Solid-Core Theory Uses Diagrams Which Parallel the Hollow Earth

I saw this diagram in a book recently:

Of course, we're all familiar with this standard depiction of the earth's supposedly solid core. We all know how we were taught (cough indoctrinated cough) growing up, that the earth has a mantle, outer core, and inner core, all mostly made up of solid magma... blah blah blah...

Well, I sat for a moment staring at this diagram (ignoring the labels), and something struck me as odd. I realized that this diagram is an exact depiction of the Hollow Earth Model as well, only with the wrong labels!

Let's look at the exact same diagram with the labels crossed out and replaced with different (more accurate) ones instead:

Same diagram, but the labels convey a whole different meaning, don't they?!

It was a weird realization to dawn on me, that the mainstream guys are actually using diagrams and models which parallel the Hollow Earth, only that they're using incorrect labels, concepts, and physics. It's remarkable how they're showing everyone something so close to the truth, yet twisting it ever so slightly to hoodwink and swindle them at the same time.

Just thought it was an interesting observation worth noting and sharing...


Hmm...fascinating idea @Ephraimite ! I've been pondering - what if our group "onboarded" some bright young whizkid from MIT or Harvard , who has all the required mathematical skills & tools...we could challenge that whizkid to mathematically formulate/model some of our ideas...or even better - run some simulations & visualisations on a computer...what could be the motivator for them ? Well , here is what I propose , "do something genuinely useful and meaningful with your intelligence , else your mind too will remain trapped within the "cage" they built for you . You too will remain a FROG in their well , for your entire life !''

It never ceases to amaze me , how even the smartest people on our planet can be "dumbed down" so easily through indoctrination , by the mainstream Academic world :)) No wonder , "thinking out of the box", is so valuable for society !



One of two and/or three things (or all and maybe more that I'm not yet considering) would need to happen:

  1. We need enough funding / money to pay a hired gun like this to tackle our modeling requirements.
  2. The "kid" would need to have sufficient agnosticism and/or ambivalence towards all current scientific models (odds are 99.99999% against this happening for a mainstream educated "whizkid") so as to not taint the work (Michelson had aids/helpers near the end of his life helping him with his work against Einstein and that proved light was of variable speed, but the "whizkids" were Einsteinian sleeper agents that sabotaged his work once he died shortly thereafter).
  3. The "whizkid" would need to be able to be so disconnected and interested in actual untainted truth (again, I don't see this happening due to indoctrination) that they might work for free due to passion.

To be frank, a couple of us already here are able to do this. The problem that these individuals have is simply point #1. Some of us computer scientists are well equipped to work in this area, but (from experience and discussions) there are obligations that prevent a strong investment of time beyond what we already set forth in our interest in the topics being discussed.

There is some potential of this changing based on some things, but it is not looking like the near term will see its fruition. It is a terrible thing, but significant funding is crucial to this.


@Soretna , I echo your my estimate we would need the support of such a hired "young whizkid" for a year at most or maybe even less...there are so many Open Source AI tools - available these days (for FREE) , which can simplify this task even further . Just that the right tools need to be selected...


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