"Suppressed & Incredible Inventions" by John Freeman

Rex Research posted a fantastic report recently that I was really pleased to discover called "Suppressed & Incredible Inventions" by John Freeman from Health Research in 1987:

@deandddd you're going to love this book. I can't help but think that Joseph Cater also must have read this book due to a number of inventions he reiterated from this. This is a fantastic survey of inventions from the past century that really could have made all of our lives so much better and in so many ways.

Also @deandddd did you say you were familiar with the publisher Health Research and Al Fry?

It appears that information about Al Fry is pretty much gone and websites such as the following are no longer available: Archive.org version (gone: honesty.org/fry)

@Soretna , thanks a lot for sharing this with the group . This is something we've not seen before .