Strange sounds lists, aggregation and analyses?

With more recent discussion of "strange sounds" around the world, is anyone aware of any analysis that's been done on these? Sped up? Inverted? Other ideas?

Obviously this is in continuation of the discussion here: Mysterious Underground Sounds Cause Panic Among Villagers in India's Maharashtra and Strange Explosion Sounds in Illinois (and any others that might be floating about the forum Search results for 'strange sounds' - MindReach)

Here, for an example, is a video of "strange sounds":
(YouTube Link)

Here are some sounds apparently recorded by NOAA: List of unexplained sounds - Wikipedia

Sure would be interesting to aggregate a list of these recordings and see what kinds of analyses have been done already and then perhaps do some more on them to see if we can detect patterns or other such interesting observations.

Very interesting idea @Soretna , thanks for sharing .


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