Something is Happening in Belgorod Russia . . . Strange Glow from sky

Wow , that's an amazing sight to behold , @Soretna ! Thanks for sharing .


What in the Hell was that!!!

And what does it portend?


Given the current situation between Russia and Ukraine , almost anything seems possible these days...though Russia's massive Belgorod nuclear submarine seems to be their most dangerous weapon at the's apparently "dropped off" from radar and is submerged somewhere in the Arctic Ocean , maybe under an ice cap !


I suspect any "nuclear" options will be stopped via the cavern worlders via "UFOs" as per similar tests and such have shown. It seems that the first nukes were only allowed for some nefarious reason (eg, they fit in with their agenda and beating down and subjugating Japan while elevating their New York surface capitol).

What if missiles are accompanied by UFOs? The Americans have UFOs, the hollow Earthers do, Russia does, and China; me thinks!


Source: What In The World Is This That Was Filmed In Taiwan? - Rumble

Get ready for war ... That's all I can say.

Cheers! Fears! Tears!

These latest visuals of the sky over Taiwan suggest some sort of energy weapons being tested - could be scalar or something from Tesla's research . I am strangely reminded about some of the mythological weapons described in the ancient epics of India...hmm !



I can't imagine that Taiwan has such defensive weapons, and that the USA doesn't. So it does, and that means the quagmire will continue.