Structures on the Moon - Crookes Crater

Hi members, as @Soretna has mentioned the site has been upgraded with more bandwidth so to test the site I am posting an image of the moon. It is from the Nasa archives and probably doesn't exist anymore. The area is near Crookes Crater and I have enhanced it to show more detailed features. Enhancing Nasa images was a hobby of mine until last year. I do not study the topic anymore as I have found what I need and have my UNITY theory to complete. For those not aware or have proofs of structures/anomolies/ufos etc I would hope to check my old archives and add a few more images in the future if anyone would be interested. I can also discuss various theories of the moon and explain what my findings have been. This also expands to researching other planets and moons etc although the data is from Nasa and affiliates we are never sure that that what we are shown is not a.i and even real so we have to bear in mind that the source is not verified. Nevertheless in some of the orbital moon images using film camera, there is more chance of the images being more accurate or less altered as I have found the newer the imagery the more a.i introduced to the file structure.


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@Echo_on , very fascinating pictures indeed ! Have you scanned the Aristarchus crater on the moon as well...did you find anything of interest there ?


Hi @sidharthabahadur

I have a friend who is an expert on this topic.. His view is Aristarchus is a piece of tech Device and Possible fusion reactor. Directly above Aristarchus and attached to, is Wallaston, an installation triangular and blue...Where Wallaston comes to a narrowing is called Scar ,Rima Scar, redacted in Clementine.

He has kindly sent me a few files to post here... and says use a magnifying glass to look at the details...


These files were not created by me but this next one is one of mine from the Dark Side of the Moon and is an enhancement I made last year or so... It is a large file but if you again take time to view the image closely you will see some more than interesting is also possible that the image has been rotated or inverted so in truth the craters are possible also domes.

ps... @Soretna (for testing) the file size of the original file is 60mb, when uploading the file size reduces to 240k. It seems that the original png file gets converted and compressed to jpg format as a low resolution file. This will need looking into as all the detail in these original files are pixelated and redacted. Please let us know if there is a spec sheet or info section I can look at regarding this topic as I am well versed in imaging formats etc. It has happened to all the images posted...

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A possible fusion reactor , @Echo_on...hmm ! Thanks for sharing these incredible images .


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@Echo_on , this then confirms the suspicion that the Nazi faction that escaped from Antarctica to the moon in 1948 , managed to develop further on the path of analog technologies (they left the Earth before the advent of computers and the digital age)...they probably have energy beam weapons and fusion reactors based on analog technologies .

Also , it seems that over the last 74 years in the low gravity environment of the moon , at least some of their descendents (perhaps borne of the Ukrainian women they they had brought in from their ASF program ??) , have mutated into giants 12-14 feet in height . During the battle of 1972 , fought on the lunar surface , some such individuals were sighted by the American soldiers of the lunar "Horizon" base , which was subsequently destroyed by the Nazis .

It is really difficult to find "hard evidence" for the above hypothesis , but the fact that 50 years ago , in 1972 , both the U.S. and the Soviet abandoned all plans for building a permanent lunar base , indicate some major reason for such a decision...


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@sidharthabahadur All I can say, regards the moon from my point of view...and from the images we have been allowed to see and study...and I have some special abilities to assess the manipulation of said images and upscale them is that there has been an huge effort since Braum sent the V2 rocket to take pics above earth's atmosphere that the US government was so scared of what they saw that everything since then changed.

Images taken have been redacted, rotated, inverted... Colour data has been scrambled in the digitised files is just a small part of it....

It is like clear daylight when studying the images many or most of the light sources from the moon come from the craters/domes. Much of the moon's infrastructure are built around the these craters in which huge tunnels and trenches have been built like giant subway stations.

There is a lot of other mysterious things going on but I know one thing for sure and that is the moon is not natural. I am sure it was brought here a long time ago and has been the cause of the destruction of our ancient civilization and the direct cause of the asteroid belt and the tilt of earth due to its destruction of one of Mars moon's causing the scaring of the planet and damage to earth's rotation system causing the ice age from the dryas period sending all humans to survive underground in which a worldwide network existed for thousands of years. Baring in mind due to the original equator and earth rotation would have been mostly one land mass. Since the huge impact braking the earth's core and now the moon changed our atmosphere and altered our existence on earth from the original elongated individuals and giants to the smaller humans...

It is very possible the Germans settled there but ultimately there are civilization on the moon for a long time...


Yes @Echo_on , it all adds up now that we're connecting the dots...the Oxygen tank of Apollo 13 was destroyed by a KSK energy beam weapon from the Nazi Walhalla base on the moon...even in very recent times , the Chinese moon rover and India's Chandrayaan probe to the moon also faced "mysterious" technical glitches , since they were targetted by energy beam weapons aimed from the lunar surface .

Also , of course you are right , there are probably much older civilisations also existing on the dark side of the moon...