy Bowman, 8, was hiking with his family. Others, like Donald Lee Barker, 13, and Brenda Howell, 11, were out bicycling around the dam. All seemed to vanish into thin air, almost as if vacuumed down some earthly ingress. Here's hoping we don't experience similar fates.

"Ah, fuck," John mutters, shaking the chains that hold the Gate shut. "It's locked."

Only leave it to some bolt-cutting speed freak to have nipped off just enough of a gap in the Gate to slink your body through. We go in. With no flashlight, it's increasing darkness up a slight, maybe 7- or 8-degree incline for about 600 feet. We hit a dead end. How this would relieve dam overflow, as this doesn't appear to be an active valve, is beyond me. It's almost like the thing has been plugged.

But that's it. No wildly shifting temperatures. No crippling stench. Still no crawling skin. Just some amateur graffiti, and the occasional flicker of smashed glass bottles. We turn around, and in relative silence walk out from the maw, and back toward the light.

"Well shit, man," John, after a moment. "Do you feel any bad vibes?"

"Not really?" I admit. "I mean, maybe some weird vibes back at the end, there, but none right here. You know? None right now."

Looking back toward the Gate from the tunnel's approximate midway point (via B. Anderson )

Crossing back over the footbridge, the JPL beams silver across the basin. While I'm fairly certain that I haven't been consigned to living in an underwhelming sort of utero Xenuian Hellscape, I can say that California is still totally fucking weird.

Hubbard, of course, would go on to further establish himself as a pulp sci-fi novelist and eventually found the Church of Scientology. His relationship with Parsons would self-destruct when he absconded with Sarah Northrup, Parsons' mistress, who would become Hubbard's personal auditor and instrumental to his writing of Dianetics . Crowley had warned Parsons that Hubbard was a con man, and indeed, when Hubbard and Cameron eventually abandoned Parsons and their nascent business plan to start a boat dealing company, they absconded for a port in Florida with Parsons' boat and over twenty thousand dollars of Parsons' savings.

Sarah Northrup, Parsons' mistress, absconded with and later divorced Hubbard.

Upon learning of their escape, Parsons retreated to his hotel room and attempted to summon a typhoon in retribution with an evocation of Bartzabel, an intelligence presiding over the astrological forces associated with the planet Mars. A squall at sea ripped the sails from the boat, and Hubbard and Sarah were forced back to port where they were detained by the U.S. Coast Guard. Northrup would later divorce Hubbard, calling him "insane."

In 1969, Caltrans heavy-equipment operator and noted LA County serial killer Mack Ray Edwards admitted to slaying little Donald and Brenda, and to later burying their remains in freshly lain highways. A year later, Edwards would hang himself at San Quentin. The disappearances of Tommy Bowman and Bruce Kremen remain unsolved.

As for the mud, some want to see the orangish glop hauled away, and quick. The LA County Public Works Department stated in an urgent 2011 report that the reservoir "no longer has the capacity to safely contain another major debris event," and warned of "significant" risks of flooding and debris flow "below the dam". Meanwhile, the city, out of concern for the willows and riparian wildlife, is saying hold it, let's carry out a two-year environmental feasibility study into hauling out the muck. Temporary measures – hauling out 25,000 cubic yards of the stuff currently plugging one of the dam's drains, namely – are one thing. The Public Works proposal, which would have 300-400 dump trucks daily hauling in and out of the Arroyo Seco, removing mud, is another.

"The better approach would be to have an ongoing sediment management program," Tim Brick, managing director at the Arroyo Seco Foundation, told the Times . Better taking away only "some [mud] every year," Brick continued, "rather than one big project that was going to amount to 400 trucks a day for three years."

Or, as one morning walker put it: "It's just a beautiful place. It takes a long time to make another tree."

All copyright crashes aside, the Curiosity rover upped its camera not long after sticking its landing, and as of this writing has already found evidence that at one point, likely billions of years ago, steadily-flowing water cut through the JPL drone's Martian stomping grounds, an area known as Gale crater.

"It becomes just an incredible exercise in engineering to make sure that it's all going to work," Jim Adams, NASA's deputy chief technologist, told me on the eve of Curiosity's hellraising touchdown in early August. "And then in a moment, all you can do is sit back and let the computer do its job."

Proof, I'd wager, of a non-curse. Or as others might call it, magic. Weeks later, I asked Adams if he'd ever heard of Parsons. He hadn't.

I don't totally blame him. The JPL has taken pains to "not sanitize anything," according to Conway, who reminds me that Parsons is given ample time in a three-part documentary film on the history of the lab that JPL released a few years back. The trilogy, entitled The American Rocketeer – Explorer 1 – Destination Moon , was subsequently given to every member of the lab's staff. It was screened at CalTech, and also ran on a local television network .

But even still, it's like the Jet Propulsion Lab remains near obscurity across a great swath of the U.S. The lab's bread and butter – let alone the camp double-life of just one of its founders – remain at the margins of American consciousness. Every year, Jack Parsons' Lab hosts an open-house weekend that draws some 3,500 visitors to its campus. Given the open-door vibe, Conway says he's always stunned when he hears about area residents, some living mere blocks away, who have no familiarity whatsoever as to the regular goings on at JPL. I don't totally blame him, either.

But to hear that some folks beyond the Devils Gate, including NASA brass, haven't heard of Jack Parsons? Conway asks. "That doesn't stun me at all."

Officer tours blast site at 1701 S. Orange Grove Ave. in Pasadena.

Parsons was said to have been preparing for a trip to Mexico ( via )

Parsons held onto both horns 'til the bitter end, quite literally before the flames took him. He died of wounds after setting off an explosion of Mercury (II) fulminate in a basement experiment gone horrifically wrong, on June 17, 1952. He was 37.

The tragic, untimely death has since sparked numerous rumors as to just what, exactly, the eccentric rocketeer was up to in his final hour. Had he actually been keeping detailed records, we'd maybe have some closure. To Conway's knowledge, the OTO, which claims global membership to this day, has never reached out to the JPL. So whether Parsons met his end brewing the next generation of NASA's jet propellant, or cooking up the lifeblood to Crowley's ultimate reveal, is anyone's guess.


Maybe it's best we never know. History may well come to judge Parsons' blaze of glory as the ultimate redemption, a disruptive marrying of science and sorcery. Think about it. Both fields receive equal amounts of flak, and it's no small coincidence that quite often it's the champions of one who wage war on the other. Both stand on the shoulders of what for lack of a far better word can only be deemed as a kind of faith – faith that bold, leading-edge research will overcome the underlying mechanisms of this world to see all our rockets and space drones cruising further, faster, and with freakish precision; faith that the summoning of Pan's good graces will provide that extra boost.

And for Parsons, at least, it was like retaining a moral imperative to embrace both the theoretically explainable and the fog of magic with equal aplomb, to demonstrate a surmounting over that which many others deemed unconquerable, trolls be damned. As he wrote three years before the accident:

It has seemed to me that if I had the genius to found the jet propulsion field in the US, and found a multimillion dollar corporation and a renowned research laboratory, then I should be able to apply the genius in the magical field.

And while he may've never raised that moonbaby, he eventually got there, and in no small way. Twenty years after his passing, the International Astronomical Union named a far-side moon crater (37N 171W) after Parsons, in a nod to his pivotal contributions to solid-fuel rocketeering . If that's one stop along the figurative Hell portal, then we should all be diving in, now.


Top: Parsons stands over unidentified rocket gear, 1936 ( via )


List members , one thing is for sure , the best way to keep secrets is to hide them in plain sight , where nobody is likely to suspect...over the years , NASA may not have achieved as much as the public expected them to , but they've certainly perfected the art of hiding secrets in plain sight ! :))


Here is a good explanation for the esoteric concept of the "Planetary Logos" :-

Planetary Logos

Earth's Magnetosphere is Planetary Logos

As humans living on this planet, we are inseparable to every single event recorded as it transpires in the timeline histories of this planet, equal in all of its beauty, magnificence and in its brutal events of horrific trauma. Each one of us exist as the “recorded” nerve cells in the body of the planet and have the entire planetary history recorded in our nervous system and the layers of our physical body. Of course most of us walk around with little to no memory of our past lives, or planetary history in order to comprehend how it has radically shaped our current life experience.


Macro/Micro Relationship

Our planet as a celestial body is humanities “macrocosm” and is created in the mirror image to our own individual human body “microcosm”. All manifested forms are governed by creational laws set in by an architectural blueprint that exists at multiple dimensional layers. These Laws exist at multiple layers of the auric or consciousness fields and they directly control the physics of manifested creation. It means that nothing is manifested into a form that is outside of a specific blueprint that projects that actual image into physical substance and therefore physical matter. Human Beings, Extraterrestial Beings, Planets, Stars, Suns all have a specific blueprint governing them.

When there is a larger collective blueprint governing a smaller species blueprint (the macro to micro relationships), such as for the human race on Earth, or another planet, or the universe, that collective body blueprint is referred to as a “logos”. As such we refer to our Planet’s Logos.

7th Dimension

7th Dimension, 1st Layer of Monad Triad

Our Planetary Logos (the original blueprint and “law” governing the Earth’s planetary body) exists at the Ultraviolet spectrum of our magnetosphere on the 7th dimensional level or the Violet Ray. (The above picture depicts the earths magnetosphere interacting with our Sun.) This is also the Plane of the “Violet Ray” and where an aspect of the future Earth exists called Gaia. The 7th dimensional logos connect to a vast circulatory system that make up the collective human “crown chakra” and its projected “higher mental body” of the planetary function connected to the United Kingdom areas.(So what we see on the planet today is the manifestation of a group thought-form.) The architecture of the planetary logos controls every aspect of the planet, from the physical elemental substances to the emotional, mental and “energetic quanta” or “life force” distribution. It is the main control mechanism and circuit board that governs the planet in every inconceivable way. Clearly, these functions also greatly influence (or control) human beings to perceive themselves to what we believe as a group consensus - to be the behavior/identity of a human being living on planet Earth. The planetary logos is the macrocosm function to the collective mind and microcosm function of the individual mind. Planet Logos=Planetary Brain=Collective Race Mind=Human Mind=Individual Brain. All of these aspects of intelligence are a interactive part of the planetary logos.[1]

Planetary Brain

The term “Planetary Logos” is also a way of describing the processing functions that direct messaging into the planetary “brain”. (This is similar to a computer processing unit/CPU chip used in computers [2]) These messages in the planetary brain influence and control every living thing on this planet. There are message impulses being artificially programmed to create mind control, brain dysfunction and nerve synapse blocking. If we are informed and aware of these energy assaults against our consciousness, we can override them by maintaining inner spirit connection as the priority message received and shielding our energy aura.[3]

The Planetary Logos is a part of the Ultraviolet wave spectrum at the 7th layer of planetary consciousness which is connected to a humanities crown chakra and the first level of intelligence of the Monadic Matrix. The Monad Matrix is a spiritual triad body and a part of our identity and memories at the future space time of 7D Earth. In 2012 the planet received stellar activation which accelerated the potential for monadic embodiment.

Healing the Crystals

For this reason, the activation of the Crystal Core and the Crystal Caverns in our planet is extremely important in understanding the bio-plasmic light that is being crystallized into new matter substances during the Morphogenesis phase. And this has a direct relationship with the planetary brain functioning that impacts human brains and human consciousness on a global scale. This supports more human beings to have healthy brain activity through aligned energetic Coherence, through receiving the right balance of Neurotransmitters and neurotransmission activity, remembering the nervous system of the planet is the crystalline grid network. When Gridworkers are working on the grid, we're actually working on the neurological system and brain of the planet. This impacts us at the microcosmic level because we are all nerve cell extensions of that same neural network, and when we connect together in Unified Cooperation, we are building the strength and potential of that network to heal humanity.

When we intend to heal the planetary crystals, when we are willing to participate with crystal healing, we help the planetary body to rebalance the crystalline network and transmit benevolent Crystal frequencies. The planet’s crystals hold all the elements of creation in her crystalline grid, it is the direct conduit of connecting the intergalactic superhighway in crystalline light, through which we can communicate in every direction of time and space, and even with the stars.[4]

Imagine viewing a party with Parsons, Cowley and Hubbard in attendance. Real Fireworks, Illicit drugs or plants that would make you think you were on Mars and sex with demons.

I wonder what they thought or believed the end game or goal was.

@Keith , actually a party with Parsons , Cowley and Hubbard would be like "birds of one feather" inhabiting an echo chamber :))

There is clearly both a positive aspect as well as a negative aspect in the esoteric....Parsons was a "wild child" probably taking a trip down the "dark side" . Some of the greatest thinkers down the ages were also deep into esoteric knowledge - Newton the alchemist , Galileo , Leonardo Da Vinci , to name just a few - so Parsons was a chip of that old block , though he strayed quite far from the path of virtue , unlike some of his illustrious predecessors . Nobody can deny Parsons was a brilliant researcher , he was truly the original "Rocket Scientist" of our times , but he did stretch things a bit too far in his personal life .

So , I myself would much rather have seen Tesla and Parsons collaborating on a project ! Let's indulge in a little thought experiment of our own here , to see how this might have played out :-

  1. The austere Tesla , compared to the hedonist Parsons
  2. The sage Tesla , the sorcerer Parsons
  3. The celibate Tesla , the Bohemian Parsons
  4. The reclusive Tesla , the "party animal" Parsons
  5. The eccentric Tesla , the crazy "mad scientist" Parsons
  6. The spiritual Tesla , the occult "magician" Parsons

Despite all the obvious differences though , there were a few striking similarities - both were bold and audacious in their thoughts , both were disorganised & careless , keeping their ideas in their heads , instead of properly documenting them on paper . Also , both were ULTIMATE experimentalists , not much interested in making theories .

What IF these two mercurial characters had somehow managed to "tolerate" each other enough , to be able to collaborate on a project ?? IF they did , we might have seen the following outcomes :-

  1. Free energy
  2. Colonisation of the planets in our Solar system
  3. Visits to other Star systems
  4. Warp drive becoming a reality
  5. Spacecrafts of the type that would have amazed even the Gray Aliens :))

Unfortunately , both Tesla and Parsons were crushed , isolated and mocked by the Powers that be and they both died when in dire straits . We as a society haven't yet learnt how to nurture such brilliant people and give them an environment , where they can be most productive for society .

As for Aleister Cowley , well , he had some fairly illustrious followers , one of whom , Alice Bailey , founded the esoteric Lucis Trust that is linked to formation of the UN (United Nations) . Alice Bailey also wrote a "A Treatise on White Magic" :-

\ 106x31

\ 592x50
by Atrayu

\ 98x98

\ 247x209

33 Segments surrounded by sprigs of acacia
'Welcome to the United Nations. It's your World'...

The Lucis Trust

The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN.

Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. The title page of Alice Bailey's book, 'Initiation, Human and Solar' was originally printed in 1922, and clearly shows the publishing house as 'Lucifer Publishing CoIn 1923.'

\ 300x386Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books are published by Lucis Trust.

At one time, the Lucis Trust office in New York was located at 666 United Nations Plaza and is a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under a slick program called "World Goodwill".

In an Alice Bailey book called "Education for a New Age"; she suggests that in the new age "World Citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain." In other words - a One World Government New World Order.

Luci's Trust is sponsored by among others Robert McNamara , former minister of Defense in the USA, president of the World Bank, member of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Thomas Watson (IBM, former ambassador in Moscow).

Luci's Trust sponsors among others the following organizations:

  • UN
  • Greenpeace International
  • Greenpeace USA
  • Amnesty International

The United Nations has long been one of the foremost world harbingers for the "New Spirituality" and the gathering "New World Order" based on ancient occult and freemasonic principles.

Seven years after the birth of the UN, a book was published by the theosophist and founder of the Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, claiming that,

"Evidence of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines [for the preparation of the New Age] can be seen in the "planning" of various nations and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan... From the very start of this unfoldment, three occult factors have governed the development of all these plans"

[Alice B. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age (Lucis Press, 1955), Vol. II, p.35.]

Although she did not spell out clearly the identity of these 'three occult factors', she did reveal to her students that,

"Within the United Nations is the germ and seed of a great international and meditating, reflective group - a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity.

This is largely under the control of many fourth ray disciples, if you could but realize it, and their point of meditative focus is the intuitional or Buddhic plane - the plane upon which all hierarchical activity is today to be found"

[Ibid. p.220.]

To this end, the Lucis Trust, under the leadership of Foster and Alice Bailey, started a group called 'World Goodwill' - an official non-governmental organization within the United Nations.

The stated aim of this group is,

"to cooperate in the world of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ"

[One Earth, the magazine of the Findhorn Foundation, October/November 1986, Vol. 6, Issue 6, p.24.]

But the esoteric work inside the UN does not stop with such recognized occult groupings.

Much of the impetus for this process was initiated through the officership of two Secretary-Generals of the UN, Dag Hammarskjöld (held office: 1953-1961) and U Thant (held office: 1961-1971) who succeeded him, and one Assistant Secretary-general, Dr. Robert Muller.

In a book written to celebrate the philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin (and edited by Robert Muller), it is revealed,

"Dag Hammarskjöld, the rational Nordic economist, had ended up as a mystic. He too held at the end of his life that spirituality was the ultimate key to our earthly fate in time and space"

[Robert Muller (ed.), The Desire to be Human: A Global Reconnaissance of Human Perspectives in an Age of Transformation (Miranana, 1983), p.304.]

Sri Chinmoy , the New Age guru, meditation leader at the UN, wrote:

"the United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God's inner vision and outer manifestation."

William Jasper, author of "A New World Religion" describes the religion of the UN:

"...a weird and diabolical convergence of New Age mysticism, pantheism, aboriginal animism atheism, communism, socialism, Luciferian occultism, apostate Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism".

At you can find out much more about them and how they're involved with the work of the United Nations by following their link "World Goodwill" at the top of their home page.

The Aquarian Age Community

This Website is sponsored by the United Nations and the whole NWO philosophy is there.

The page which explains the work of the Aquarian Age Community , as they call themselves, has this proud quote at the header of their page:

Such a grandeur is ahead!
Such a great step awaits a fiery affirmation.
Our teaching and the affirmation of the Higher
Principles will reveal so much that is great to humanity!
A great period is drawing near: Thus we do create together.
Fiery World
Vol. III, par. 149

Amongst the many 'enlightening' pages in this website, you can easily find 'fascinating' articles entitled:

This is not Christian theology but New Age paganism .

Here's another by Curtis Dall , FD Roosevelt's son in law as quoted in his book, My Exploited Father in Law:

"For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the United States.

But, he didn't. Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advanced by the Council on Foreign Relations One World Money group...

Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared "ammunition" in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people, and thus paid off and returned his internationalist political support.

The UN is but a long range, international banking apparatus nearly set up for financial and economic profit by a small group of powerful One World Revolutionaries, hungry for profit and power.

The depression was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market...

The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank."

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 666

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In United Nations Security Council Resolution 666 , adopted on September 13, 1990, after recalling resolutions 661 (1990) and 664 (1990) which discussed the humanitarian situation in Iraq and Kuwait and the detention of nationals from foreign countries, the Council decided to ask the 661 Committee to determine if humanitarian needs have arisen and to keep the situation under review. At the same time, it expected Iraq to comply with its obligations under international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, relating to the safety and detainment of third-state nationals in Iraq and occupied Kuwait.

The Council then requested the Secretary-General to urgently seek information on the availability of food in Iraq and Kuwait, as well as paying attention to children, the elderly, expectant mothers and the sick, communicating all information to the Committee. If the Committee found an urgent humanitarian need for foodstuffs, it was to report to the Council promptly with its decision as to how the need should be met. Furthermore, the Committee was directed to bear in mind when formulating its decisions that foodstuffs should be provided through the United Nations in co-operation with appropriate humanitarian agencies such as the International Committee of the Red Cross to ensure the intended beneficiaries were reached. Finally, the resolution recommended the strict supervision of medical supplies by governments and humanitarian agencies exporting to Iraq and Kuwait.

Resolution 666 was adopted with 13 votes; Cuba and Yemen voted against the resolution, with Cuba stating that even through the use of disclaimers, the resolution amounted to "using starvation as a weapon of war", banned under Protocol 1 of the Geneva Conventions.[1]

Folks , it is just bizarre how the influence of NASA's founding father , John "Jack" Whiteside Parsons , is still evident in their naming conventions .

You see , the JUNO mission of NASA , to Jupiter , is arguably their most important mission currently in progress . So , it stands to reason that the name Juno would have been chosen after much thought . Therefore , it is astonishing to note what "Juno" actually signifies in the is a view from the ancient Magi Astrology :-

Chiron, Juno and Golden Time

Juno is the “planet” that rules the MISTRESS, and not the SPOUSE. Juno has no rulership over marriage, but instead Juno rules the AFFAIR that does not result in marriage. Juno also is ruler of infidelity.

The Juno-Venus linkage is the most reliable astrological sign of the mistress and an affair THAT WOULD NOT LEAD TO MARRIAGE. (The exception would be if there were also Cinderella Linkages, and if the Chiron Linkages were more numerous and more exact than the Juno linkages).

Chiron is ruler of marriage and Juno symbolizes the affair. There is obviously a big difference between marriages and affairs. Juno Linkages are quite often the second best astrological clue we have to help us to know whether or not an affair will ever lead to marriage. (The best clue is still Romantic Super Linkages.)

Chiron Linkages are not just signs of enduring love, but Chiron Linkages actually actively create the conditions necessary for a couple to marry; on the other hand, Juno Linkages impede the development of the conditions necessary for a couple to marry.

According to Magi Astrology, Juno is ruler of the mistress, the affair that does not lead to marriage, the desire to remain single, and disrespect for the institution of marriage. Juno rules sex outside of marriage, sex without commitment, sex without love, sex without feelings, unwed mothers, children out of wedlock, and being less responsible than one should be.

Whereas in Magi Astrology, Chiron is the ruler of commitment, true love, marriage and having children through marriage.

Magi Astrology has developed the following rules:

Chiron versus Juno Rule One: Any Chiron Linkage formed between the two persons increases the chances of marriage between two persons, except the Chiron/Juno linkage.

Chiron versus Juno Rule Two: Any Juno linkage formed between two persons reduces the chances of marriage between the two persons, except the Chiron/Juno Linkage.

Chiron Versus Juno Rule Three: The Chiron/Juno linkage neither increases nor decreases the chances of marriage; it does however greatly increase the chances of a long-term intimate relationship between two heterosexual persons (it does not increase the chances of a long-term intimate relationship between same-sex couples).

In Magi Astrology, the Chiron/Juno Linkage is not a Chiron Linkage, and it is not a Juno Linkage. We are not trying to be cute but it is a Chiron/Juno Linkage and a sign of long-term togetherness that neither tilts toward marriage nor away from marriage. For this reason, the Magi Society refers to the Chiron/Juno Linkage as the Long-Term Linkage.

Chiron can form Cinderella Linkages when it is at a MAGIcal Angle to Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto and that Chiron is symbolic of lasting love. B


Everyone has a Golden Time that is reserved by the stars. The trouble is, almost everyone is in the wrong place, and doing the wrong things, during their Golden Times. In order to achieve the maximum success, we must take advantage of our Golden Times. In our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, we explain the principles that help us to foretell our Golden Times. The key to recognizing Golden Times is Magi Astrology, and its use of CHIRON. Chiron is the celestial sign of Golden Times (and Cinderella Times). Whenever Chiron makes a MAGICAL angle to one of our important NATAL PLANETS, the Golden Doorway opens, and we must work hard and rush through it. Almost everyone who has been super successful has taken full advantage of the times when his or her Golden Doorways were open.

The important lesson here is that when the time is right, we must take advantage of it. Too often, we are not doing what we need to do during our Golden Times. We could be on vacation, or not actively working towards our dreams during our Golden Times. This is why hard work is crucial to success and why everyone who has made it says that hard work was the key. If you keep working as hard as you can, all the time, you will not miss your Golden Time.