Supposed new LiDAR scans showing new information on potentially ancient civilizations (warning, from MSN)

Please pardon the terrible "news" source: Lasers revealed 6 ancient civilizations that were hiding in plain sight

"LiDAR captured the ruins of a civilization in the Brazilian Amazon"

"A gray lidar image of an ancient Maya site archaeologists named Ocomtún on the Yucatán Peninsula"

"Example of structures found with LiDAR."

"A map and LiDAR images of nearly 500 [(maybe?)] ceremonial complexes in the Olmec and Maya regions of Mexico."

"LiDAR laser technology yielded a remarkable discovery in Guatemala’s forest: ancient cities with more than 60,000 structures."

"Amazon mound"

"This screenshot from a lidar-based 3-D animation shows the layout of Cotoca, a primary site in an ancient Amazonian urban network. Raised causeways radiate in different directions from platform mounds, pyramids and other structures."

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@Soretna , this shows just how much of ancient civilisation still lies hidden deep in the jungles of Latin America !


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The Cham connection is more and more interesting and compelling it seems along with this accompanying network of ancient civilizations that spanned Asia and across the Pacific to South and Central America and/or even the North American Southwest.


This is mind boggling. 60,000 structures in Guatemala.

And some of those buildings look sophisticated in structure.

What is underneath them? I was told by tour guides in the Yucatan that tunnels connecting temples and pyramides are common, even if old and delapidated. So what could be underneath?


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