Recent Great Lakes Archeological Discoveries

Interesting, why this seeming sudden interest in the Great Lakes?

Lake Michigan:

Lake Huron:

@Soretna , from what I've found , these may have been built by the so called "Clovis Culture" of Northern America , which existed during the last ice age...

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Interesting for sure. There appears to be a prolific giant population in the Midwest to North East region of the US on up through eastern Canada. They seem to have interacted much with Algonquin people. I think @budcat7 believes the giants were the Adena group(s) and the Hopewell appear to be the Nephites, Mulekites and Lamanites from the Book of Mormon. I am, at this point, thinking that the giants/Adena/etc. were the Jaredites who had settled the region having come from the Tower of Babel after surviving the confounding of the tongues... Hmmm.

@Soretna , quite possible .

Over a period of time , I have come to believe that the Book of Mormon has at least some authentic information about ancient history which is not available anywhere else in the mainstream...the actual source of their information is debatable , but that it has a grain of truth , cannot be denied .


To me the source of the information is amazing, wonderful - and CRITICALLY important to each of us on this list no matter what. Would be happy to have an off-list discussion on this topic if you want to send me a private message on the topic.

@Soretna , given what you've written , you may find this video interesting...must say though - I don't subscribe to this point of view .


Like I said, please take this off-list if you want to discuss various things further. Some of the things that I would discuss are too deep and too involved for this list and may be considered too controversial in some circles. There's a LOT of things that folks like this are ignorant of, even after all of their time studying since they study in the wrong direction and have incorrect context. Sadly there is much askew and if you have interest then let me know.

It is terribly sad that there has been an extreme amount of perversion (in the literal sense) of what was originally given and which clarifies so much.