Russian Lunar Probe Crashes on the Surface


Look at the picture. Why is the resolution so bad? My telescope does better than that, from the Earth!

I guess the Russians do hanky panky, too.


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@deandddd , I think the Nazis are STILL surviving on the moon and they shot down this Russian spacecraft with their ray gun ! It also explains why the USA did not launch any lunar missions for over 50 years , even after their successful moon landing in 1969 .

Interestingly , the recent Indian mission Chandrayaan-3 was not harmed and my guess is - neither will the Japanese spacecraft that's due to reach the moon in the near future - in fact if the Japanese mission too reaches unharmed , my hunch about this will only become stronger...hmm !



I have some thoughts that are not ironclad, so to speak.

I suspect that the lunar inhabitants are the remanents of the celestial culture that we read about in the Vedica puranic (historical) literature. Why wouldn't they still be there? They seem to have adopted a defensive posture, and they seem to live laregely beneath the surface. But there is still activity going on, so who else would it likely be? There are other possibilities, but the most likely is that they are still there, in a similar manner that we are still here.

That would explain their leaving India alonr; all otheres, for all others, don't step on the grass!


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@deandddd , either way , there seems to be some sort of "intervention" going on regarding who is allowed to land on the moon and who is not...Apollo 13 got a ruptured Oxygen tank and literally limped it's way back to Earth , because someone fired a ray gun at it - from the surface of the moon . So who was it , that played the gatekeeper to the moon ?? That's the trillion dollar question !


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