Structures On Our Moon, And Here's Proof! ~ 10/19/2021

Here's also a link to the video he referenced: Giant Moon Cylinder Found - Lunar Buildings - ArtAlienTV (R) - YouTube

@deandddd Thought you in particular would find this quite intriguing. I'm surprised how many structures on the moon are visible if you just adjust the official photos a little bit. Someone clearly did a thorough job trying to obscure the details from these photos.

This is a good one. Quite a few constructions, and vegetation, too. The narrator is Chris, I've posted him before. Do post that one.

The way our government lies to us is just macabre. George Washington must be turning in his grave.


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I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by this video. Clearly the source image was doctored significantly to destroy clear evidence, but there is indeed enough here to see that there's a LOT going on on the Moon that's being completely obfuscated.

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