Rakshasha Description in Mahabharata


As follows is a description of a Rakshasha from the Mahabharata, Chapter Hidimba-Vadha Parva: The Mahabharata, Book 1: Adi Parva: Hidimva-vadha Parva: Section CLIV

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You'll see that Rakshashas have pointed ears, that they live in trees, they like to eat human flesh and drink frothy blood (like a vampire or chupa cabra), they are shape-shifters and that they fly very swiftly in the sky.

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Raksasah kalim ashritya Jayante brahma-yonishu

"In the Kali-yuga demons take birth in the families of brahmins." (From the Varaha Purana)

And they also engage in shapeshifting, possession of souls, and they often live in the White House.




As follows is a description of the Rakshashi Jara. A rakshashi is a type of female demon, as I have described in the previous postings of this thread. They are also called "Asuri".

Read down from Jarasandha, to Etymology and to where it says "Legend". You will see that the "two halves" were brought together by Jara such that the boy was given the name Jarasandha.

In the second article below, you will see that Jarasandha was something like an Emperor of the hollow earth. The way I have always heardd it described is that Jarasandha had alliances with the kings of the hollow earth, but the writer of this second article comes right out and calles him the emperor.


The demons had incarnated in, and had possessed, the bodies of kings of the Vedic dynasties in order to stymie the purpose of the Krishna Avatar. Jarasandha was one of them.

As follows is another great example of this:



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@deandddd , the real proof that Jarasandha once existed are the mysterious "Son Bhandar" caves , literally meaning "Gold Warehouse" , where he is said to have hidden his ENORMOUS treasure !

In later times , it was acquired by the Maurya dynasty , which was contemporary to Alexander . This video is in Hindi language , but the visuals don't actually need any translation - else you can read the text of the story in English , from the link provided below :))




I wasn't aware of these caves, nor that Jarasandha possessed so much gold.

One thing that I notice about how Jara brought the two halves together is that it smacks of genetics (again!)

If Jarasandha was situated on the surface of the Earth, how did he acquire so much influence among the kings of the hollow earth?

It is noteworthy, though, is that when he stalked Krishna and Balaram, they led him off to the North, which is where the orifice is.


@deandddd , when India was under British occupation , the British had tried to blast open this cave network using cannons , but even that failed to make any dent into the rock solid walls of these finely polished caves...the black stains of where those cannon balls struck are still visible though...Jarasandh's treasure has never been found till date , but is supposed to be one of THE largest treasures ever accumulated by any king !