Subterranean Illumination

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The book Etidorhpa tells that the subterranean illumination develops at a depth of ten miles. There are particles from the Sun that are composed of photons, they are photon aggregates. And they begin to disintegrate due to friction with the frequencies of particle radition that they meet on their way down.

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"Oh! for one glimpse of light, a ray of sunshine!"

In reply to this my mental ejaculation, my guide said: " Can not you perceive that the darkness is becoming less intense ?"

"No," I answered, " I can not; night is absolute."

"Are you sure?" he asked. " Cover your eyes with your hand, then uncover and open them." I did so and fancied that by contrast a faint gray line was apparent.

"This must be imagination."

"No; we now approach a zone of earth light; let us hasten on."

"A zone of light deep in the earth! Incomprehensible! Incredible!" I muttered, and yet as we went onward and time passed the darkness was less intense. The barely perceptible hue became gray and somber, and then of a pearly translucence, and although I could not distinguish the outline of objects, yet I unquestionably perceived light.

"I am amazed! What can be the cause of this phenomenon ? What is the nature of this mysterious halo that surrounds us?" I held my open hand before my eyes, and perceived the darkness of my spread fingers.

"It is light, it is light," I shouted; " it is really light!" And from near and from far the echoes of that subterranean cavern answered back joyfully, " It is light, it is light!"

I wept in joy, and threw my arms about my guide, forgetting in the ecstasy his clammy cuticle, and danced in hysterical glee and alternately laughed and cried. How vividly I realized then that the imprisoned miner would give a world of gold, his former god, for a ray of light.

"Compose yourself; this emotional exhibition is all evidence of weakness; an investigator should neither become depressed over a reverse, nor unduly enthusiastic over a fortunate discovery."

But we approach the earth's surface ? Soon I will be back in the sunshine again."

"Upon the contrary, we have been continually descending into the earth, and we are now ten miles or more beneath the level of the ocean."


Remember Mr. Cater's comments from Etidorhpa? Stick with it and read all the way down, the punchline comes at the end. And don’t be proud; you could learn a lot from a dummy (me), and from Cater, Dino Kraspedon and Daniel Ross.

"It is important at this stage to mention a book concerning the
hollow Earth, the finest that has yet been written. It not only
contains more important factual information than any other book, but
also goes far beyond them in other respects. This great book probably
contains more profound metaphysical and scientific truths than any
other book written up to the present. The book is entitled Etidorhpa
and was first published in 1895. Some books are written in the form
of a novel in order to present certain ideas or truths without
inviting undue -attack from various quarters. Etidorhpa is considered
by most to be a science fiction book. Any intelligent and discerning
reader realizes that it isn't."

I am posting this in relation, of course, to the recently posted
comments from Chapter 16 of Etidorhpa, where The Guide speaks about the nature of sunlight passing through the atmosphere.

"The child ignorant of letters wonders at the resources of those
who can spell and read, and, in like manner, many obscure natural
phenomena are marvelous to man only because of his ignorance. You do
not comprehend the fact that sunlight is simply a matter-bred
expression, an outburst of interrupted energy, and that the
modification this energy undergoes makes it visible or sensible to
man. What, think you, becomes of the flood of light energy that
unceasingly flows from the sun? For ages, for an eternity, it has
bathed this earth and seemingly streamed into space, and space it
would seem must have long since have been filled with it, if, as men
believe, space contains energy of any description. Man may say the
earth casts the amount intercepted by it back into space, and yet
does not your science teach that the great bulk of the earth is an
absorber, and a poor radiator of light and heat? What think you, I
repeat, becomes of the torrent of light and heat and other forces
that radiate from the sun, the flood that strikes the earth? It
disappears, and, in the economy of nature, is not replaced by any
known force or any known motion of matter. Think you that earth
substance really presents an obstacle to the passage of the sun's
energy? Is it not probable that most of this light producing essence,
as a subtle fluid, passes through the surface of the earth and into
its interior, as light does through space, and returns thence to the
sun again, in a condition not discernible by man?"

“He grasped my arm and squeezed it as though to emphasize the
words to follow. ´You have used the term sunshine freely; tell me what is sunshine? Ah! you
do not reply; well, what evidence have you to show that sunshine
(heat and light ) is not earth-bred, a condition that exists locally
only, the result of contact between matter and some unknown force
expression? What reason have you for accepting that, to other forms
unknown and yet transparent to this energy, your sunshine may not be as intangible as the ether of space is to man? What reason have you to believe that a force torrent is not circulating to and from the
sun and earth, inappreciable to man, excepting the mere trace of this force which, modified by contact action with matter appears as heat, light, and other force expressions? How can I, if this is true, in
consideration of your ignorance, enter into details explanatory of
the action that takes place between matter and a portion of this
force, whereby in the earth, first at the surface, darkness is
produced, and then deeper down an earth light that man can perceive by the sense of sight, as you now realize? I will only say that this luminous appearance about us is produced by a natural law, whereby the flood of energy, invisible to man, a something clothed now under the name of darkness, after streaming into the crust substance of the earth, is at this depth, revivified, and then is made apparent to mortal eye, to be modified again as it emerges from the opposite earth crust, but not annihilated. For my vision, however, this central light is not a necessity; my physical and mental development is such that the energy of darkness is communicable; I can respond to its touches on my nerves, and hence I can guide you in this dark cavern. I am all eye.´"

What the Guide is saying is that the Sun's rays go through some kind of transformation when they reach the atmosphere and pass on through the Earth's shell.

Mr. Cater describes the above process in a more technical way.
He explains that aggragates of photons, comparable to marbles, jumble and stick together to form what he calls soft particles, comparable to bowling balls. It is in this form that sunlight passes through the Earth’s shell, and for this reason indiscernible to our eyes. The photons now form part of a larger particle which we cannot see, whgich Cater calls soft particles. When these soft particles break up due to friction, they emit photons of light. The photons of light are only visible, though, when they are broken up and loose. Not when they are stuck together to form larger particles.

From Mr. Cater's book, first page of Chapter Four:

"The law of redistribution of energy, not stated in any textbooks,
plays a vital role in the benefits any planet receives from a sun.
Briefly, it states that when radiant electromagnetic energy interacts
with matter, the resulting radiation as a whole is of a lower
frequency than the original light. So the photons, when they break loose due to friction and manifest as light, have passed down from a higher frequency to the frequencies that we can see, between violet and red. In the case of The Green Children of Wolfpitte, the redistribution to the lower frequency in the visible range has ben lowered down to Green:


The redistribution law is still only a special case of a more general
law which states that energy, regardless of form, can only flow
downhill or from a higher potential to a lower one. The famous second law of thermodynamics is a special case of this law.

The law of redistribution of energy accounts for temperatures at
lower elevations being generally greater than at the higher
altitudes (It is hotter in Death Valley, which is below sea level). As the radiant energy from the Sun passes through the
atmosphere, increasing portions of the light are transformed into
lower frequencies such as red and even infrared, which activates the thermal motion of atoms and molecules, and produces heat. This process continues downward below the surface” [such as Hell is depicted as being hot – my comment, Dean].

Dino Kraspedon also mentions the process in a simpler way in his book My Contact with Flying Saucers, page 120:

"Q: Some people say that the heat observed on Earth comes to us from the Sun. Is there any truth in this?

A: Heat comes from the Sun, but in the form of high frequency waves, which are then transformed into heat waves. This transformation takes place in the atmosphere of the planets. They do not come from the Sun in the form of heat because heat will not travel through a vacuum. Even the heat on the Sun is bearable, it is merely a field in which electrical forces operate."

What to speak of Daniel Ross in UFOs and the Complete Evidence from Space, page 58:

"We know that the Sun's energy is not transmitted in the form of
heat and light, but as an invisible spectrum of electromagnetic
energy. The sun's electromagnetic energy does not manifest itself as heat and light until it penetrates a planetary atmosphere. And since this radiation from the Sun is not appreciably reduced in its travel through outer space, the four inner planets receive similar amounts of energy in their respective orbits. The surface conditions on each planet would be dependent on the atmospheric shell, and the gravitational and magnetic fields surrounding the planet, and not on its relative distance from the Sun."

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Dean , the last paragraph is indeed a very important fact , either underplayed by mainstream scientists , or even misunderstood by most of them - Earth's atmosphere acts as a transducer . This means that the heat & light of the Sun that we experience is because we have an atmosphere , in the absence of which Earth's surface would be plunged into the frigid darkness of outer space . In the absence of an atmosphere , neither the heat , nor the light of the Sun can even be seen or felt from the Earth's surface :

"We know that the Sun's energy is not transmitted in the form of
heat and light, but as an invisible spectrum of electromagnetic
energy. The sun's electromagnetic energy does not manifest itself as heat and light until it penetrates a planetary atmosphere. And since this radiation from the Sun is not appreciably reduced in its travel through outer space, the four inner planets receive similar amounts of energy in their respective orbits. The surface conditions on each planet would be dependent on the atmospheric shell, and the gravitational and magnetic fields surrounding the planet, and not on its relative distance from the Sun."


Yes, this is the point. And the particles that pass through the Earth are subject to modulation, which will create atmospheric environments below.

The world of the Green Children of Wolfpitt is a good example.



In the book Etidorhpa, The Man becomes acquainted with unknown colors that are not among the primary colors revealed in a prism.


" We accordingly embarked, and a gentle touch of the lever enabled us
rapidly to skirt the shore of the underground sea. The soft, bright,
pleasant earth-light continually enveloped us, and the absence of
excessive heat or cold, rendered existence delightful. The weird
forms taken
by the objects that successively presented themselves on the shore
were a
source of continual delight to my mind. The motion of our boat was
constantly at the will of my guide. Now we would skim across a great
flashing from point to point; again we wound slowly through tortuous
channels and among partly submerged stones."

We finally reached a precipitous bluff, that sprung to my view as by
and which, with a glass-like surface, stretched upward to a height
the scope of my vision, rising
straight from the surface of the lake. It was composed of a material
seemingly black as jet, and yet when seen under varying spectacular
conditions as we skirted its base it reflected, or emitted, most
the brilliant lines of the rainbow, and also other colors hitherto
to me.

" There is something unique in these shades; species of color appear
that I
cannot identify; I seem to perceive colors utterly unlike any that I
as the result of deflected, or transmitted, sunlight rays, and they
unlike the combinations of primary colors with which I am familiar."

" Your observations are true; some of these colors are unknown on

" But on the surface of the earth we have all possible combi-nations
of the
seven prismatic rays," I answered. " How can there be others here ?"

" Because, first, your primary colors are capable of further

" Second, other rays, invisible to men under usual conditions, also
from the sun, and under favorable circumstances may be brought to the
of sight."

" Do you assert that the prism is capable of only partly analyzing the

" Yes; what reason have you to argue that, because a triangular bit
of glass
resolves a white ray into seven fractions that are, as men say,
colored, you could not by proper methods subdivide each of these so-
primary shades into others? What reason have you to doubt that rays
invisible to man accompany those capable of impressing his senses,
and might
by proper methods become perceptible as new colors?"

" None," I answered; "only that I have no proof that such rays exist."

" But they do exist, and men will yet learn that the term `primitive'
as applied to each of the seven colors of the rainbow, is incorrect.
will yet be resolved, and as our faculties multiply and become more
other colors will be developed, possessed of a delicacy and richness
indescribable now, for as yet man can not comprehend the
possibilities of
education beyond the limits of his present condition."

The Mole People, a slightly cheesy sci-fi with a great vision of what the Hollow Earth might be like and discussesin detail the Hollow Earth concept and the Illumination problem.

Etidorhpa again; that the rays become refined as they pass through the medium of the Earth's crust simply means that they become more favorable for niological entities. This is why people frrom the depths below are reported to be very tall and to have long life spans.



Lost in contemplation, I unconsciously asked the mental question
" Where are the shadows?"

My guide replied:
" You have been accustomed to lakes on the surface of the earth;
water that
is illuminated from above; now you see by a light that is developed
within and below, as well as from above. There is no outside point of
illumination, for the light of this cavern, as you know, is neither
transmitted through an overlying atmosphere nor radiated from a
center. It is an inherent quality, and as objects above us and within
lake are illuminated alike from all sides, there can be no shadows."

Musingly, I said:
" That which has occurred before in this journey to the unknown
country of
which I have been advised, seemed mysterious; but each succeeding step
discovers to me another novelty that is more mysterious, with
phenomena that are more obscure."

" This phenomenon is not more of a mystery than is the fact that light
radiates from the sun. Man can not explain that, and I shall not now
to explain this. Both conditions are attributes of force, but with
distinction-the crude light and heat of the sun, such as men
experience on
the surface of the earth, is here refined and softened, and the
characteristic glare and harshness of the light that is known to
those who
live on the earth's surface is absent here. The solar ray, after
the earth's crust, is tempered and refined by agencies which than
will yet
investigate understandingly, but which he can not now comprehend."

I came across this topic on a forum which I feel is related to the refined rays beneath the crust. This person claims to be able to perceive caves and tunnels beneath the surface using a lens that he designed and that less EMR comes from such voids that he can perceive. They go on to explain that faults deep within the earth are due to abnormal piezo pressure signatures as they start up and start pulsing with their particular signatures. He also mentions that solid state electronics are used with these lens so perhaps it is a transparent liquid easily altered and programmed which is pulsed with cymatics or maybe EMR from coils or piezoelectric transducers at multiple frequencies.
Of all the known cave entrances around the world must be but a tiny fraction of how many have been buried over the years and never discovered.

List Members,

Subterranean illumination? How about Olaf's description of the inner sun?


"I frequently lay down on the bunker of our little sloop, and looked far up
into blue dome of the sky; and, notwithstanding the sun was shining far away
in the east, I always saw a single star overhead. For several days, when I
looked for this star, it was always there directly above us. It was now,
according to our reckoning, aboout the first of August. The sun was high in
the heavens, and was so bright that I could no longer see the one lone star
that attracted my attention a few days earlier. One day about this time, my
father startled me by calling my attention to a novel sight far in front of
us, almost at the horison. "It is a mock sun," exclaimed my father. "I have
read of them; it is called a reflection or mirage. It will soon pass away."
But this dull-red, false sun, as we supposed it to be, did not pass away for
several hours; and while we were unconscious of its emitting any rays of
light, still there was no time thereafter when we could not sweet the
horizon and locate the illumination of the so-called false sun, during a
period of at least twelve hours out of every twenty-four. Clouds and mists
would at times almost, but never entirely, hide its location. Gradually it
seemed to climb higher in the horizon of the uncertain purply sky as we
advanced. It could hardly be said to resemble the sun, except in its
circular shape, and when not obscured by clouds or the ocean mists, it had a
hazy-red, bronzed appearance, which would change to a white like a luminous
cloud, as if reflecting some greater light beyond. We finally agreed in our
discussion of this smoky furnace-colored sun, that, whatever the cause of
the phenomenon, it was not a reflection of our sun, but a planet of some
sort - a reality".