OSCILLATING MAGNETIC FIELD TREATMENT - can cure such severe medical illness as even diabetes gangrene!

Tucked away in a very interesting article on Vernadsky's Method - Biophysics And the Life Process here: Biophysics And the Life Process

Is a fascinating tidbit:

Finally, we should include in the list of technologies for the investigation of living processes, the potential of magneto-biology. Research of this type has a long tradition, especially in Russia. For example Alexander L. Chizhevsky [1897-1964] made intensive studies of the correlation between solar-induced changes in the Earth's magnetic field and the occurrence of physical events, such as epidemics, and other things. Also Simon Shnoll and his group in Moscow made extensive studies of the influence of cosmic phenomena on almost all physical processes on the planet. Professor Bruno Brandimarte of Italy has been a pioneer in the field of magneto-biology for many years. He has shown that oscillating magnetic fields of various forms can have striking effects on the healing of wounds and the increase of blood circulation.

In Figure 7, you see on the left a very bad case of diabetes gangrene, which would have been hopeless for traditional surgery. But, after treatment with magnetic fields (right), the foot was almost completely restored.

Figure 7
The Italian scientist Brandimarte has worked with oscillating magnetic fields to increase blood circulation and heal wounds. Here is one example of the positive effect of magnetic field treatment. On the left is a very bad case of diabetes gangrene for which the normal treatment would have been amputation. After treatment with magnetic fields (right), however, the foot was almost completely restored.

@Soretna , I agree 100% that it is true , this technique really works !