Ossendowski on Cavern Worlds


Remember that Ossendowski, who went across Tibet from Russia escaping from
the revolution, received information on the nature of cavern worlds below,
which is also quoted in the book The Hollow Earth.

Ossendowski wrote:

"All the subterranean caverns of America are inhabited by an ancient people
who disappeared from the world. These people and the subterranean regions
where they dwell are under the supreme authority of the King of the World.
Both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were once the home of vast continents
which later became submerged; and their inhabitants found refuge in the
Subterranean World. The profounder caverns are illuminated by a resplendent
light which permits the growing of cereals and other vegetables, and gives
the inhabitants a long life-span free from disease. In this world exists a
large population and many tribes."