"The Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text" Edition

Since The Book of Mormon topic comes up from time to time and has been in various discussions as pertaining to ancient history, I thought it would be helpful to have a convenient and interesting reference of the research and editing work of Royal Skousen convenient in his "The Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text"

Royal Skousen's work is nothing short of heroic. If one looks through his many volumes of notes and effort one can realize that his life's work is something that should be highly valued.

Those who have stumbled upon this precious gem have found deeper and clearer meaning while reading this edition as opposed to the "official" editions one will normally find.

For convenience, here is a hyperlinked table of contents:

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@Soretna , thanks for sharing this - it gives a neutral perspective I guess .


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Gentlemen (@Branton777 & @Ephraimite), this topic was driven off the rails entirely and I have therefore moved your discussion to the "Debate" section of the forum.

The original purpose of this post was to facilitate sharing of a book in a new and interesting format that could be helpful for reference based on the observations of another forum member (cc @sidharthabahadur).

All manner of book sharing goes on and is welcome here; we should be allowed to discern the value of such things by personal exploration, thoughtful discussion and even logical debate as desired/needed. We should try to keep our discussions logical and especially dispassionate if/when appropriate for topics of possible religious significance wherein feelings could become involved. I'm not saying we shouldn't have discussions, but I just simply believe we should try to have methodical, respectful and measured discussions in an effort to not be overly/overtly offensive.

Many consider this book, The Book of Mormon, scripture and have had many positive, uplifting, edifying and validated observations both in the way of spiritual rewards or improvements and in the way of historical understanding. This latter aspect of historicity - even learning a little - is of tremendous value to everyone when it can fill in blanks that are missing by deliberate or inadvertent deception. Most of us know just how horrible the true history of the Americas has been not only tainted but purposefully and systematically obliterated over the past few hundred years.

If you have concerns or criticisms, please add to the following or create a new thread in the Debate topic so that we can properly discuss things vs driving a topic off the road.

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