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At least it's a new source for this list.

I ordered a book named: Shapeshifters, A History. The author's name is John B. Kachuba. And I was not disappointed.

The book details historical reports including the storylines, dates, the names of the people involved and the names of the geographical locations. All from around the world.

It seems that people are not born shapeshifters, but that they become shapeshifters, with the help of some salve that they spread all over their bodies, and there is folklore about being bitten by a werewolf, for example, and then becoming one.

There is an account of one young French girl telling that she attended a witches' Sabbath with her brother and father, and selling her soul to the devil, "who appeared to her in the form of a black goat". (Page 98) Good Lord! Shades of the NWO Baphomet! The one that is known as Baphomet must be the chief of a race or clan of such beings, and we have already discussed the probability of this Baphomet as reigning in the worlds below Tibet.

Could somebody elucidate a bit on this?

I'll have a few more things to pass on myself.



Cater on Werewolves and More …

From The Awesome Life Force

Page 434 – 436

Terrifying Metamorphoses and Displaced Intelligences

Tales of werewolves, vampires and the like have permitted down through the ages and up to the present. Those who have researched the subject to any extent have found a wealth of evidence to support these beliefs. In fact, a Hindu scientist wrote a book on the subject of were wolves, giving a full account of his research and encounters with such horrific creatures. It included photographs of some of them in the transformed state. The photos made the movie version of the werewolf look like a Clark Gable, according to a friend who read the book. He held a high position in the Rosicrucian order and had access to this book in the Rosicrusian archives, not available in any public archives. According to this Hindu Scientist, the werewolf’s physical strength is about six times as great as in the human form. Other findings indicate they can run as far and as fast as the Six Million Dollar Man when in this state.

These former acquaintances of the author claimed to have seen such a creature. One of them stated he even saw the transition back to human form. Before the transition, it was seen to jump from the ground to the roof of a garage in one leap. Another person corroborated this person’s account.

There was a werewolf scare in the Los Angeles area in 1962. Many claimed to have seen one, and a husky teenager was supposed to have had an actual encounter with it. He first thought it was someone wearing a werewolf mask with special makeup, but it wouldn’t come off when he grabbed it. He ended up in a hospital in a state of shock. During the brief encounter, most of his clothes had been torn off, and he suffered an assortment of bruises and scratches. The incident created a stir, and it was discussed on radio and television. The Hindu scientist mentioned above claimed that about two people out of a million are werewolves. This means there might be a dozen of them roaming the Lost Angeles area.

Although the evidence for the existence of these enigmas seems to be overwhelming, no legitimate explanation for this phenomenon has ever been offered. The following explanation is in accordance with concepts already presented. Many different life forms exist throughout the universe. Some of them are bizarre and even frightening, according to human standards. Such beings occasionally incarnate on this planet in the human form. The soul centers of such beings have become adept in projecting bodies of the types described above in the physical realm. During an incarnation in the human form, the soul center will, under certain conditions, transform the human body to the form to which it has been accustomed during past lives. This requires a tremendous surge of energies from the higher realms to the physical by the step down principle described in a previous chapter. These additional energies account for the great increase in physical strength during the metamorphosis and afterwards. These may be either an increase or decrease in body size after the transition.

This may also account for the periodic appearance of Sasquatches and the Abominable Snowman seen all over the world, and why they are so elusive. The strength displayed by Sasquatches on occasion has been far out of proportion to their great size. One was reported to have thrown a car wheel, tire and all, a distance of about 500 feet. As usual, the scientific community refuses to consider the existence of the Sasquatch or Big Foot, despite all of the convincing evidence. One TV commentator stated that the scientist’s attitudes are more astounding than even the Sasquatch itself. This confirms a comment made earlier that to the effect that in some instances, a scientist’s idea of sound evidence is that and only that which stimulates all of the five senses simultaneously. A scientist’s encounter with a Sasquatch may or may not satisfy such a condition, but it is likely that at least four senses would be stimulated. Big foot is reported to have a very bad odor.

There are a number of well authenticated and famous cases of lower animals displaying mental abilities well beyond most humans. In some instances, they demonstrated a degree of seership which the better mentalists might envy. Typical examples are the wonder horses of Elberfield, the talking dog of Manheuma talking mongoose, etc. These are usually passed off as unusually smart animals like an exceptional human being. As is usual with attempts to explain enigmas, this reasoning is very shallow.

It is significant that many of these unusual animals were dogs, which are among the least intelligent of animals. The source of these unusual performances should be self-evident. They were merely a takeover, or the control of an animal by a higher intelligence. Such cases of possession occur more frequently among humans. This results in split personalities and cases in which the individual commits acts completely contrary to his or her nature.

The possession or control of the body originally created and inhabited by another intelligence may be of a temporary, periodic or permanent nature. There may be any number of reasons for a possession. One possibility is that discarnate spirits are attempting to communicate with people in the physical realm or to save a life. Another is that these spirits might be seeking revenge for some foul deed perpetrated upon them when they were living.

Fascinating theory about shapeshifters , @deandddd ! Thanks for sharing .



Here is another piece about shapeshifters from the book Shapeshifters: A History, Page 70.

"Said to be the descendants of Greek nymphs who fled the onslaught of Christianity in the Mediterranean, fayettes, "little fairies", live in the Loire area of France and probably most resemble our modern notion of of fairies like Tinkerbelle. Although the fayettes are much tinier than their former nymph selves, their magical powers have not diminished. Guarding caves [emphasis mine] and forests, they can be seen dancing in the woods of Beaujolais. Like most fairies, they have a penchant for stealing babies and leaving fairy babies, changelings, in their place, although the human baby can be returned by taking the changeling to the entrance of the fayettes' cave [emphasis mine] and threatening it with harm; the fayettes will quickly make the switch. Other than stealing babies, the fayettes are harmless. As shapeshifters, during the day they transform into moles, all except their pretty little hands"

So we can see thatt fairies are shapeshifters and that they live in caves. We know what living in caves implies; that they live in underground worlds where they are sheltered from the harmful rays of The Sun, and develop strong brains and mental powers and such.

I got another one put aside for tomorrow.


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Here is another account from the book Shapeshifters: A History, Page 85. You know, we actually do speak a lot about cavernworlds, but we have little inkling about the inhabitants of those cavern worlds. This book makes a few comments that connect shapeshifters with underground worlds. It has a lot of information and descriptions of different types from all over the world. It is worth it to get a book or two on the subject of shapeshifters because, although there are no books that categorize or describe cavern world dwellers, a book on shapeshifters is just that.

"Like so many cultures, the aborigines also have a shapeshifting water spirit in their pantheon of monsters. Yawk-yawks are murderous, fish-tailed women with long, flowing hair made of green algae that lurk in rivers and deep waterholes. As shapeshifters, they take on a a human female form and entice unwise men to their watery death by drowning. Children and young people especially fear the yawk yawk, since the creatures can easily grab them and and drag them under the water. Here, too, is a cautionary tale for children to stay close to home rather than wander close to dangerous bodies of water".

I tend to connect - and this is only a natural conclusion - waterholes with underground worlds. There are waterholes all over the Yucatan Penninsula, and narrations of underground worlds, such as the King of Cobá told to Christopher Columbus. He told of an offshore Amazon kingdom below the Caribbean Sea. And right there is the Isla de la Mujer, the Island of Women. So what does that suggest? Anyway, I connect those deep waterholes of the Yucatan with underground worlds, and apparently, there are shapeshifters in those waterholes and underground waterways, so be careful.


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I hadn't done any reading of Gustavo Adolfo Béquer for about two years, but I opened up the book and picked out the short story Emerald Eyes. It can be found in the book Romantic Legends of Spain in the Gutenberg website, see the table of contents. The story first appeared in 1861.

The book tells the story of a young nobleman who was enchanted by a water nymph, and who enticed to his death, the death of a coldkiss upon his burning lips, such that he plopped into the water of the lake for the first and last time.

She wasn't depicted as a shapshifter and, although she claimed to live in the waters of the lake, no actual underground existence wasmentioned or alluded to.

Well, after all, it was a short story, and kind of short even for the genre. So maybe too much could not be included.

The story took place in the region of Mount Moncayo, which is on the border of Castille and Aragon in Spain. The reggiion is known for all kinds of folklore about ethereal beings and gnomes and such. The Templars spent quite a bit of time there in Soria, a town which they took for the Islamics. And Gustavo Adolfo Béquer spent a good amount of time there, too, I think six moths or so, and he researched and informed himself. Béquer's story The Gnome took place there and is a re-telling of a supposedly factual occurrence.

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Keeping in mind that the Emerald Eyes story is based on folklore, let's analyze exactly what happened. The water nymph kissed the young Spanish nobleman, and he collapsed dead and fell into the water. Nymphs are nothing but fairies. Fairies are known for sucking the life airs out of human beings - especially when the humans are enticed to dance with them in their fairy rings. At the end, the humans are left old, shiveled and at the door of death. This is what is actually being described, and I don't know if the author, Béquer, understood it in this way.

Also, before the times of the Grimm brothers, faires were descrfibed as rather uncomely, but as having shapeshifter abilities. Hence, the beautiful water nymph with emerald eyes.


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There was a 2007 film called Transformers.

Does anyone know anything about it?



I've been reading a bit of Latin mythology and shapeshifting has certainly popped up. I had no idea that shapeshifting was in the roman folklore.

I already knew that midieval folklore told of shapeshifting, but this is stuff from just before Christ, a long way back.


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There is another, shall we say genre, of shapeshifter information. It is to be found in the Ramáyan which recounts the pastimes of the Rama incarnation from the Treta Yuga. We won't even get into the timeline because it was so long ago that just the timeline would require quite a discussion.

Anyway, Maricha was an associate of the demon Ravana and he took the form of a playful fawn in order to distract the attention of Sitadevi, the consort of the Rama Avatar.

But about different genres of shapeshifting, think about Trinavarta. When the Krishna Avatar was on the planet, an associate demon of Kamsa took the form of a whirlwind and lifted the child Krishna high into the sky. But the Krishna Avatar taught him a lesson, even as a child.

From Chapter Seven of Krishna Book:

[Note: "Gopi" means cowherd girl]

"One day, shortly after the ceremony, when Mother Yaśodā was patting her baby on her lap, the baby felt too heavy, and being unable to carry Him, she unwillingly placed Him on the ground. After a while, she became engaged in household affairs. At that time, a servant of Kaṁsa’s known as Tṛṇāvarta, as instructed by Kaṁsa, appeared there in the shape of a whirlwind. He picked the child up on his shoulders and raised a great dust storm all over Vṛndāvana, covering everyone’s eyes. Within a few moments the whole area of Vṛndāvana became so densely dark that no one could see himself or anyone else. During this great catastrophe, Mother Yaśodā could not see her baby, who had been taken away by the whirlwind, and she began to cry very piteously. She fell down on the ground exactly like a cow who has just lost her calf. When Mother Yaśodā was so piteously crying, all the cowherd women immediately came and began to look for the baby, but they were disappointed and could not find Him.

The Tṛṇāvarta demon went high into the sky with baby Kṛṣṇa on his shoulder, but the baby assumed such a weight that suddenly he could not go any further, and he had to stop his whirlwind activities. Baby Kṛṣṇa made Himself heavy and began to weigh down the demon, catching hold of his neck. Tṛṇāvarta felt the baby to be as heavy as a big mountain, and he tried to get out of His clutches, but he was unable to do so, and his eyes popped out from their sockets. Crying very fiercely, he fell down to the ground of Vṛndāvana and died. The demon fell exactly like Tripurāsura, who was pierced by the arrow of Lord Śiva. Tṛṇāvarta hit a stone slab, and his limbs were smashed. His body became visible to all the inhabitants of Vṛndāvana.

When the gopīs saw the demon killed and child Kṛṣṇa very happily playing on his body, they immediately picked Kṛṣṇa up with great affection. The cowherd men and women became very happy to get back their beloved child Kṛṣṇa. At that time they began to talk about how wonderful it was that the demon had taken away the child to devour Him but could not do so; instead he fell down dead. Some of them supported the situation: “This is proper because those who are too sinful die from their sinful reactions, and child Kṛṣṇa is pious; therefore He is safe from all kinds of fearful situations. And we too must have performed great sacrifices in our previous lives, worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead, giving great wealth in charity and acting philanthropically for the general welfare of men. Because of such pious activities, the child is safe from all danger.”

The gopīs assembled there spoke among themselves: “What sort of austerities and penances we must have undergone in our previous lives! We must have worshiped the Supreme Personality of Godhead, offered different kinds of sacrifices, made charities and performed many welfare activities for the public, such as growing banyan trees and excavating wells. As a result of these pious activities, we have gotten back our child, even though He was supposed to be dead. Now He has come back to enliven His relatives.” After observing such wonderful happenings, Nanda Mahārāja began to think of the words of Vasudeva again and again."

Note: Usually, when shapeshifting occurs, some living entity transforms into the form of another living entity; such as an evil hag who transforms herself into a beautiful princess. But in this case, the associate of the demon Kamsa became transformed into a phenomenon of nature, a whirlwind. The is unheard of!

The conclusion is that phenomena of nature are, in reality, living souls within such forms. If it moves, it has a soul. This means that a fiery flame is a living being, too. And this concept allows for The Sun to be an inhabited planet.


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Here is a very interesting and on-topic comment from the book Shapeshifters: A History, by John B. Kachuba, Page 61:

"As shapeshifters, Margots (a type of fairy known in Brittany) often transform into young or old women, as well as animals. While a Margot may happily tend to her livestock and that of her neighbors, she might also take a shine to a handsome young shepherd and keep him in a cave for herself".

So fairies exist in caves and in underground cavern worlds.



Here is a snippet or two from a nice page out of Ancient Origins:

"Over time, the term came to stand for a specific subset of fairies: those that are small and possess supernatural powers. Other common characteristics of elves are the ability to shapeshift and the possession of great wealth."

So elves were shapeshifters? I had never heard this before.

“When the Danann were overthrown by the invading Milesians (known to modern historians as the Gaels), it’s said that a bargain was struck in good faith once the warring stopped. But the Gaels were cunning, and offered to split the lands of Ireland if they were allowed to stake their claim first. When the Danann agreed, the conquerors chose the land above ground, which then left the gods of old to preside over the lands below. They were forced to depart beyond the mortal world through the Sidhe [the earthworks and barrows scattered throughout Ireland]” (Jillian, 2015)."

And the fairies (Tuatha Dé Dannan) live beneath the surface. That I have already read, it is mentioned quite a bit. And elves live underground. Tolkein depicted this in The Hobbit.

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