SOme Comments About Underground Worlds in Morocco


I was reading through another David Hatcher Childress book called Lost Cities of Atlantis, Europe and the Mediterranean.

In the section on Morocco, there is a comment or two about cavern worlds on page 224:

"The area about the Ahaggar is not easy to gather knowledge about, both because of its remote location and because the fierce Tuaregs, The Veiled People, jealously guard their secrets and heritage. The Arabs are very much afraid of these people, as one Arab told L. Taylor Hansen in her book The Ancient Atlantic, 1969, Amherst Press. Her conversation with an unnamed Arab is quite fascinating. The Arab related that "near In-Salah there are three high peaks of the Haggar. No Arab will go there if he can help it. These peaks touch the sky with claw-like fingers. Once a friend of mine got lost and saw the ruins of one of their cities on the Atlas [Mountains]. It was built of ginat stones, each ne the size of an Arabian tent. In the front is a great circular wall. But in the desert they live underground. I have heard that under the Ahaggar are many galleries deep in the Earth around an underground lake. These galleries are filled with paintings of the long ago age."

Childress then commented that: "The Arab qualified his statements by saying had travelled to areas of the Tuareg people as a messenger for his sheik".


Back to Hansen quoting the Arab fellow: "Down in the miles and miles of undergrround galleries, where it is said that the Tuaregs wander about a beautiful, artificial lake, and then pass along torchlighted passageways looking at pictures painted of their cities so many thousands of years ago - are their libraries. At that place are kept the books which are the oldest libraries of the Earth. There are histories which go way beyond the great deluge, to the times when the Tuaregs ruled the seas. How do I know? They told me, that is, the emperor did. But save your next question. I could not get to read them. Neither could you, nor anyone else. No one will ever read them except the people of the veil [Tuaregs]."


So, back in the desert, in the mountains, are ancient, abandoned cities having access tunnels to underground cavern worlds. You know, Kadaffi was from way in the back part, the southern part of Libya where there are underground aquifers. Maybe there are cavern worlds, too, and maybe he came to one in order to influence the surface and keep people away from the cavern worlds. He took the decision to pipe water from the aquifers 800 miles away to coastal areas specifically so as to not have the population re-locate to the South.

Hmmm ...

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The first post of this thread shows that David Hatcher Childress is quite knowledgeable about underground worlds. He knows where they are, in places where we don't!