On the Hollow Moon (For What it's Worth ...)

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Good one @deandddd !


Well ... it's ok. We have to look at everything that's out there.

the allplanets-hollow is the one group list that has it all!!!

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I know there are people who don't like the Why Files guy because he likes to debunk so many things, but I just finished watching a video about the moon, and he didn't debunk the ideas brought up. All of you have probably heard everything he mentions in the video, but there are some I hadn't heard (like, the older material on the moon is on the top layer and newer material is under it). I found the theories quite interesting.

Appreciate your sharing that and giving your experience of the view on this one @SilverMoon.

I wouldn't say it's really because of debunking things, but rather the manner that he does it is not sufficiently convincing and it seems as though he's simply going after views (which I can't blame him for with our economy) and he's giving the impression that he's somehow acting as an agent of controlled opposition from some vantage points as you view his content... I do not at all trust him or his intentions (or especially his sponsors that I perceive are behind him)...

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When I first watched him, it seemed like he was in a debunking frenzy, so I was glad that there were a few he didn't debunk. I supposed that was at least one reason others here wouldn't be impressed with him. I did watch a video the other day where, after he debunked, I was like, "What?" (not sufficiently convincing, like you said).

I don't get the impression that he's controlled opposition (I don't think he's that important or that popular), but I freely admit I could be wrong about that.

I liked the evidence he gave in the video I posted. It gave me something to think about. I don't think he's an authority on anything, but he did bring up many things I hadn't thought about before.

"The Company" is very broad with fingers throughout so many resources that we would never even dream of. There is a tremendous interplay between fact and fiction. I think this post is rather apropos here and could be instructive of just how cautious we need to be in our considerations of such topics:


Thanks for the link. You have convinced me that I need to be careful of even what seems like the most benign person.


It's a really hard, strange and twisted lesson for sure. Most people would consider our discussions here in this area of impossible to believe - except I and some of the other folks on here are some of the most careful and skeptical folks that exist. The problem simply is that truth begets truth and if you truly thirst for truth it will carry you wherever it leads - but one must do this with heavy consideration and caution that's based on the 100% unequivocal truths that one is able to obtain with certainty. Once you start to build this truth table you're able to discern and add to that truth table very carefully.

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