Tell It Like It Is Pari Spolter!!!

Pari Spolter quote:

She says: " This currently accepted Earth Model is inconsistent with
the law of sedimentation in a centrifuge." In other words, if the Earth was
formed by a centrifugal process, the denser part would have been thrown to
the OUTSIDE, not that it gets denser the furthe inside that you go.


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More Pari Spolter from our list back in September of 2018:

It is only natural that we ascribe gravity effects to the density of
matter because such an association is confirmed (excluding cloud behavior)
in our everyday experience. Newton recognized this, and then he
projected such an association all the way through the planets to
their central points, imagining that matter would produce gravity
effects all the way through. After all, there is gravity in NYC, and
gravity in China. The central point of the attraction would "seem"
to be in the middle. On page 12 of Gravitational Force of the Sun,
Dr. Pari Spolter quotes Sir Issac Newton in this regard:

"Hitherto we have explained the phenomena of the heavens and of our
sea by the power of gravity, but have not yet assigned the cause of
this power. This is certain, that it must proceed from a cause that
penetrates to the very centres of the sun and planets, without
suffering the least diminution of its force; that operates not
according to the quantity of the surfaces of the particles upon which
it acts (as mechanical causes used to do), but according to the
quantity of the solid matter which they contain, and propagates its
virtue on all sides to immense distances, decreasing always as the
inverse square of the distance ...."

She also disagrees with Newton on page 18 where she states " Newton
did not need, nor did he estimate the masses of the Earth and the
moon to deduce the reciprocal square of the distance from the center
of attraction- and therefore- there is no basis for inclusion of the
term 'product of the two masses,' or for that matter, for the
inclusion of any term for mass in the equation of the gravitational

It only seems to be mass that occasions gravity effects, they are
actually due to a certain frequency of radiation which does not
penetrate uniformly nor completely through the shell of planets,
solid or hollow. This is only reasonable. At some point the frequency
will meet forces opposed and or diminish or change in some way. The
universe is always dynamic,full of change. So why wouldn't gravity
change as it penetrates a planet? If you don't know what
causes gravity, you can't say that it would be uniform throughout a
planet's diameter.

Diminishing gravity effects, due to an electromagnetic, radiating
nature leaves the doors wide open for a hollow planetary
configuration with planetary shells that don't implode due to
superior weight, and which allows for spacious cavern worlds to exist
in the depths below.


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