Nuclear Testing Site Photo Similar to "Volcanoes" on Venus

Hi guys.
There are a lot of these (,-116.1367257,446m/data=!3m1!1e3) found in the former nuclear test sites northwest of Las Vegas.
They were obviously created from underground nuclear testing.
Initially, the ground caves in after the explosion.
But, I guess the circular area rises above from heat later on.
They look strikingly similar to the photos of "volcanoes" on planet Venus.
Come to think of it, how can a volcano be so perfectly round?
Here's a photo of such "volcano" on Venus.

Wow , you've really hit the bullseye @gardengnome - what an insight !


I looked at the NV photo again.
It turns out that my eyes played tricks on me.
It is a crater, not land risen above the ground surrounding it.

The darkness around the rim (SE side) is the shadow cast inward. The sun is shining from the SE side toward NW.

Sorry, a bad post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@gardengnome , nothing to feel the way , this still doesn't look like a volcanic crater to me - at least not like the ones we see on Earth . It could be something else .