Pinpoint locate and precision drill for high quality groundwater worldwide

I find this interesting with possible implications for our interests:

Primary Water Technologies

Water Exploration and Production
Primary Water Technologies LLC (USA) has developed a unique methodology to pinpoint locate and precision drill for high quality groundwater worldwide. We start with the desktop collection of project data to include: topographical and geological maps; any water well borelogs and hydrochemical analyses on or near the project area; and all other client objectives and requirements. This is followed by lineament mapping and fracture trace analysis to determine faults, fissures and fracture zones in the project zone. These remote steps, usually requiring about two weeks, provide the exploration team with a set of data and maps to focus their surveys once on the ground. We then employ an easily deployed geophysical system for wide-area survey based on radiometric gamma ray scintillation counting that permits us to ground-truth the desktop studies while driving in a vehicle or ATV, on foot and even by drone. We then narrow down to prospective areas for passive seismic surveys that provide rapid 2D and 3D acoustic profiles of the lithology below to reveal formations and structures highly prospective for groundwater. During the exploration phase, we counsel the client regarding optimal drilling rigs--preferably a dual rotary (DR) like the Foremost, or a standard rotary air hammer with powerful compressor capable of 100% air drilling. Given reasonable local conditions, most boreholes can be completed in a day or two!

Yes @Soretna , we once discussed Primary Water sources on this forum...tapping into this vast resource from deep underground , can actually make water shortages a thing of the past .