Salvatore Pais on Quantum Gravity, UFO Patents, Pais Effect, and the Superforce

Warning, the following may be garbage - I just don't know since I've not had time to view it myself. Just looking at the first minute or so of it reveals usage of false concepts surrounding Einstein and so forth, so definitely be cautious during consumption. I'll find out when I have some time to watch, but I'm hopeful he's just using the garbage of current "legacy physics" to frame the aether in a palatable manner...

(YouTube Link)

@Soretna , Pais is definitely a part of the establishment...he is toeing the line - keeps Einstein's framework as a baseline...Pais also appreciates Oliver Heaviside who of his own accord reduced the original 20 equations of Maxwell to just 4...last but not least - he keeps chanting the name of Richard Feynman . I too believe Feynman was a great scientist , but one who never truly stepped "out of the box" :))

For all we know, Pais is deliberately misleading the viewers , saving the real stuff - Zero Point Energy or ZPE , only for his paymasters !



Thanks for this synopsis. Sad to hear. Was afraid of this - reminds me of the Philadelphia Project where even Einstein and Tesla participated together, but of course it is entirely veiled by the government. The proverbial box walls are very thick, very strong, and very well maintained... Legacy academia - meaning that of the past 130 years or so - is a very strongly guided chute for corralling herd humans who have no desire to think or explore freely or are so brainwashed that they cannot imagine that everything common has been a lie for an enormously long time.