"The Black Vault" files: 1,000 pages of UFO docs supposedly released by the CIA

Likely discrattionary given the state of affairs in the world, but here it is anyway (I suspect "they're" continuing to prep for the intraterrestrial savior advent):

The CIA has, allegedly, released a large cache of files involving unidentified flying objects (UFOs), also known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by podcaster John Greenwald Jr.

Original CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents [149MB] – This is the entire collection, zipped up, with zero processing. This is in its original form.

CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents – Searchable .pdf Conversions – [342MB] – This .zip file contains all of the above files, however, they have been converted to searchable .pdf documents. Keep in mind, searchable .pdfs are NOT perfect. Many of these documents are poorly photocopied, so the computer can only “see” so much to convert for searching. However, through various tests, the search capability is MUCH better than the above CD contents with only .txt outputs.

There's a list of searchable PDFs individually available as well if you don't want to download the entire thing.

Note there are older archives at the bottom as well if interested.

See also news story from the now not-so-sane ZeroHedge site:

Wow @soretna ! Thanks for sharing .


@Soretna , it might be interesting to run an AI tool on all this data and see what new insights it comes up with :))


Agreed. I have some thoughts on how to do this...

Great @Soretna , let's discuss that offline from the main group if need be .



You suspect that they are “continuing to prep for the intraterrestrial savior event”?

But they won’t announce at this point that they are from below decks. It would still be “Zeta Reticulai” or some such.”

This could be what is making the Democratic left so bold, they might have backing.

Thanks for giving me some additional nightmare material!

If I move to the countryside, they might literally raise Hell and send snakes and dragons up from the ground.

I would join the Navy except there are sea serpents, too.


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That is right. They will shout the false messiah narrative upon the rooftops as being an EXTRAterrestrial I believe. The time is not yet ripe for this, they still have various games to play out first, but I believe they are gearing up for "end game" plays such as this. Options are running out and it is truly like watching a 4D chess tournament as they say with so many pieces moving and moving in a very timed and measured manner.

They most certainly do have backing @deandddd. Consider the contents of The Encyclopaedia Judaica as per Into the Maw of the Great Abyss. This presentation is remarkable and factual and it is clearly evident of the past 100-200 year marketing campaign that has been going on by the cavern worlders to alter opinions to a degree so as to cause the outer world dwellers to believe they are all simply myths. Of course this video reinforces what we're seeing as per this topic AND what is noted in (wish we could verify this as factual with primary source details): D.C. Tunnels & D.U.M.B.S. - Cavern World Connection?

But yes, we have much to watch for. There will most certainly be a revealing of a false messiah before the true Messiah comes in his robes of red and vengeance to cleans the world and help in our effort to bind them for a millennium.